Early in the morning, Gao Xiulan came out of the room, and Su Qinghe had already made a pot of mush.
She was waiting for her mother to distribute the food.

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Gao Xiulan’s face was red, but her face was long, so it is not clear whether she is in a good or bad mood.

While dividing the meal she said, “Hurry up and eat.
What are you dawdling for? Go to work after eating.
If you don’t hurry up and go to work after you’ve eaten, are you waiting to do it later when you’re hungry?”

The three sons and two daughters-in-law all poured the food into their mouths numbly.
No one dares to be angry with Gao Xiulan this early in the morning.
What if the morning meal is stopped?

The children also ate numbly, worried about eating late, and have nothing to eat later.

Gao Xiulan was still humming, “You all work hard, don’t be afraid of being tired.
You all ate my old hen.
If you still don’t work well, are you worthy to face me?”

They all shook their heads.

Su Qinghe looked at her mother strangely.
According to reason, Comrade Gao Xiulan should have found the old hen.
Even if she is not excited, she should be in a good mood.
Why was she scolding her brothers and sisters-in-law this morning?

After Gao Xiulan finished talking, she ate her meal and felt uncomfortable, “Qing’er, I dreamed of our old hen last night.
I feel distressed…No, I still have to go to the county later to ask your Godfather if he can get an old hen for us.”

Su Qinghe: “…” The old lady really can act.
The first prelude is for the latter.

So she also played with him, “Mom, I’ll go with you.
What if someone embarrasses you?”

Gao Xiulan snorted, “For these bastards, what have I not suffered?”

The three sons, two daughters-in-law, and grandchildren dared not say a word, they all ate their heads to eat.

After eating, the adults went out to work to earn work points, the granddaughters were arranged to collect firewood and dig wild vegetables, and the grandsons were sent out to play.

When the children were all gone, Gao Xiulan brought her daughter into her room.
She went to look at the old hen of her family.

“Qing’er, your dad is thoughtful.
Not only did he send an old hen, but he also brought several eggs.
ook at the size of these eggs, they are as big as the two laid by our old hen.”

Gao Xiulan’s eyes were red with excitement.

She had been struggling to suppress her emotions all morning.
How could she not be excited? She has never seen such a fat old hen.
The old hen must have eaten fine grain at all times when she was down there1.
Otherwise, how could it grow so big?

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Su Qinghe looked at the old hen for a long time and felt moved, “Mom, in the future, with my father here, I will not be short of food.
My dad is so good!”

Gao Xiulan blushed, “That’s not true, your father is famous for being good.
He was also good to your three brothers.
They had a good life when they were young, but you, the poor girl, did not enjoy the blessings.
You are the neediest person in our family.
Now your father sent up something to compensate you for sure.
You can eat as much as you like, don’t be polite to your father.
This is his due to you.”

Su Qinghe nodded stupidly after hearing this.
That’s right, it was all for her, she should eat as much as she can.

After giving Su Qinghe ideological education, Gao Xiulan went out with a basket on her back, not letting Su Qinghe go with her.
She was reluctant to let her daughter suffer.
It’s a familiar thing, she can do it all by herself.

Speaking of these sufferings, they are all for three smelly boys.
If it’s only her and her daughter, do you need to toss about it like this? Aigoo, It’s cumbersome to have many sons.

In the field, the three sons of the Su family are working hard.

When everyone was hungry and lacking energy, these three brothers were simply beautiful scenery.

Comrade Gao Xiuju, the second aunt of the three brothers, sat on the threshing floor and watched the three brothers take turns picking grain from the ground.
Looking at the big stupid man, she was full of envy, jealousy, and hatred.
She dreamed that these three boys came out of her stomach, but why did they come out of Gao Xiulan’s stomach?

Gao Xiulan has had a bad heart2 since she was a child, how can God take care of her so much?

She wiped her tears while working.

Not only Gao Xiuju but also some young female comrades.

When everyone else was hungry and swollen3, their arms and legs like thin bamboo poles.
So, how rare it was that the three men of the Old Su family were able to work vigorously.

This is the benefit of having strong laborers.
They can earn work points at ordinary times.
In disaster years, as long as they can fill their stomach a little, they can continue to work hard for their family.


However, the female comrades were still a bit hesitant.

After all, there are two examples of Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua in front of them.
Who does not know that the old Su family does not see their daughters-in-law as human beings, but only their daughter?

The whole family spoiled such a girl.

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If you go to Su’s house without a strong heart, then you would be tortured to death.

Unless you rectify the little sister-in-law and mother-in-law, then you might be able to live a good life in Su’s house.

Tian Xiaomei had watched Su Aidang surreptitiously for a long time.

She has long had thoughts about Su Ai Dang but her mother refused to allow her to go to the Su family.
She said it was a fire pit.
But in the end, they4 are unable to uncover the pot5 and the Su family was okay.

How could it be a fire pit?

Besides, she likes the temperament of Su Aidang.
How fierce ah.

She watched Su Aidang for a long time, but it turned out that Su Aidang was immersed in work, holding a pole to pick up grain, not even looking at her side.
She suddenly feels a little lost.

Su Aidang is now wondering where to dig out bird eggs for his younger sister to eat after work.

The old hen at home is gone.
He doesn’t know if his mother can ask an old hen back… He guessed not.
An old hen is valuable and expensive, people are reluctant to give it away.
So, they still have to rely on him.
He can’t let his little sister eat coarse grain all day.
What if she loses weight in the future?

Mom said, he and his brother both grew up eating meat and eggs, so they are taller than other people in the village.
While my little sister is pitiful because dad left early, so no one came back with meat and eggs.
From the mother’s womb, her health is not good, so the younger sister has no energy to work, so she has to eat better, or she will get seriously ill.

The brothers, Su Aiguo and Su Aihua are also worried about this.

They are the ones who ate the chicken.
So, they are thinking about how to compensate for it.
Can pheasant be raised at home and lay eggs? How about getting a pheasant from the forest? They heard that there is still some game there.
But it is difficult to get.

As a result, when they returned home at noon, they heard the cackling of hen at home.

The three brothers and the two daughters-in-law suddenly looked at the cage of the old hen in the hall, stunned.

At this time, their mother, Comrade Gao Xiulan, was looking at the old hen lovingly, “You lay more eggs.
If you can lay two eggs a day, I will give you fine food every day.”

The old hen raised her head proudly and cackled twice.

Everyone: “…” People are not treated as well as chickens.

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“Mom, you really get one?” Su Aihua was the first to react.

The brothers Su Aiguo and Su Aidang gulped.

Gao Xiulan scowled and said proudly, “With how much help did Qing’er had done to others, what is an old hen? I tell you, no one is allowed to say anything.
This old hen is the one we raised.
If anyone says anything, find me a wall to hit to save grain.”

“…I know, I know, don’t say.” Su Aiguo said immediately.

The others nodded.

Who dares to say.
If anyone knew that their family could get old hens and grain back, they must all run to their home to borrow food.

Everyone is short of food.
No one has that kind heart to help others.

After the meal, Su Qinghe discussed with Gao Xiulan that if the chicken lays two eggs regularly in the future, the family would eat egg custard/soup once every seven days.

Gao Xiulan disagrees, “That’s not possible, you should eat more.
This old hen was given to you by your dad, so you can eat all of it.
They can eat just one meal of meat.
Other people can’t even eat rice now.
Just give them a couple of bites.
They ate a lot when your father was here.
Don’t think about them.”

Su Qinghe certainly knew Gao Xiulan’s thoughts, but she didn’t agree with it. She still has a chicken in the system now, and she can provide eggs to her family at ordinary times. It can be guaranteed that there are two eggs every day at home.

These are surplus that they can also improve the family appropriately.
Now she eats fine grains at home, but the others eat coarse grains twice a day.

Compared with the other people in the village, they are more energetic, but they are just strong externally.
After a long time, even if you don’t starve to death, your health will not be better in the future.

“Mom, I’m thinking in case my dad can’t contact us someday in the future.
Do we still have to rely on my brothers? If they are not in good health and have no energy, who will earn work points in the future? See, if some men in our team are sick and can’t work they still have to be supported by women.
It’s better to let my brothers and them be in good health so that they can take care of me, their sister in the future.
They are so much older than me, if I’m alone in the future and I’m bullied, I won’t be able to find anyone to cry to, I’m afraid.”

Gao Xiulan thought of that scene and suddenly felt that her daughter would be alone and pitiful in the future.
Even if you marry a man, what if you meet a bad mother-in-law? This is not okay!

“Okay, okay, I’ll listen to our Qing’er.”

In order for the old hen to lay eggs well, the three granddaughters and two grandsons of the Su family were given another honorable task – digging earthworms.

Earthworms are hard to find now. Some people who are extremely hungry can even dig out earthworms and eat them. Moreover, the soil in the ground is getting dry and it is not easy to dig.

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But in order to be able to eat eggs, the children worked very hard.
In the afternoon, they carried jars and went out to look for earthworms.
Every time they dig an earthworm, it’s like seeing an egg in front of them.

They slurped and drooled.

Someone sighed when they saw several children.

Old Su’s family can’t live it any longer.
Look at these children looking at the earthworms like this…




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“down there” – she means the soul world or afterlife.


bad personality


this is a case of severe malnutrition that results in fluid retention leading to swollen belly.


her family


I think what this means is that they can’t prove or justify that the Su family are bad or a “fire pit”.

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