Gao Xiulan reluctantly went outside.
She watched her eldest sister, Gao Xiuhong, enter the courtyard with a basket on her back and a smile on her face.

“Xiulan, your sister has come to see you.
Have you eaten yet?” Gao Xiuhong asked while putting down the basket.

“Eat, eat, just finished eating, till the plate is clean.” Gao Xiulan said immediately.

Gao Xiuhong smiled and said, “Our family has eaten too.
When we got our portion of relief food, we went home and cook it.
I came over after eating.”

Su Qinghe went to pour water for her aunt. Gao Xiuhong took it and said happily, “Qing’er is sensible.”

“Of course my daughter is sensible, no one else can match her.” Gao Xiulan said.

But she was particularly unhappy to see her daughter serve others, it hurt her eyes.

Gao Xiuhong has long been used to Gao Xiulan’s virtue of not being able to speak well.
She1 used to think it was annoying to listen to, so she doesn’t listen to her much.
Now it isn’t a big deal anymore, who doesn’t have any bad side? In the past, she was not good to Xiulan either, she criticized every Xiulan’s work.

“Xiulan, your sister is here to pay back the food this time.
Now the family has divided the relief food.
I thought you have a lot of family members, so I returned some first.
There was no bran in the house, so I will return ten catties of sorghum and another three catties of cornmeal.”

Hearing this, Gao Xiulan shuddered and ran over to look at Gao Xiuhong’s basket. It’s really sorghum. This is really …..
a big profit!

Gao Xiulan looked at her sister with excitement.
Ten catties of bran were exchanged for ten catties of sorghum.
Why didn’t she know that such a good thing would happen? It was because her daughter is smart!

Su Qinghe said in surprise, “Auntie, how can it be like this, sorghum is better than bran.”

Gao Xiuhong said, “Your uncle said, this is different, it was a life-saving food.
How can we just return ten catties of bran? ”

Gao Xiulan said with a smile, “That’s right, my eldest brother-in-law is truly sincere and honest.
Such a person will not suffer.
Eldest sister, you have a vision and found someone good.
You are blessed.” Anyway, whoever lets her take advantage is a good person.

“That’s right, your eldest brother-in-law is very nice.” Gao Xiuhong said happily when she heard people praise her man.
She knew that among her sisters’ husbands, her man was the most honest.
He was looked down upon by her natal family and sisters.
Now she felt elated hearing her third sister’s praise.

Su Qinghe thinks that this beautiful misunderstanding should continue.

“Auntie, how is the situation at home?”

“It’s all right, the food will last for a while.
We save some food, and we can survive until the New Year.
Before the New Year, we still have food in our production team, it helps us pass this year.
Hey, we have experience this time.
From now on, if we can eat one less bite every day, eat one less bite, and eat slowly, and we will get through the famine year.”

Gao Xiulan said, “That’s it.
You can’t die if you eat less.” Anyway, don’t come to eat the food of their old Su family.

Gao Xiulan asked Gao Xiuhong to sit and drink water, and Gao Xiulan carried the food in and put it away.
Su Qinghe accompanied Gao Xiulan into the house.
“Mom, Auntie has been really generous to our family this time.
Ten catties of sorghum bran are worth more than bran.”

“That’s not true.
Qing’er, you are smart.
If you borrow life-saving food, you have to double it when you return it.”

Gao Xiulan happily poured the ten catties of sorghum into her sorghum bag.

Su Qinghe said, “But what if someone borrows it next time but doesn’t repay?”

“Who would dare?” Gao Xiulan said with a straight face.

“Mom, that’s what I think.
Let’s give Aunt some eggs and let her taste the sweetness.
When she looks back, she will know that she has borrowed and repaid it then it’s not difficult to borrow again.
You can still have sweetness when you return something.
Next time, let’s borrow chaff.
!” There are relatives who come and go.

Gao Xiulan looked at her ten catties of sorghum, thought about it for a while, then gritted her teeth and picked the smallest egg.

What Qing’er said was right.
Look at this, isn’t it profitable? She will earn even more later.

When the two, mother and daughter came out, Gao Xiulan stuffed the eggs into Gao Xiuhong’s hands, “Take it back and make egg drop soup for your Qiuguo’s two babies.” Seemingly feeling uncomfortable, she said casually, “What a blessing it is for the outsiders.”

Gao Xiuhong was moved to tears by the egg in her hand and was stunned by Gao Xiulan’s words.

Su Qinghe laughed quickly, “Auntie, what my mother means is that when your two grandchildren ate this, my cousin-in-law has to thank you for being kind to his children.”

“That’s what it means.”Gao Xiuhong was relieved when she remembered her sister’s virtue of not being able to speak.
The third is just like this, good things can be said that makes people uncomfortable.

“Xiulan, you don’t have to say anything to your sister.
Your sister will live a better life in the future, and will treat you well.”

“Hehe, I can’t count on it.”

Gao Xiuhong: “…”

Su Qinghe said, “My mother said that Auntie can just eat and drink well by herself.
She doesn’t expect anything in return, she has my brothers and sisters-in-law.”

Gao Xiuhong nodded, then looked at Gao Xiulan and sighed, “Third, don’t talk to others like that.
It’s not good.”

She was ready to go back with the basket on her back, “I’m going back to work, you guys should be busy.”

Su Qinghe sent her out.
Looking back, she saw Gao Xiulan frowning unhappily, “What did she mean by that just now? Why is it bad for me to talk like that? Eat salty radish and don’t worry about it.”


After Gao Xiuhong left, he went to Gao Xiuju’s house again.
Gao Xiuju knew her sister was coming, so she rushed back from the field to see her.

“Sister, why are you here?”

“Return the food.
Your brother-in-law remembered the food borrowed from Xiulan last time, so he asked me to return it.”

Gao Xiuju doesn’t know about this yet.
The last time her sister borrowed food, there was no news.
She thought was rejected.
Unexpectedly, the third child really lends them some food.

“Sister, Xiulan still has this heart?”

Gao Xiuhong was upset, “Why are you talking, Xiulan is very nice.
I went and she brought me food without saying a word.
If it weren’t for Xiulan, Qiuguo’s baby wouldn’t be able to survive, and we would be hungry too.” Wiping away tears as she spoke, she showed Gao Xiuju the egg wrapped in her pocket, “She gave me an egg.
Xiuju, you have to be kind to the third sister in the future.
She just has a stupid mouth and can’t speak well, but she still has a good heart.”

“…” Gao Xiuju was stunned, Gao Xiulan still can’t speak well? No one could match her mouth since she was a child.
After all these years of quarreling, she has never won against Gao Xiulan! Look at how well she coaxes her eldest brother and mother.
How could it be that she can’t speak well?!

After Gao Xiuhong talked for a while, she said goodbye to Gao Xiuju.
She just came over to take a look, and by the way, let Gao Xiuju and Gao Xiulan get along well in the future.
The fourth eldest, Xiuling, married far away, and it was not easy to move around.
Usually, the three sisters walk around a lot.

Seeing Gao Xiuhong leaves with the basket on her back, Gao Xiuju’s head is still dizzy.
What is this situation?

“Qing’er, hurry up and go to the commune tomorrow to find your uncle.”

After the food was distributed, Gao Xiulan immediately thought of her daughter’s marriage.

Su Qinghe was practicing her stitches and was about to make clothes for Gao Xiulan.
Hearing this, she was immediately depressed… “Mom, didn’t you just go there?”

“Go again this time.
If it doesn’t work, I’ll ask your grandma for something.”

Su Qinghe almost pricked her hand.

“Mom, wait for two days.
It’s hot outside, let’s talk about it after a while when the weather cools down”

“Okay, let’s wait for two days.” Gao Xiulan made up her mind that if there is no news, she will definitely get her things back.
Then let her mother continue talking with her brother.

In the supply and marketing cooperative of the commune in the town, Gao Fusheng was secretly talking to Master Liu in the canteen.

Master Liu gave Gao Fusheng a piece of paper that has information about some young people of marriageable age in the county; their names, how many people were in the family, what they do, including where they worked, and how much they were paid, and how big their house is.
All are written clearly.

Gao Fusheng gave Master Liu two taels worth of white sugar and fatty pork.

Master Liu flashed his teeth and asked curiously, “Old Gao, how many nieces do you have? Can you finish looking for so many people?”

Gao Fusheng said, “I have four sisters.
How many nieces do you think I have?”

“That’s quite a lot.
I’ll ask you if it’s not enough.
These people have said that as long as the mother’s family is willing to provide food for their daughters, they are willing to marry rural girls.
It’s no wonder they are demanding.
After all, we rural people can’t eat enough food when we go to the city.”

Of course, Gao Fusheng understands this truth.
He thinks this is perfectly fine.
Anyway, Qing’er has food at home, so it’s not a big deal to let her brother send it to the city.

Looking at the information on the paper, Gao Fusheng was quite satisfied.
After catching so many fish at once, it’s good to have a business relationship with his third sister.
The only pity is that there is no news from Secretary Hao.
But it doesn’t matter, let’s talk about it first.

The old Gu’s family in the county seat has been very busy recently, asking for information about young girls everywhere.

Eldest sister-in-law Gu took out a small notebook to record, and the second sister-in-law Gu collected information and sorted it out.

There are rural girls, and there are urban girls, she deliberately puts the information of rural girls first.

But she took a look around and didn’t like it.
Those in the city do have food supplies, but basically no jobs.
Even that little food is not enough to eat.
You can’t just eat without food.
In the future, food and clothing will not be provided at home.
As for those who have jobs, their families are generally very poor, and they have to provide for the whole family… As for those from good families, it is basically impossible.
There is no way, the old Gu’s family knows those families with better conditions, and all the daughters are expensive2, and the worst is to find someone with a formal unit3.
As for the reputation of their third child, they immediately shook their heads when they heard about it.
How promising can someone be who eats the old man’s, old lady’s, brother’s, and sister-in-law’s food at home and then be kicked out of the house?

Look at rural families, some are the daughters of commune cadres and children of relatives.
It’s good to be famous but when you think about the situation in their family, they’ll know that even the children of cadres are the same.
It’s a purely rural family, and it’s a lot of trouble, some of them are good-looking, the most beautiful in the village…but what’s the use?

The two kept rummaging through the sketches, and finally screened out a few of the most reliable ones.

“I think this is good but still young.
She hasn’t turned seventeen yet.” The second sister-in-law said, pointing to a name.

“The niece of an employee of the commune’s supply and marketing agency…the supply and marketing agency is good, and shopping is convenient.
There are three elder brothers in the family and she’s the youngest child and only daughter.
The most beloved and is white and fat.
All work at home and away will be done diligently.
Good temperament and good popularity.” After the eldest sister-in-law finished reading, her eyes lit up, “What are you afraid of, our third child4 is only eighteen.
It just so happens that the two of them are at the age of obtaining a certificate together.”

“I’m afraid that third won’t agree.
I guess he is not open to such things yet.” The second sister-in-law Gu was a little worried because the picky temper of the third child is not good.

“The third child hasn’t grown up yet, let’s see later.”

Then she also wrote down Su Qinghe’s information in the notebook.

Two days later, Gao Fusheng had a half-day rest and was ready to go to the Yellow River production team to reply to his third sister and niece.

After eating in the cafeteria at noon, he was stopped by Secretary Hao’s wife.

“Our head of the family said that the conditions are suitable, so they want to take a look.
See if you have time later and take your niece to have a look.
” Hearing this news, Gao Fusheng was so happy that he stuffed all the cloth he would bring to Su Qinghe to Secretary Hao’s wife.

Then he hurriedly ran to the Yellow River production team.
Thinking of something halfway, he quickly took out his small notebook and added the person mentioned by Secretary Hao’s wife.
It’s over, it’s over, She didn’t say what name it was, or the specific situation of the family.
So it is recorded: child of cadres, the youngest, and soldier.


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