***A normal day in school*** As the Bell rang ”Ring Ring Ring Ring ”

I am Zen.

I am just a normal High schooler with interests in Anime, Manga, Novels and stuffs.

I am basically a man of culture.

Every student who are all interested in Anime and manga, they always ask me for recommendation.

Of course, there are people who still thinks Anime as cartoons and they say that they are meant for kids.

They are the worst kind of people in this world. Lets ignore about them.

I always dream of getting transfer to another world where I wield super powers like Anime. It sounds ridiculous but I always believed in that.

The teacher hears the bell sound for Lunch time.

”Everyone don forget to refer todays lesson in home. See you all tomorrow ” Then the teacher leaves the class.

”Yahoo its time for lunch ”

”Hey Zen did you check watch the latest episode on that anime ” – Lucas

”Yeah, I watched it. The animation is basically godly and the hype for that scene where the hero reveals his powers in front of heroine literally gives me goosebumps ” – Zen

”Yeah, that scene in particular is still in my eyes ” – Lucas

”Imagine getting transferred into a fantasy world and gets OP powers like that Hero ” – Zen

”Yeah Zen, it would be awesome right ” – Lucas

After that conversation I can believe what I saw on that day.

Yeah, the same transformation circle that sends the heroes into Isekai world is right before my eyes covering the whole class.

”What is this ”

”Can anybody see this ”

”Yeah, it is visible for every one ”

”Hey Zen you watch this kind of stuffs right, can you tell me what it is? ”

”If my eyes are not wrong this must be Trannnnnnnn———————- ”

Before even finishing the phrase, the whole class is transferred.

We were summoned in the middle of Adventure Guild.

Everyone started to panic. It is obvious that because most of the students don understand the situation because they won watch anime and stuff.

As an Otaku I thought myself this is my time to shine.

”Hey everyone, calm down, let us ask the people around us to tell what is going on ” – Zen

I know my explanation will not be sufficient for relieving the panic, So I go with the standard way.

”Hello everyone, my name is Sofia and I am the guide to the people who are transferred into this world ”

”You are all transferred into this world and this world is made of magic and weapons ”

”I know it is somewhat unbelievable, but it is true that you all have been transferred to this world ”

”This world only consists of people who are transferred from various kinds of world ”

”But the monsters in this world are not transferred but rather generated from this world itself ”

I realized that, it is not some fantasy world where the Hero gets transferred and given powers to save the world.

Here, everyone present here are all people from other worlds.

This means it is like MMORPG games where the players decide how the world should be.

As I finished my analysis on this world the guide Sofia starts speaking again.

” Everyone here has been granted power while transferring to this world ”

”You have been given a weapon type and magic type ”

”Let us analyze what magic type and weapon type so that you will be provided with the weapon and magic guidance ”

”First let me ask you something, do you have a specific order like roll number or something? ”

As the guide asks this question the class rep answers her

”Yeah, we have our roll number and it goes in the order of alphabetical order and there are about 30 students in this class ”

”Ok that makes easier for me, then roll number 1 please come forward ”

As she asked, the student whose roll number 1 came forward.

It was a girl, if my memory serves right, I think her name is Ash.

”I am roll number 1 and my name is Ash ” – Ash

”Ok please place your hand in this magic crystal ” — Sofia

There was spherical shaped crystal.

She placed her hands on it, it shines and a message like thing has pop up.

The message says:


Name: Ash

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Weapon type: Sword (Katana)

Magic type: Fire


As the guide Sofia saw that message she was mesmerized and spoke

”Wow to think that we have a rare weapon type katana here and top of that her element is fire, it is just sooooooo awesome ” – Sofia

Ash was so happy.

”Thank you miss Sofia ” – Ash

I don know why but she seems to be calm and composed and enjoying the situation that is happening right now.

Then each of them checked their status, I have waited for a long time because my roll number is last in the class.

Everyone seems to be less tensed as the analysis goes on. Finally, my turn has come.

”Roll number 30 come forward ” – Sofia

I walked towards the Magic crystal.

I was rather calm at that moment.

I placed my hands on the magic crystal.

My mind voice be like…

Hahaha, I will surprise every one like Ash did.

Probably I will get some legendary rare weapon type and mythic rare magic type

My expectation is of the chart, because situation like this is a dream for me.

I firmly believed that I will get some Over powered magic type and weapon type.

Then the message shows up.


Name: Zen

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapon type: Spear

Magic type: ——-


” Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??????? ” – Zen

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