Gao Xiulan thinks what she said is quite reasonable.
If her daughter can eat and sleep, of course, she will grow well.
It’s none of other people’s business. There are still many things to ask them.

Su Qinghe felt embarrassed by her words.

The other two also look stunned, obviously did not expect her answer.
But truly, is it your own ability to grow well?

Of course, they didn’t know that the skill Gao Xiulan was talking about was being able to eat and sleep.

Su Qinghe smiled awkwardly, “My mother means that I am in good health.
That’s why I am fairer than others.”

“Oh, so it’s like that.” The two people nodded their heads.

Su Qinghe said, “Actually, it’s because everyone in the family let me eat and love me, so I was able to grow healthy.
It’s all thanks to my family.” There are no other special reasons yo.

Hearing this, the old man became even more curious.
They didn’t expect that rural families with a strong preference for sons would also favor their daughters.
He asked, “So which production team are you members of?”

Su Qinghe and Gao Xiulan looked at each other, worried that her mother would say something offensive again, Su Qinghe asked, “Comrades, where are you from? Are you visiting your family?”

“We came from the county.”

Gao Xiulan’s eyes lit up as soon as she heard it, “Aiya, you are leaders, right!”

“…… sort of,” the old man said with a smile.

“This is our Deputy County Magistrate Gu.” The young man next to him couldn’t help but say.

As soon as she heard the word County Magistrate, Gao Xiulan’s eyes widened.
In her eyes County magistrate or Deputy County magistrate, anyway, county magistrate is a county magistrate.

Mother1, she has never seen such a high official in her life.
She had seen the commune secretary and listened to him blow on cows2 when he was standing in the crowd at the meeting, but she hadn’t chatted with him so closely.

Gao Xiulan felt her legs go weak.
It’s good that Su Qinghe held her up.

Su Qinghe had already guessed the identities of these two people in her heart and thought that they might be leaders from somewhere, but she always thought that the leadership style of this era is still very powerful.
Before coming, they have to inform the production team to prepare in advance even if the leader’s position is not high.

She didn’t expect them to be a senior official.
But Su Qinghe used to watch the news broadcast all the time and even met the big guys, so she was not surprised to see the county magistrate.
Especially when the other party didn’t show off their authority.

“So it’s County Magistrate Gu.
Hello, hello, welcome to our place.”

Gao Xiulan regained her composure at this moment, mainly because she felt that she had to support herself in front of her daughter. So she gather her strength, and her legs were not weak anymore, “Oh, leader, why didn’t you say it earlier? See that we, rural people can’t speak well.
By the way, where are you going, otherwise I will show you the way.
Let me tell you, my man is a martyr and a poor peasant of three generations, and his family is in good condition.”

Deputy county magistrate Gu waved his hands again and again, “No need, we’ll go around casually.
I just want to understand the situation around.”

“It’s really difficult to say.” Gao Xiulan pointed in the direction of the Yellow River production team, “Let’s walk.
Let’s talk as we walk.
Leader, I’ll answer whatever you want to know.
I’m very enlightened.”

Su Qinghe: “… …” Her mother changed her face really quickly.

It seemed that it was not easy to refuse the warm invitation from fellow villagers, so the two did not refuse, pushing their bicycles and walking with Gao Xiulan behind them.
Gao Xiulan kept looking at the bicycle, “This bike is so nice, I haven’t seen it before.
Leader, are you going to bring us relief food? It’s time to hurry up.
We look forward to the stars and moon, just to take a bite.”

As she spoke, she began to wipe her tears…

“Fellow villager, let’s talk about it.” Deputy county magistrate Gu said with a headache.
He regretted stopping the mother and daughter.
Just now he was curious about how this little girl from the countryside looked so good in a place where everyone is so hungry.
Not even worse than the little girls he saw in the city.
The journey was depressing along the way, so he got really curious.

Seeing that Gao Xiulan was still wiping away her tears, deputy county magistrate Gu said, “How is the situation in your team?”

Everyone is hungry.
What about the other teams? We suffer like them too! Although we are in good spirits, it is because we have tightened our belts. You see, my stomach can’t be tightened anymore!”

The other party was suddenly embarrassed.

Su Qinghe: “…My mother means that the situation in our team is similar to that of other teams, but because we are more enlightened, we all grit our teeth, cheer up, and always wait for the leaders to care about us.
So our spirit is better than others.
This is a kind of spiritual strength.”

“Yes, yes, my daughter is very right.
Our whole body is full of strength.
I look at the leader now, and I feel that I am very energetic.”

The assistant at the back felt that the mother and daughter were really good at talking. Why does this look different from ordinary simple fellow villagers?

Deputy county magistrate Gu also felt that the mother and daughter were quite energetic.

Although the older one doesn’t look very healthy, she is indeed quite confident.
Perhaps this may be a spiritual strength.
That’s why there seems to be more hope here than the villagers in other places.

Along the way to the Yellow River production team, Gao Xiulan kept bragging about how good she was in the team, her popularity, her composition, her heart…anyway, she was good at everything.
Her daughter is even better, “My daughter- ah! there is no one in the whole team who does not boast! I have three sons, but none of them can compare to my daughter.
She is the most caring, sensible, and hardworking…”

Deputy County magistrate Gu suddenly remembered his third son…

“My Qinghe is the best.
She’s obedient and the most filial.
She also cares about her mother a lot…”

“Mom, mom, we are here.” Su Qinghe couldn’t listen to her mother praise her to the sky.

Only then did Gao Xiulan realize that she had already entered the village.
Looking at the people in the field, she immediately yelled, “The county magistrate is here! the county magistrate is here to see us!”

How can she not let others know that she is with the county magistrate? It will be enough for her to talk about for a lifetime.

Deputy Magistrate Gu and Assistant: “…” They just wanted to visit the place.……

When they heard that the county magistrate had arrived, many people still didn’t believe it.

“Da Gen’s wife, is it true or not?”

“I really don’t believe you.
Let Guo Changsheng come.”

Someone immediately went to inform Guo Changsheng.
Guo Changsheng was working in the field when he heard the county magistrate come.
He immediately wiped his hands and ran to meet him wearing a pair of worn shoes.
Although Gao Xiulan is unreliable, who knows when she will be reliable? It must be treated more seriously when dealing with this kind of person.
You can’t lose a lot because of small things.

When Guo Changsheng arrive, there were already several villagers surrounding Deputy County Magistrate Gu and the others.
They still believed that it was a leader, but they were not sure if it was the county magistrate.
After all, they don’t believe that the county magistrate will come to their place.
So they all dare not speak, and can only smile at them.
Then they chatted with Gao Xiulan, mother and daughter who had nothing to do.

“Qinghe, why don’t you rest at home? It’s still hot today, so don’t get sunburned.”

“That’s right, Qinghe.
Have you finished the dried sweet potatoes? When my uncle has them in the future, I’ll definitely leave you two pieces.”

“Qinghe, have you seen a big mouse recently? If you see it, just shout, your brother Dongzi runs the fastest.”

“Qinghe is not without brothers, Qinghe has three brothers!”

“Qinghe, don’t go out if you have nothing to do, just eat, drink, and take a nap at home.
How nice.
You don’t have to go outside.
You just have to take care of your body.”

“Uncle, aunt, brother, sister-in-law, I’m fine, thank you for your concern, thank you for your concern.
In the future, I will eat, drink, and sleep well…” Su Qinghe felt overwhelmed.
This is not caring about her, this is thinking about other things.

Su Qinghe knew these people’s intentions, but deputy county magistrate Gu didn’t know, so he was too surprised. The little girl’s mother really didn’t lie just now, her popularity is really good.

Soon, Guo Changsheng ran over. Seeing deputy county magistrate Gu, he was not very sure. Deputy county magistrate Gu immediately reported his name.

Guo Changsheng still knew the name, and then the assistant took out his work certificate.
At first glance, it’s really Deputy County Magistrate Gu.
It’s just that he doesn’t have much contact with the local people, so they don’t know each other.

“Magistrate Gu, why didn’t you inform us of your visit here? We have not prepared anything to welcome you properly.” Guo Changsheng was a little nervous, but also a little excited and anxious.
On the one hand, the other party is an official, and on the other hand, the deputy county magistrate is also of military origin.
So, he feels a little closer to him.

Deputy county magistrate Gu said, “It’s okay, I just came here to look around.
The relief food will be distributed in a few days, and I am also looking at the current situation in the team.”

Everyone was so happy to hear that the relief food will be distributed.
There was light in their eyes, and they all began to talk about it.

Guo Changsheng felt that it was too noisy, so he invited the two to the team office to talk.
Deputy county magistrate Gu said, “It’s okay, I’ll just go around.
Everyone else should go to work, don’t delay production because of me.”

Guo Changsheng hurriedly yelled for everyone to continue working. Gao Xiulan also took her daughter along with her, of course not to work. But to brag.

As soon as Guo Changsheng and the others left, Gao Xiulan lowered her head and started talking big to everyone.

Su Qinghe sat on the side and listened.

The others were working while listening to the excitement, and because the relief food was about to arrive, their faces were flushed, as if they were living a contented life without worrying about food and clothing.
This scene made Su Qinghe very emotional.
It would be great if there was a camera.
She must take pictures of this scene.
In the face of hunger and poverty, hardworking people are so easy to satisfy.

“Do you know why the relief food can come to our team? With so many teams, how can it easily be our turn? Thanks to me and my Qing’er, we put in a good word.
I keep saying that our team is good and cry that our team’s situation is difficult.
My Qing’er also said that everyone is highly enlightened and in good spirits.
The leader is very happy to hear that, so he came to our team to see us.”

“Aigou’s Mom, you are really capable.
You dare to talk to the county magistrate.
I just didn’t dare to take a breath.”

“Yeah, I’m really scared when I look at him.
Aigou’s Mom, you and Qinghe really give us face.”

“Thanks to you for going to the commune, otherwise we don’t know when we will be able to eat relief food.”

“… ”

On the other side, deputy county magistrate Gu looked around and watch from a distance, knowing that they has reached their limit.

However, they are all in good spirits, which proves that the captain is highly capable.

So he praised Guo Changsheng.

Guo Changsheng felt very guilty, but he couldn’t tell the truth.
If it wasn’t for the food from our ancestors, what hope would there be in this team?

“By the way, just now I saw that those villagers were very kind to that little girl.
What happened?”

“Oh, you mean Qinghe.” Speaking of Su Qinghe, Guo Changsheng was very happy.
This time the county magistrate came here, and he came with them.
“She’s a nice person…” He couldn’t think of anything to praise, so he babbled, “She is willing to help others, selfless, dedicated, enlightened, and very kind to people.
There is no one in our team, young or old, who doesn’t like her.”

“That’s pretty good.
But this is quite unusual.
I think she is in a better condition in your team.”

“It’s normal.
She has three brothers in her family, all of whom are protecting her.
She eats better, but her brothers and sisters-in-law are happy, and she is also very kind to her brothers and sisters-in-law.
Their family is very harmonious.
The old ones love the young ones, and the young ones are filial to the old ones.
They have never made trouble in our team.” The key point is that the young ones dare not make trouble.

Deputy county magistrate Gu thought of his youngest son again.
He felt that the other party was much better than his youngest son.
Being able to have a good temper under such conditions and make everyone like her shows that she has good conduct and knows how to be grateful.
Unlike the little beast in his own house, who doesn’t care about anything except eating or sleeping!

He felt that what his daughter-in-law and the others said made sense.
Find a girl from a rural family who has a good temper and knows how to be grateful. Maybe he can make his brat have a conscience.

 I just don’t know if I can find the right one.

In the Frontier Corps, Gu Chang’an was in a recruitment company.
He is full of confidence, and he has been practicing day and night these days.

Hahaha, as long I become an excellent recruit, I will be able to enter the recruitment company.

At that time, I will eat white rice, meat, and steamed buns every day…

After I go to the company, I will never train again!

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