At noon, the sons and daughters-in-law of the old Su family returned from work.
They heard their aunt went to visit and borrow food, and their mother lent her grains.
Well, even if it was bran… it was still food.

This was really strange.
Their mother was being generous! No, no, no.
Maybe their mother was generous? They just weren’t aware of it before.

As for the matter of their aunt borrowing food, no one had anything to say.
After all, that was their aunt.
Their father was the only child of the old Su family, and all their relatives were from their mother’s side.
Mom was willing to help; what else would they say? Their food was obtained thanks to their mom and younger sister’s efforts, anyway.

Su Aiguo comforted his mother, “Mom, don’t worry about aunt’s family.
The grain at the fields is about to ripen.
As long as they can bear with hunger for ten days, they can last until the relief grain arrives.”

“They’re definitely not going to starve to death.
It’s possible for them to live.” Su Aihua said.

Gao Xiulan was feeling quite emotional, “Look at your aunt.
Whether you are looking for a wife or a husband, you must select someone with good family conditions.
Otherwise, you will drag your entire family down if you find someone bad! Third son, you have to look for someone good!”

When Su Aidang heard this, he was eating, which almost caused him to choke.

“Mom, I know.
I know.”

Su Qinghe asked, “Mom, what if they also dislike our family situation and fear that we would be a burden?”

“Why? Is our family that poor? As a daughter-in-law, you have to seek help from your maiden family.
That’s what I do! You can do the same in the future.
Mom’s family will not let you down!”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua thought for a while and felt it made sense.
Their children were all in their husbands’ houses, so who else would be there for them if not their husbands and children? Wasn’t their mother-in-law also getting things from her maiden family? However, why does it feel like something’s wrong… It might be because they were still not smart enough to understand what mom said.

Su Qinghe continued to eat.
She felt that no problem could defeat her mother.
She can even turn the dead into living people.

When Gao Xiuhong returned home, she hurriedly cooked food for her two granddaughters.
The two children were satisfied despite the porridge being thin.

One was only seven years old, while the other was three.

Her youngest daughter, Zhao Qiuguo, looked at it, “Mom, where did you get these grains? Did second aunt really lend it to you?”

“Your second aunt couldn’t decide for her family, so I borrowed this from your third aunt.”

Zhao Qiuguo was surprised, “Mom, third aunt was willing to lend you food?”

Gao Xiuhong immediately looked unhappy, “What’s wrong with your third aunt? Your third aunt and I are sisters from the same belly.
It’s normal for us to quarrel, but at critical times, she would still be a sister that’s willing to help.
Your third aunt has been like this since she was a child.
She doesn’t speak well, but she’s still willing to help.
Your third aunt was a diligent child who took over all the work at home.”

“Mom, didn’t you say that third aunt was lazy, and you had to stare at her before she would start to work?”

“…How is that possible? If she was lazy, could she raise three sons? You must have heard it wrong.
Your third aunt is so good, ah.
These days, giving someone a bite to eat saves someone’s life.
Qiuguo, remember the kindness of your aunt.
Even your grandma wouldn’t lend you food, but she did.
To think I used to treat her badly and force her to work…”

When Gao Xiuhong said that, she started to tear up.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
She used to think that her third sister was terrible at speaking, liked to laze around, and did not like working, so she always stole her share of meals.
Now, she found out that those were just minor problems.
Why would she bother with that when she was her elder sister?

Gao Xiuhong wiped her tears and said, “Don’t tell anyone that we borrowed food.
Let’s eat this secretly.
This will save your third aunt and our family trouble.”

Zhao Qiuguo nodded.
Who doesn’t eat food behind closed doors these days? Especially in a family like theirs who do not have brothers to support them.
Her man was someone who couldn’t make a fart out of three barbs [1].
He wasn’t reliable at all.

[1] can’t make a fart out of three barbs – honest and simple person / an introvert who rarely talks.

Gao Xiulan didn’t care about what her sister thought about her.
She was worried about her daughter’s marriage.

She had been waiting at home for several days, but her elder brother had no news, which made her so depressed.
She felt the two eggs and white flour she gave were a waste.

She felt that her brother did not do a good job.

So, she planned to take Su Qinghe back to her maiden family and get those things back from her mother.

Su Qinghe: “…”

“Mom, let’s wait a bit longer.
Uncle must be waiting for news.”

“Wait, a fart! He must not have kept it in mind.” Gao Xiulan said unhappily.

Su Qinghe felt that her mother’s attitude towards others was like a needle at the bottom of the sea.
You never know how she will treat you at the next moment.

For example, when her uncle came previously, her mother was so enthusiastic and even went to scrape the bottom of the pot for food.
Now, she immediately turned her face when things weren’t going her way… She couldn’t even ask about the matter first.
“Mom, why don’t we ask uncle first? Don’t ask for things immediately.
If uncle finds out, what if he doesn’t help us? Let’s bear with it for now.
When I marry someone from the city, everything will be fine!”

“You’re right! When you become a city person, I will find your uncle to settle accounts!”

“…” Su Qinghe almost spurted blood.
She was immediately destroying bridges after crossing the river.

Gao Xiulan spoke again, “Qingmiao’er, let’s ask now.
I won’t be at ease if we don’t ask now.”

Su Qinghe swallowed the blood that she was about to spit out… “Okay.”

The mother and daughter pair went to the commune again.

Gao Xiulan didn’t bring anything this time.
Although she was ready to make minor sacrifices for gains, she first had to find out what she would gain, ah.

They were currently discussing the matter of the relief grain inside the commune.

The relief grain had already arrived at the county.
Now, the cadres just need to find out the situation in each commune and allocate an amount in each location.

The county leaders also came to inspect the situation.
Secretary Hao accompanied the cadres to check the previous delivery of the public grain.
They were shocked to see the status.

“This is nonsense.
Do you still want the people to live?” Deputy Magistrate Gu slammed his hands on the table with an upright expression.

The other did not speak.
Secretary Hao and the other cadres of the commune did not dare say a word.

Deputy Magistrate Gu looked at them, his heart furious.
He went to several communes to check the situation, and it was all like this.
More grain was handed over, which made many people die due to starvation.
What was this for?

The higher-ups rewarded the communes that gave more grain.
However, this was not what they wanted to happen.
He really wanted to shoot these bastards to death.

However, he was just a deputy magistrate who managed the armed forces department of the county.
He could not take care of the local affairs.
There was still the secretary and the county magistrate above him.

If it were not for the fact that this incident was too big and they had insufficient manpower, he wouldn’t have been in charge of this matter.

“Okay, okay.
Let’s quickly figure out the situation of each commune and distribute the grains immediately! This way, the common people can eat earlier, and we can keep one more person alive!”

“Yes, yes, yes.
We have arranged for various captains to come over, and the relief grain would be divided in three days at the latest.”

Deputy Magistrate Gu sighed and prepared to go down and look around.

On the other hand, Su Qinghe and Gao Xiulan finally arrived at the commune’s supply and marketing cooperative.

The supply and marketing cooperative of the commune was naturally not as good as the one in the county town.
However, it still had some daily necessities, but it was expensive.
Tickets were needed for everything, and the old farmers did not have access to many tickets.
Despite there being tickets for distribution every year, in reality, people do not receive a lot in their share of tickets.

Inside the supply and marketing cooperative were Gao Fusheng and a young boy.

Gao Xiulan had been downcast the entire time.
When she entered the supply and marketing cooperative, she immediately smiled, “Aiyo, brother! I came here specifically to see you.”

When Gao Fusheng heard Gao Xiulan’s voice, he involuntarily shivered.

“Xiulan, Qingmiao’er, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, we came to see you.
Qingmiao’er was thinking about her uncle, so we thought we’d come and visit.”

Gao Fusheng was happy hearing those words, “Look at you guys.
You came a long way.
Wait for me; I’ll go and make sugar water for you guys.”

“Don’t worry, uncle.
My mother and I will leave after resting.” Su Qinghe really did not want to take advantage of her uncle.

Gao Xiulan said with a smile, “Yeah, brother.
Qingmiao’er and I don’t need to drink.
It’s better for you to drink more.
Our Qingmiao’er is very filial to you.
She would rather be thirsty than drink sugar water from her elders.”

Gao Fusheng said, “How could I let Qingmiao’er be thirsty? Okay, wait here.”

He quickly went to make sugar water.

Su Qinghe pursed her lips and said nothing.

After a while, Gao Fusheng came over with brown sugar water.
Gao Xiulan sighed and took a sip.
Then, she said to Gao Fusheng, “By the way, brother, I suddenly remembered.
What happened to that matter?”

When Gao Fusheng heard this, he felt a bit nervous and whispered, “I’ve done it.
Don’t worry, and let’s wait for the news.”

Not worrying is strange!

Gao Xiulan was illiterate, but she knew that delays could bring more unexpected changes, ah.

“When will there be news, brother? My hair is turning white from waiting.”

Gao Fusheng thought that his hair had been turning white a lot lately, too.
He thought for a moment, “I think that they are busy with the relief grain these days, so they have no time to deal with this matter.”

“What? Relief grain?” Gao Xiulan was attracted by this topic, “The relief grain arrived?!”

Su Qinghe was also surprised.
She had been worried that the team members would not be able to have enough grains to eat for these past few days.
This relief grain arrived just in time.

“That’s right.
The county leaders all came here for a meeting today and are preparing to distribute the grains.
We have to wait for a few more days.”

Gao Xiulan was overjoyed.
That’s food, ah.
For her, if the relief grain could finally be distributed, then that was great.
Their family had Su Dagen, but she understood that they had to rely on the higher-ups as well.

No, no.
Why are they still here? She had to go home and prepare.

However, her daughter still cannot be forgotten.
She turned around and said to her brother, “Brother, you must remember, ah.
You have to catch many fish, not just a single one.”

Gao Fusheng patted his chest and said, “Okay.
I promise to catch a big fish for you.”

The mother and daughter pair immediately went to the Huang He production team to prepare.
Gao Xiulan was still calculating in her head the total amount of food their family could receive.
She was uneducated but the best at calculating compared to everyone else.

Su Qinghe was happy that her mother had finally been distracted by other thoughts.

The two of them walked for a while and happened upon two people coming over while on bicycles.
A bicycle was rare at this period.
Look at how nice it sounds.
They saw that an older person and a younger person were riding the bike.

The older person seemed to have seen Su Qinghe and looked at her for a while.

She looked unreal.
Su Qinghe looked like she had a Ms.
Perfect [2] halo in a place where everyone was starving.

[2] Ms.
Perfect – bai fumei in the raws.
It could mean fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful.

The man got down from his bicycle, “Fellow villagers, which team are you in?

Gao Xiulan said defensively, “What do you think you’re doing? We are good people! We’re from a family of martyrs!”

The young man was about to speak, but the old man stopped him, “Don’t get me wrong, fellow villagers.
I was just asking.
I came from far away and heard that team members all over are starving.
I saw this female comrade and saw that she was in good condition, so I asked.”

“What do you mean good face, ah? My daughter grew like this because she had the ability to!”

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