The illogical Su Qinglan had normal dancing skills, and there was also a huge problem with his rhythm.
After a heated debate, the mentors finally gave him a C grade.

His talent in rap can make up for his lack of talent in other areas to some extent.
He was still worthy of paying attention to. 

His dance can be improved with more practice in future training sessions, and teacher Lai Yuhan would focus on helping him with his vocal aspect.

Since his rapping skills were outstanding, even if he couldn’t drastically improve in his singing and dancing in a short time, he could still take the rap position in the first stage.
After all, members in a boy group have their own positions based on what they are skilled in.

Su Qinglan, who had just gotten his grading, trotted up the steps of the pyramid-shaped seats.
The seats they had initially chosen won’t be changed until everyone has received their initial assessment and grading. 

Everyone’s current seats were chosen randomly by themselves according to the order of their appearances.
Because Su Qinglan wasn’t signed to any entertainment companies and was an individual trainee, he was one of the last to enter the studio.1A little confused because it was mentioned that he was from Fengyu Culture in C3

At that time, there was an individual trainee in front of him and they were also close in age, so Su Qinglan happily plopped himself in the seat beside that trainee. 

As there were way too many trainees, Su Qinglan had a bit of trouble finding his seat.
He counted the seats one by one, trying to find the boy he sat next to just now.
The boy’s refreshing and simple black hair was pretty conspicuous among the other trainees with all kinds of different colored hair——

“I’m back!” Su Qinglan walked through the crowd with his hands clasped together near his waist and sat next to Qin Lu.

The black-haired boy who seemed to have a more reserved personality heard him and looked over.
Maybe because the ends of his eyes had a slight lift to them and his eyelashes were long, Su Qinglan stared at him in a daze for a moment. 

He always felt that the black-haired trainee had a unique temperament that made him different from others.

That’s strange. 

Su Qinglan can be said to have an animal’s intuition to some extent, and he was sure that tQin Lu didn’t give him such a special feeling earlier.

He scratched his head and didn’t think much of it.
Su Qinglan didn’t get to see Qin Lu’s performance as he was preparing backstage and when he saw the yellow C plastered on Qin Lu’s clothes, he instantly grinned. 

Su Qinglan stood up and showed Qin Lu his own grade. 

“We’re all C grade, so we’ll probably be training together.
There’s a chance that we may even be living in the same dorm!” Su Qinglan exclaimed, his eyes sparkling. 

The boy with delicate and gentle facial features looked at him and nodded, “I don’t have any dance foundation and didn’t receive vocal training before.
If you don’t mind it, we can help each other.”

Little curly ball nodded, “How can I mind you! The teachers said my rapping was decent.
Although I’ve recalled that I didn’t receive any formal training for it before, it shouldn’t be that bad.
If you need…”

He hadn’t finished his words when Qin Lu looked up at him, his eyes bright and clear.
He spoke moderately but without bias, “I think your rap was amazing.”

The little curly ball was suddenly hit with unexpected praise.
He was momentarily stunned, and the tip of his ears turned red. 

“Oh, oh, really? Ah, not at all, but thank you.” He fumbled over his words.

What he loved most was listening to others praise him!

The director looked at the scene from the lens and felt that he had dug up a good seedling.

There would be a camera arranged by the director to follow and capture the reactions of every trainee who had just received their grading.
This would continue until they had returned to their seats.
However, whether the shot would be used was another matter. 

And from the camera that was following Su Qinglan, the director discovered that the trainee sitting beside him called Qin Lu was very photogenic.

No, it’s not about him being photogenic.
Having worked for so many years, the director was very sensitive to the different effects presented by how each person appeared on the camera.
He noticed that Qin Lu seems to be constantly maintaining his best state in front of the lens.

No matter what he did, regardless of whether he was looking at the camera, every action of his was particularly pleasing to the eyes.
Whether it was his posture or expression, they were all very stable and well-balanced. 

After observing him for a while, the director believes that when viewing the shots, they will see that Qin Lu’s appearance in the shots, regardless of whether it was a close-up or random panoramic shots, would all stand out.

Even if he cut and used a random frame, Qin Lu’s image still wouldn’t collapse.

What is this concept? When a normal person is exposed to the camera, even if the focus wasn’t on them, they would still feel nervous and unnatural.
It was an issue many trainees face. 

Filming usually lasted for a very long time.
At the start, they can still pay constant attention to it as the filming had just begun but after a long time, trainees would slowly relax and reveal their true selves. 

This was especially true for some small habits.
For example, some people would hunch their backs slightly, some liked to bite their nails, and others liked to make exaggerated expressions.

All of these changes will create a contrast, and the effects resulting from it may be good, but it may also be bad.

They were not used to the existence of these cameras and deliberately wanted to show their good sides, but it may backfire and appear unnatural instead.

He completely couldn’t tell if Qin Lu was paying attention to the cameras.
He seemed very easygoing, but no matter if he was seriously watching the performances, letting out a shallow smile, or even just casually zoning out, it was all very pleasing to the eye.

The art of showing your best angles in front of the cameras was a difficult and profound study.
Many artists only learned this skill after debuting for many years, or it could be better referred to as an innate ability.
He had, in such a short time, a clear grasp of all the cameras’ locations and showed all his best angles in a natural manner.

But Qin Lu, who could be seen letting out a shallow smile from the lens, was obviously just an ordinary high school student.

If this was some kind of talent of his, he was truly very suitable to make a living in the entertainment industry.
The director had an unexplainable hunch that the child would pave a way for himself among these 99 trainees and make his way to the audience. 

He may not be confined to just this small program, but venture even further in the circle.

The director had been in this industry for many years and directed several different types of programs.
He had also personally made many people popular before.
He believed that his vision would not go wrong and decided at once that he would give Qin Lu more screen time when editing later.

He wouldn’t let the other directly debut just because he admired him a little, and also wouldn’t just give more screen time to Qin Lu alone.
As long as he felt that Qin Lu had the potential to make it big, he was more than willing to give him more opportunities to do so.

But whether these few extra seconds of screen time would be useful, and whether they could grab hold of this opportunity to attract the audience’s attention, all depended on the trainees themselves.

If it was someone capable, they would eventually be able to make it big regardless of whether they had a smooth journey or if they had experienced many bumpy roads. 

It was something that would happen sooner or later.
What he wanted to do right now is to try his best to make these children walk a more direct path.

On the stage, the trainee who was doing a self-introduction smiled with confidence, “Hello, teachers.
I’m Fenghua Entertainment’s trainee, with a training period of… three days.”

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