s happily placing the grains inside the big urn.
Just as she was about to come out, her daughter came in.

“Mom, they have given us something.
Shouldn’t we give a return gift?”

Su Qinghe could see that the two Madams of the Lin and Ding family were even more haggard than on their last visit.
They must be having a hard time.

Gao Xiulan said, “What for? What’s wrong with bringing a few things when visiting their daughters?”

“Mom, I don’t think that’s their purpose.” Su Qinghe came closer and said, “You see, our family isn’t struggling right now.
However, Eldest and Second sister-in-law’s family don’t have anyone helping them.
They probably saved this grain instead of feeding themselves.
My elder sister-in-law and Second sister-in-law eat in our family, and we have some relationship with them.
However, this counts as life-saving grain ah.
Wouldn’t the relationship be lost if we received a few catties of grain from them? If someone from their family starves to death, they might bear a grudge… Wouldn’t we be at a loss, ah! I don’t think this would be good for us at all.”

“I’ll see if they dare! I won’t spare them if they dare not recognize our relationship.” Gao Xiulan showed a stern face.

“Mom, there is no knowing what’s in a person’s heart.
We have to be careful.
We should always try not to owe people favors.
In the future, if we don’t owe any favors, then we will not get taken advantage of.”

 Gao Xiulan felt that her daughter’s words made sense and she won’t lose out.
The corners of her mouth raised, “That’s right, you’re an idiot if you don’t take advantage of favors.”

Su Qinghe: “…” She wasn’t talking about being an idiot! She didn’t want to take advantage of this kind of life-saving grain!

In the end, under Su Qinghe’s persuasion, Gao Xiulan more or less gave return gifts to the two in-laws.
Since they sent sorghum noodles, she also gave sorghum noodles.
Just a little bit less.

Even so, Madam Lin and Madam Ding were both stunned.

Old lady, did the sun rise from the west? Looking outside, maybe it really rose from the west.

Gao Xiulan showed a long face.
Since she couldn’t take advantage of the situation, she felt a little unhappy in her heart.
However, she must not be seen as cowardly, “Our family do not take advantage of people.
We pay a lot of attention to reciprocation! They all say that married daughters come to their maiden homes empty-handed and return to their husband’s houses with full hands.
This ‘coming to your husband’s family and going to your maiden family’ is different in our family.
We will not mistreat our in-laws.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua looked touched at their mother-in-law’s words.

Their mother-in-law was usually stingy and liked to take advantage of people, but she was actually reasonable during critical times ah.
They misunderstood her before.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
They had a good mother and a good mother-in-law.  

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua also looked at their mother with hard-to-read expressions.
They felt that their mother was doing this for their face.

Gao Xiulan did not notice them.
She handed the bags to Madam Lin and Madam Ding.

Madam Lin was flattered and took it, “In-law, you’re too kind.”

Madam Ding also took it with some awkwardness in her heart.
She thought Gao Xiulan was actually a good person in her heart.

Looking at their reactions, Su Qinghe remembered a situation she had heard of before.
If someone’s usually not kind to people ordinarily, then you’re suddenly doing good things, you are a good person in others’ hearts… That’s why villains in many TV series are so easily whitewashed in the end.
It’s because they abuse the protagonist so much.
Her mother was not a villain.
She has a mouth as sharp as a knife and a heart as soft as tofu!

Since they still had to work in the afternoon, Madam Lin and Madam Ding returned home with the help of Ding Jianjun.

On the way, Mother Lin kept talking about Gao Xiulan’s kindness, “Our Shuhong was right.
Her mother-in-law is actually kind.
Who else would be willing to send grains to her daughter-in-law’s family these days?”

Madam Ding nodded in agreement.
Although in her heart, she felt that something was wrong.

Madam Lin spoke again, “It really depends on how a person acts at critical times! It’s useless to be kind during regular days.
I think our in-law is a really good person.
They have a mouth as sharp as a knife and a heart as soft as tofu!”

Madam Ding nodded again.
Old Lin’s words were pretty good.
They were good during critical times, even willing to give grain.
She did not have to come home empty-handed.

Ding Jianjun said strangely, “Mom, we didn’t come empty-handed.”

Madam Lin and Madam Ding: “…”

Madam Ding slapped him on the head, “What do you know? Do you think us going to her husband’s family’s house and her coming to our house is the same?”

Ding Jianjun scratched his head with a bitter face, thinking, how is it different ah? The old lady in the Su family said earlier that people return to their maiden family empty-handed and return with their hands full to their husband’s houses.

After sending Madam Lin and company away, Su Aiguo and the others also went to work.
Although there was not much work to do in the fields, they were still reluctant to give up work points.
Even if you just work a little, there will still be work points.

Gao Xiulan also didn’t feel sorry for them.
Why would they not work after eating? Get out and work!

Just several catties of sorghum noodles moved Su Aiguo and Lin Shuhong.
Even if Gao Xiulan was cursing people, the people had smiles on their faces.

After they left, Gao Xiulan turned to her daughter, “My Qingmiao’er is really smart.
I just thought about it.
Since they saw me giving return gifts this time, they must be bringing more next time.
I won’t give them return gifts next time.
We’ll take advantage of them!”

Su Qinghe looked blankly at her mother.
Mom, you’re brilliant.
You can even think of this, ah.
Isn’t this like fraud in the future? Borrow money for the first time and pay the principal and interest.
Borrow a lot of money the second time and immediately run away…

After talking a bit with her daughter, Gao Xiulan took her grandchildren to pick up firewood and try their luck at getting some grassroots to bring home.
Since there were no actual vegetables, cooking some grassroots in the pot was just the same.

When everyone left, Su Qinghe closed the courtyard door and went inside.
The team members were all starving to death, while she still had five thousand catties of grain in her hand.

It felt like holding a crate of meat buns while watching someone starve to death in front of her.

She couldn’t control the situation in places she couldn’t see.
However, right here, how could she help? As long as the relief grain comes, everyone wouldn’t starve to death.

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