”I could not simply just fall asleep at this point! I had to gather more information, no matter how long I have to be awake! theres nothing keeping me from actually falling asleep.. ”

These thoughts also crossed my mind whenever my research got stressful because I couldn find any more informations than the user online had shown..

God dammit I thought, scrolling threw website after website. Not feeling sure I pick up my mobile phone and type in the mans or womens number..

Anxiously I press the call but and put the phone to my ear and wait for a response to come through.. After what felt like eternity (Probably one minute or two) someone picked up.

As I found out its a she and she was happy that someone called after the post was made.

We talked about each other for a couple minutes then I asked with serious intent

– What are those dreams about? I mean they
e real and can kill us! and whats it about that place being on a different planet than ours? –

She was shocked that I remembered most of her post and also had same experiences as her in that certain hellish dreamland!

– Nobody wants to go in willingly, they need to put us there by force and the easiest way for them are to put us in there is by dreaming. –

That easy and simple explanation was too much for me to handle.. and she was laughing at me over the phone!

We talked some more about other interest to get ourselves ready to maybe sleep easily this night but nothing is for sure on this planet we live on today and tomorrow!

As the night began I wasn asleep not even sleepy. I was actually looking for more research and I wanted to know what I can do, so I was reading into certain theories and myths that looked similar to the things Ive seen inside of my nightmares. As I was reading into Mythologie and even into theories that could be compared to my dreams I remembered something the woman had said on the phone…

”Even entire Families disappeared, Im talking everybody the entire tree ”

– My body was trembling because I didn want my family to disappear.. I love them alot! –

I get a call on my phone as I start to feel anxious..

”Oh its Mirane, I wonder why shes calling… ” I pick up and ask what is going on..

I couldn even speak out the sentence before she was crying about her husband not being home for a week..

My Husband.. my husband disappeared last week and I haven heard or seen him since.. nobody I asked heard or seen anything from him too! what should I do…?!

– As I calm her down I speak calmly –

”I will see what I can do, I might have a idea what couldve happened to him. its nothing he won be able to deal with, we both know how strong that bastard is right? ”

– We both chuckle and talk about our day and night before she goes to bed –

Convinced he was also in that dreamland I had to go back and find him as fast as possible! Im not going to have that happen to me!

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