Old Mrs.
Gao’s daughter-in-law was naturally the only daughter-in-law of the Gao family.
Gao Xiulan’s eldest sister-in-law.

When Old Mrs.
Gao gave birth to a son during her first pregnancy, she became ambitious and wanted to give birth to five more sons.
Thus, her eldest son had the nickname ‘Laidi’, which showed her hope for a younger brother to follow her eldest son.

As a result, four daughters were born in one go… The old lady started to doubt life.

After giving her orders to her daughter-in-law, Old Mrs.
Gao brought her daughter and granddaughter inside the house and said, “It’s so hot outside.
Go and rest inside to cool down.”

Earlier, Sister-in-law Gao was listening to her mother-in-law lecture her sister-in-law about coming to catch the autumn wind.
When she heard Gao Xiulan’s voice, she did not even have the time to smile.
It froze in her face, making it worse than if she had cried.

Brown sugar water? Bah! Did they think our family’s brown sugar water is free, ah?

“Why aren’t you still moving? Can’t you see that Xiulan and Qingmiao’er are feeling hot?” When Old Mrs.
Gao looked back, she saw her daughter-in-law not moving, so she roared.

Sister-in-law Gao went back to the kitchen immediately.

“Lazy thing!” Old Mrs.
Gao gritted her teeth.
She turned around and entered the main room, sitting beside Gao Xiulan and her daughter.
She smiled at her third daughter again, “Xiulan, why did you come on such a hot day, ah? Come and see me when it’s cold.
What can we do when it’s hot? Look at Qingmiao’er; her face is so red.”

After saying that, she came over and held Su Qinghe’s hand, “Qingmiao’er lost weight.”

Su Qinghe: “…” She was the fattest in their village! “Grandma, I’m fine.”

Gao Xiulan placed the basket in the corner, looked around the room, and said deliberately, “Mom, who came? It was quite lively earlier.”

“What lively? A debt collector came.
I must have owed them in my past life.
Not even one or two came to fulfill their filial piety to me; they all come to collect debts.”

Old Mrs.
Gao gritted her teeth and shouted again, “Your third sister is back! Why don’t you come out and take a look? You white-eyed wolf.
You only know to come when you eat and ask for things.”

In the next room, Gao Xiuhong, the eldest sister of the Gao family, staggered out of the room.
She was bigger than Gao Xiulan, and she had a square face that was currently wrinkled.

Su Qinghe looked at her and called out, “Eldest aunt.”

Gao Xiuhong just finished getting scolded like a dog.
At this moment, being seen by her sister and niece, she felt really uncomfortable, so she smiled stiffly.

Seeing her like this, Old Mrs.
Gao felt disgusted, “What kind of expression are you trying to show? Who are you showing it to?”

“Xiulan and Qingmiao’er are here too.” Gao Xiuhong said embarrassedly.
Gao Xiulan smiled and said, “Why is eldest sister here? It has almost been a year since I’ve last seen you.
I heard a while ago that you were at home, taking care of the children.
You don’t have a son, ah.
Who are you taking care of?”

Gao Xiuhong said, “I have to help our family’s Qiuguo with the baby…”

Old Mrs.
Gao sneered, “Why did you still look for a son-in-law? If you don’t have the ability to raise people, then don’t go looking door-to-door for a son-in-law.
You still have to take care of your daughter during her postpartum confinement.
Even if that child takes the Zhao family’s surname, the Zhao family isn’t yours either!”

Gao Xiuhong was so angry with her mother that she couldn’t speak.

Sister-in-law Gao came out of the kitchen and saw how her mother-in-law scolded her sister-in-law, and her heart filled with fantasies.
If only this were directed to her third aunt.

“What are you doing there? Why don’t you give it to Xiulan and Qingmiao’er? It’s such a hot day.
Are you doing this on purpose?”

Old Mrs.
Gao’s shrill voice sounded out.
Sister-in-law Gao jolted to life.
She immediately carried the two bowls of brown sugar water and handed them to her third aunt and niece like it was a treasure.

“It’s cold and sweet water.” In order to prevent Gao Xiulan’s harsh words, she added two spoons of sugar to it!

Su Qinghe took it, “Auntie, you’re too polite.”

Gao Xiulan took it with a smile on her face, “Aiyo, sister-in-law is really polite.” She also told Old Mrs.
Gao, “Mom still loves me.”

Old Mrs.
Gao immediately grinned, “Who told you to be so filial? So many white-eyed wolves came to collect debts.
Xiulan is the most obedient.”

Gao Xiulan said quickly, “That’s not true.
I’m not as filial as my Qingmiao’er.”

Old Mrs.
Gao looked at her granddaughter again and said, “Qingmiao’er, drink it quickly.
If it’s not enough, ask your aunt for more.
It’s very comfortable to drink sugar water on this hot day.”

Su Qinghe immediately brought the bowl to Old Mrs.
Gao, “Grandma, drink it.”

“Aiyo, I have bad teeth, so I can’t drink it.
Drink it instead.” Old Mrs.
Gao waved her hand and said to her eldest daughter and daughter-in-law, “See, the two of you could not even compare to a child.”

Gao Xiuhong and Sister-in-law Gao: If we also had a bowl of sugar water to drink, we would be happy to share half of it.

Sister-in-law Gao felt aggrieved.
This was the brown sugar that her husband brought back.
She was so reluctant to use it for drinking.

Gao Xiuhong felt very bitter in her heart.
She came all the way from Zhaojia Village, which was very far from here.
It was so hot on the way.
In the end, not to mention brown sugar water, she could not even drink cold water.
Her mother did not even give her a good look.
When she heard her say that she wanted to borrow a few catties of food, she immediately scolded her.

She was also a girl.
Yet, when Gao Xiulan returned, she served her brown sugar water.

Wuwuwu, they were treated the same as a child, but now that they’ve grown up, the treatment is really different.

Looking at the sad eyes of the two, Su Qinghe’s hands, which took the brown sugar water, were a little shaky.
She looked at her aunt, then her other aunt… Forget it.
She lowered her head to drink the sugar water.

The drinking sounds of Gao Xiulan beside her seem to be deliberate, “Sweet, very sweet.
Big sister, Did you drink it? It’s very sweet, right?”

Gao Xiuhong laughed dryly.

Old Mrs.
Gao said, “It’s a waste to let her drink.
She’ll want to go back and vomit it for her daughter and son-in-law.”

Su Qinghe felt that her mother had an aura that caused trouble.
No matter where she goes, she causes something unpleasant to happen.

For example, she deliberately made her aunt, Gau Xiuhong, unhappy.
She heard that the two of them had a feud since childhood.
Her sister used to have a higher status in the family than her mother.
After all, she was close with her uncle, so she often ordered her to work.
Her second aunt, Gao Xiuju, was only bullied a little bit because she was older.
Meanwhile, her mother, Gao Xiulan, and her younger sister, Gao Xiuling, were bullied miserably.
After successfully turning the situation around, her mother could finally bully her back.

This whole place is full of palace schemes ah.
Whoever stuck out would immediately die!

After drinking the sugar water, Gao Xiulan wiped her mouth, “Mom, let’s go to your room and talk.
I brought something delicious for you.”

When Old Mrs.
Gao heard this, she couldn’t help but smile.
Therefore, she got up and said, “Let’s go.
Let’s go to my room.” She knew that her third daughter was the most similar to her and was the most sensible.

Gao Xiulan brought Su Qinghe to her mother’s room.
Gao Xiuhong wanted to go in and finish her business.
However, before entering the room, Old Mrs.
Gao closed the door in front of her face.
“Why don’t you go back? Why are you still thinking about this old lady’s stuff? You have no conscience.
You white-eyed wolf!”

Gao Xiuhong: “…” Too eccentric!

Inside the room, Gao Xiulan took out two eggs, “Mom, the old hen I was raising does not lay eggs anymore.
This month, it only laid these two eggs.
Qingmiao’er was reluctant to eat them, so she brought them to you.”

Old Mrs.
Gao was moved.
Such a good thing that her granddaughter was reluctant to eat, and she brought it for this old lady to eat, “Our Qingmiao’er is the best.”

Without even waiting for Su Qinghe to say something pleasant, the old lady immediately turned around and got the key to her wooden cabinet.
She then fiddled with the items inside.
Old Mrs.
Gao reached out and took out some dried sweet potatoes, brown sugar, rock sugar, and some pastries.

Gao Xiulan smiled, “Mom, keep it for yourself.
You don’t have to give it to us.
We’ll be fine even if we eat less.”

The old lady fiddled even more and brought out some Pueraria powder.

Su Qinghe looked at her grandma.
What a wealthy old lady! In this era, she could have these things in the countryside.

Old Mrs.
Gao took all of it out and placed it inside Gao Xiulan’s basket, “Take all these back to eat.”

However, Su Qinghe felt terrible about taking things from the old lady, so she said, “Grandma, keep it for yourself.
This is my uncle’s filial piety to you, so keep it for yourself.”

Gao Xiulan said, “Mom, do you see how understanding our Qingmiao’er is? She is reluctant to eat it, so she wants you to keep it.”

Su Qinghe: “…”

How is she reluctant to eat it? It was initially this old lady’s stuff… Her mother really knows how to talk.

Old Mrs.
Gao was so moved that she held Su Qinghe’s hand, “Our Qingmiao’er is so good to me, ah.
Even if grandma doesn’t eat it, she’ll be happy seeing you eat it.
Eat more and gain weight.”

After placing the items in Gao Xiulan’s basket, Old Mrs.
Gao placed the eggs Gao Xiulan gave her into a jar and locked it inside the drawer.

Seeing this scene, Su Qinghe was really amazed.
She guarded tightly against others but took the initiative to give everything to the thief.

After Old Mrs.
Gao put away the things, Gao Xiulan went over to fix the old lady’s bed, “Mom, I’m mainly here to see you, but I’m also here to see my brother.
I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

“Don’t mention that bastard.
Just because he works in the supply and marketing cooperative, he is now unfilial.
He has a son, yet the baby is in poor condition.
I feel sorry for our old Gao family.”

Su Qinghe thought of the piles of good things she had in her cabinet and didn’t believe that her uncle was unfilial.

Then, she heard Old Mrs.
Gao say, “Behind my back, he gave his wife two dried sweet potatoes.
I would never have known if I had missed my eldest granddaughter eating and asked casually about it.
I’m so angry!”

Gao Xiulan said, “Mom, if you ask me, I think elder brother is too much.
What is he doing? When his daughter was born, people blamed you.
Just thinking about it makes me feel aggrieved.
He doesn’t know how to feel sorry for you.”

This matter hits close to the heart of Old Mrs.
Damn, all of them really blamed her for not having a son.
If it were not for Xiulan’s efforts, she would have drowned in saliva now.

“Xiulan, you’re still the most considerate to your mother.
You even know her grievances.”

Gao Xiulan smiled and said, “Mom, our Qingmiao’er is also considerate.
She talks about her grandmother all day long.
She keeps you close in her heart, ah.
Mom, you see, our Qingmiao’er is about to turn 16.
I don’t know what kind of husband I can find for her in the future.
When I think about her suffering, my heart aches.”

“Mom, I won’t marry anyone.
I want to be filial to you.” Su Qinghe immediately took a stand and said.

Old Mrs.
Gao immediately replied, “How could that be? Our Qingmiao’er is a lucky girl, so she should marry into a good family.”

She said to her daughter, “Don’t worry about this.
Mom will definitely make your brother find a good one for Qingmiao’er.
I’m sure he’ll be able to find a good family.
If they can’t find one in town, let’s look in the county town.
I will definitely not let our Qingmiao’er work in the countryside.

Gao Xiulan expressed her worries, “Will my brother be able to look for the best? His daughters married here.”

“How could his daughters compare with our Qingmiao’er? Can they even be compared?” Old Mrs.
Gao said righteously.

Su Qinghe wanted to know the difference.

When she heard Old Mrs.
Gao say that, Gao Xiulan felt relieved.
Her brother’s side is basically settled as long as her mother was willing.
No matter how good her brother was, his son was still in poor health.
She does not know what will happen in the future.
As the only boy in the old Gao family, she felt sorry for the old Gao family and her mother!

After achieving her goal, Gao Xiulan left happily with Su Qinghe.

Old Mrs.
Gao went all the way to the door and instructed Gao Xiulan to bring her three grandsons over next time.
Gao Xiulan said, “I’m afraid they would overeat.”

“It’s good if they are able to eat.
I want to give them a meal.
I would be happy and feel at ease if I watched them.” Every time she took these three grandchildren out for a walk, she felt a little more confident.

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