Su Qinghe analyzed it for a while.
Anyway, it’s no good pretending to be a god.
Not everyone was like her mother, who had unconditional love and trust for her daughter.

There were a lot of people on the team.
If she did such a thing, there would always be some dishonest people who would spread the news outside.
At this time, it was not good to attract the attention of the higher-ups.
Although she can select a location for the system’s delivery, she obviously has to be wary of scrutiny.

There had to be an explainable source.

“System, come, come.
Let’s discuss this.
Aren’t you an artificial intelligence? Help me come up with an idea.
How should I get the grains in without people suspecting me?”

“Host, the system is only responsible for helping the host to complete the system’s tasks.”

“…I treat you like a friend while you treat me like a worker!” Su Qinghe was discontented and tried to think of a solution.

“Host, you can leave the situation alone.
According to the system analysis, a similar situation happened two hundred years ago.
That’s what is happening today.”


Artificial intelligence cannot understand human feelings.
They can only analyze data; what was subtracted from the data they analyzed happens to be human lives.


“System, you said something similar happened two hundred years ago?”

Do you want to see the specific historical data? Through the system analysis, the host’s thoughts at this time produce positive energy.
This is in line with the characteristics of military wives.
Thus, this will be free of charge.”

Su Qinghe was surprised, “It seems that you guys are still quite humane.
Come, come, let me see the information.
Maybe it will help me figure out what to do.”

As soon as she heard a ding sound, information popped up in Su Qinghe’s head.
The information was not very detailed.
The records only show that two hundred years ago, because of the climate and the oppression of the local landlords two hundred years ago, the local people experienced a great famine during the drought period.
However, after that, the situation became much better.
A person from Sujia Village borrowed good seeds outside, and the three villages worked together and slowly developed.
It was also because of this that Sujia Village, Tianjia Village, and Sunjia Village got close to each other.
Now, they were even in a team.

It actually was because of something that happened in the past.

“I have a solution, system.
I want to exchange grain ah.
Can I exchange the rice for old grain? The older, the better.”

“Rewards are not refundable or exchangeable.
A handling fee has to be paid for a refund or exchange.
Since the host is developing positive energy, this service will be free of charge.”

“System, you’re getting more and more lovely.
Please change it to something older for me, but make sure it can still be eaten.
It doesn’t matter if it tastes bad.
The important thing is that it’s edible.”

“Host, please rest assured.
This system can meet all of the host’s requirements.”

Su Qinghe exchanged a total of 4,500 catties of grain.
She calculated that, on average, one person could get around 4 catties of grain.
If they eat it sparingly, it can last them for a month in this era.
After a month, some of the grains in the field might already be ready for harvest.
The late relief grain would also arrive.
It was just right.
Nearly 1,000 catties of rice would be saved for herself to eat slowly.
In the future, she would be able to cook without having to get rewarded with grains all the time.
She might be able to receive vegetables instead.

After exchanging the grain, Su Qinghe asked the system if a suitable place was nearby.
It would be better if it were a location that had not been discovered.

Surprisingly, there were several places, all of which were cellars.
One of the largest cellars was just below the team’s square.
It was a large cellar from many years ago.
The entrance was in the big locust tree in the square.
Because it was too old, there was no evidence of the entrance.
Aside from this, the old house in the location was moved.
Thus, the cellar was not discovered.

Su Qinghe used to read the news on her cellphone.
She frequently read about people digging out a cellar under their homes, and inside they would find treasures in them.
Unexpectedly, it was true.

Of course, there was nothing valuable in the cellar.
There were several pickle jars.
Su Qinghe asked the system to place these pickle jars in her storage space.
Even a mosquito, though tiny, is still meat [1].
Who knew if these century-old jars could be exchanged for money in the future?

[1] even a mosquito, though tiny, is still meat – an idiom that means “even if it is small/very few, it’s better than nothing”

“This is a private act by the host, the service for storing the jars will have a fee.”

“As long as you’re happy.” The system was generous, and she was also generous.
Very good.

After the grains were placed in the cellar, Su Qinghe felt that something was missing.
“System, ah.
Don’t the consignees hear words when they avail of transportation services? Most express companies offer this kind of thing.
Leave a few words here and there, say something along the lines of ‘Survived the famine, life-saving grain saved for future generations.
Surnamed Su, Tian, Sun’.
Can you make it old, ah?”

“Host, the system can transform items to look like they’re from different time periods.
There is no need to make it old.”

“…You are so awesome!” Su Qinghe was very curious about the interstellar era that was able to create this kind of system.
Once again, I envy the original owner who ran away to their cafeteria to eat meat!

When she went to bed at night, Su Qinghe was notified by the system that the grain and the books were all in place.

The next day, after eating breakfast, Su Aiguo and the others went to work.

It was almost impossible to work surrounded by a group of people with no strength to work.
Even if they still have three-quarters of their strength, they would be affected, and their morale would be lowered. 

Why do they feel like there was no more hope for them?

Gao Xiulan no longer took the children to dig for earthworms.
Although she loved to take advantage of people, she was afraid of receiving bad karma in the future if she grabbed those things from the people who lost their livelihood. 

At present, they were urged to destroy the Four Olds [2], and she still believed in it a bit.
After all, her man, Su Dagen was there.

[2] Destroy the Four Olds – ‘Four Olds’ was the term used for customs that were ‘anti-proletarian,  fostered by the exploitation of classes, and were poisoning the minds of the people for thousands of years’.
These customs, cultures, and ideas were not clearly identified.
Destroying the Four Olds was a campaign that started in China during the 1960s (If there’s anyone there who can explain this better, please comment hshsdjd)

“Qingmiao’er, I’m going to your grandma’s house in a few days.
I have to get some brown sugar back.” Since she was free, Gao Xiulan thought she hadn’t gone back to her maiden home for a long time to catch the autumn wind [3].
The old lady must have saved a lot of good things for her, she has to go and get them back.
Otherwise, other people might get it from her.

[3] catch the autumn wind – idiom that means to sponge on people/demand money or items from other people using any means

In her heart, apart from her daughter, everyone else is an outsider.

Su Qinghe nodded absentmindedly.
She was still thinking about how she can accidentally make people discover the grains.

Unless there was someone who would use a landmine to knock down the locust tree on a regular day, no one would find the entrance.

It was impossible for the team members to push down the tree without purpose.
Unless they know that there was something to eat on it…

These days, aside from grains, there was also a cute little animal that was in high demand.
Team members were carving holes everywhere to catch it.
However, there were just too many mouse holes, so it was not surprising that a survivor would come out for a stroll.

At noon, just as Su Qinghe finished cooking, a small animal appeared in her storage space.
Su Qinghe’s scalp felt numb.

When the family was done eating, Su Qinghe went back to her room to take a nap.
After entering the room, she asked, “System, are you sure that it will go there obediently?”

“The host chose that drop-off point.
Naturally, it will go there by itself.”

Su Qinghe was finally relieved.
She immediately got the mouse to come out, then ran out of the room shouting, “Mouse, ah! There was a big mouse, ah!”

The sound could be described as earth-shattering.
No, the information in the words was earth-shattering.

A mouse? A very big mouse?

In the twinkling of an eye, everyone in the Old Su family saw a small gray shadow slip out. 

Gao Xiulan slapped the table directly, “What are you waiting for? Chase it, ah!”

The Su family, old and young, ran out at once…

Su Qinghe was terrified, “Mom, what a big mouse! It ate all my dried sweet potatoes!” She held the dried sweet potatoes that were bitten by the mouse in her hands.

“Why is there such a big mouse in our team?” She said in horror.

Gao Xiulan’s entire body felt unwell, “It didn’t eat our grains, did it?”

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