At noon, Su Qinghe made fish soup.
As a person who had never cooked anything decent and good, it was very surprising to suddenly cook braised fish with various flavors and tastes.
It was better to start with soup and say it was cooked according to to feel.
It turned out delicious after cooking…

“Host, according to the system’s calculations and analysis, the success rate of cooking examination dishes has been greatly increased in the military wife’s kitchen.” The system suddenly said.

Su Qinghe placed the fish in the pot and added some seasoning, “If I made it in the military wife’s kitchen, how could I take it out? This way, I can finish the assessment task and let everyone eat more fish, ah.
I just want my family to eat good meals faster.
It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out.
You’ll return the raw materials to me, and I can continue trying, anyway.”

The system went silent.

Su Qinghe suddenly noticed something.
God, she just said that she would continue cooking in the future… Since when was cooking an easy and natural thing for her?


Su Qinghe covered the pot and felt that she had changed.
She felt complicated in her heart, “System, are you secretly brainwashing me?”

“Host, please be reminded that this system will never control the host’s thoughts or restrict the host’s behavior without the host’s consent.
All changes in the host’s behavior and thoughts are formed by eradicating human laws.”

Su Qinghe thought, what human laws? This was all for one meal!

She felt that whoever invented this system must have done a lot of research on lazy people and chosen the right time and place.
If it wasn’t the 1960s, she wouldn’t have needed food so much.
If it weren’t for her family treating her so well, she wouldn’t be so willing to work… Forget it.
Anyway, once she had more supplies in the future, she wouldn’t have to rely on the system.
Didn’t she just have to be a military wife? The man wouldn’t be at home, and his salary would be handed to her.
Even if she was a military wife, she wanted to be comfortable while being a military wife.

The children eagerly watched their auntie cook by the kitchen door.
They saw their aunt suddenly laughing by herself.

Dabao asked, “Aunt, are you okay?”

Su Qinghe coughed when she heard his voice, “You guys play.
I’ll call you all later, don’t worry.
I won’t let you eat less.”

When the children heard her say this, they reluctantly went away.
Auntie said she would give them something to eat.
Grandma would surely let them eat.

After waiting until noon, Su Aiguo and the others returned from work.

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua nimbly began to wipe the table and brought the plates out.
They carefully swallowed their saliva when they smelled the food cooking in the pot.
They hoped that their sister-in-law would celebrate her birthday every day.

Su Qinghe was slowly waiting for the fire.
She thought that the system was getting nicer to her.
When the food was cooked to its best state, it would automatically remind her that the task was complete.
As long as it notified her, it would mean that the food was in its best condition.

Su Qinghe said as the others watched with bated breath, “It’ll be ready soon.”

“Younger sister, it’s already cooked, right?” Ding Guihua leaned near the stove.

“Let’s wait a little longer.
It’s not too late for us to have a good meal.
Sister-in-law, please wait a bit more.” Su Qinghe said.

Only then did Ding Guihua go out.
She thought that her younger sister-in-law was very particular about cooking.
Anyway, it was okay as long as she could eat.
Her younger sister-in-law cooks really well.
She thought that only people who could eat well could have this ability.

“Ding! The cooking task is completed.
The reward is five catties of fish and some seasoning.”

“…Why?” Su Qinghe could not accept this reality.

“Host, your cooking skill needs more practice.
It is recommended for you to work hard.
Strive to get more skill points and ten catties of fish.”

“…” Su Qinghe silently closed the system.
She looked at the soup in the pot and comforted herself.
It’s okay.
It’s okay.
It’s not a loss.
There was fish to eat.

After a few deep breaths, Su Qinghe cheered up and shouted, “Sister-in-law, it’s ready!”

As soon as these words fell, Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua immediately appeared in front of the kitchen like two whirlwinds.
She took off the lid from the pot.
When the two smelled the scent, their spirits were lifted, and their movements sped up.

After closing the door, Gao Xiulan began to divide the food.
Su Qinghe had one fish all to herself, while the others received their share according to their work.
According to Gao Xiulan, children quickly get fish bones stuck in their throats, so they should just drink soup.
The three girls immediately took the fishtail and nibbled it clean, “Grandma, I can eat this.
It won’t get stuck.”

Gao Xiulan: “…”

Su Qinghe hid her smile, “Mom, they have to eat to learn.”

Gao Xiulan reluctantly gave them fish, “These girls were born to eat.
They eat all day long and do not know how to save one more bite for their aunt to eat.
White-eyed wolves.”

The children had long been used to their grandmother.
After the fish meat was distributed, they gave Su Qinghe a pair of chopsticks and let Su Qinghe eat first.
Su Qinghe immediately said, “I have one.
Your grandmother was just kidding; eat it by yourselves.”

The children quickly shoved the food in their mouths.
Grandmother had a mouth as sharp as a knife and a heart as soft as tofu.
They all knew it.

Because of Su Qinghe, the family ate the long-awaited meat dish.
They felt comfortable even if they could not eat until they were full.

Just after they finished eating, Gao Fusheng arrived holding something.

“Xiulan, Qingmiao’er?”

When she heard Gao Fusheng’s voice, Gao Xiulan hurried to open the door.
Sure enough, her brother came with something.
Her eyes lit up, and she went to meet Gao Fusheng with a smile on his face, “Brother.
Aiyo, brother.
What a rare guest.
Our Qingmiao’er was just talking about you, and here you are.
What a coincidence.
You guys have one heart.
You two are even closer than me.”

Su Qinghe thought in her heart that she didn’t say anything just now.

Gao Fusheng was not aware that his sister was talking nonsense.
As he listened to Gao Xiulan, his eyebrows relaxed, and his wrinkles appeared.

When they entered the house, the three Su brothers and Su Qinghe greeted obediently, “Uncle.”

Gao Fusheng replied happily.
When he saw the three brothers, he got into a good mood.
Whenever he came to his third sister’s house and looked at these three lads, he felt very confident.

When he saw Su Qinghe, he went over and patted Su Qinghe’s head, “Our Qingmiao’er has grown a lot taller.
She’s already sixteen years old and could even be considered a seventeen-year-old.
It’s time for us to look for a good family.”

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Uncle, I’m still young.
I want to be filial to you and mom.”

Gao Fusheng said happily, “I don’t have to count on Qingmiao’er.
I can count on my nephew and son-in-law.” The important point here was not to count on Qingmiao’er, ah.

Su Qinghe quickly changed the subject, “Uncle, sit down.
Have you eaten yet? Eat, eat here at our home….” It’s all finished…

Gao Fusheng glanced at the table, “Oh, you’re eating fish today?”

“Aiyo, that’s right! Since it was Qingmiao’er’s birthday, her brothers sneaked out to catch fish.
They were lucky and caught some.” Gao Xiulan lied easily without her face changing.

The others nodded quickly.
Yes, they caught it.
Others didn’t give it to them.

Gao Xiulan immediately went to scrape the bottom of the pot and said, “Brother, I’ll give you some hot soup to drink.
These brats overate and did not leave anything.
The big ones are like this, and the small ones are like this too.”

Gao Fusheng was very happy to hear that his nephews could eat.
He was even happier compared to if he ate the fish soup himself.
Since the boys have eaten, and he already had this when he was younger.

He quickly shook his hand, “No, no.
I’ve already eaten.
I ate in the commune canteen.
I ate well.
You guys must be busy.
The children should eat more.
I know it’s Qingmiao’er’s birthday, so I brought some cloth for her to tie her hair.
It looks beautiful.
There are also two taels of brown sugar so that you could make brown sugar water for our Qingmiao’er.
Mom said that Qingmiao’er likes to drink sugar water the most.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Su Qinghe immediately thanked him and thought about what she could give to her uncle in return.
She heard Gao Fusheng speak again, “There’s another matter.
I remember everything Mom said to me.
I heard our Secretary Hao inquire about good daughters living in the countryside that was looking for a husband.
I came over to talk to you about it.”

Gao Xiulan, Lin Shuhong, and Ding Guihua’s eyes lit up when they heard this.

The three Su brothers and the children all had black faces.

Su Qinghe: “…”

Gao Xiulan hurriedly said, “Brother, what’s the matter? Why are they looking for us people in the countryside? Is there something wrong with them? Our Qingmiao’er wouldn’t settle for someone short of an arm and a leg, no matter how good their conditions are.
We need to look for a decent person.
Everything must be good.”

Su Qinghe looked at her mother and thought that her mother was way too confident in her.

“Uncle, I’m not in a hurry.
I also have an idea in my heart.”

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