The list of the recruitment event are mainly physical fitness, tactics, bombing, and shooting…

    These are still difficult things for recruits. Logically, the recruitment shouldn’t be held so early, but there are some special reasons.

    Some neighbors in some parts of the border are making trouble.
After peace, there are not many chances of seeing blood.
Therefore, they are ready to select some excellent recruits to strengthen the military.
They’ll get the chance to go to the battlefield as soon as possible. As for the remaining recruits, they will continue to train for a while.

    Of course, many people don’t know about this, it’s a military secret after all. So they can only advance the recruitment, anyway, it’s just a few days in advance.

    There are quite a lot of leaders who came to witness this event.
They are looking at the side on the stage with a binoculars.

    “They’re all very energetic.
It’s just that the nutrition can’t keep up, and the food for the recruitment company is still not good enough.
It can’t keep up with the training.”

    “There’s nothing we can do about this.
Now tthe food supply of the troops is quite sufficient, which can allow them to train with a full stomach.
It’s not enough to keep up with nutrition.
Luckily, there are no assigned tasks.
Currrently, many fellow villagers can’t even fill their stomachs.”

    Everyone is quite helpless.
The physical exertion of troop training is great, but it can only be under this condition.
All the good things must be eaten by those soldiers who go to the front line.
If they don’t eat well, how can they survive the difficult environment while defending against enemies in the wild?

    The recruits saw the leaders holding binoculars, the brave ones screamed excitedly, and the timid ones were nervous.

  Li Xiaohui was excited and nervous, looking at Gu Chang’an next to him.
He felt that Gu Chang’an had broken the pot, knowing that he1 had no hope, so he was not afraid of those leaders’ observation at all.

    “Gu Laosan2, at least you should do your best for your father.
Don’t say you are excellent, and don’t fail.”

    Gu Chang’an was having a beautiful dream, and he was particularly upset to hear Li Xiaohui’s words.
What does it mean not to be excellent? He is aiming for excellence!

    But this has nothing to do with his father!

    His father said that his two elder brothers are excellent, so he is counting on his brothers, He don’t have expect him to live up to his expectations as long as he doesn’t let the family support him and drag the family down.

    Now he relies on himself to eat meat and white noodles and he no longer has to rely on his family.
It’s time for the old man to laugh.

    “We’ll see.” He snorted at Li Xiaohui.

    Li Xiaohui: “…” Gu Laosan is hopeless.

    When the shooting test started, most of them are shaking their hands.
No one expect them to hit the target well.
It’s mainly to try the training for a while.
After all, this comparison tests eyesight and arm strength, and short-term training will not yield results.
Moreover, most of these recruits are malnourished, and has many shortcomings.
Even the ones who are selected are the tall ones among the dwarfs.

    Gu Changan has been well nourished since he was a child, and he sleeps well.
He has no eye problems at all and can see clearly at a distance of 100 meters.
As for strength, he didn’t have it before but after training for a while, he felt that there was no problem at all.

    Thinking of his own training process, he almost feel sad again.
Forget it, play well, as long as he pass, he can live a good life in the recruiting company.
Look at how comfortable those veterans are at ordinary times.
When they have nothing to do, they come and bully their recruits.
If people are not feeling well, can they have that free time? The main point is that veterans can often have vacations.
They can sleep in when they are on vacation.

  At this time, the target in front of Gu Changan is the start of happiness.

    Whistle, ready, shoot… boom… several shots in succession and then it’s over.

    Okay, leave the field and go to the next test.
As for the results, they don’t need to know for the time being.
Gu Changan knew his score without looking at them.
He had just seen clearly that the first few shots were all eight rings, and only the last shot was nine rings… It’s so irritating!

    However, after Gu Changan left, the leaders came over to see the results.
Soon they found an eye-catching result.

    “A recruit has achieved such results in such a short period?” A senior leader asked in surprise.

    The commander of the recruiting company immediately reported, “Reporting to the chief! This recruit has strong learning ability, excellent physical fitness, and is very diligent.
I often find that he trains during his rest time every day.
When he has no bullets, he uses a slingshot instead to practice his eyesight.”

    “He turned out to be a good seed.
Let me tell you, recruits now miss the target a lot.
It would be good if they can hit three or four rings at most but he didn’t waste every shot.
Not bad, not bad, look at his other training results.
If he qualifies, he will be send to the top soldier company of Sharp knife Battalion, they are all veterans of many battles.”

    Although the commander of the recruiting company was a little disappointed that he couldn’t keep Gu Chang’an, he was also happy for him.
This is a good thing, who doesn’t want to go to the best company in the army? Many of the leaders of the Sharp Knife Battalion came out of the battlefield, and the soldiers in it had also fought the old Americans.
From time to time, when they were in friction with the border, they all saw a lot of blood.
If Gu Chang’an go to such battalion, there will be many opportunities in the future, and he will have a bright future.

    The physical training later will be easier for Gu Changan.
Isn’t it just running? He already knows how to run effortlessly and easily.
Well, just run this once.

    Li Xiaohui is no longer surprised by him.
Every time during training, Gu Changan was always worried that he would not be able to eat, so he used all his strength to feed himself.

  Unexpectedly, this time Gu Chang’an was running and running, and ran ahead.
He was like a bamboo along the way.……

    Li Xiaohui was stunned.

    Looking at Gu Changan’s subsequent assessment results, the company commander was very relieved. I brought out a good soldier myself.


    Deputy county magistrate Gu didn’t stay in the Yellow River production team for long before leaving.
He has somewhere else to go.

  Guo Changsheng personally took several members to send him away.

    When Deputy Magistrate Gu and the others left, someone asked, “Captain, when will the relief food come? Will it be soon?”

    Guo Changsheng smiled, “Yes, it’s really coming.
But I don’t dare say it until I am sure when.” The main reason is that I am worried that the officials will change their minds later then it will make everyone unable to bear the blow.

    When everyone heard that the relief food was really going to be distributed, they all bared their teeth in excitement.

    “The relief food is really going to be distributed.
Aigou’s mother really did not lie.”

    “Dagen’s wife said that she and Qinghe followed the county magistrate and speak good things about us, so the county magistrate give us food.”

    “Yes Ah, Aiguo’s Mom and Qinghe are really capable, and they don’t stutter even when talking to the county magistrate.”

  “Do you think they are all like you …”

    Guo Changsheng looked dumbfounded.
What does this food relief matter have to do with Gao Xiulan and the others?

    Regardless of whether it mattered or not, the relief food really came two days later.

    Guo Changsheng took the strong laborers in the team to the commune to pick them up.
Even some active women are carrying baskets on their backs to help carry food to the team’s warehouse.

    The old and the young stood at the crossroads and watched bags of grain coming into the team’s granary, watching the young people carrying the relief foods, the children watched eagerly one by one, and the old people had tears in his eyes.

    Gao Xiulan didn’t have the energy to go weep.
She led her grandchildren to prepare food bags early in the morning.
Da Ya and Da Bao each carried one, she carried three by herself, and Er Ya and San Ya carried one together.

    They just go and wait near the granary.

    Su Qinghe also went with them.
She didn’t carry a bag.
Gao Xiulan didn’t let her do anything at all.
She said that packing food is a dirty job, and it is easy to stain the hands and face.
Her daughter is a young lady, so naturally, she can’t let her do it.
It’s okay for the brats and little girls to do this.

    The  children are also happy to do this.
When packing foods, they can secretly stuff a little into their mouth.

    Raw? Dirty? No, this does not exist.
As long as it can be eaten, it is a good thing.

    The DaYa said, “Aunt, take a rest.
I am very strong.”

    Erya said with a smile, “Aunt, it’s fun to pack foods.”

    Sanya straightened her back and said, “Aunt, we are filial to you.”

    Dabao, who usually likes to play the most, also actively followed behind Gao Xiulan this time, turned around and said to Su Qinghe, “Aunt is sick, so don’t work.
We will do it.”

    Before Su Qinghe felt touched by the three girls, she was pissed off by Dabao.

    This brat!

    The relief food is divided according to the labor.
There are a total of twelve people in Old Gao’s family, old and young, and they are given a lot of food.
And there are five laborers, three of whom are strong.

    Looking at the big bags of food in the old Su family, the other families were envious.

    However, there was no jealousy.
After all, Qinghe helped find the life-saving food of the ancestors before, and everyone survived by relying on that life-saving food.
Now the relief food came because they found the county magistrate.

    What a great ability!

    After packing the food, Gao Xiulan carried half of the bag on her back and directed her three sons to move it home.
A flower bloomed happily on her face.

    The large urn containing the grain had been cleaned up long ago, and the original grain was put into the small urn.
This will keep the food from getting wet, and it will also prevent the mice from eating… oh, and there are no mice these days.
However, they still have to be cautious.

    Food is a treasure, and not a single bite should be wasted.

    The relief food this time includes rice, wheat, sorghum, and corn. There are not much rice and wheat.
Twelve members of the family also share sixty catties. Everything else is whole grains. However, Gao Xiulan is already very content, and it is enough for her daughter to eat.

    The children all looked at grandma’s room eagerly.
Waiting for Gao Xiulan to come out from the inside, they all looked at her again.
The adults also looked at her.
But no one dared to speak.

    Sanya is still young, so she doesn’t know how powerful her grandma is, she only knows that her aunt loves them.
So she asked, “Grandma, can I eat till I’m full today?” 3

    Gao Xiulan raised her face when she heard this, “What do you mean by being full? When did I not give you a bite?”

    “…” There is food, but I can’t eat enough…

    Su Qinghe just came out of the house and when she heard this.
She said, “Mom, I heard people outside today saying that they are all going to have a dry meal.
Say It’s been a long time since I’ve had enough food.
There’s nothing in my stomach to keep me going.
It’s easy to work after eating a full meal.
Isn’t the food harvested immediately? Others families are already eating dry rice.
If they know that our family is reluctant to eat, will they laugh at us?”

    “Who dares to laugh at us? Our family is not poor!” Gao Xiulan snorted, “Eat! let’s eat dry rice today.
Let’s eat egg custard!”

    “Grandma, you are so kind!” Dabao jumped happily.
The other children also jumped with a smile.

    Seeing the children so happy, Su Aiguo and the others felt very grateful to their mother.

    Mom is really kind.

    “What’s the fun? Go to work! Don’t you have to work for the food?” Gao Xiulan sees everyone standing around and not working, so she has to do something if they have nothing to do.

    At noon, they finally had a full meal that they long for.
The happiness of the whole family rose to a high level, they sat at the table and didn’t want to move.

    So comfortable, so happy.
It turns out that eating till a full stomach is so comfortable.
It’s a shame that they didn’t cherish it before!

    Seeing everyone like this, Su Qinghe was also very happy and planned to get some meat and fish out tomorrow.
Now that they are tired from the autumn harvest, she should feed them something good.
Anyway, now that every household has distributed food, it is not surprising that the family grows better.

    Gao Xiulan can’t stand it.
She gets lazy after eating till a full stomach.
She thinks it’s like a pig; is this a blessing?!

    She patted the table directly, “Work, work! or you don’t want to eat anymore?!”

   The sons and daughters-in-law quickly stood up.
They hurried to go to work, and the children were also busy cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks.

    Only then did Gao Xiulan relax a bit.

    “Xiulan, Xiulan, sister is here to see you.”

    Gao Xiuhong’s voice came from outside.

    Hearing this sound, Gao Xiulan’s teeth ached. Oh, what is she doing here again? Fortunately, we have finished eating, otherwise she would have to eat my own rice.




referring to Chang’an


LaoSan directly translates to Old Third.
This means that Gu Chang’an is the third son of the Gu family.


this breaks my heart.

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