Gao Xiulan didn’t expect that her man, Su Dagen, really has heard her instructions and sent a big iron pot.

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Not only big iron pot but also grain.
It is also a fine grain like rice.
She can leave a part for Qing’er to eat, and take another part to exchange for coarse grains.
For such good rice, at least it needs to be changed in half.
You can also exchange 20 jin of good coarse grain that doesn’t hurt your throat.

Save some food and you can eat for more than ten days.


“Dagen, I haven’t misjudged you in my life.
You are a good man, and you are still thinking about the family even after you leave.
No man is as capable as you.”


Gao Xiulan did not expect that she would be widowed at a young age, raise several children by herself, and still enjoy the blessings of her own man at this age.


God has eyes.
It’s not easy for God to watch her.

How can this kind of joy not be shared with others?


Those bastards at home can’t talk anymore, they can only talk to their wives.
Of course, it’s impossible to shout because those rascals are at home now.

So as usual, she walked out of the room calmly and locked the door smoothly.


She locked the door and Su Qinghe also got up.
She was walking out while yawning.

I can’t help it, for people who are used to sleeping, getting up early is a painful thing.
But the family started work early so she must get up early to cook.



Su Qinghe rubbed her eyes when she heard the call of her loving mother.


She followed the voice and saw Gao Xiulan smiling mysteriously.
Of course, Su Qinghe knew what she was smiling at, so she looked at Gao Xiulan with a fake surprise.


Gao Xiulan nodded contentedly.
Her daughter is so caring, and she has a heart-to-heart connection, sometimes she can tell what the other person is thinking by just looking at each other without talking.
This is her daughter.
Other rascals married their wives and forgot about their mother.
She said a hundred sentences, but they might not understand them.


With so much rice, Gao Xiulan was in a good mood, so she didn’t say anything about this morning meal.
She also followed Su Qinghe to cook and lit a fire for Su Qinghe.


Watching her sons go out of their rooms, she called her sons and daughters-in-law to eat.
Make them think that the sun is coming out from the west.
Simply flattering.


“Qing’er and I are going to the county town in the next few days.
See if we can borrow some grain.
Our grain has been supplied to the city.
Those who eat the grain supply are not bad.
Maybe we can borrow a bit.” During the meal, Gao Xiulan announced.


Everyone else looked at Gao Xiulan, and then at Su Qinghe.

Su Aihua said, “Mom, will people dislike our troubles and refuse to recognize our sister in the future? I am still preparing to let sister go to the city.”


Hearing what her son said, Gao Xiulan humbled “Isn’t it just for you bastards to eat a bit of rice?”


Su Qinghe said, “Brother, for the family to eat something, these are nothing.
Besides, we are borrowing food, and when our family has more food after the bad year, we will pay them back.
With so many people in our family, we can definitely pay it back.”


“Sister, I will pay it back!” Su Aiguo said immediately.

Lin Shuhong also said, “If sister can borrow some, we will pay it back together.”


“We also payback.” Su Aihua said.

Before his wife could express her opinion, he said, “How much will sister borrow, my elder brother and I will share the repayment so that sister won’t get married with debts.”


Su Aiguo nodded hurriedly.
Of course, they should have done the job of supporting the family.


Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua didn’t speak anymore. Anyway, they didn’t point to their little sister-in-law who never went down to the ground1.
The sister can borrow food to survive the famine years, this is the greatest credit.

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And the children said their aunt gave them dried groundnut…Forget it, eat a little more.
Anyway, this sister will be married in a few years, and can’t eat the family’s food anymore.


Su Qinghe was moved by her brother and sisters-in-law’s sincerity.
Let alone these years, such honest brothers and sisters-in-law are rarely be encountered in the future.
The first time you encounter economic problems, it is absolutely to turn against each other. What a sense of consciousness to be able to rush to take responsibility in this famine year.


Gao Xiulan was not moved.

She patted the table and said, “What attitude ah, of course, you all will pay it back, is this still need to say? What, you still think your sister should be grateful to you? Your sister is doing such a big thing for the family.
Your sister didn’t show her merit in doing such a big thing for her family.
Aren’t you ashamed?”


Su Aiguo and his wife: “…”

Su Aihua and his wife: “…”


Oh yes, they take a stand for what? Naturally, they should be the ones to pay it back.
Their sister who borrowed the grain did not take credit, they have not yet returned the grain so what credit do they have to show? It’s so shameful!


Everyone looked at Su Qinghe, then bowed their heads and ate in shame.

Regarding this, Su Qinghe just wanted to say to her mother, can you not ruin the atmosphere like this? What a lovely family just now…


Gao Xiulan is not moved by the warm atmosphere.
Anyone who has food in the house these days will be warm.

She is now anxious to share her joy with her daughter.


“Eat quickly and go to work as soon as you’re done.
You really thought the pie is falling from the sky.”

None of the sons and daughters-in-law refuted.


After they finished eating, they put down their bowls and chopsticks and left.

Seeing her sons and daughters-in-law go out, Gao Xiulan immediately ordered her granddaughters.


“Da Ya, clean up the dishes and chopsticks, be careful not to bump the bowls.
Er Ya, wash the clothes, San Ya… San Ya, you take care of Er Bao.
That brat, Da Bao ran out again.
He can save some energy by staying at home.
How much food does it cost to run around?”


Gao Xiulan was sullen and babbled, and several children dared not say a word, busy doing their own work.

Su Qinghe didn’t want to listen to Gao Xiulan’s mantra, so she hurriedly took her arm and went to Gao Xiulan’s room, “Mom, let’s go in your room.”


Gao Xiulan then remembered the big event.
She glanced at the granddaughters and found that they were all working obediently, so she took her precious daughter into the room and closed the door.

Turning around, she rips off the bed sheet covering the side of the bed.


Su Qinghe covered her mouth with a look of surprise.

“Look, your dad has so much ability, so much food, and this big iron pot.
How many industrial tickets would it take to buy it?”

Gao Xiulan said excitedly.


Su Qinghe also looked excited, but she quickly realized a problem, “Mom, this rice is easy to handle.
Let’s put it in the basket.
But what about this big iron pot?”

“…Yes, this is a problem.” Gao Xiulan’s excitement disappeared, her face was serious.


Su Qinghe said, “Mom since you made a wish to dad, then dad gave us a pot, which means he can hear you.
Why don’t you discuss with my father to see if he can get the iron pot to another place, and then ask my brother to take it back secretly in the evening? But I don’t know if it can work.”


“Surely it will work.
Your father is a reliable one.
It’s my fault for not making it clear before.”

Gao Xiulan’s trust in her man has now risen to a high level.


“Well, let’s not worry about the iron pot, let’s settle the rice first.” Gao Xiulan immediately arranged, and now the food issue is the most important thing.
“Change to coarse grains earlier, so we can rest assured.”


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The two quickly agreed to get the rice to the city first, and then see if they can find someone in the county black market to exchange for coarse grains.

After the discussion, Gao Xiulan carried her back basket and went out with Su Qinghe.


Da Ya, Er Ya, and San Ya watched their grandma and aunt go out, with expressions of expectation in their eyes.

Their grandma said that she will take their aunt to borrow food, and after borrowing food, they would not starve to death like sister Erchun2.


As usual, they walked around the county, and then Gao Xiulan took her daughter to exchange food.

The only places where things can be exchanged these days are the black market and the supply and marketing cooperatives.


It’s not cost-effective to go to supply and marketing cooperatives.
People’s public units can’t offer high prices.
They still have to go to the black market.


The two women squatted towards the black market with baskets on their backs.

Su Qinghe watched some people walking around with their bags. Then when someone was buying something, they went together to answer a secret sign.


It’s the same as the underground party.

Seeing that no one came to ask, Gao Xiulan grabbed a handful of white rice from the bag and put it in her hand.


Almost as soon as it was taken out, a few pairs of eyes stared at it. Then Su Qinghe saw the light in the eyes of those people.

Then a swarm of people came over.


“Is it rice?” The visitor was a middle-aged man, dressed in work clothes, who ate supplied food in a unit.
He came out here to get some fine grains and go back.
His voice was still a little excited.


Others also stared at Gao Xiulan, “How much is there, let’s share it.” This is for fear of being swallowed by others.

“Eight catties, full calculation.” Gao Xiulan said.
There are still two catties to subsidize her daughter.


It’s only eight catties.
The man was a bit disappointed.
But this kind of good thing naturally no one can be greedy.

The middle-aged man moved his fingers.
Five fingers, fifty cents a catty.


Gao Xiulan shook her head, “No money, but coarse grains.
One catty of fine grain for two and a half catties of coarse grain.”

This is the first time they heard someone comes to the black market to exchange for coarse grains.


Several people were stunned, but the middle-aged man was the first to react, “My house is nearby.
I will go back and get it right away.
You can follow me.”

Gao Xiulan still hesitated, but Su Qinghe pulled her sleeve and nodded.


She also has an idea.
This middle-aged man looks like a worker and can just go and see how the conditions at home are.
If it is the kind that can supply coarse grains for a long time, they can find him exchange next time instead of going to the black market.


Gao Xiulan said, “Follow you.”

The middle-aged man showed a happy look on his face and immediately led the way. The others were anxious, “Then what shall we do?”


Su Qinghe thought of Gao Xiulan’s tendency to offend people as soon as she opens her mouth, and immediately rushed to the front and said, “We will come again.
When you see us next time, come directly and we’ll prioritize you.
My mother and I have to hurry today, we don’t have time to wait for you.”


“When will you come?” someone asked.

“We will come again soon.” Su Qinghe said perfunctorily but quickly pulled Gao Xiulan away.


A few catties of rice can cause a crazy robbery.
She is convinced by the situation in this era.

Think about those who eat half and lose half of their meals in the future; who didn’t know how precious food is sometimes?


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After the middle-aged man arrived at the door of the house, Su Qinghe realized that the man was a worker in a machinery factory and his family ate food supply.
But now the food is scarce, and all the supplies are coarse grains.
The elderly and children in the family are thinking about eating fine grains.
He went to the black market today to try his luck.


Gao Xiulan pouted her lips and said in her heart, you people in the city are demanding.
We in the countryside are all going to eat bark, and you are still thinking about eating fine grains.
Whenever we are provided with food, we are satisfied with just eating bark.


According to Gao Xiulan’s price, the other party took out twenty catties of cornmeal.
Gao Xiulan has checked, it is real cornmeal, not with the kind of corn cob crushed together.
She immediately felt happy.
Putting the things in her back basket, drag her daughter, and go.


Su Qinghe was not in a hurry and said to the man, “Our village is collecting grain, maybe we can send some fine grain, do you want more?”


Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, the man nodded hurriedly, “Yes, yes, if you have fine grain, you can send it here directly, and you can exchange it like this, or I can pay it with money.”

Su Qinghe then left with Gao Xiulan.


After leaving the alley, Su Qinghe wanted to help Gao Xiulan carry the grain.
Gao Xiulan pushed her hand away, “With your little strength, you’re not used to it.
Besides, your mother’s heart is warm when I carry food.
I can carry any weight.”


Su Qinghe believed this.
She once imagined that she could not carry a hundred catties of things, but she would be able to carry a hundred catties of banknotes and run fast.


Gao Xiulan walked, her face was red, “This time we have this 20 catties of grain, and we can eat for a few more days.
When we go back, Mom will steam rice for you.
You haven’t eaten white rice for a long time.”

“Mom, you are so kind to me.” Su Qinghe immediately said coquettishly.


Gao Xiulan sighed, “You are my heart and soul, if I don’t treat you well, who will?”


Su Qinghe felt that Gao Xiulan’s heart was softening and immediately said,

“Mom, I think you should give more rations to the family in the future.
Just a little more for a few children.
I look at them every day, they are like thin bamboo poles.
I was so panicked that my head always thought of Cripple Su’s wife.
At least give them one more bite, so that my heart will be at peace.”


Gao Xiulan wanted to say, give those girls so much food for what? but she couldn’t bear to see her daughter’s fearful look, thinking that her man could even send a big iron pot now, later may also be able to give the family food.


Anyway, to let her daughter feel at ease, let them take one more bite.


The Su family knew that they had gone to borrow food.

Compared with the last time the two went to ask for meat, this time they were very worried.
Whether they can eat meat or not has no big impact on them, but grain is life3.


They all stood eagerly at the door and waited.
Seeing the two come back, they all gathered around.


Gao Xiulan glanced at everyone, then went directly into the room, leaving the little one outside, only letting the adults in, and then closing the door.


In the weak light, Gao Xiulan put the back basket directly on the table.

“Twenty catties of cornmeal.
Plus two catties of rice.
These are all borrowed by your sister!”


The four people gathered around and saw the burlap bag with cornmeal in the back basket.


It’s really cornmeal, so delicate, much more delicate than the corn on the cob at home. It certainly won’t hurt your throat if you eat it.


Everyone was shocked and silent.


Su Qinghe confessed, “Brothers, no one can tell about the fact that the family can borrow food.”

She was worried that it would be difficult for someone to find out at that time.
If someone really wanted to find out, she would have to cut off her relatives.

When the time comes, they will have to find a way to take out the food in an open and honest manner.

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Gao Xiulan thinks more, “Listen to me well, no one can say anything about this.
Now many people are starving.
If they know that we can borrow food, they must think wrongly.
People can subsidize our family, but not the whole village.

If we get into trouble, people will not subsidize us in the future, and the family’s livelihood will be cut off.
Don’t wait for me to do it, just go find a wall and die if you want to save some food for the family.”


The two sons and daughters-in-law suddenly covered their mouths.

Of course, if there is food, they have to eat it secretly, so they will not go outside and talk stupidly.


A few children will do better.
Whoever says a word will not be able to eat a bite of food in the future.


So  Su’s family kept the same line.
No one could say that there was food to eat.

If they do, other people will borrow rations from the family.


At noon, the family happily ate lunch.
Although they were still not full, they were hopeful.

The children’s food rations are a bit more than before, and sparsely they can eat half full.


“Your aunt gave you all the food, so remember her goodness in the future! Anyone who is a white-eyed wolf will be struck by lightning in the future.” Gao Xiulan brainwashed several children.


The children who had eaten a few more bites nodded in contentment. Although Aunt is sick, Aunt is kind-hearted.


The rice problem has been solved, but the iron pot problem has not been solved yet.

In the afternoon when everyone was gone, Gao Xiulan took her daughter into the house, and then chanted like sutras around the room, “Dagen, our iron pot can’t be taken out like this.
You move it quickly.
Just move it inside the cave where I gave birth to our third child.
Dagen, if you hear me, go back…”


Su Qinghe listened and got goosebumps.
She regretted it again, why did she mention Comrade Su Dagen… She was really afraid that Comrade Su Dagen would really talk back one day.


“Host, please believe in science.” The system muttered in her head.

Su Qinghe rolled her eyes, and said silently in her heart, “OK, OK, OK, you hurry up and work.”


So in the gap where Gao Xiulan hadn’t reacted, the pot disappeared…it was gone…

The mother and daughter were stunned.


Su Qinghe stammered, “Mom, mom, where’s the pot?”

Gao Xiulan opened her mouth and couldn’t close it for a long time, and then immediately pulled Su Qinghe out and locked the door, “You wait at home, I’ll go and see.”


After talking, she ran away.

As soon as she left, the system began to charge Su Qinghe.
“The host changes the reward placement location once, the host needs to pay three times the reward from cooking.”


“Remember, you are an artificial intelligence.
Can you stop acting so excessive?”

“Host, please pay attention, it is justified to pay off debts!”

“Not all who wander are lost.”

              ~ J.R.R Tolkien

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Farm work.


Erchun is probably someone in the village; a playmate perhaps.


YAAAS! I can’t live without rice.
It won’t be a meal if there’s no rice!

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