Regarding the matter of system debt collection, Su Qinghe repaid the debt with great integrity.

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Originally, she was going to delay the payment on the debt and first left the grain to fill her stomach.
But she felt that this kind of thing was unjust, so she chose to pay off the debt.


It’s not difficult to borrow again.

As soon as the system was dismissed, Gao Xiulan ran back in a hurry.
Although her face looked calm, Su Qinghe still saw what could be called a ‘surprise’ look in her small eyes.


She ran into the room and took Su Qinghe’s hand, “Qing’er, it’s really there.” She said excitedly.


Su Qinghe showed a look of surprise on her face, “Mom…it’s the first time I saw this kind of thing, or maybe it’s…I’m scared to death.”


Gao Xiulan smiled, “Who won’t say? hey, your father was very useful when he was alive and very capable when he went down there.”


Su Qinghe rubbed her arms, “Mom, that place won’t be discovered, right?”


“No, I covered it with thorny vines.
And now people are busy with work, who will go there? The place is very remote.
Besides, who would dare to touch my things?” Gao Xiulan had a murderous look on her face.

Su Qinghe nodded in agreement, her mother is a bully of the Yellow River production team!


Even so, Gao Xiulan was still worried if something went wrong.
She couldn’t sit still at home, so she just went to pick up firewood and went to guard near the cave with her back basket.


She also asked Su Qinghe to wait for it to get dark, and then let Su Aiguo go to carry the pot.


Of course, it’s okay to go back to the pot at night, but you can’t wait for dinner at night.
There’s no light in the house, and the food must be prepared before dark.
It is reasonable to eat only two meals a day now, but today the family has food, and to get iron pots back.
Su Qinghe thought it was time to celebrate by cooking a meal.


Su Qinghe started cooking without waiting for the production team to leave work in the afternoon.
The corn batter that was exchanged was added with bacon slices, and some wild vegetable leaves were boiled.
It is simply a delicacy.


The children had been waiting outside the kitchen, drooling at the corners of their mouths. Without Gao Xiulan’s permission, no one would dare to enter the kitchen.


Dabao grabbed the door frame and shouted, “Aunty, do you want me to help?”


Su Qinghe doesn’t believe him, it’s strange that this stinky boy can help, “It’s okay, it’s okay, let your sister DaYa help me.”


“What can a girl do?” Dabao mumbled.


Daya pursed her lips and didn’t dare to say anything back.
Su Qinghe’s face sank and hooked her finger at him to let him into the kitchen, “Su Dabao, Da Ya is your sister.
How can you say that?”

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Seeing Su Qinghe getting angry, Su Dabao was still a little scared.
Whoever annoys his aunt in this family will be beaten by their grandma.
He timidly said, “That’s what grandma said.”


“Your grandmother is an elder, are you an elder? Can you compare with your grandma?”

Su Dabao shook his head suddenly.
He didn’t dare to compare with his grandma.


“That’s right, you and Da Ya are the same generation.
You are Da Ya’s brother.
And Er Ya and San Ya’s brother too.
So, you have to take care of the girls in the family, just like your father and your uncles love me, okay?”


Su Dabao: “…” So in the future, you want to let the sisters at home eat all the delicious food?

He felt so miserable.


Su Dabao sincerely apologized to Da Ya at Su Qinghe’s request.

Da Ya hurriedly waved her hand, “It’s all right.
I’m not angry.”


Su Qinghe said, “That’s how the brothers and sisters in the family should love each other.
Especially the boys, you should take care of the girls, you know? Just like your father loves his sister.


The children nodded.
Thinking in their head, ‘it’s no wonder that Dad is so kind to Auntie.
It turned out to be like this.’


Su Dabao wanted to cry, he didn’t want to be a boy anymore. Why not give birth to a few more sons in the family and turn him into a girl? Now he and Erbao have to take care of so many girls, what will happen in the future?


Because it was still a busy farming season, the production team got off work late.
When Su Aiguo and Su Aihua came back, it was almost dark.


If it weren’t for the fact that you can’t see at night, everyone will still have to go to work at night.

Back home, the two brothers found that the head of the family, Gao Xiulan, was not at home.

Su Aiguo worried, “Where’s mom?”


Su Qinghe whispered, “Mom went to the mountains.
Mother and I not only brought back food today but also a big iron pot.
Mother and I didn’t dare to take it back during the day, because I was worried that it would be too eye-catching.

Mom is still worried, so she guards it by herself.
Brother, you secretly go to mother in the mountain.
It was the cave where third brother was born.”


Oh, they all know that place.
It happened when their mother was working in the mountains, so the third child was born in a nearby cave.
Over the years, their mother often talked to them about this and took them to the cave several times.

They were moved to tears every time.


Hearing that their mother was still suffering outside, the two brothers hurried to the mountains to carry the pot.


After a while, the two brothers returned. Su Aiguo carried the pot, Su Aihua carried Gao Xiulan.

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After entering the house, he quickly put the big iron pot on the stove in the kitchen.


Looking at the big iron pot at home, the family was excited.
Only a few members of the team have an iron pot, so they can finally eat stir-fry in the future… Oh, there is no stir-fry.

But there is always a thought.


After putting the iron pot, Su Aiguo and the others could smell the scent of the food in the kitchen.

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Today is such a big happy event, we have a meal to celebrate in the evening.”


“Celebrate what? It’s your mother who suffers.” Gao Xiulan punched her old arms and legs and pointed to the two brothers.
“I have to work for the family at my age.
Do you feel guilty?”


Su Aiguo and Su Aihua nodded again and again.

Gao Xiulan snorted, “It’s good to know.
Since Qing’er has cooked, let’s eat, but remember your sister’s goodness.”


Gao Xiulan gave the order, and the others got busy.
Of course, at this time, they can’t let their sister-in-law and mother-in-law suffer.
Lin Shuhong went to put the contents of the earthenware pot into the big basin, while Ding Guihua went to put the tableware and chopsticks with numb hands and feet.


Su Qinghe and Gao Xiulan had already been sitting at the table and waiting.


Seeing the diligent and virtuous appearance of the two sisters-in-law, Su Qinghe felt ashamed.
If she gets married in the future, she will definitely not be able to do this.

If it was her…she looked at her mother next to her…said Amitabha silently in her heart.


Today’s meal can be regarded as a fine meal for the Su family.
It doesn’t hurt your throat, and it feels comfortable in your stomach.


After eating, the aftertaste was still there while lying in bed.

There are not many rooms in Su’s family, and the children are all squeezed into the same room with their parents.
Anyway, it’s a big kang1, you can squeeze into sleep.


Su Dabao was so torn that he couldn’t sleep and asked his parents, “Mom, will I take care of DaYa, Er Ya, and San Ya in the future?”


Ding Guihua was still relishing the delicious taste, and after hearing this, she hadn’t come back to her senses, “Who said that?”

“My aunt said that boys should take care of the girls, just like my dad and uncles love her.”


Su Aihua is squinting to sleep, and he suddenly became energetic when he heard about his sister, “Your aunt is right.
Brothers must protect the girl in the family.”


Ding Guihua: “…” She smiled, “Aihua, we only have one son ……”


Su Aihua sighed after hearing her words, “You also know that you won’t have another son.
It’s okay, I don’t mind.
One is enough.
After all, not everyone can compare to my mother.”

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Ding Guihua almost vomited blood again. What kind of man did she marry?

Su Dabao flattened his mouth, “Mom, why don’t you give me a baby sister?”


Ding Guihua wanted to cry too.
She didn’t know that her man and mother-in-law had a problem, let alone her sister-in-law had a brain problem.


In the next room, Da Ya was also talking to her parents.

It was the words of Su Qinghe educating Su Dabao and them in the afternoon.


Lin Shuhong was very moved when she heard that the sister-in-law asked Su Dabao to take care of the girls at home and apologized to DaYa.
Lin Shuhong was very moved.
She thinks that her sister-in-law is sensible.
Thinking about the present days again, it’s really hard to come by.


Su Aiguo said, “Your aunt is right, brothers should take care of the sisters in the family.”

And Lin Shuhong said, “Now you know I did not do anything wrong.
Both your sister and the DaYa know the truth, you also need to understand in your heart.
I’m good to your sister, that’s what I should do!”


Lin Shuhong nodded, feeling reasonable.
Then she froze and felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Forget it, I don’t want to think much, I have to go to work tomorrow.


Su Qinghe was sleeping on her bed and was chatting with the system.

The night is long, with no mobile phone or computer, she can only find the system to chat to relieve her boredom.


“You are an artificial intelligence, do you have a mobile phone or computer to connect me to the interstellar network?”


“The host is at the entry-level at this time and doesn’t have permission to understand this information.
Please actively complete the task and upgrade.”


“…I want to upgrade, but you put me here.
I can’t even fill my stomach now, where can I get the time to do the task?”


“Host, please note that time is like water in a sponge; if you squeeze harder, there is always more2.”


Su Qinghe felt that she should sleep because if she said more, she would be infuriated and have nightmares.


She can’t figure out why in the world this god who made the system chose to do the task in the early sixties.


But if she had gotten the system in the 21st century, she probably would have let the system go somewhere else to cool off by now.
It seems that this god still understands the virtues of lazy people.


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Because of the iron pan. The clay pot at home also fulfilled its mission and retired honorably.


The clay pot has been used for such a long time to do the cooking, Su Qinghe felt that it was so much better to use the iron pan.
Cooking is also done with ease.
Compared with the clay pot, it is simply a pleasure.


After finishing the first meal cooked in an iron pan, Su Qinghe discovered that she now feels that cooking is a very enjoyable thing… too terrible!


Not only does she feel that she enjoys cooking, but her family also felt that eating was more enjoyable.
The rice cooked in an iron pan is different!


Eating two meals a day and can still eat food cooked in a big iron pot; compared with other families in the village, their family situation is very good.


Even if they still don’t have enough to eat every day, the family is quite satisfied.


Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua didn’t even think about separating their families now.


If anyone is dissatisfied at home, Gao Xiulan is the only one because the only old hen in the family hasn’t laid eggs for several days.

This depressed Gao Xiulan.


Now every household is not allowed to raise more poultry.
No more than one can be raised.
She finally raised this old hen just to lay eggs for her daughter.


Worried about being caught and eaten by someone who is starving, the hen is locked up at home.


In previous years, they could still find earthworms, but now they can’t even find one.
They can only get some grass and come back to feed the chicken.
As a result, it doesn’t lay eggs after eating and it looks to be thinner.


Gao Xiulan hugged the old hen sadly, “Why don’t you lay eggs? Our Qing’er is still waiting to eat eggs.”

Su Qinghe smashed her mouth.

She doesn’t want to eat eggs now, she wants to eat chicken.
The fragrant old hen soup, creamy——


“From that time on, the world was hers for the reading.
She would never be lonely again, never miss the lack of intimate friends.
Books became her friends and there was one for every mood.”

~ Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn





KANG is a long (2 meters or more) platform for general living, working, entertainment, and sleeping.
It is made of bricks or other forms of fired clay.


Through a long period of hard work and dedication you can achieve something.

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