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Gao Fusheng saw Su Qinghe, and smiled, “Okay, I just have something important to tell you.”

Gao Xiulan’s eyes lit up, and she immediately pulled Gao Fusheng to the house.
Su Qinghe went to the kitchen to pour water.
Also added a little sugar then turn around and carry it inside.
“Uncle, drink some water.”

Gao Fusheng immediately took it and took a sip.
It tastes sweet.
Don’t mention how sweet it is in the heart.
He feels that all his hard work is worth it to see how caring his eldest niece is.

“Brother, don’t just drink water.
What were you going to tell me just now?” Gao Xiulan asked impatiently.

“Look at how I am muddled,” Gao Fusheng drank in one gulp, then put down the bowl.
He took out the small notebook from his pocket and handed it to Gao Xiulan.

Gao Xiulan couldn’t read at all, and looked at it with a smear, “What’s this written about?”

“Mom, let me see.” Su Qinghe took it.
The original owner had attended the commune primary school.
At that time, it was close to Sujia Village.
Later, the middle school was far away and she was too lazy to move, so she didn’t study.
Although her degree is not high, she knows a few words.

After seeing the above information, Su Qinghe was still confused.
It took a while to realize what it was, and she was suddenly embarrassed.
“Uncle, there are so many people…”

“Why are there too many? I still think it’s too few.
With just these names, I spent a lot of good things to let Lao Liu from the cafeteria find out about them.
They are all from workers’ families.
Didn’t Qing’er say that she likes soldiers? There are several soldiers on the list.”

Gao Xiulan didn’t care if he was a soldier or not, and couldn’t wait to say, “Tell me all the conditions.”

Gao Fusheng immediately explained the situation.
For a moment, both parents in the family are workers, and there are many brothers and sisters. There are a few workers, a few soldiers, and a few vagrants…

Those who have a job have more brothers and sisters to support a family, and those who don’t have a job just live off their parents. Soldiers have to help take care of their parents and younger siblings at home.

Gao Xiulan’s face turned dark when she heard this.
Damn, it took you so long to look for them in such a condition.

If their Qing’er went to such a family, why not just marry into a nearby family? She can still take care of her.
If you go to a place like that, you will be a cow or a horse for others.

“No, no, big brother, what can I tell you? How do you like such a family?”

Gao Fusheng: “…” Much better than his sons-in-law! Of course, he didn’t dare to say that.
Fortunately, the secretary’s wife answered him today, and there is another one who is capable, “And this is the youngest son of the cadre family I told you about before.
Qinghe, he’s a soldier.
The conditions are good!”

Hearing this, Gao Xiulan was delighted, “They have taken a fancy to our Qing’er, they have a vision.”

“Yes, they said that they want to take a look at our Qing’er.
However, people have not come back from the army.
When they come back, let Secretary Hao inform him.”

Su Qinghe breathed a sigh of relief, the army will return for at least half a year.
She will grow older.
Going on a blind date with someone at the age of seventeen, I feel like I’m in puppy love.

As a result, she immediately heard Gao Xiulan say, “Okay, let’s meet when they come back.
You can make arrangements for the other big brothers.
Let’s find a time to see each other.”

Su Qinghe: “…Mom, didn’t you like him?”

“It sounds good, but I still have to take a look.
I’d rather be wrong than let it go.”


Of course, Gao Xiulan would not bring her daughter to the meet-up, as it would appear that her daughter is too unreserved.
She asked Gao Fusheng to say hello to others, and she followed Gao Fusheng to look at him, saying that it was for the younger generations of the family to see each other.

Three days later, Gao Fusheng asked someone to bring a letter, asking Gao Xiulan to go to the county town together.

When she was about to leave the house, Su Qinghe still wanted to go with her.
If something doesn’t look right at that time, she could stop her mother immediately.
In the end, Gao Xiulan resolutely refused, “Girls, please be reserved.
Our Qinghe is so precious, how can people look at it casually?”

After Gao Xiulan left, Su Qinghe made clothes for Gao Xiulan at home.

She seems to be bothered by the blind date, so Gao Xiulan is willing to give her cloth to make clothes.
Not worried about her doing it badly.

Su Qinghe just finished drawing lines on the clothes when a voice suddenly came from inside her head, “Ding, the blind date one… non-military, unqualified!”

“…System, have you seen the person my mother saw?”

“Host, marriage is the main task, so the system can check anything related to the marriage of the host.”

Su Qinghe immediately put away her things, then went back to the house to lie down, and looked through the system to see those people her mother Gao Xiulan saw.

“Ding, blind date partner two…non-soldier, unqualified!”

“Ding, blind date partner three…a veteran, with average physical fitness and ordinary aptitude.”

“Ding, blind date partner four…a soldier, with average physical fitness and relatively high aptitude, strong qualifications, and no meritorious service record.”

After a whole morning, Su Qinghe finally looked at several blind dates and concluded that none of them were suitable.

Before noon, her mother Gao Xiulan came back angrily. As soon as she entered the room, she hugged her big enamel jar and poured cold water.

“I’m so pissed off, what are they all introducing? They want the new daughter-in-law to raise a family of young and old.
They want the new daughter-in-law to serve people, bah! Serving her ancestors for eighteen generations!”

After taking a sip, Gao Xiulan continued to curse, “It’s such a small place, I can’t even turn around when I enter the house.
Even had the gall to say that if you get married they’ll let the new wife live in her mother’s house.
She also said that if she has something to do, she will notify her to go to work and do her mother’s work!”

Su Qinghe: “…Mom, let’s forget if it’s not suitable.
I’m not in a hurry.”

Gao Xiulan took a deep breath and then slammed the table hard, making Su Qinghe tremble.
She immediately said, “Oh, I scared our Qing’er.
Mom was so angry that she just wanted to lose her temper, or she would have to find someone to fight.
If your uncle hadn’t pulled me, I would have had a fight with others.
You don’t know, some people have no mother-in-law, only father-in-law and a few children of a few years old, and they want to find a wife to go back to take care of a few younger siblings.
They are as big as Erya and Sanwa.
Tell me, what kind of people are these? Oh, the more I talk, the angrier I get.”

“… Mom, don’t worry, don’t worry.
It’s not like we’re getting married soon, right?”

“No, I have to ask your uncle to keep an eye on that cadre’s house.
Now it seems that it is the one that catches the eye.
If the cadre family came out and went to be a soldier, it would definitely not be bad.”

Seeing her mother so excited, Su Qinghe couldn’t say anything.
Anyway, her mother’s eyes are pickier than hers.
If her mother takes a fancy to him, she will look at it by herself, and the system will detect it and it will be fine.

She didn’t dare to expect any vigorous love to live and die… she was so idle! It’s enough to be able to live in peace and comfort.

Back in the house, she asked the system to help detect the other party’s situation.

“The system has not detected the target person.
It is too far away from the host and the people directly related to the host.
It cannot be detected.
It cannot be detected.”

It seems that she and her mother will have to look differently.
Forget it, sooner or later we will see him.

In the old Gu family in the county seat, after Mother Gu read all the information, she almost tore up the small book.

She even secretly went to see a few ladies in the city, holding back her breath.

What are you looking for? She’s skinny, with no flesh on her body, and her face is yellower than hers.
That’s fine, it’s okay to take good care of them, but in the end, they are all unemployed, and are ready to let their parents take care of them.
Not only do you have to raise a daughter-in-law, but you also have to raise your mother-in-law and brother-in-law! The parents are so pitiful.
They have all gone to the army to suffer, and they are still thinking about letting Chang’an raise them.
Why are these people so cruel?

When Gu Ma came back, she wiped her tears and cried.

Their mother was crying with tears, and the son and daughter-in-law felt their scalps go numb.

The eldest daughter-in-law said, “Mom, you can’t find it in the city, isn’t there still in rural areas?”

“If you can’t find the ones in the city, what else can you find in the countryside? You just deliberately treat Chang’an badly.
I can’t even look at the thin and yellow ones that grow up like that.
How can Chang’an look at them? You, sisters-in-law, are really cruel to him.”

The two daughters-in-law wanted to cry, but it wasn’t that they didn’t do their best.
That’s something that can’t be helped, people look down on Chang’an.
This is really lifting a rock and shooting yourself in the foot and asking for trouble.

Before, they were worried about finding a little ancestor to come back.
As a result, hehe, somebody else’s little ancestor despises the third family member.

The second sister-in-law Gu suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly said, “Mom, there are still good ones.
She’s from the countryside, but their family conditions are good.
Her uncle belongs to the supply and marketing cooperative, a martyr’s family, and three elder brothers! She was also raised to be white and fat.
Work hard! Good temperament and good popularity!”

Mother Gu wiped her tears, “Where is it?”

Second sister-in-law Gu hurriedly showed her, “That’s it, look, that’s it.
The secretary of the commune promised that the news was accurate!”

Mother Gu took a closer look, took a deep breath, and hiccupped, “Do you want Chang’an to raise her?”

“Of course not, she is raised by her own family.
I think she can still help our Chang’an.”

“Really diligent? Can the white fat raised be diligent?“ After all, Mother Gu is an experienced person.

The second sister-in-law Gu also felt that it didn’t make sense at the moment, but at the moment it’s bad to say the worst, so she hurriedly said, “Mom, how many people are not diligent in the countryside? They eat good food, drink well, and work well! ”

Gu Ma took a closer look and felt that the conditions were really good.
If this is found, Chang’an will have food and drink and someone will take care of him.
It doesn’t drag us down our Chang’an either.
“Okay, let’s take a look at each other when we find the time.
I haven’t seen anyone here, and I’m always feeling uneasy.”

“Okay, I’ll arrange it right away.
Let’s take a look first in a few days!”

Second sister-in-law Gu breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at her eldest sister-in-law helplessly.
If this doesn’t work, she doesn’t know what to do.

In the frontier corps, all recruit companies stood in a neat square formation in columns.

Let alone how the training is, this standing posture is still practiced very well.

Everyone looked at the position of the leader above, waiting to reward the outstanding recruits.

From the beginning, Gu Chang’an listened carefully to the speech of the leader in front of him, but in the end, finally narrow his eyes… How much longer will he talk, when will we have dinner, and when will we rest?

“Now start to announce the list of outstanding recruits.
: Zhao Erdan from the second class of the first company.
Li Dagang from the first class of the third company…Zhang Xiaobo from the fifth class of the fourth company…”

Gu Changan never heard his own name after hearing it, and his eyes narrowed as time passed.
Mother, this is not a failure, is it?!

“…Li Xiaohui in three classes in a row……” Li Xiaohui next to him looked excited.
If it weren’t for military discipline, he would have jumped up and yelled a few times.

Gu Chang’an’s tanned face paled a bit.
He felt that something beautiful was getting farther and farther away from him…

“The above ninety-nine recruits are excellent soldiers, and there is one spot left.
He is the first place in our competition.
The recruit is in three consecutive shifts, Gu Chang’an.”

“…” Gu Chang’an felt that he had auditory hallucinations.

Li Xiaohui was dumbfounded.


“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”

 — Mary Shelley, Frankenstein



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