On the other side, Madam Ding was still sniffling and crying, “Gao Xiulan is too cruel.
Just because she’s an in-law, she dares do it.
If I knew she would be like this, I would not have let you marry over to their house to suffer.”

Ding Guihua said, “I’m not suffering, Mom.
Life is good at home.” People had to live without food while they could still eat steamed eggs.

Madam Ding flung some snot aside, “What a bunch of fart! Don’t think I’m not aware of it.
That little sister-in-law in your family is lazy.
She does not work and even eats better than Dabao! Your mother-in-law does not care about her grandchildren at all.
I’ve never seen such an abnormal person like her.
Aihua, too, look at him! He does not care about what happened today, and right after he hears that his sister is uncomfortable, he’s immediately at his mother’s heels.
He does not even know how to comfort his mother-in-law.
I’m getting angry just thinking about it ah.
I’ve never seen him care about you the way he cares about your sister-in-law.”

Ding Guihua also got benefits from associating with Su Qinghe.
Right now, the family relies on Su Qinghe’s godfather for food, and the old hen occasionally lays more eggs to satisfy their cravings.
How could she say that Su Qinghe is not good?

“Aiyo, mom! She’s Aihua’s sister, so it’s alright for them to be close.
Why do you care so much?”
Madam Ding showed a long face and said, “Don’t make it sound like other people don’t have sisters.
Your brother is not like this to you.”

I also want a brother like Aihua! Ding Guihua got distracted by this comment and said quietly, “My sister-in-law has three brothers, and I only have one brother.
My brother has two sisters.
Can these two situations be compared?”

Ding Jianjun shivered at his sister’s bitter eyes.
It wasn’t his fault, either ah.

Madam Ding was unhappy when she heard this.
Was it her fault for not having more sons? She looked at her daughter, “Daughter, you have changed.”

Ding Guihua confusedly asked, “How did I change?”

Madam Ding looked at her numbly, “You’ve become as abnormal as Aihua!” Then, she took her husband and son and walked away without looking back.
Her daughter has gone rogue! She thought it was normal for her sister-in-law to be that spoiled and even talked back to her mother, oh.

Aiyo, this was all the old Su family’s fault.

As she watched her family leave, Ding Guihua reflected on the words she said.
After thinking for a long time, she could not find anything weird with what she said.

She was right.
Her parents’ situation was different from her husband’s family, so these two naturally cannot be compared.
Was there anything wrong with that?

Ding Guihua saw that Lin Shuhong had also returned, so she waited for her so they could go back together.

When Lin Shuhong came over to her, they looked at each other and sighed.

Lin Shuhong wondered, “Ding Guihua, your brain works, so tell me.
Is there anything wrong with what I said? Our sister-in-law was born without a father and is quite pitiful.
She has not eaten well since she was a child, and her health is not good.
Isn’t it just right for her mother to love this only daughter?”

Ding Guihua agreed, “There’s no problem.
You also tell me I told my parents that the old Su family only has one daughter, while my brother has two sisters.
These two situations are different.
Is there anything wrong with what I said?”

Lin Shuhong thought for a moment, “That’s right.
Isn’t this obvious? Can one sister and two sisters be the same?”

Ding Guihua clapped and said, “Yes, that’s correct.
Mother even lost her temper with me, saying I’m strange.”

Lin Shuhong also thought that her mother was strange.

When they got to the field, they saw Su Aiguo and Su Aihua.

The two sisters-in-law suddenly thought about something.
Just now, what they said to their mothers, isn’t it what their men often tell them?

It used to be unpleasant hearing these words, but why have we learned to say these things now?

Everyone knew about the trouble caused by the Old Lin family and the Old Ding family.
However, no one dared to talk about it before the Old Su family.
They were too hungry that they had no energy to fight with the Old Su family.

Gao Xiuju was not afraid of being beaten since she was the aunt of these three brothers.
What can they do to her? She was their elder.
Thus, she fearlessly ran to the two sisters-in-law to ask about what had happened.
She wanted to add fuel to the fire and stir the pot to make trouble for her third sister, Gao Xiulan.
Daughters-in-law usually have a lot of use.
However, if they aren’t filial, she might as well not have more.

“If you ask me, I think your mother-in-law is really cruel ah.
Look at my daughter-in-law; I love her like she’s my child.
I did not say anything, even when she gave birth to so many daughters.
After all, you’ve given birth to sons already, yet you’re still treated like this.
If I were you, I would split up the family.
Look at what she’s going to do!”

Ding Guihua and Lin Shuhong also thought their mother-in-law was quite nasty, but this was their husbands’ mother.
Aside from this, their family was doing pretty well right now.

Ding Guihua spoke coldly, “Second aunt, who asked my mother-in-law to give birth to more sons? It’s only natural for daughters-in-law to become worthless if there are more sons.”

Lin Shuhong thought this was reasonable and nodded thoughtfully, “Our two families cannot be compared.”

Gao Xiuju suddenly felt like she got shot in the chest.

After returning from work in the afternoon, Ding Guihua wanted to curry favor with Gao Xiulan.

“Mom, my mother was just confused.
I already told her not to care about the Old Su family’s affairs in the future.
Our Old Su family is headed by Mom, so she should take care of the Old Ding family instead.
Don’t be angry.
It’s bad for the body to be angry; Aihua and I will both be worried.”

Gao Xiulan snorted and went inside the room, carrying hot water.

Ding Guihua felt that she was unlucky.
Why did her mother have to cause such a scene? She doesn’t know which shameless person was hanging around, causing her parents to misunderstand.

Because of the Old Ding family matters, Gao Xiulan had a cold attitude toward the whole family for several days.

Everyone trembled as they ate, seeing Gao Xiulan’s cold face.
They were afraid of when she’ll have another fit.

Su Qinghe felt that this was not good.
Even if her mother was upset with her Second Sister-in-Law’s family, she should not be annoyed with the whole family.
That was wronging everyone else.
Besides, Second Sister-in-Law did not even help her maiden family against her in-laws that day.

So, before she slept for the night, she went inside her mother’s room to persuade her, “Mom, it’s done.
It’s all over, right? Let’s not be angry, okay? If you stay angry, I feel bad for you.
Moreover, we’re all one family here.
No one will dare eat if you are in a bad mood.”

At this time, Gao Xiulan was giving the old hen water in the dark.
Listening to her daughter’s words, she felt it made sense, “Qingmiao’er, you don’t understand.
Do they even blame your Second Sister-in-Law for my anger? Is your Second Sister-in-Law even unhappy with her maiden home and having thoughts about our affairs? Let’s see who dares make trouble next time.
If they dare, they will be the enemy of our family! Tomorrow, don’t make steamed egg custards.
Let them be aware of what difficulty is.”

When Su Qinghe heard this, she realized that her mother was treating those associated with the offender as guilty.

“Mom, we’re one family.
Let’s not bother with those people.
Anyway, it’s alright as long as we do not suffer any losses.
My brothers and sisters-in-law have been treating us well all these years.
They are filial to my mother and very good to me.
Let’s be harmonious.” Su Qinghe thought none of them were outsiders.
After all, this was her sister-in-law.
Her brothers were good to her and her mother.
It’s shameful to plot against their backs like this.

She can even be considered an accomplice if you think about it seriously.

Gao Xiulan spoke again, “That’s not good ah.
If I don’t give them a hard time once, who knows if they will do this again later? I have to show them who’s in charge of this family! It would be best if you stopped worrying about this.
Besides, men who have married and started a family aren’t a part of our family.
Marrying a wife and having a son is just like spilled water.
Their priority would be their wife.
Don’t get fooled by them.
In the past, even if I farted in front of your father, he would say that it was fragrant.
I know these things well.”

Su Qinghe: “…” Aren’t you just showing off?

Su Qinghe felt that she could not change her mother’s mind.
In Comrade Gao Xiulan’s heart, her sons and daughters-in-law are outsiders… Well, isn’t this idea quite unique?

To make her mother feel better, she placed five eggs and twenty catties of white flour into Comrade Gao Xiulan’s urn.
Then she also checked her skill points.

She saw that she had only completed one of the famous dishes tasks when she checked the cooking skills column.
Upgrading is still so far away, ah.
Fortunately, their family was still quite hungry.
This was enough for them during the famine.
If they eat more, they will attract attention.

After all, everyone has a slight idea of how much food they have.
People are starving to death while their family has a belly of fat.
That will rouse people to investigate.
Their family cannot afford to get investigated ah.
That’s why this is enough for now.
Just hold on until the famine is over.

Just as she was about to exit the system and sleep, the system reminded her, “Host, your B-Level Cooking Assessment Task requires you to cook nine famous dishes.
Please work hard and actively complete the assessment task.”

Su Qinghe said, “How can I finish the task ah? Just cooking an old hen soup makes me scared of people smelling it.
What kind of famous dish can I make?” She was telling the truth.
Besides the old hen soup, she has to accumulate ingredients for the other dishes.
She has to exchange ingredients for their food every day.
How could she change it for ingredients?

It’s not her fault; she was not lazy.
Who asked the Old Su family only to have two meals a day? There was no reason for her to cook, even if she wanted to.

“The Almighty Military Wife System #01 is at your service.
This system can provide you with the military wife kitchen, a three-dimensional space with a fully-enclosed and smokeless kitchen.
The rent would be half of the reward.”

“Military wife kitchen? You actually offer this kind of service? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Su Qinghe asked in surprise.

“Host, please remember that you have never said a similar request.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Host has too many excuses to laze around.”

Su Qinghe expressed her dissatisfaction, “…I was telling the truth!” Every day, she gets up early to cook! She also had to cook at night! Cough, cough.
Just forget it.
What’s the point of arguing with artificial intelligence ah? “Can I enter the military wife kitchen first and take a look before deciding whether I should rent it? If the environment is too bad, wouldn’t I lose out?”

“The Almighty Military Wife System #01 is at your service.
Now entering the military wife’s kitchen.”

Su Qinghe suddenly found herself standing in the middle of a rustic kitchen.
The only difference is that this kitchen was too clean and dry compared to the Old Su family kitchen.

There was an iron pot, firewood, and various condiments.
Everything was available in the kitchen.
The only thing Su Qinghe was unsatisfied with was that it was not high-tech but a rustic kitchen.
She also thought that some modern appliances would be available to make it easier for her to cook.

“Host, please be reminded that the kitchen environment depends on the host’s level.
The highest level gets you a top-class kitchen.
Please work diligently so the host can upgrade as soon as possible.”

Su Qinghe thought it was not only Gao Xiulan who liked brainwashing her.
Even the system wants her to change her ways so that she would work hard.

However, having this kitchen was too convenient.
In the future, Su Qinghe could open up a kitchen for herself.
It was so convenient!

The system that could read Su Qinghe’s thoughts: “….”

When she got up for breakfast the next day, Gao Xiulan smiled happily when she found that there was something inside the big urn.
She did not even care about being angry anymore and urged everyone to finish their meal with a stern face before telling them to leave and go to work.

Gao Xiulan was in a bad mood these past few days.
Everyone knew she was unhappy with them, so they immediately ran out after eating.

Once everyone left, Su Qinghe was dragged into the room by Gao Xiulan.

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Mom, my dad must have been trying to cheer you up.
He must have noticed that you were unhappy recently, which is why he sent so much flour this time.”

The corners of Gao Xiulan’s mouth turned up, smiling proudly, “Your dad has always been like this.
As long as I showed a long face, he will always try to bring my mood up.”

If Su Dagen were here, he would have said, would I still be able to live if I don’t do that?

Su Qinghe was unaware of this, so she continued speaking, “Mom, even my father came forward.
Let’s let them go this time.
If the in-laws’ family make trouble again this time, we won’t feed them.
We’re going to eat alone!” She felt that the Old Lin and the Old Ding family would not dare come anymore.

Gao Xiulan looked at the white flour and eggs in the big urn, feeling more at ease and confident.

People are less likely to toss and turn when they have confidence.

Thus, the steamed egg custards for lunch were made as usual.
The children were at the kitchen door, watching Su Qinghe beat the eggs, their eyes glowing.

They’d been worried for the past few days, afraid they would not be giving them food since their grandmother was angry.

“Auntie, did grandma allow this?” Da Ya asked, “Can we all have some to eat?”

Su Qinghe placed the egg custards in the pot to steam.
Then, she walked to the door and said, “Of course she allowed me to do it.
Your grandmother is a fair person.
She always sees you guys working hard and digging earthworms every day.
If the old hen lays eggs, it’s only natural for her to give you something to eat.
She won’t let you starve.
Don’t think badly of your grandmother.”

The children nodded happily, “Yes, yes, our grandmother is excellent.
She is a fair and just person.
Even when she gets angry, she will give us steamed egg custards.
In the future, we should dig for more earthworms so that the old hen will lay more eggs.”

When Su Aiguo and the others returned at noon, they found that their mother, Comrade Gao Xiulan, looked much better, so they felt relieved.

Gao Xiulan spoke while distributing food, “If not for Qingmiao’er persuading me, I would have still been angry now.
You all have no conscience, only causing trouble for me! Then, you don’t even dare to let out a fart when I get mad!”

Su Aiguo said nervously, “Mom, I dare not let out a fart for fear that you will get angry.”

Su Qinghe suddenly coughed.

Gao Xiulan immediately went to pat her back, “Qingmiao’er, eat slower.
You don’t have to rush.
Later, mom will cook gnocchi for you to eat.”

Ding Guihua nimbly poured water for Su Qinghe to drink, “Younger sister, have some water.”

Gao Xiulan took a look at Ding Guihua but said nothing.

Ding Guihua let out a sigh of relief at this.
She looked at Su Qinghe adoringly.
Although this little sister-in-law is a little lazy, she can contribute to the family.
Apart from being lazy and eating better meals, there’s no other bad quality.

After seeing Su Qinghe drink water, Gao Xiulan sat down to eat.
She looked at her sons and daughters-in-law, “Let’s all eat.”

Hearing her command, the whole family relaxed and felt the meal was delicious.
The three Su brothers smiled at Gao Xiulan while eating.

Now that the Old Su family had calmed down, everyone could sigh in relief.

Although the matters at home have been settled, things outside were not as pleasant.

After work at noon, Guo Changsheng called everyone for a meeting.

Everyone has been collecting grain since May.
It’s already the middle of June, but the harvested grains are still lacking.

Although there is not much grain to submit, they could still come up with a little to hand over.
Therefore, it was announced that the strongest laborers in the team were supposed to start delivering grains to the commune starting tomorrow.

Despite being mentally prepared, everyone still felt upset when they heard this.

Someone shouted, “Captain, if we hand over the grains, what are we going to eat?”

Guo Changsheng said with a cold face, “Comrades, we have to contribute the harvested grains for relief grains.
Right now, there are problems sprouting everywhere.
We have to consolidate all the resources before redistributing them.
Everyone can rest assured that they will receive food from the relief grains.”

Su Aidang scolded immediately, “You just keep telling us that there is no more food.
We cannot eat grains and even have to hand the harvest over.
How can we go on?”

Su Aihua went to pull him back, trying to prevent him from standing out at this time.

Gao Xiulan looked at him and spoke, “Eldest, don’t pull him.” She could see that the team was full of cowards; no one dared to say anything.
If they don’t speak up now, they won’t be able to eat a single grain.
Their family had three strong laborers; that’s a massive loss for them ah!

Seeing his mother agreeing with him, Su Aidang was even more confident as he shouted, “Everyone else thinks so, too, right?”

Now that somebody had stepped up, everyone nodded in agreement, “Yes, Old Captain, there is no food to eat.
At home, we are only eating one meal a day.
Tightening our belts would not matter ah.”

Someone said, “Our family can only eat until we are half full, then drink until we don’t feel hungry.”

“Captain, give us food.
We just want to have a full meal.
I’m afraid that when the time comes, I won’t even be able to stand.” Some old people were crying and shouting.

Guo Changsheng wiped a handful of tears away, “Okay, okay.
Let’s eat a full meal.
We should open the team’s large dining hall and have everyone eat.
I, Guo Changsheng… am really sorry.”

He then bowed in front of everyone.

Su Qinghe looked uncomfortable and asked her mother quietly, “Mom since the team is opening the dining hall, can we go over to help?”

Gao Xiulan replied, “Why should you go over to help? It’s going to be so tiring to cook for a lot of people.” She can’t bear for her daughter to work.

Su Qinghe didn’t want to be troubled, but this was a rare opportunity.

She can only cook for the old Su family twice a day, so the daily food she receives is only enough for the family to eat.
If she helped out in the dining hall this time, things would be different.
She can get a lot of ingredients, ah!

Even if the team members only eat three mouthfuls of rice with a mouthful of water, that is life-saving food for them.

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