Su Qinghe heard Gao Xiulan’s curses as soon as she entered the room, and her face suddenly stiffened.

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She had an impulse again if it wasn’t her mother…

Fortunately, this is her mother.
Although she disagrees with Gao Xiulan’s behavior, Su Qinghe is still a little touched by this mother in her heart.
She is not a good mother-in-law, not a good grandma, but for the original owner, she is so good that she has nothing to say.
However, the original owner abandoned her, and now she owns this body.
She will be the one who will receive Gao Xiulan’s unrestricted maternal love in the future.

She is a very rare person for Su Qinghe who is disgusted and abandoned by her family after her parents divorced.
Yes, she lacks love.
Part of the reason why she was a homebody in the previous life was that she didn’t want to go out and see other people’s family happiness; proving the fact that she was alone.
She would rather live in her own world.
She earns some manuscript fees by writing some articles every day, so she can maintain a normal life like this for ten years.

She also wants to enjoy the missing family warmth.
And in these difficult sixties, this family is still very important to her.

Of course, this kind of deformed warmth is not enough.
So Su Qinghe felt it is necessary to talk to Gao Xiulan.

But now she has to talk to the system ’cause now the most important issue is food and clothing.
Can’t eat sparrow eggs every day. 

Su Qinghe immediately lay on the bed to chat with the system, “System if I do work, do I get rewards?”

“The host can get corresponding immediate rewards for completing the side tasks.” The system quickly answered.

Su Qinghe looked at her side mission.
Both cooking and making clothes are fine.

She asked again, “There are no tasks for housing and traveling?”

“After the host completes the first two side missions, new side missions will be released one after another.”

“That housing (task), won’t let me build a house right? That’s an impossible task for me at all!”

“After the host has completed the two side missions, new side missions will be released one after another.”

The system just repeated the words just now.

“…” Su Qinghe gave up asking these questions, her system is not cute at all.
“Then if I complete the task of cooking, will I get the food of your interstellar age? It’s the kind of magic potion that I will never be hungry after a bite.”

“Host, it is shameful to do it once and for all!1“

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Su Qinghe discovered that the creator of this system must be a very shrewd person.
She couldn’t find any loopholes!

Since she couldn’t find any loopholes, Su Qinghe was going to do a task and try it out to see what use the system was.
It’s impossible to make clothes.
With her current craft, she doesn’t even know the correct way to hold scissors.
It’s better to cook, the simplest one that only needs to be cooked2 and eaten. 

Su Qinghe just sat up and was about to go out to find her mother.
She heard Gao Xiulan yelling at the door of her house, “Why don’t you go to work? You all just waiting to eat rice.”

“Mom, Shuhong is not feeling well.” Big brother Su Aiguo reasoned.

“Huh?” Gao Xiulan smiled, “I gave birth to you in the morning and went to work in the field in the afternoon.
Why didn’t I say I’m unwell? I gave birth to three sons and didn’t say I was uncomfortable! You thought I didn’t know, was it because watching Qing’er not going out to work, so you don’t want to work too? Pity my daughter had no father since she was born, and said that the eldest brother can be regarded as her father, I think it’s just a fart.
Married a wife and already forgot about your mother!”

Su Aiguo quickly said, “Mom, don’t be angry, Shuhong and I will go right away.
Shuhong, go to work!”

Lin Shuhong immediately followed with a sickle.

Ding Guihua smiled and said, “Mom, I want to tell you, Sister-in-law is a lot of trouble but I and Aihua are obedient.”

“F-3 off, it’s not something for you to worry about.
What are you doing at home?” Gao Xiulan didn’t listen and hurried away.
She doesn’t like this one either, she just likes to listen to her daughter.

Seeing that his mother was angry, Su Aihua immediately grabbed Ding Guihua and left.

After the noise was over, she heard Gao Xiulan direct the children to work, “The eldest girl is going to wash your aunt’s clothes, and the second is going to collect firewood.
Third… Third sweep the floor.
Don’t be idle in your free time.”

After a while, Gao Xiulan came with a small bowl of boiled soybeans.”Qing’er, come, eat something.
You haven’t eaten anything at noon.
It’s because they are black-hearted.
Just eat your food, don’t be polite.”

Su Qinghe looked at the boiled soybeans inside.
She is indeed a little hungry.
There is nothing oily in this body4, and the egg and brown sugar water is not up to the stomach at all.
She brought it over and took a sip, which was still sweet.

Gao Xiulan said, “I know that you like sweets, so I put sugar there.
I asked your uncle to get it.
He works in a supply and marketing agency and this thing is easy to handle.”

Just as Su Qinghe was about to talk to her about family affairs, Gao Xiulan took out five sparrow eggs from her pocket again, “Come on, eat and drink.
I just cooked it.”

“…” This day is not like a famine.

Su Qinghe ate a sparrow egg and said, “Mom, it’s not my sister-in-law’s business that I am sick this time.
I did eat in the morning so, don’t be angry with her.”

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Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, Gao Xiulan looked surprised, “Qing’er, did they scare you?”

“…Mom, how could it be possible, who can frighten me?”

“Then why are you speaking up for them? it’s nonsense.
The sister-in-law can’t be nice to the sister-in-law!” Gao Xiulan answered.
“Have you forgotten the virtue of your aunt?”

Regarding this point, Su Qinghe is also aware that her grandmother’s old Gao family did not even have a son after giving birth to her eldest uncle.
Therefore, after the aunt5 walked in, she almost suppressed everyone.
Of course, the good days are not long.
Her eldest aunt gave birth to three daughters in a row before giving birth to a son, and the son is not in good health.
On the other hand, Gao Xiulan, although married to someone else’s house, gave birth to three sons which gave her full confidence.
Even speaking at her natal house is very important.
Although she was not the son of Old Gao’s family, she gave them the face of Old Gao’s family anyway!

Gao Xiulan felt that her daughter was sick and confused, “Qing’er, don’t be fooled by them.
All the good mothers-in-law in this world are going to be bullied by their daughter-in-law.
If I don’t die, they will be stunned when I look back.
If your brothers are separated.
How can Mom feed you when that happens? How can I make you live a good life? When I think about you doing such a tiring work in the wind and rain, it hurts me here.” She touched her heart.
Looks like the flesh hurts.

Damn it, Su Qinghe felt that what the old lady said made sense.
She felt that she had some great potential.
Because she, like the original owner, doesn’t want to do farm work!

This aunt is really brainwashing, and every word of hers strikes my heart.

Okay, she won’t say anything about the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law, “Mom, the girls can’t be too bad at ordinary times.
Are they also the children of our Su family? They are your granddaughters… I’m worried that my brothers feel uncomfortable so you should-“

“They dare!” Gao Xiulan was immediately agitated.
“If they dare to have opinions, I will scold them!”

She looked at Su Qinghe as if she was facing a big enemy, and Su Qinghe looked with a guilty conscience, wondering when she had just collapsed, so the old lady saw something.

In the end, she heard Gao Xiulan say, “Did your brothers express their satisfaction with you? Tell me, I’ll go find them.
I’ll turn them upside down!”

“…No!” Su Qinghe didn’t want to cause a family war.

Gao Xiulan didn’t believe it, “They must be, or you wouldn’t say this! It must be those rascals who were born uneasy.
One or two of them have no conscience.
You are a sister who has had no father since childhood.
They were raised so much by their father.
They are full and warm but can’t tolerate this girl.
They all black-hearted humans.”

Su Qinghe: “…” She will never collapse again!

“Mom, my brothers are very honest with you, don’t worry.
I just joked with you when I said that.
If they dare to treat me badly, I’ll be the first to tell you!”

She said with a firm face.

Gao Xiulan was very happy when she heard it, and she stretched out her hand and hugged her daughter, “I knew that in our family, we both have the same heart.”

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Su Qinghe felt that if they continue doing this, the two of them would have one mind in this family.
Her sisters-in-law who have been oppressed for a long time could not resist.

This is unrealistic unless her brothers are all brain-dead.


Lin Shuhong thinks that her man has a brain problem.
It’s hard to say but she can’t listen to him.

She shed tears as she walked, “Anyway, we can’t live this day.
You see, today we are going to eat a bite of soybeans in the full moon, and we are scolded by mother like that.
I know I can’t eat it so I won’t ask for it, but mom can’t always scold like that! What’s wrong with a girl6, isn’t the oldest sister also a girl?”

“What are you talking about, let me beat you again!” Su Aiguo raised his hand angrily.
Lin Shuhong was so scared she suddenly forgot to cry.
Immediately she reacted again, “You hit, I will let you if you beat me to death!”

Su Aiguo was embarrassed for a moment, and withdrawn his hand in a slanderous manner, and said solemnly, “Anyway, don’t speak ill about my sister.
She is pitiful.
Our father is gone when she was in our mother’s womb.
Our brothers don’t feel upset.
Who’s upset? Before we got married, I said that I would take care of my sister.
You agreed so, why are you arguing with me now?”

“I didn’t expect your family to be able to care for people like this,” Lin Shuhong cried aggrievedly.
Why did she want to marry Su Aiguo at the beginning? Seeing that he was tall and honest, and he still loved his sister very much, she felt that he was a genuine person, but it turned out to be something wrong.
“Anyway, if you don’t tell mom about the things we talked about, I’ll go back to my mother’s house.”

Hearing that Lin Shuhong was still into it, Su Aiguo couldn’t help quarreling with her, and said, “Well, you can go back and live there for a few days.”

Lin Shuhong: “…”

Behind the two, Ding Guihua and Su Aihua were also secretly watching them make a fuss.
Su Aihua watched it with gusto, but Ding Guihua had a lot of ideas.
However, her family’s conditions are poor, and she’s the one who chased Su Aihua.
In addition, Su Aihua’s temper is not as honest as Su Aiguo’s, she does not dare to make trouble like Lin Shuhong.

“Hey, Aihua, do you think the sister-in-law can succeed?”

Su Aihua crooked his mouth, “How is it possible, my elder brother can’t be separated.
Our family won’t be separated.
What’s wrong, do you want to fight with me too?”

“…I’m not saying it’s wrong for mom to care for sister, but mom is really bad to you sons.
Others treat their sons as treasures.”

Su Aihua nodded, and then sighed, “I blame you and sister-in-law.
Before my brother and I got married, my mother was very nice to us.
Always tell us about childhood.
After you walk in, you always provoked mother, she’s annoyed to look at us now.”

Ding Guihua almost choked to death with her anger.

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At home, Su Qinghe smoothly took the key to the kitchen from Gao Xiulan.
The excuse is to cook something when she’s hungry.

Gao Xiulan of course has no objection.
She gave her the key without saying anything and told her not to be deceived by the two sisters-in-law.
“The food at home is in the big urn in my room.
When you are hungry, look for it.
You can’t cook, so you can eat dried sweet potatoes to cushion your stomach.
When your sisters-in-law come back, let them make it.
Keep your eyes on it.
Don’t let them hide the food secretly.
The food at home can’t afford to be spoiled by them.”

Su Qinghe nodded solemnly.

In fact, she did not dare to lessen the food at home.
At the moment, many places are in a wasteland.
Like the Yellow River production team, the wheat output this year was very low.
After paying the public grain, every household basically has no grain.
It’s not yet autumn, and there is not much left in the family’s surplus.
This time there is no food, and we have to survive until autumn.
But looking at the harvest of this year, there is no expectation in autumn.
The old farmers in the village can see that every household tightens their belts and are not willing to eat food.
They go to dig wild vegetables or pick up bark to make soup.
Today Su’s lunch is made of various wild vegetables mixed with corn husks.

Gao Xiulan was carrying her little grandson and leading her grandson and granddaughters to find wild vegetables, Su Qinghe went to Gao Xiulan’s room to get some sorghum noodles, and then secretly opened the family kitchen.

The kitchen is very simple and pitiful with only a few things, and the stove is all cultivated in soil.
The big iron pot at home was used to make steel, and now it’s just a clay pot for cooking.

This environment is really bitter.

“System, when I cook, will there be any magical scenes? I’m worried about being burned as a monster.”

“Host, please rest assured to work.
Host’s level of craftsmanship can’t make food that can glow.”


The strong woman Su Qinghe twists her wrist, rolled up her sleeves, and walked under the stove, ready to light a fire.
However, she quickly discovered the problem.
She can’t light it! There were a few matches, but none of them struck.
“System, what’s going on?”

“The Almighty Military Sister System No.
01 is here for you.
May I ask if you want to start the cooking device?”

“There is this kind of operation?” Su Qinghe was shocked.
She tried, “Fire.”

As soon as the voice fell, the firewood stuffed in the stove was ignited.

As soon as the fire was lit, Su Qinghe hurriedly put the water in the clay pot, and then threw the sorghum noodles into the pot and boiled it together.

Su Qinghe didn’t know how to cook this thing at all, so she just let the fire cook it like this.
When the water boils, the sorghum noodles inside are cooked.
The brown sticky appearance made her lose her appetite.
However, this thing is the staple food at this time.
No wonder the original owner went to the big canteen to eat meat, and she wanted to eat meat at the big canteen too.

“Ding… the cooking task is completed, you will get a little cooking skill, and you will be rewarded with a pound of pork belly.”

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