Of course, the bed sheet’s material was thicker and stiffer than an ordinary fabric.
However, this will not stop Su Qinghe from realizing her idea.

Such a big material, it’s excellent! Su Qinghe praised herself for being so resourceful.

However, Su Qinghe was not going to make trousers this time.
Although that doesn’t seem challenging to make, it’s actually quite particular.

For example, the little pants worn by Erbao it’s large around the top but smaller at the bottom.
A two-year-old baby can still look cute wearing it, but that would look ridiculous on an adult…

After receiving a 30,000-point blow, Su Qinghe was now very self-aware.

Thus, she hurriedly called the system to talk about life, “System, system, I don’t want to wear pants, can I make a skirt instead?”

“Host, you can decide on the style and type of clothing.”

“How nice.
You’re such a considerate system.
I like you very much.” Su Qinghe decisively turned off the system and looked at the bed sheets with a smile on her face.
Oh, I meant the fabric. 

The next day morning, everyone ate porridge contently.
Su Qinghe watched them eat everyone with relish, feeling contented in her heart.

“Sister-in-law, please give me the scissors, needle, and thread later.”

“Cough, cough…”

Lin Shuhong, who was drinking the porridge, couldn’t stop in time and started coughing.
Ding Guihua also covered her mouth and looked at her younger sister-in-law.

Why does my sister-in-law want to be busy? It’s so nice to be idle at home.
Why must she do needlework? It even hurts the eyes.

“Younger sister, it’s starting to get hotter.
You can rest at home.
It’s good for you to sleep and nourish your body.”

On a rare occasion, Gao Xiulan also agreed with her daughter-in-law and told her daughter to take a good rest.
Food can still be given for her daughter to play with, but the fabric is really just too little.

“Qingmiao’er, go rest and let your sister-in-law do it.
They should support you.
If you haven’t given them food to eat, they would have already starved to death.
They all owe you their lives!”

The corners of Su Qinghe’s mouth stiffened.
Why didn’t she know that she was this great?

Gao Xiulan told the others, “Have some conscience and tell me, don’t you owe your sister your life?”

The three Su brothers nodded busily.
The two wives also nodded in agreement.

Su Aiguo looked at Su Qinghe and moved, “Younger sister, brother will remember your kindness for the rest of his life.”

Su Aihua spoke, “What’s the use of just remembering it ah,” He then faced Su Qinghe and said, “Whoever badmouths our sister in the future, I will give them a hard time.”

“Talking big!” Su Aidang snorted, “I’ll greet them directly with my fists.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua were feeling guilty, trying to erase all the bad things they’d said and thought about the younger in their mind.
They finally realized that this little sister didn’t work in the past, not because she was lazy, but because she did not want to cause trouble.

Anyway, their life was much better now.
There’s no use in overthinking about it.

Gao Xiulan was satisfied with the performance of her sons and her daughters-in-law.
She looked back at Su Qinghe, “Look, Qingmiao’er, there’s no shortage of people who will take care of you in the future.
You can rest well.”

Su Qinghe wanted to feel touched, but she just felt stunned.
Wasn’t she just asking for sewing tools? Why did her mother make such a commotion? Were the clothes she made that shabby? Erbao has been wearing it for two days in a row!

“I just need the scissors, needle, and thread.
I wasn’t asking for cloth.
I just want to practice, practice.”

Gao Xiulan asked curiously, “What are you going to do?”

“…Just taking a look.” She can’t directly point at her bed sheets.

Conditionally, Gao Xiulan was very accommodating to her daughter, “Eldest daughter-in-law, bring it over to Qingmiao’er later.
Also, hurry up and finish the clothes.
Don’t drag it out.
Our Qingmiao’er wouldn’t be able to wear those nice clothes when it gets really hot.”

Lin Shuhong nodded quickly, “I’ll start sewing when I return later at noon.
It should be ready soon.”

She had to hurry up and finish to save the good fabric from her sister-in-law’s squandering.

Before the family left, Su Qinghe got her wish granted and went to the yard with her sewing tools.

Gao Xiulan was about to take her grandchildren out to pick up firewood and dig earthworms for the old hen.

Just as she was about to leave, Gao Xiulan looked at her daughter, who was holding the scissors, and reminded, “Qingmiao’er, be careful not to hurt your hands.”

“Okay, mom, don’t worry.”

How can I be assured, ah?

When Gao Xiulan left with her grandchildren, Su Qinghe immediately entered her room.
She picked up the sheets and began her research, wrapping them around her shoulders.
Very good.
She just has to sew it a bit to turn it into a wrap skirt.
She can also keep it around and use it as a blanket at night.

Su Qinghe felt that her IQ improved to compete with the system.

This time, Su Qinghe didn’t dare to use the scissors, so she used the needle and thread directly.

With the skill point she had earned previously, Su Qinghe now knew instinctively how big the gaps should be between stitches.
She just hasn’t done this a lot, so her hands are a little disobedient.
At least it wasn’t like a chicken scratched the fabric, like the one she did before.
At most, her handiwork looked uneven.

After sewing the bed sheet, Su Qinghe cut some pieces of the fabric and sewed them at the waist.
This would act as a band to help keep the cloth from falling off when worn on the body.

The last stitch is done.

Su Qinghe looked at the end product happily.

Strangely, there was no ringing sound in Su Qinghe’s head.
She had a bad feeling, closed her eyes, and called out, “System, system.”

No response.

“System, you aren’t dead, are you? System, take it easy.
What’s wrong with you, system? Do you need me to call 120, ah?”

“…The system is judging… The system is judging… The system is judging…”

When she heard the familiar mechanical voice in her head, Su Qinghe finally relaxed, “How long will it take for you to decide?”

“…The system is judging… The system is judging… The system is judging…”

The corners of Su Qinghe’s mouth went down.
She has already decided.
If she didn’t succeed this time, she wouldn’t do this side task.
Worst case scenario, she would just cook, cook, cook, and exchange it!

“Ding… sewing task completed.
1 sewing skill point and 27 chi of cotton fabric is rewarded.”

!!! Ah ah ah ah, sure enough, the bed sheet is mighty.

“Host, please make persistent efforts.
Continue to be diligent and practice your skills to improve.
Hard work pays off.
It’s shameful to be perfunctory!”

Su Qinghe thought that the system made sense.
If she gave up, where would she get 27 chi of cloth?

Hmm… Although she sacrificed her bed sheet for this, she got a new cotton fabric in exchange.
She can make several articles of clothing with this.

As for the system’s last words, Su Qinghe didn’t hear them clearly.
Just forget it; she must have been too tired recently ah.
Maybe she got tinnitus.

“It’s shameful to be perfunctory, it’s shameful to be perfunctory, it’s shameful to be perfunctory…”

The voice kept ringing in her head.
Su Qinghe felt numb and finally couldn’t stand it, “Fine, fine, I’ll do better next time!”

She had two skill points which made her better than before.

At noon, Gao Xiulan made flour gnocchi for her daughter.
Seeing the bed sheet scattered on her daughter’s bed, she hurried over to straighten it up, “Our Qingmiao’er loves to move around while she sleeps, the sheets are…”

She stopped her movements… “Qingmiao’er, what did you do?”

Su Qinghe was taking a bite of the gnocchi when her mother spoke.
Seeing the sheets in her mother’s hand, she said seriously, “Mom, I keep kicking the quilt when I sleep at night.
So, I thought, how convenient would it be if I turned the sheets into something I can wear in my body.
Isn’t it convenient, ah?”

“…” Gao Xiulan suddenly realized that everything her daughter does is clever.
If she took a closer look, it was good.
Really good.

“Let your sister-in-law do it for you, look at how tired you are.” Gao Xiulan folded the sheets neatly and placed it on the side of the bed.

Su Qinghe held her bowl and shoved a piece of gnocchi in her mother’s mouth, “Aiyo, mom, try tasting it and check if it’s cooked well.”

Her mother ate it unconsciously and chewed, “It’s cooked, ah.
Our iron pot works so well, how could it be undercooked?”

Su Qinghe said, “Then have another one ah.”

Gao Xiulan took another bite.
It was delicious and soft.
The gnocchi made of white flour is really different.

While eating, she suddenly burst into tears, “Why is our Qingmiao’er so filial? Thinking of ways to feed mom.
Don’t mind mom, I’m already happy to see you eat.
Go have a bite so that mom feels satisfied.
If you don’t eat, mom feels distressed…”

The old lady sobbed.

Su Qinghe: “…Mom, don’t cry.
I’ll eat, I’ll eat.”

Gao Xiulan wiped her tears and said with red eyes, “Hurry up and eat.
Mom will watch you until you finish eating before she leaves.”

Su Qinghe quickly ate big bites.

Seeing her eat, Gao Xiulan smiled in satisfaction.

Su Qinghe spoke, “Mom, I’ll let you enjoy a lot in the future.”

Gao Xiulan casually replied, “Mom doesn’t need to count on you.
Mom can rely on your older brothers.”

Su Qinghe: “…”

The next day afternoon, Su Qinghe put on her new loose short-sleeved clothes.

Lin Shuhong’s handiwork was very good.
Of course, this was limited to neat stitches.
As for the style, she wasn’t very particular about them.
After all, Lin Shuhong can’t wear any nice clothes herself.
Her living environment completely limits her imagination.

It was just an ordinary loose blouse, but when Su Qinghe came out wearing her new clothes, the women and children looked at her enviously while the men nodded in approval.

“Younger sister looks good.” Su Aiguo praised.

“That’s right, our sister is the best looking girl across these ten miles and eight villages.” Su Aihua added, amplifying his praise.

“Younger sister looks the best in the country!” Su Aidang said, praising her to the extent of what he knew.

Ding Guihua spoke, “Sister-in-law, you look as beautiful as our mom.” She even praised her mother-in-law.

Gao Xiulan looked at her daughter satisfactorily, “Our Qingmiao’er looks too good.”

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “It’s because sister-in-law is good at her craft, and the dress turned out well.” It’s much better than her chicken-scratched fabric.

Being praised, Lin Shuhong had a satisfied smile on her face, “If younger sister-in-law learns well, she can also do this in the future.”

Su Qinghe laughed, “Sister-in-law is right; I should learn well so that in the future, I will be better at sewing and can make whatever I want to wear.
That’s convenient!”

Lin Shuhong: “…” Why is she so bad at speaking?

After seeing Su Qinghe’s new clothes, the team members were all envious.
This year, who was willing to make new clothes, ah.
After all, each person only receives 3 chi of fabric every year.
It wasn’t enough to make a set of clothes.
They can’t just wear one shirt all year round.
After the clothes are tight on the eldest, pass them on to the second…

They were so reluctant to have new clothes since they could take it to the black market to exchange for food tickets with the townspeople.

Who was like the old Su family, who would take the entire family’s supply of fabric to make clothes for one person? Alas, they can only be envious.
No one would dare bring such a daughter-in-law at home.
They cannot afford it.
They don’t know who can afford to raise such a wife in the future…

In the distant frontier corps, a young man was hiding in a trench, wiping his tears away.

Next to him was Li Xiaohui, who was in a bad mood, “How could I be so unlucky? To actually be in a class with you? Why do you keep crying? It’s a great day, ah! Isn’t it exciting every day?”

Bullshit! People here are taking a layer off their skins ah [1]! Gu Chang’an wiped his tears again, “I miss my parents.
I’ve never left the house for so long.” I didn’t know it was this scary outside…

[1] take a layer off their skins – phrase that means “to suffer a lot”

An old comrade-in-arms nearby comforted him, “Young man, I used to be as homesick as you.
However, when I think about me being in the frontier army, I remember I am protecting them, which made my heart satisfied.
When you came to the border, didn’t you think the same way?”

Gu Chang’an nodded with red eyes, “That’s right, I came here for them!” They kicked him out!

The old comrade-in-arms patted him on the shoulder and said, “Young man, be strong and train well in the afternoon.
Who knows when we have to go into the front lines?”

Li Xiaohui, who was listening, said excitedly, “We might actually have the opportunity?”

Gu Chang’an was a bit frightened, but his face was calm, “We are at peace right now; the environment is very good.
Our country is strong.
It’s impossible for us to go to war!”

“Who knows for sure? Large-scale wars are impossible, but small-scale wars are possible.
After you train hard, I’ll take you out to see the world.
We won a few years ago.
Thinking about it now, it’s so cool.
You will have your chance in the future.
Soldiers who have never seen blood aren’t good soldiers!”

Gu Chang’an: “…” He loves peace!

While training in the afternoon, the squad leader looked at the new recruits in disgust.
What are they? Their quality is far from the soldiers from before.
Back in the day…

The old squad leader was immersed in a distant memory, feeling that the new generation was not as good as the previous one.

However, this generation needs him to teach.

“For this afternoon’s physical training, if anyone fails to meet the standards, they must stay behind and do 500 push-ups.
If they don’t make it to dinner tonight, be hungry and watch others eat.
Everyone has to work hard.
Don’t move like you haven’t eaten.
The army isn’t here to feed you white rice.”

A group of people immediately rubbed their fists together, their morales rising.

Gu Chang’an looked as if he was struck by lightning…

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