During the afternoon training, Gu Chang’an was so tired that he was about to collapse.
He could only run and climb the mountain weakly.
The old squad leader behind him yelled, “Those who do not qualify are not allowed to eat and has to do 500 push ups! If you don’t do your best now, you’ll still have to exert strength later!”

Gu Chang’an scampered quickly.

The squad leader watched happily, “It seems that you have a good body foundation; you even have explosive power ah.
No wonder our company commander wanted you to come over.
This is talent, ah, talent! Continue to practice well.”

During dinner, Li Xiaohui was surprised to see Gu Chang’an, who was currently eating.

“You didn’t get punished to do push ups?”

Gu Chang’an ignored him and ate while wiping his eyes.

The new recruit who was training with him saw this and asked, “Hey, why are you crying? You did well during training, didn’t you?”

“…I’m thinking about those who aren’t allowed to eat.
So pitiful.” So tired.
Ah, ah, ah.
I’m so tired.

“What? It’s already good in the army.
In my hometown, my fellow villagers do not have food to eat.
My mother is very satisfied when she found out I can go to the army.
Not to mention two meals, even just a single meal is enough to make me feel contented.”

Gu Chang’an thought in his heart he used to be able to eat three meals a day…

After eating dinner, they still had to train.

Before training started, Gu Chang’an stood while looking at the pitch-black sky… He doesn’t know when he can go home.
If he wants to go home alone, he doesn’t know whether the army will give him permission or not, ah! Anyway, he has suffered so much.
When he returned, the old man wouldn’t have the heart to drive him out.

Next to him were two recruits chatting, “Hey did you hear? I heard someone left to marry a wife and regretted returning home only after a few days.”

“How could that be? If you deserted, wouldn’t you get shot?”

Gu Chang’an: “…” He had to train! Train!


After wearing her new clothes, Su Qinghe was ready to give the fabric she received to Gao Xiulan.

However, looking at such a large amount of fabric in her storage space, Su Qinghe felt her head hurt.
She received such a big piece of fabric at once; it was almost the size of her bed sheet.

She didn’t think that giving it all was a good idea.

“System, can I change this?”

“The system does not allow refunds or exchanges after the award is issued.”

Su Qinghe was about to collapse when she heard the system speak in her head, “If the host needs to refund or exchange the item, she must pay 1/10th of the reward received as payment.”

Sure enough, it was still the same system.

“Okay, pay 1/10th then.
Give me 5 chi of gray fabric so that it is wearable.”

“Ding! The almighty military wife system is at your service.
The exchange service is currently processing your reward… Exchange completed…”

Su Qinghe immediately looked at her inventory and saw a total of five pieces of gray cotton fabric.
One of the pieces was a bit smaller than the others.”

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “You’re really good at calculating.” Even fractions are considered.

“The almighty military wife system belongs to the highest level of artificial intelligence.”


In the evening, two 5 chi of cotton fabric were placed inside the urn, along with some grain and eggs.
Her mother was smaller than her, so that was more than enough.

Gao Xiulan now had the habit of checking the big urn every day.
It wasn’t fun if she didn’t look at it once a day.
Although there were not many times when something was inside, this didn’t prevent her from creating a situation where she would feel surprised.

Look, the surprise has arrived.

First, let’s check how much grain was inside.
There were 10 jin of cornmeal, which they could eat for several days.
Several eggs.
Aiyo! Qingmiao’er can eat one more egg today.

And below… there’s good fabric ah! It’s better than the one they bought in the county town.

Gao Xiulan took it out and looked at it.
The fabric felt soft in her hands.
Her only complaint was that the color was too dark.
How beautiful were the floral fabrics that those young girls in the county city wore?

My daughter should also wear clothes made of that fabric.

She was a little dissatisfied with her man, “Dagen, you don’t know how to raise a daughter.
Didn’t you know that young girls have to wear floral fabric? Today’s time is different from before.
Women can hold up half the sky.
You can’t be too old-fashioned.
Remember, the next time you send materials, send floral fabric for your child ah.”

Naturally, Comrade Su Dagen did not reply to her.
The only reply she heard was from the old hen, who clucked twice.

Gao Xiulan gave it a handful of cornmeal, “Eat more and lay more eggs for our family.
Don’t stop laying eggs.
I killed our old hen when it stopped laying eggs.
You don’t know how sad I was.
Don’t make me upset, alright?”

The old hen pecked the cornmeal quickly…

In the morning, after everyone had left, Gao Xiulan pulled Su Qinghe to her room to show her the fabric.

“Qingmiao’er, you can have new clothes to wear again.
The color is quite dark, but it’s alright; it’s still new and would look neat when you wear it.” Gao Xiulan smiled contently.

Su Qinghe looked at the fabric disdainfully, “Mom, I don’t like this color.
How can I wear this?” Although her clothes weren’t brightly colored, they were off-white with black spots. 

Gao Xiulan coaxed her daughter, “Your father gave it to you.
Why shouldn’t you wear it? Your father must have known that his daughter wants to wear new clothes.
The color is dark because your father isn’t knowledgeable about this stuff.
Before he died, we often wore this color.”

Su Qinghe pursed her lips and said, “Mom, don’t lie to me.
I can immediately tell that father gave this for you to wear.
My father is a cadre; how would he not know what people like to wear? It’s obviously this color because it’s for mom.”

When Gao Xiulan heard this, she froze; their family’s Dagen chose this color on purpose?

Aiyo, no wonder, just now she even thought, how could their family’s Dagen be confused.
In the past, when they had just got married, Dagen often coaxed her.

This is really…

Gao Xiulan felt a little embarrassed.
Even her dark skin tone could not conceal the blush on her face.
Aiyo, how did her little girl know about this?

Su Qinghe coughed, “Mom, since Dad gave it to you, just use it for your clothes.
My dad must have noticed that I already have clothes to wear, so he sent some fabric for you.
Don’t make him unhappy; otherwise, he’ll blame me for being unfilial later!”

“How dare he!” Gao Xiulan’s face immediately changed, “If your father dares say that you are unfilial, I will go to his grave and cry!”

Su Qinghe: “…Okay, okay, okay.
Dad won’t call me unfilial.
Mom, you should really use that for your clothes.
I don’t want to wear it.
Just give it to sister-in-law if you don’t want to.”

“This was given by my Dagen for me to wear.
If they want new clothes, let their men buy it for them.”

Then, she placed the fabric under her pillow, “When it gets cooler, I’ll make clothes to wear.
It’s a waste to make clothes now.”

Su Qinghe nodded in agreement.
It’s scorching right now.
Since there was a drought, even taking a shower is difficult.

Gao Xiulan was in a good mood because of the love gift from Comrade Su Dagen.
She showed smiles like the spring breeze at her three sons.
When talking to Da Ya, she even held her hand and beckoned, “Da Ya, come here to grandma.”

The entire family was surprised.

Su Aiguo looked at his mother in worry, “Mom, are you sick? Is there anything wrong with you?”

When Su Aihua heard this, he almost slapped his brother.
How could he have such a stupid brother?

Su Aidang said, “Mom, is the relief grain about to arrive?”

“Leave, leave, leave.
You bunch of heartless bastards.” Gao Xiulan was so disgusted that she went away to look for her daughter.

She thought, in this family, only Qingmiao’er and her were of one mind.
What a filial daughter.
Luckily, she gave birth to Qingmiao’er.
Otherwise, she had to spend her entire life with these white-eyed wolves.

Compared to Gao Xiulan’s good mood, everyone else on the team was in a bad mood.

It was already the middle of July, but the relief grain had yet to arrive!

In this hot weather, even if they tighten their belts and cheat themselves by saying that it is too hot and they have no appetite to eat, Any more tightening would starve them to death.

Guo Changsheng has been asked by the villagers for so many times now.
He himself went to the commune and asked the commune leaders this question many times.

Their answers were always: “Wait for it; it will come soon,” or “Wait, there are difficulties everywhere, some other places have it worse than us.” Emergencies do not save the poor.

Guo Changsheng knew that the last time the dining hall opened, various people brought their porridge home and kept adding water to it so that it would last them ten days…

Now, they were all placing their hopes on this relief grain.

Guo Changsheng did not know what to do.

When he passed the old Su family’s house, he saw the Su’s daughter sewing by the shade in the yard.
His heart felt even more uncomfortable.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the village could live as comfortably as this girl…

As if she heard the words Guo Changsheng said in his heart, Su Qinghe raised her head and saw Guo Changsheng.

“Old Captain, how come you’re here, ah? Are you looking for my mother for something? They all went out to work.”

Su Qinghe stood up and talked.

She had just woken up from a nap and had nothing to do, so she practiced her stitches on a small fabric the size of her palm.

There was nothing she could do.
Who made it so that there was no phone or computer here? Other people were busy working, so she could only entertain herself alone.
Once she improves her skills, she can use her mother’s two pieces of fabric to make clothes for her.

Guo Changsheng felt a bit bitter in his heart as he walked towards the door of the Old Su’s house, sitting down, “Ai, Qinghe, what a comfortable life you have ah.”

Su Qinghe nodded.
She also thought that she was living a good life.
As long as the system wasn’t making trouble in her head.

Seeing Guo Changsheng sigh, Su Qinghe asked, “Uncle, when will the relief grain come?”

Guo Changsheng felt his head aching when he heard the words ‘relief grain’ “Is your house lacking food too?”

“…Of course! I’m the only one in our family who can eat more than a few mouthfuls.
My brothers and everyone else are just relying on their good foundation.
All of them are counting on the relief grain to arrive.”

Guo Changsheng looked at the scenery outside the door and sighed, “Wait a bit more; everyone else is suffering too, the emergency relief isn’t slow.
The relief grain is always available….”

Su Qinghe: “…” Actually, it’s not…

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