Chapter 1 – Rebirth

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An Ji was lying on an operating table.
The strong overhead lights made his eyes hurt a little.

The unfamiliar environment made him a little uneasy, but thinking of Yu Jingmo, who was waiting outside, he couldn’t help but be excited.

As long as he removed his glands, he could be with Yu Jingmo forever.

Three years ago, An Ji escaped from his engagement with the royal family and chose Yu Jingmo.
In those three years, their relationship grew deeper day by day.
During that time, the once obscure and unknown youth became an indispensible high-ranking military officer of the beta rebel army.

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The beta rebels led by Yu Jingmo wanted to overthrow the aristocratic hegemony, and the omega camp represented by An Ji wanted to resist social oppression.
The two of them hit it off from the start.
They established a force that could not be easily underestimated on the fringes of the empire, and they also became the poster couple in the eyes of everyone.

Until half a year ago…

An Ji accidentally entered estrus due to a shortage of inhibitors, and this incident became a matter that gnawed at Yu Jingmo’s mind.

“I’m obviously your boyfriend, but I can only watch you suffer.
I don’t want to continue like this.”

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After that estrus period, An Ji started thinking about cutting out his glands.

And today, he was finally laying in an operating room.

After the anesthetic was injected into his body, An Ji let the nurse turn over his body.
Thus, he didn’t see it when all the medical staff’s eyes fell on the back of his head.

Above the blue facemask was a pair of greedy eyes, cold and fanatical, like a greedy wolf stalking its prey.

The cold white light fell on the back of An Ji’s neck, and the young man’s delicate neck glowed white under the light.

“Begin surgery.”

The two surgical robotic arms cut open the back of his neck.
It was like smashing a ripe rose.
A strong pheromone instantly filled the entire room.

The removal of the glands was just a minor operation.
Half an hour later, someone lifted An Ji and placed him on a chair.
Then they wrapped the restraint straps tightly around his body.

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An Ji tilted his head.
The anesthetic still running through his system made his tongue feel heavy.
“What… are you guys doing?”

Wasn’t the surgery over?

No one answered him.
The chief surg

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