Su Qinghe did not expect such a surprise.
She was only planning on obtaining a few hundred catties of grain.
Who would have thought that there were additional rewards?

Five thousand catties.
She was not hearing things, right?!

“Qingmiao’er, are you unused to eating this kind of food? If you don’t like it, stop eating it.
Let’s bring it home for your brothers and their family to eat.
Mother will cook something else for you.”

Gao Xiulan saw that she was just sitting in her chair and thought she didn’t want to eat the porridge from the big pot.
Thus, she immediately came over with her bowl and whispered these words.

Su Qinghe was not in a hurry to check out the ingredients.
She looked at the people happily eating the food and the porridge cooking inside the big pot.
She really did not feel like eating, ah! This big pot of congee is worse than the food at home.
They were directly eating crushed and unshelled coarse grains.

For Su Qinghe, who ate fine grains most of the time, this wasn’t appetizing at all.

However, even if she does not want to eat it, the rest of the family still appreciates it, so she should still line up for the food.
Even if she had thousands of catties of grain, she must not be too reliant on it.

After eating the food cooked by Su Qinghe, everyone’s impression of her changed.

Just now, everyone saw her cooking nonstop.
She cooked several cauldrons without tampering with any of them.
She was such a steadfast little girl.

It seems that this child has grown up.

That’s right, ah.
How could there be a lazy girl in the world?

Women were all industrious!

Su Qinghe, who was falling in line, felt numb as several people around her looked and smiled at her.
What was wrong with them?

As soon as she got her food, the hardworking Su Qinghe did not even care about taking a bite out of it and immediately went home.

“She’s so reluctant to eat it that she immediately took it back for her nieces and nephews to eat.
Our Qingmiao’er is so thoughtful.”

Gao Xiulan spoke as she ate a mouthful of porridge.

Gao Xiuju, who was at her side, heard this and laughed.
Gao Xiulan, this sister of hers, was really abnormal.
She did not care about her three sons at all and was protecting such a lazy girl.
Gao Xiulan thought it was not enough to let her be lazy and give her good food to eat; she even wanted her to have a good reputation.
When Gao Xiulan gets older, does she think her daughter can support her?

 She turned back and poured half of the food in her bowl into her son’s bowl.

“Guoqiang, have some more and eat well.” Gao Xiuju smiled lovingly at her only son, Tian Guoqiang.

Tian Guoqiang did not even spare her a look before turning around and pouring the food in his bowl to the bowl of her daughter-in-law, Sun Juan, “Juanzi, eat more.”

Gao Xiuju suddenly felt like several arrows shot her in the chest.

She looked at the two married sons of the Old Su family, who were doing a similar thing.
Their mother, Gao Xiulan, did not care about it, as if she did not see anything.
She got up and followed behind her daughter with her bowl and chopsticks.
Gao Xiuju suddenly understood her black-hearted third sister.

Damn this group of white-eyed wolves who forget about their mother once they have a wife!

The people at the dining hall’s entrance gradually dispersed.
Those with many people in their family were reluctant to keep eating.
After having a few mouthfuls to satisfy their cravings, they hurried back with their bowls and chopsticks.
After all, the food left in the bowl could be eaten for several meals if they added water to it.

The three white-eyed wolves of the Su family also went home with half a bowl of porridge under Gao Xiuju’s eyes.
This part was set aside for their mother, Gao Xiulan, to distribute.

Su Aidang had eaten the most since he did not have a wife to share his food with.
Right at this moment, he was more determined not to marry.
What was the benefit of getting married ah? You have to share your food with your wife, and his mother and sister will have to eat less.
No, thank you.

Right behind him was Tian Xiaomei, who was looking at his back shyly.

At the Old Su family, Gao Xiulan proudly showed her daughter the ‘fruits of her labor’.
Wherever she could store food, there was likely to be food in it.

Not only was she able to get the leftover grain, but she was also able to get two taels.

Su Qinghe looked at her mother dumbfoundedly, “Mom, where did you get this? How come I never saw it ah?”

“Hey, hey.
If you saw it, others would have been able to see it too.
Your mother is very quick.
I’ve never been empty-handed as I added grains to the pot.
Those grains that passed through my fingers, why shouldn’t I leave some behind?”

Su Qinghe: “…” I truly admire you, esteemed mother.

After showing off, Gao Xiulan asked Su Qinghe, “Qingmiao’er, what about you? Did you get anything?”

“…Mom, I’m useless.
I don’t have your skills.”

Su Qinghe said ashamedly.

Gao Xiulan immediately patted her on the shoulder, “Aiyo, it’s no big deal.
Even if you can’t do this kind of thing, it’s alright.
Don’t you have your brothers to support you? With them, would you still worry about not having food to eat? By the way, I noticed you did not eat any porridge just now.
I’m sure you couldn’t stomach it.
Mom will make some hand-rolled noodles for you.
You haven’t had those in a long time.”

She turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Su Qinghe watched her leave and immediately rested on her bed.

Before she could even check out her rewards, her mother went back.
She did not even know what had happened to those thousands of catties of rice.

This time, she said she wanted to give everyone a full meal.
Honestly, it was impossible for them to eat until their stomachs were full.
There was not much grain harvested, so they could not cook 20 pots of food.
Each pot only contained 20 catties of food for 50 people to eat.
400 catties of grain, only less than half a catty was given to each person.
However, for Su Qinghe, that 400 catties was a great harvest.

Aside from that, the system gave her an even bigger harvest, 5,000 catties of rice ah…

She felt that she was no different from a wealthy landlord.

Looking at the bags of grain in her storage space, Su Qinghe asked, “System, why were you so generous this time?”

“The host cooked for more than a thousand people and her hardworking behavior had a qualitative leap.
The system will naturally reward the host for that so it issued additional rewards.”

Su Qinghe raised her eyebrows, “So, if I cooked for them in the future, will there be more rewards?” She was hesitating about whether she wanted to obtain another huge reward.
That was so much food ah.
Aiyo, next time, she wouldn’t ask for rice.
She would ask for wheat flour…

“Host, please be reminded that additional rewards do not repeat.
After 1,000 people, it would be 10,000, then 100,000…”

Su Qinghe said numbly, “…System, you are guilty.
Guilty of killing a lazy person’s hope of becoming diligent.”

“Host, please be reminded that it is shameful to be so opportunistic.
Please correct your attitude and make persistent efforts.”

Su Qinghe: “…” She was actually being lectured by artificial intelligence.

After closing the system, Su Qinghe thought about what to do with these grains.

5,000 catties of rice was quite a lot.
There was also an extra 400 catties of rice.
How long would it take to finish all of these?

It’s a pity that they couldn’t bring out a lot.
Right now, their family should not stand out.
The whole family could only have two meals a day with five to six portions at most.
If they had more, not only would outsiders suspect something, even their family members would be suspicious.

In this barren year, no matter how generous people are, they would not be able to provide food for outsiders.

Since she gets various food rewards when she cooks, these thousands of catties of rice were dispensable to her.
However, for the team members, it was too important.
These were life-saving grains during the famine.

Let’s set this aside until the relief grains arrive.

No one was greedy for the food distributed in the dining hall.
Whatever they owned was theirs.
In addition to that, Su Qinghe’s portion was also distributed to everyone.

Ever since Su Dagen backed Gao Xiulan, she was not as strict with the food as before.
As Qingmiao’er said, now that her dad was there, she could afford to be picky.

The three Su brothers were very touched.
Their mom was so dedicated to them.

After eating, the three brothers were ready to help the team deliver the food rations.

Gao Xiulan spoke, “Just in time.
You guys go to work, Qingmiao’er and I will be going to the county.
We don’t know when the relief grain is going to arrive.
We are going to bring back some food.”

Su Qinghe knew that her mother would take care of the things she had previously placed in the urn.

When he heard that his mother and sister were going to the county to ask for food, Su Aidang’s eyes reddened, “Mother, you don’t have to go… I don’t want you guys to be wronged.”

Su Qinghe said, “Don’t worry about it, brother.
We’ll be alright after the hardships are over.”

Gao Xiulan snorted, “Haven’t I suffered enough for you guys? I don’t need you to be filial to me, you just have to take care of your little sister well.
When this old lady dies in the future, the two of you shouldn’t treat her like a stranger.”

“How could we do that?” Su Aiguo immediately replied.

Su Aihua added, “Mom, don’t worry.
All three of us here will protect younger sister.”

Su Aidang said, “The two of them together can’t even beat me.”

Su Aihua looked at his younger brother, the corners of his mouth twitching.
This younger brother of his took a hypothetical situation seriously ah.

Gao Xiulan could not stand seeing them like this.
She huffed twice, “Okay, okay.
What’s the point of causing all this fuss? What’s the point of saying these beautiful things? Just remember this in your heart.” She glanced around, “If any of you white-eyed wolves treat Qingmiao’er badly, your father and I will not spare you in the future.”

The three brothers, the two wives, and their children quickly shook their heads.

“What do you mean by that? Will you treat her well or badly?”

They all nodded together, “Good, good, good!”

Be good to their sister, be good to their sister-in-law, and be good to their aunt….

Su Qinghe, at this moment, you should feel moved… moved… moved…

Gao Xiulan was already experienced.
She used to show everything to the family when she returned, but now, she did not feel the need to.
It was very troublesome.
She simply had to carry an empty basket with her and return directly to the house.
This way, no one would know how much she brought back.

This time, she brought Su Qinghe to the county to buy fabric for her clothes.
She carried a few catties of flour to exchange for some tickets. 

Su Qinghe did not expect this.
Honestly, she had seen all the clothes left by the original owner.
Although it was patched, there were not many of them, and the clothes fit her very well.
It was obvious that the family often sewed clothes for her all these years.

Compared to people who had to people who had to wear clothes with sleeves too short, she was in a much better situation.


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