At this moment, the sewing machine was still not invented.
After Lin Shuhong cut the fabric, she still had to sew them by hand.

Su Qinghe also helped her thread the needle and found that the thread was too thick.
It doesn’t fit into the eye of the needle at all.

Ding Guihua couldn’t stand it anymore, “Younger sister, let me do it.” She took the needle and thread, placed the thread in her mouth, and pinched it.
She pushed it towards the needle thrice before successfully threading the needle.

Su Qinghe: “…” She suddenly missed the good old days, ah.
If there was a problem with her clothes, she could just pay 10 yuan to an aunt in the community to fix it.

There was also no need to make clothes; just buy ready-made garments directly.
There are various price points.
How convenient it was.

Later at night, Su Qinghe was lying on her bed, chatting with the system.

“System, is it possible for you to reward me with ready-made clothes? I really don’t want to do that kind of work… I absolutely can’t understand it.
I think I would just waste fabric.
You see how difficult it is to get cloth right now.
It’s a waste for me to try and make clothes.
Besides, do you even make your own clothes in the interstellar space? It doesn’t make sense, right?”

“Host, please be reminded that you are not forced to accomplish the side task.
You can decide whether you want to do it or not.
There is a reward for completing it, but there is no penalty if you don’t do it.”

Su Qinghe pulled up her quilt.
Go, go, go.
Let’s learn how to thread the needle tomorrow! In order for Comrade Su Dagen to show off his love and send mother fabric, she’ll work hard.

She doesn’t believe that she is stupid.
She even learned how to cook! That was really difficult.

Su Qinghe was still in a daze, slightly sleepy, when she heard a voice in her head, “Host, please be reminded that you still have to cook nine famous dishes for your B-level cooking assessment task.
Host, continue to work hard, and complete the task as soon as possible and get a task reward.”

Su Qinghe yawned, “It’s nighttime, brother.
The whole village is asleep right now.”

“Host, earlier, you said it was inconvenient during the day.”

Su Qinghe rubbed her eyes, not in the least guilty, “It really is inconvenient during the day.
A lot of people might find out that I’m missing.
What can I do?” She cooks for the family daily, two meals without fail.
She did not feel like cooking; There were more than a thousand catties of grain in her hand! She had too much food and couldn’t even take it out. 

“Please show a hardworking spirit and be diligent.
Host, make persistent efforts.”

“Please show a hardworking spirit and be diligent.
Host, make persistent efforts.”

“Please show…”

Su Qinghe was defeated by the system.
She did not know who created this system, but it seemed explicitly designed for lazy people like her.
She suspected it was no coincidence that the system chose the 1960s either.
It must be because it’s convenient to use rewards as bait. 

What a scheming system, ah.

“Okay, okay, okay.
Let me rest well so I’ll have the energy to work tomorrow.
I’ll complete the task of sewing clothes first, okay? I haven’t started this side task yet.
Let’s talk about this again after I work on this quest.”

“Good night, host.
Sweet dreams.”

Su Qinghe smiled.

Su Qinghe offered to sew the clothes at breakfast the next day.

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua were horrified: “…” Don’t let such a good material become useless, little sister-in-law ah.

Su Aiguo couldn’t bear for his sister to suffer, so he spoke, “Let your sisters-in-law do it.
You’ll be able to wear your new clothes soon.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua nodded in agreement.
They would rather work hard than let their sister-in-law waste such a good fabric.

Gao Xiulan glanced at her two daughters-in-law, showing a long face, “What’s the matter? Are you looking down on my daughter? My daughter’s just like me! I’m sure she’ll learn quickly and do better than you.”

Then, she turned to Su Qinghe and smiled lovingly, “Qingmiao’er, go ahead if you want to learn.
You must be bored at home on this hot day.
Go do some needlework to relieve your boredom.” Former landlords and wealthy families’ daughters would do this to play around.
Why can’t her daughter do so? Of course, she can’t say this out loud. 

Su Qinghe patted her chest and promised, “Sisters-in-law, don’t worry.
If I really can’t do it, I’ll ask you to do it for me.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua were even more terrified.
What if later, when their sister-in-law scrapped the fabric, they didn’t have the skills to save it?

They found that their little sister-in-law is not actually very lazy.
She usually had nothing to do but eat, drink, and sleep.
How nice, ah.

Anyway, they had to stop worrying since Gao Xiulan already spoke up.
Lin Shuhong couldn’t talk back.
She directly gave Su Qinghe the fabric and the needle and thread.

“Younger sister, take it easy.”

Lin Shuhong cut her wrist to save her body [1].

[1] cut her wrist to save her body – a phrase that means “make a prompt and resolute decision.”

Ding Guihua measured her size and then looked at Su Qinghe to measure her size.
That’s a relief.
I’m a little thinner than my younger sister-in-law.
If she made a mistake, Ding Guihua could alter it a little and make it smaller for her to wear.
It was good for her to gain more weight.

After her two sisters-in-law left, Gao Xiulan led her grandchildren to dig out wild vegetables.
The weather was getting dryer and dryer, which made it more difficult to find wild vegetables.
Their family’s plot of land was not good enough to plant vegetables in, so it is unsure if they could eat green vegetables in the future. 

While everyone was out, Su Qinghe went to the courtyard to cut the fabric.
She looked at the worn-out scissors they had at home for a long time.

Su Qinghe directly threaded the needle.

She finally threaded the needle right when she was about to be cross-eyed.
Then, she wiped the sweat off her forehead.

When she picked up the fabric, she could not dare start.
If she ruined it, she wasn’t sure if the system would accept it.
Another critical point is that if she made a mistake, it would significantly hurt her mother’s heart.

In a stroke of genius, she decided to cut a fifth of the fabric.

She first picked up the pen, drew a pair of shorts on the paper, and compared it to the fabric.
She folded the cloth in half and started sewing. 

Just after the first stitch was made, she immediately pricked her finger.

Su Qinghe: “…”

“System, are there compensations for work-related injuries?”

“If the host gets crippled, the system can provide treatment.”

Su Qinghe immediately started sewing again.
I’ve seen people do this before.
They just insert it in and pull it out…

After sewing the pieces together, Su Qinghe cut an inverted V shape using the scissors and sewed them to make the trouser legs.

Soon, the shorts were completed.
“Well, it’s a little small, but Erbao will definitely be able to wear it.”

As for whether the stitches are ugly or not, it’s not a problem.
Children do not have to pay attention to their clothes.
They just need something to wear.

Su Qinghe smiled in satisfaction as she knotted the thread.

“Ding… A mending task is completed.
1 sewing skill point and a chi of cotton cloth are rewarded.”

Su Qinghe relaxed when she heard a familiar voice.
However… “Hold on, mending??”

“Host, please be reminded that what the host is currently doing is mending a hole created by the host herself.”

“…” The gears in Su Qinghe’s head turned, “Mending holes also count?” This was a loophole!

“Host, please be reminded that the first task’s reward is special, which is why you were rewarded with a chi of cotton cloth.
The next time you complete it, you will be rewarded with the amount of fabric needed for the patch you fixed.”

Su Qinghe coughed and then closed her eyes to look at her storage space.
En, very good.
She wasted a chit of cloth, and now it’s back.
Even if she doesn’t finish this one, it doesn’t matter.
She will get better if she practices a few more times… Su Qinghe suddenly opened her eyes.

She realized that she had entered a cycle.
Even if she makes terrible clothes, she will be rewarded if she continues practicing.
Thus, she can only keep practicing again and again.

She cannot take advantage of it until she can make a complete piece.


“System, this is a bit unfair.
At least the food I make is edible! The ingredients are not wasted.
However, if I make clothes badly, I would only be rewarded enough cloth to repair a hole.”

“Host, please note that you can cook food well enough to eat and make clothes well enough to wear.”

Su Qinghe almost spat out a mouthful of blood.
Who made this artificial intelligence? It really knows how to speak!

“Qingmiao’er, are you feeling unwell?”

When Gao Xiulan returned with her grandchildren, she noticed her daughter was showing a sad look.

Su Qinghe reluctantly cheered up, and with a guilty face, she lifted the pair of shorts she made, “Mom, I’m sorry.
I didn’t learn well ah.
The cloth turned out like this….”

Gao Xiulan was flabbergasted for a moment, then said, “Aiya, my daughter is just like me.
It was her first time doing this kind of thing and still did well.
She’s so good ah.”

She looked at Su Qinghe herself, then swept around with her eyes.
She saw Erbao sitting on the ground, playing around.

“Erbao, come here.”

Erbao wobbly stood up and walked towards his grandmother.

Gao Xiulan said with a smile, “Aiya, Erbao, look at how kind your aunt is to you.
She even made your shorts.
Why don’t you try it out?”

Erbao was only two years old, so he still didn’t understand what they were trying to say.
However, he does know that new clothes are good things.
Thus, he happily took off his pants that almost had their color washed out and let his grandmother change him into the bottoms his aunt made for him.

He was so happy that he grinned.

The other children were envious of him.

Gao Xiulan said, “Look, Qingmiao’er! It fits Er Bao so well, and he likes it.
You’re really good at this!”

She turned around and asked the other children, “Don’t you think Erbao looks good with his new bottoms?”

“Really good!” The children said obediently, with envious expressions on their faces.
They wanted new clothes too.

Su Dabao exclaimed, “Auntie, I want to wear one too! Can you make one for me?”

Su Qinghe did not expect that the clothes she casually made would have an effect like this.
She suddenly felt proud of herself.

Gao Xiulan said unhappily, “What are you saying? It’s not like you don’t have any clothes to wear.
You even want to rob these few fabric from your aunt.
Ask your mother to make one for you.”

Su Qinghe spoke, “Don’t worry.
I’ll make one again when I practice.”

Gao Xiulan looked at her with adoration, “Qingmiao’er, you’re tiring yourself out on such a hot day.
Mom thinks you should refrain from doing this so you won’t hurt your eyes.
Let your sisters-in-law do it instead.
They’re good at this anyway.
She can make a dress with 4 chi of fabric.
If it is any less, they cannot do well..”

Su Qinghe received a 10,000-point blow from her mother!

When Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua returned at noon, they saw the shorts on Erbao’s body.
They felt faint.
Such good material…

However, they still had to help their mother-in-law act.
Ding Guihua started to flatter loudly, “Younger sister did a good job.
I think Erbao’s shorts look very beautiful.”

Dabao said, “Mom, I want one too.” Ding Guihua covered his mouth.
Son just wears old pants.

Lin Shuhong looked at her son and said with a smile, “It’s done pretty well.
Actually, younger sister, Erbao is still young, so these pants can be turned into shorts, so he could wear it better.” The point here is that she must have the skills to alter ah… “Of course, younger sister’s handicraft is still good.”

Su Qinghe felt that she suffered another 20,000-point blow.

Under the care of Comrade Gao Xiulan, the remaining 4 chi of cloth went back to Lin Shuhong, and she was tasked to finish in two days so that Su Qinghe could wear her new clothes earlier.

Su Qinghe lay on the bed, frustrated, “System, it’s not that I don’t want to do it, but no one is giving me a chance to improve.
I can’t always make small trousers for Erbao with one chi of cloth, right? If I destroy the remaining cotton cloth at home, my mother would probably suffer in secret.”

“Host, please be reminded that the material does not have to be new.
Old fabric is also acceptable.”

Su Qinghe pouted, “What fabric ah, all the clothes in this house are patched.
How can I find extra fabric?”

She sighed gloomily and closed the system so that she could go to bed.
This task was just too hard; it’s not that she didn’t want to do it ah.
After all, she still had to cook coarse-grain porridge.
This was not necessary.

Su Qinghe pulled her quilt and closed her eyes to sleep.

After a few seconds, she opened her eyes, sat up, and felt the fabric in her hands.

Isn’t this fabric a bit big, yo…

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