She hurried over to check.
Okay, the grains inside the big urn were still fine.
I don’t know whose grains would be harmed.

Wait a minute, grains… Which family still had grains to be harmed these days? Aiyo, this rat does not know how to look for hidden grains.

As an expert, Gao Xiulan immediately reacted.
She locked the door and pulled her daughter to run, “Qingmiao’er, let’s go.
That mouse is fat, so maybe it has food in its nest!”

The mother and daughter also rushed out quickly.

Listening to the sound, they ran towards the team square.
A group of people watched as the three Su brothers dug a hole under the locust tree.

“Aiguo, ah.
That mouse was really fat.
It passed by my feet, I saw that there was a lot of meat, ah!” A hungry and dizzy old uncle said.

He almost fainted.
This rat gave him hope that he could survive.
However, his result was no better than the three brothers.

The others around them also nodded their heads.
What a big mouse.
They ran over when they heard the sound, only to see the mouse running past them and burrowing into a hole.

Su Aidang said, “We don’t know whose grain has been harmed by this mouse.
Could it be that it ate the grains in our team’s granary? Now that the grains inside were handed in, it wants to terrorize the team members?”

Gao Xiulan was panting.
When she heard her son’s voice, she immediately said, “Yes, ah.
The two dried sweet potatoes your younger sister stuffed under her pillow were harmed by it! Qingmiao’er was reluctant to eat that, ah.
The younger sister’s two dried sweet potatoes that she was so reluctant to eat it.
If I catch that mouse, I will definitely stew it!”

One sentence, and she quickly took ownership of the mouse.

Su Qinghe admired her mother, but she was determined not to eat it, even if it was artificially bred…

Su Aidang couldn’t find it even after digging for a long time.
Su Aiguo hurriedly ran to the team’s storehouse to get a shovel. 

Su Aihua studied the soil around him and guided his brothers to dig.

As a result, the hole became larger and larger, yet no mouse could be found.
Instead, the withered locust tree was dug down.

The three brothers of the Su family: “…”

Gao Xiulan said, “Oh, we can divide this for firewood.
It’s so hard to pick up firewood recently.
Now, this makes it easier.”

“Mom, this hole is so big, ah! There must be something underneath.”

Su Aihua yelled.

Hearing this, Gao Xiulan got excited.
The mouse’s nest must be inside.

Everyone else gathered around.
A few people went in, but the three Su brothers were in front.

“I’ll go in and take a look.” Gao Xiulan immediately said, “What if there is something inside?” 

Su Aidang spoke, “Mom, what if you fall? I’ll go in and check.” He then went straight in.

After a while, a shout was heard from the inside.
Su Aidang came out with a red face.

“Mom, mom…” Su Aidang began stuttering.

“What’s the matter? Did you see the mouse’s nest?” Gao Xiulan asked excitedly.

Su Aidang busily shook his head, unable to speak clear words.

“What’s wrong?” Gao Xiulan was so anxious she wanted to go inside and see for herself.

“What are you all doing? Everyone is out here in the middle of the day.
Are we going to hold a meeting?” Guo Changsheng’s serious voice sounded out.

There was too much noise just now.
He thought that someone was fighting, so he ran out to check.
As a result, he found that they were surrounding the big locust tree… that fell down…

“What’s going on here? Who did this?”

The group looked at the three Su brothers.

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua showed embarrassed looks.
Su Aidang said, “Captain, captain, there is grain inside, so many….”

Hearing this, Guo Changsheng looked at him and asked, “Su Aidang, are you feeling faint and hungry as well?”

Su Aidang was still feeling excited.
However, when he heard this, he immediately became angry, “It’s really grain! It’s all piled up together, and there’s a lot!”

Except in the team’s granary, he has never seen a place with that much grain.

When Guo Changsheng heard this, he immediately went inside.
Other people also wanted to follow in.
Guo Changsheng stopped them, “What are you all doing? Even if there is grain inside, you won’t be able to grab it.
I’ll go first to check the situation inside.”

Then he went inside.

After a bit, Guo Changsheng came out in tears.

“What’s wrong, captain? Is there really grain?” Everyone looked at Guo Changsheng with greedy eyes.

Guo Changsheng wiped his tears away and said, “Let’s hold a meeting.
Let’s hold a meeting.
Everyone, hurry up and gather the team.
Let’s have a meeting.
This is a big deal!” After thinking about it a bit, he added, “Let the heads of each household come.
The female comrades and the children do not need to come.
Let’s save ourselves from more confusion.”

Immediately, someone helped Guo Changsheng sound the team’s gong.

When there were three beeps, it meant a signal for the men on the team to come to the meeting.

Gao Xiulan said unhappily, “Why are you looking down on the female comrades? It’s thanks to my Qingmiao’er’s dried sweet potatoes.
If she didn’t place them under the pillow and attracted the mouse, we wouldn’t have found this place.”

Guo Changsheng suppressed his excitement and said, “Yes, yes.
I remember it all.
It’s all clear in my mind.”

After a while, the household heads all arrived.
Some were men, while some were old women who led the family, like Gao Xiulan.

Several hundred people stood together.

Guo Changsheng spoke loudly, “Comrades, fellow villagers, today… just this afternoon, we found a place with a note.
It looks like it was left by the previous generation, and it says, ‘Survive the famine, life-saving grain for the future generations.
Surnamed Su, Tian, Sun’.
If I’m not mistaken, we found grains left behind by our ancestors!”

As soon as these words fell, everyone started to talk.

An old man said excitedly, “Yes, ah! My grandfather told us before that there was also a famine that happened years ago.
A lot of people died because of starvation.
It must be because our ancestors feared that their descendants would also encounter the barren years they experienced.” Tears welled up in his eyes after saying that.

“Is it true, captain? We really have something to eat?”

“Will it be handed over? Our ancestors gave this to us to save our lives.
Do we have to hand it over?” Some people were worried.

Guo Changsheng said, “We are going to split it.
I, Guo Changsheng, am sorry to the villagers.
The grain today is life-saving grain.
Let’s divide it up! We must all live well!”

Suddenly, there were shouts.
People were laughing and crying.

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