Jack entered the cafe anxiously and looked around. From the description he had heard from her father she had blonde wavy hair and blue eyes and was rather petite in height. The cafe he had been told that she frequented was a bit crowded and he had to shuffle around a few tables, while trying to casually get a look at the women in the shop without looking suspicious or like a pervert. He glanced around pretending like he was just curiously looking at a new cafe. And then he spotted her. A young woman with light blonde, soft wavy hair was sitting at a single table by herself with a cup of tea and cake and reading from a newspaper or magazine of some sort. She was wearing a navy suit set with a cream shirt and a pair of cream leather gloves on her hands. This had to be her. Miss Darby Herrington. Not being able to see her face that was covered by the newspaper she was reading, he felt like he couldn fully be sure until he saw the color of her eyes. He needed to make sure they were in fact blue eyes. But how to get close to her without giving himself away? Her father had told him not to approach her, but just take a look at her from afar. But his curiosity and want to confirm if it actually was her got the better of him. Not thinking more beyond this he slowly walked closer to her and glanced at the paper she was reading. The heading read Archeology Weekly. Aha! This would be the perfect in.

”Ahem! ” he cleared his throat and walked closer to the table where the lone woman was seated. ”Excuse me, Miss? ” he said.

The magazine that covered her face rustled and he could see her eyebrows as they raised up over the edge. He gulped slightly with anticipation, thinking to himself, Come on…show me your face. The woman sighed lightly as she decided to allow herself to be interrupted. And soon lowered her paper more and a pair of massive beautiful bright blue eyes could finally be seen. And then the rest of her face was revealed, a small dainty nose and a pair of plump perfectly pink lips. Jack had to stop himself from gasping out loud, she was so incredibly lovely, and the closest thing to an angel he had ever seen.

If Jack had not been so taken back with how pretty she was he might have noticed a flash of a sharp expression in her eyes before they quickly settled into a gentle and delicate expression.

She looked back at him with her large blue eyes and said kindly ”Yes sir? Can I help you? ” Wow he thought to himself Even her voice sounds sweet like an angels. He continued to stare at her, not saying anything….. This should be fine to casually speak with each other, then it won be too alarming when we meet each other again later. She blinked innocently up at him waiting for his reply and he finally came to his senses a bit.

”Ah! Yes. ” he said clearing his throat and coming back to reality. ”I couldn help but notice the magazine you are reading, that is quite unique for a young woman to be reading. Do you like archaeology? ” She glanced down and smiled softly and said ”Yes, I like it. ”

Excited at the seemingly positive response from her, he pressed on saying, ”Really? Such a strange subject for a woman to be interested in. ” Seeking more interaction with her and more details.

She nodded pleasantly and said ”Yes, I actually am an archaeologist, I graduated recently and I work at a museum nearby. ” Giving him the exact response he was hoping for he feigned surprise and said ”Wow! Ive always thought that subject was terribly fascinating…and recently am considering pursuing something in that field, do you know if your museum is hiring? ”

Darby blinked at him naively as her eyes widened in surprise and she tapped her finger to her chin said ”Hmm I am not sure, but something tells me they might be, I bet a spot opens up suddenly… ”

As soon as she finished speaking Jack felt a chill in the air, he shuddered. Jack was surprised to feel cold, he was a large man and he wasn normally susceptible to the cold. Wait, no… He thought, quickly looking over Darbys face to see any sign that she might be on to him. But Darby just smiled meekly at him and let out a soft giggle that was so pleasing to the ear it sounded like a little bell ringing. No, there is no way she knows why I am approaching her….

She suddenly spoke saying ”Don worry mister, Im sure if you apply you will definitely get the job. Who wouldn want to hire a handsome man like you? ”

At the mention of him being handsome Jack felt his heartbeat speed up and a slight pink tinged his cheeks, How on earth is my heart racing from a little comment from this tiny woman. He was a large built man and quite steady so he was startled at the ups and downs of emotions he was feeling about this tiny woman just from walking in the door of this cafe. Being caught up in his own mind and staring at the lovely young lady in front of him he was suddenly brought back to attention as she reached to pat his arm saying ”You can do it mister, you just have to believe in yourself ” and then balled both her hands

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