Marie shook her head in shock.
“N-No, not at all.”  

Anyhow, you’ve worked hard.
You’ve been trying a lot lately, so you’ve improved a lot.
I hope you continue to work satisfactorily like this.” 

At those words, Marie was touched and cried, “Yes, Ma’am, I will continue to work hard.” 

Susan nodded and asked, “Marie, are you familiar with serving tea?” 

“I’m still…” Marie’s answer faltered when she realized what Miss Susan was trying to say. 


“Yes, you should start serving tea as well.
From now on, practice whenever you have time.” 


Tea service! That’s the kind of task an intermediary maid (maid of honor)—who served nobles—would do. 

*the one in parenthesis is not translated, it’s literally like that in english.
i think they meant lady-in-waiting…

“Why? You can’t?”

Thank you so much!” Marie bowed her head, marveling at whether what she heard was real. 

Among the numerous low-ranking maids, only a few were in charge of serving tea.
Since it involved dealing with nobles, she never entrusted anyone with it.

‘To think I’d be serving tea.’ 

Coming out of the room, she pinched her cheeks.
It wasn’t a dream after all, since she felt pain. 

So she started serving tea.
and incredibly, she was also good at it.  

Susan exclaimed in admiration, “Amazing, Marie! How can you move with such precision? Have you served tea before?” 

But could she have served tea before? Marie only shook her head with a troubled face.
‘What is happening to me? Could it really be the manifestation of that old man’s prayer?’ 

She thought about it, but nonetheless, she couldn’t figure it out.
Anyhow, apart from her confusion, Marie’s name was elevated among the maids in the Lily Palace. 

Marie, who was good at everything! 

“Thank you Marie.”

“As expected of Marie.
This one too, please.”

Her life took a turn as if the bullying she had suffered until now had never happened.
It’s as if she were Cinderella; it all felt like a dream. 

But then, something happened that changed her daily life once again. 

She had a new ‘dream’.


A hazy image. 

Marie realized she was dreaming again, for she felt exactly the same as the last time she dreamed of Viola, the expert maid. 

In the dream, ‘she’ climbed on top of the wall and closed her eyes. 

Someone talked to ‘her’. 

“What are you doing Fiona?” 

“I’m feeling the wind.”


The man said to the ‘her’ in the dream, “Looks like you’re getting inspiration again.” 

The ‘her’ in the dream nodded.
“Anyway, this is great.
It’s already the best land in the continent, but they don’t rest even for a moment.” 


“Then the next work must be related to the wind.
I look forward to it.” The man said to ‘her’. 

「Fiona, seeker of the garden..」


Marie, who was dreaming, suddenly opened her eyes.
‘What is that dream? Is it the same kind of dream as last time?’

It was really vivid, like the dream with Viola, the expert maid.
It’s as if she was the person in the dream. 

However, it was quite different from the previous dream. 

‘Fiona? What kind of person is she?’ She blinked. 

She couldn’t make out the identity of the person in the dream because, unlike the last time, it was fragmented. 

‘A piece of art that captures the wind? Seeker of the garden? Is she a gardener?’ 

She looked at her hands, wondering if anything had changed, but she didn’t feel anything special. 

‘Well, just because I had a dream doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll use her abilities.’ 

The change that has yet to happen to her was still unclear. 

Was it possible that whenever she dreamed, she could use the ability from it? Or perhaps the last time was a fluke. 

As she was contemplating this, someone from outside called out to her. 

“Marie! Marie!”


When she opened the door, she saw a senior maid standing before her. 

Marie asked in confusion, “Senior, what brings you here?” 

“Are you okay now? Miss Susan calls for you.”

Marie looked puzzled, as her superior, Susan, rarely called her. 


T/N: i had nothing else to do.
YOLO at this point

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