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Gao Xiulan got up before dawn to wash her face and comb her hair. As soon as the door was opened, Su Qinghe came out of the room, “Mom, go put on new clothes.”

Gao Xiulan looked at the clothes in her daughter’s hand in surprise, “Didn’t you say you haven’t finished it?”

Su Qinghe laughed, “It’s almost done.
It’s only a few stitches away, I sew it when I got up in the morning.
Mom, try it on and see if it fits?”

Gao Xiulan took the clothes into the room in a daze, and when she came out after a while, her eyes were red.
“Our Qing’er is really filial.
Mom is very well dressed.
You can’t do this in the future.
What if your eyes will be damaged? Our Qing’er is a person who will enjoy the blessing.”

Su Qinghe looked at Gao Xiulan’s dress just right and felt relieved.
Suddenly she felt a sense of accomplishment.

I can finally make a dress that I can wear.

She suddenly discovered that some of her skills were pretty good, and even if they were good, she felt that she was an amazing person.

It’s not that she doesn’t know how to do it but she just doesn’t want to do it.
How refreshing!

“Mom, you just need to dress properly.
There is still a piece of material, and I will make another one for you later.”

Gao Xiulan wiped her tears again, “I knew that my daughter is the most filial.
Mom didn’t love you for nothing.
Qing’er, mom must let you go to the cadre’s house to enjoy the blessings.
You can relax!”

Su Qinghe: “…I am very relieved.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also put on their best clothes.
They were all new clothes made when they got married.
They only wore them a few times, but they were usually reluctant to wear them.
It was lying under the box.

Watching them go out, the children also followed, Gao Xiulan waved her hand directly, “Get out, get out, what are you doing? Don’t have to do housework anymore? Da Ya goes to wash clothes, Er Ya sweeps the floor and San Ya cleans the table.
Dabao takes Erbao.
If anyone doesn’t listen, I’ll spank you with a stick when I come back! “

The children immediately dispersed.

It was the three brothers of the Su family who sent them out.
Su Aiguo said, “Mom come back if others make you angry.
Our eldest sister will not be wronged.”

Su Aidang yelled, “Who the hell dares to anger you? Come back and tell me that I will beat his mother!”

Su Aihua rolled her eyes, “Who dares to be angry with mom?”

Gao Xiulan didn’t lose her temper after hearing what her second child said, “Go to work and don’t make a fool of yourself.”

The three brothers: “…”

They met an acquaintance along the way.
When someone asked a question, Gao Xiulan said, “What’s wrong? Can’t I go to the county to buy things?”

Of course, you can’t tell the truth.
What if it doesn’t work out? It’s not that she’s afraid that others won’t like their family, but worried that she won’t like the other family.
After all, the things she encountered before were too irritating.
She hoped that this time it would be more reliable.
She can’t help but feel a little hung up in her heart.

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua were also a little nervous, they seldom went to the city, let alone this time they will go to a cadre’s house.

Su Qinghe is the calmest. Isn’t it just a blind date? If you match, you will succeed, but if you don’t match, you will not succeed.

People said on the Internet that if a blind date does not meet the number of ten fingers, then it is not called a blind date.

She had only seen a few.
No need to worry.

When they arrived in town, they ran into Secretary Hao’s wife.
This time, she stands as the matchmaker, so she has to take them with her to recognize the door1I assume the house or the address of the other family.
The matchmaker is the middleman that will be the bridge between lovers.
But ya get it right?.

Secretary Hao’s wife first took a looked at Su Qinghe.
Hey, this family does know how to raise a girl.
She’s really good.
Look at the meat on that little face.
You can pinch it out if you pinch it.
Unlike others who are very skinny.

Look at this hand and this face again.
It’s white and tender, and it looks no worse than the girls raised in the city.

“Sister Gao, you have raised a girl well.”

“That’s right.
You can’t find one from ten miles and eight villages.” Gao Xiulan is not humble, mainly because she feels that she can’t be humble in the face of her daughter.
How could she be modest? She doesn’t even think she is boasting to that height.

Secretary Hao’s wife thinks that Gao Fusheng’s third sister is really confident.
Well, they are very good.
No wonder they are looking at the cadre families in the city.
They really wouldn’t dare if they are not confident.

Several people went to the county seat by car from the town.
Normally, Gao Xiulan was reluctant to part with money, and she is afraid of being seen carrying things on her back, so she always walks.
This time she went by bus and it was quite fast.
They arrived at the county seat in less than half an hour.

After getting off the bus, Secretary Hao’s wife led a few people to walk together.
Su Qinghe felt as if she had been to this place before.
But after thinking about it, she and her mother often change things and run around.
The county seat is so big, it’s not unusual to have been here.

When they arrived at the county party committee compound, Secretary Hao’s wife greeted the doorman, and he let them in, staring at them with good eyes.
He heard that Deputy County Magistrate Gu’s family has been looking for a daughter-in-law recently, isn’t it these people?……

The Gu family lives on the third floor.
It’s just a few steps away from the long corridor.
Secretary Hao’s wife knocked on the door, and someone opened the door inside.

Seeing the person who opened the door, Gao Xiulan and Su Qinghe were taken aback.
The other party seemed to recognize them and was also taken aback.

Secretary Hao’s wife said, “This is my relative.
I brought them to have a chat.”

Second Sister-in-law Gu: “… Come in, come in.” Then she glanced at Su Qinghe, mother and daughter.
Oh, what a coincidence! I found a family with big white rice.

Gao Xiulan and Su Qinghe looked at the person who didn’t seem to remember, so they also pretended not to know each other.
They follow Secretary Hao’s wife into the house.
But still, they are very satisfied.
They are able to exchange rice, which shows that the conditions are good.

Standing at the door and looking at the furnishings in the room, Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua’s legs and feet became weak suddenly. “Mom, let’s not go in.”

Gao Xiulan glared at them, “Useless things!” Then she took Su Qinghe to the front.

As soon as she entered the room, Gao Xiulan saw an acquaintance head-on.
Deputy county magistrate Gu was waiting in the living room with Mother Gu.
When he saw them enter the room, he also stood up.

“Yo, the county magistrate is also here.” Gao Xiulan said in surprise.

Su Qinghe was also quite surprised.
She didn’t expect to meet Deputy County Magistrate Gu on a blind date.

Deputy county magistrate Gu said with a smile, “This is my home, and I didn’t expect it’ll be you who would come.”

The cadre’s family is the county magistrate’s family? ! ! ! Gao Xiulan’s legs went limp all of a sudden.

It’s okay to brag and talk nonsense with others.
Why do you think it’s unreliable to meet on a blind date? Can old farmers find the county magistrate’s house?

Su Qinghe hurriedly pulled her, and whispered, “Our family also has cadres.”

Mentioning Su Dagen, Gao Xiulan immediately became confident, yes, their family’s Dagen is also a cadre, although he is a cadre below, that’s an official too! He is very capable.
What about the county magistrate’s family? it will be managed by their house in the future!

So she straightened her back immediately, and said with a smile, “Oh, this is really a great fate.
If you don’t say anything, we just happened to meet the county magistrate.
It turned out that he was waiting here.”
Secretary Hao’s wife laughed.
“It’s great that we all know each other.
This is fate.”

Deputy County Magistrate Gu nodded with a smile, “Let’s sit down and have a cup of tea first.”

The two daughters-in-law of the Gu family hurried to the kitchen to pour tea to entertain people.
As soon as they entered the kitchen, Second sister-in-law Gu took Eldest Sister-in-law Gu, and said, “Last time, we asked them to exchange rice at home.
They still have big white rice at home to exchange.
This one is not wrong! Even if they are from the countryside, the family condition is not bad.”

Outside, Mother Gu was sitting next to Deputy County Magistrate Gu, her eyes were like laser lights looking at Su Qinghe.

Su Qinghe was a little embarrassed to be looked at and just pretended not to see it.
She is quite satisfied with the family now, but she doesn’t know how the other person is.
Unfortunately, the system can’t detect it, and the person is too far away to scan the body condition.

Gao Xiulan secretly looked at the Gu family.
The other two men in the deputy county magistrate’s family don’t need to worry about it, and mainly look at the sisters-in-law and mother-in-law.
At first glance, the two daughters-in-law of the Gu family are educated.
Well, educated people are good, and they don’t know how to fight and swear.
Looking at the man’s mother again.
She is delicate and weak, and she is also very good.
No matter how bad she is, she can’t bully her daughter.
If her daughter gets angry later, she can crush these three by herself.

Secretary Hao’s wife looked at Qinghe.
She smiled and said, “Our Qinghe has a good temper, and is very popular in the production team…”

Gao Xiulan followed her words and began to brag about her daughter, “Yes, my daughter has been obedient, sensible, and filial since she was a child.
She also loves to be clean, unlike other girls who run around barefoot.
She has been clean and tidy since she was a child.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua: “…” There are people waiting for her.
No need to work, of course, she’ll be clean.

Mother Gu looked at Su Qinghe for a long time and finally felt that her eyes were no longer hot.

This person is afraid of comparisons.
After the previous comparisons, she thinks this girl is really good-looking. Look at this round face, this white skin, this red mouth, and the quiet eyes. Well, it looks very satisfying.

So after hearing Gao Xiulan praise her daughter, mother Gu immediately said, “Our family Changan is also good at raising it since childhood.
Other children are wild going everywhere, but our family Changan stays at home.”

Eldest sister-in-law Gu and second-sister-in-law Gu came out with teacups, hearing this, they silently added a sentence in their heart: stay at home and sleep.

But Gao Xiulan didn’t know, she was satisfied when she heard what mother Gu said.
It’s not good for a boy to be too naughty.
If he doesn’t cause trouble, it means he has a good temper.

“I took good care of our Qing’er.
Her brothers and sisters-in-law like her.
Since she was a child, they didn’t let her suffer.
She was only allowed to eat delicious food and fine grains.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua nodded quickly, “That’s right, our sister-in-law has doted on a lot.
After all, she’s the only daughter.” The main reason is that their mother-in-law dotes on the girl, and her sons are worthless…

This satisfies Mother Gu.
That’s good.
The daughter who is doted on at home won’t drag the family down and may even help.
She was still a little proud of herself.
Although she didn’t get a girl after giving birth to three sons like others, this daughter still has to come to her house.

“My Changan was also doted upon since childhood.
If his brothers and sisters-in-law have some good things they share it with him first.”

Sister-in-law Gu and Sister-in-law Gu also nodded, “Our little brother-in-law has been sensible and likable since he was a child.” That can’t be helped!

This really touched Gao Xiulan’s heart.
The brothers and sisters-in-law are good.
Good things are given to the youngest, and then they will be to her daughter! Well, well, very well.

So she praised her daughter vigorously, “My daughter’s hands are also skillful.
My daughter made this dress, and the stitches are fine.”

Mother Gu was envious immediately.
She didn’t have a daughter who could make clothes for her.
But it’s okay to be her daughter-in-law.
She immediately said, “Our Chang’an is also filial, always giving me a bite if he has something delicious.”

Gao Xiulan said, “Our daughter’s craftsmanship is also good, and the food she cooks is delicious.
It is incomparable to what her two sisters-in-law make which is like pig’s food!

Su Qinghe, Lin Shuhong, and Ding Guihua: “…”

“Our Chang’an also has crafts… there are too many to say.” mother Gu said with a dark heart.

Eldest Sister-in-law Gu and second-sister-in-law Gu: “…”

Deputy county magistrate Gu drank water from a teacup.

Gao Xiulan is really satisfied with this family at the moment.
That’s right, her family is also a cadre’s family, so of course it is worthy of being matched with the county magistrate’s family! Well, the in-law’s family won’t let her daughter subsidize and take care of them which is very good.

So she got straight to the point, “If our daughter gets married in the future, our family will provide food and drink, so she won’t live a hard life.
The fine grains at home are open for her to eat, and the cloth tickets are open for her to wear! ”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua: “…” Just be happy.

The two sisters-in-law of the Gu family looked at this old lady: this rural old lady is so generous!

Then they heard their mother-in-law say, “After our Chang’an got married, we will give him money every month to live on.
My family’s old Gu’s salary and subsidies will be given to him.
And half of the welfare of his brother-in-law’s work unit is also subsidized to him.
We will also buy him a bicycle!”

The corner of Old Gu’s mouth twitched, and he continued to drink tea.
Eldest Sister-in-law Gu and Second Sister-in-law Gu were dumbfounded.
What do you mean? What does their mother-in-law mean, did they hear it wrong just now?

Su Qinghe was also in a daze, why did she feel that something was wrong? Why does it sound so familiar?

Gao Xiulan was so excited that tears almost filled her eyes, this is their Qing’er’s husband’s family!

So she sat closer to Mama Gu, and Mama Gu also sat over.
Gao Xiulan said with emotion, “It’s all for the sake of the children.”
“Yes, it’s all flesh and blood.”Gu Ma empathized.

Secretary Hao’s wife sat on the sidelines with blank eyes.
She, the matchmaker, hasn’t said anything yet.
Did they finish talking by themselves?


“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

— Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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1I assume the house or the address of the other family.
The matchmaker is the middleman that will be the bridge between lovers.
But ya get it right?

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