needs to be saved by working for a long time.
Lu Zhizhao talked about it several times, but because he had been trapped in the Lu family for Alpha training, he had never bought it. 

Su Liang gritted his teeth and bought it.
With some secret expectation, he carefully wrapped the model and sent it to Lu Zhizhao’s bedside in advance.

However, he could not wait for the surprise when Lu Zhizhao opened the package.

Because when he saw the model again, it had been torn apart in the hands of some kid.

It was the beloved grandson of a big man in the Lu family.
He was clamoring for toys because of boredom.
Ning Jiayi happened to see the model next to Lu Zhizhao’s bed, so he gave the model to the young children as a recreational plaything without hesitation. 

“Ah? Is that a gift from you? I’m sorry, I don’t know, I thought it belonged to Ah Zhao.
He also receives a lot of gifts every year, many of which are left unopened and left there.
I I thought this package was the same thing.”

After the incident, Ning Jiayi opened his eyes very innocently and explained with a hint of surprise.

“You know that Ah Zhao has never cared about these things, and the children were so noisy at that time that I was afraid that the children would cry, so… I’m sorry, Brother Su Liang, why don’t I buy one to compensate you?”

Ning Jiayi said such words softly. 

“Jiayi, your brain is really not very good these days! You take my birthday present to tease the child?!” Lu Zhizhao nudged Ning Jiayi with his elbow, but he didn’t exert any force.

His tone sounded angry, but there was no blame in his eyes.

“You gotta buy me a snack next time! And you can pay for a model? That’s what my Xiaoliang sent me… You have to pay more for something to get past! Hurry up, get you Take out your star card account!”

Lu Zhizhao stretched out his hand, and soon began to squabble with Ning Jiayi with a smile.

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Vague memories flashed through his mind.

How did he feel in his previous life?


Su Liang realized that he had forgotten some of his memory.
But what is certain is that this matter will probably pass peacefully in the end.

After all, a young master like Ning Jiayi didn’t seem to have done anything wrong. 

And the model that Su Liang had to buy with gritted teeth was just a little thing that Lu Zhizhao didn’t need to pay too much attention to.

But in this life, because of his rebirth, Su Liang didn’t have time to pay attention to Lu Zhizhao for more than a week.

Instead, Lu Zhizhao came to visit his room at night, and he apologized to him very carefully and sincerely.

Thinking of this, Su Liang now suddenly couldn’t help laughing at himself. 

He once again confirmed one thing—the him in his previous life was really ridiculously stupid.

In fact, he was not from the same world as Lu Zhizhao and Ning Jiayi from beginning to end.
So many twists and turns of seemingly trivial things had happened, but he was completely oblivious.

Back then, why was he stupid enough to elope with Lu Zhizhao?

After being reborn once, Su Liang felt as if she had finally become a little smarter.
Or, just wake up a bit. 

At least this time, seeing Lu Zhizhao who was still explaining and apologizing in front of him, Su Liang’s heart was as still as water.

“Lu Zhizhao.”

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He spoke blankly.

“Xiao Liang, why don’t I pay you something else for him? I swear this time I will bleed his wallet dry, and I won’t tolerate him messing with the things in my room any more…” 

“Lu Zhizhao, what’s your relationship with Ning Jiayi?”

Su Liang interrupted Lu Zhizhao.
The man was startled, and then looked at him in confusion because of Su Liang’s too dull voice.

“Xiao Liang?” Inexplicably, Lu Zhizhao felt that his tongue was a little stiff.
He was obviously the top Alpha, but at this moment, he felt an unexplainable nervousness, “…Didn’t I say it many times, He and I are best friends.”

“Really?” Su Liang sneered, “Because they are best friends, so Ning Jiayi can ‘dispose’ of the things in your room for you, and you can ‘for his sake’, apologize to me.” 

“This…he didn’t do it on purpose.”

“You have repeated this sentence many times, Lu Zhizhao.


After a pause, Lu Zhizhao stared at Su Liang blankly and said:

“Xiao Liang, are you really mad?” 

In fact, Su Liang’s tone was still soft when he spoke, and there was no trace of anger in his calm expression.

However, Lu Zhizhao was more flustered than ever when he faced an annoyed Su Liang.

“Well, yes, I’m very angry.” Su Liang passed Lu Zhizhao, then pushed open the window, the cold night wind poured into the room from outside the window, he leaned against the window, then turned his head to meet Lu Zhizhao’s gaze, “Please let Ning Jiayi apologize to me by himself.”

“In the gift I gave you, there was the birthday card and signature I gave you.” Su Liang suddenly said, “Ning Jiayi couldn’t have not realized that it was a gift from me—he did it on purpose.” 

Then he pointed out the window.

“Alright, you can leave now.”

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