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Su Qinghe: ” …” What is the necessary connection between bullying and her choice of husband’s family?

Back in the room, Su Qinghe chatted with the system.

“System, say I am already married but what if my relationship with my husband is not good and I get divorced?” This is a very troublesome thing.

The words sound just fell and Su Qinghe heard the sound of tinnitus1Tinnitus is the term for hearing sounds that come from inside your body, rather than from an outside source.
It’s often described as “ringing in the ears”, although several sounds can be heard, including buzzing.
(I only learn this word now.
hehe), “Host, host, after the military marriage breaks down, this system will be automatically destroyed.
Please consider carefully, host.”

Su Qinghe seemed to be able to feel the system trembling.

An artificial intelligence also knows to be afraid. Su Qinghe finally regained her balance.
She is not the only one who is afraid.

“In this case, system, you have to test the other party’s situation for me.
If something goes wrong, let’s destroy it humanely together.” Su Qinghe said earnestly.

A group of people in the Frontier Corps’ Sharp Sword Battalion are training in their physical fitness.

In the Sharp Sword company, it is not only necessary to train cross-country, but also to train individual soldiers.

Such as bayonets, such as boxing, and kung fu.

Gu Changan was thrown to the ground N times, and he was dizzy from the fall.
Some of them don’t know where they are anymore

“Private Gu Chang’an, stand up and continue, the enemy will not give you a chance to faint, they will kill you directly!”

The leader in charge of training shouted.
He also said to the veteran who was in charge of beating Gu Changan, “Old Gazi, after he falls, just kick him.
Kick wherever it hurts.
The enemy will directly shoot with knives and guns.”

Gu Changan got up from the ground in a hurry.

Old Gazi rushed up again.
He felt that this new soldier was really strong, he could still get up after falling so many times, and his physical fitness was really good.
Normally, if someone falls and can’t get up, they will have to carry it to the side to rest.
This one still insists on it.

He’s a good guy, he needs to practice well so that he can grow up early.

After falling down a few times again, Gu Chang’an got up numb every time and rushed up to hit the opponent.

Wuwuwu, he doesn’t want to be kicked, what if the other party kicks his lifeline2His balls.
hehe? That place hurts the most!

After countless times of training, the old man was a little weak, and Gu Changan was still struggling.

He didn’t pay attention and was directly knocked down by Gu Changan.

Old Gazi: “…”

Gu Changan: “…”

The platoon leader excitedly ran over and patted Gu Changan on the shoulder, “Not bad, you’re capable.
It’s only been a few days of practice, and you can beat old Gazi down.
He is a good soldier here.
Next time, I will arrange for a stronger opponent.
Those old men just want to fight, and the more you fall, the more resistant you are.”

Gu Changan: “…!!!!”

At noon the bell for lunch rang, and everyone rushed to eat.
Gu Changan limped and took his rice bowl to the cafeteria to grab a meal.

Then he sat on the edge of the table and ate.
While he ate, his body was still in pain.
He grieved.

He didn’t like fighting the most.
In the past, the eldest brother and the second brother came back from a holiday outside with wounds, and it hurt him just looking at them.
So he never fights with others and just stays at home honestly.

Just like this, they still didn’t let him go and insist on sending him out to fight with others.
It still has to be like this.

Eating the tasteless meal, he sighed deeply, he really wanted to go out for a walk and eat roasted whole lamb! I really really don’t want to fight!

After eating and returning to the dormitory, a correspondent came over and called him, “Gu Changan, the company commander is looking for you.”

Gu Changan immediately turned around and ran to the company commander Ge’s office.

Company Commander Ge looked at Gu Changan’s recent training situation, and his teeth couldn’t be seen in his smile.
Watching Gu Changan come in, was like looking at a treasure.
This is different than the time he won first place.
Now, he has a calm temperament, can endure hardships, has endurance, good physical fitness, and strong learning ability.
Not bad, not bad, not bad.
This is really a precious one.

In a good mood, even his voice was gentle, “Chang’an…”

“…” Gu Chang’an had goosebumps all over his body.
He always feels that the other party will try to torture him.

After he came here, his only hope was to go out for a walk and eat big fat sheep.
He no longer has any desire to eat white noodles and rice.

“Chang’an, you have trained very well recently.
I’m going to apply to the superiors.
If you train well, I will let you go home a year ago.
I will give you ten days off, what do you think?”

Gu Chang’an’s eyes fluttered, He felt like he was dreaming.
Go home, can he go home? Immediately, his eyes were red and had the urge to burst into tears.
He kept nodding his head, “Uh-huh!”

Go home.
Sure, of course.
Let the family know how miserable he is, and think of ways to let him go back.

Company Commander Ge looked at him with emotion.
When they leave home for the first time, young people must be homesick.
Hey, it’s all for serving the motherland.
We can only take care of everyone, not our family.
After Comrade Chang’an comes back, he will go to the Tibetan area with the old comrades.
Real soldiers can’t just train on the training ground, they also have to defend the border.

“Work hard, and when you’re done training, I’ll arrange for you to go home on vacation.”

Gu Changan nodded his head faster. From now on, he has a more important goal than eating roasted whole lamb – go home!

As for the standard of good training… anyway, work hard and work hard!

When he comes home, he will do whatever his father asks him to do, as long as he stays at home.

In the Yellow River production team, the autumn harvest was in full swing.

In a famine year, reaping the harvest seems to be like harvesting the lifeblood.
They are afraid of encountering bad weather.
Therefore, as soon as the food is ripe, it is quickly collected.

However, the output collected every day is not very high.

Everyone on the team knows that next year is estimated to be another difficult year.

After Gao Xiulan heard the numbers reported by the three sons, she felt very upset.

She wants to save a dowry for her daughter, but what if the food is not enough?

Dagen seldom sends anything up recently, he only sends some rice to the family.
Presumably, she also knows that there is no shortage of food at home for the time being.
It seems that her man is for an emergency only.

“God really not to feed the people.
In this case, we will starve again in the coming year.
It is estimated that the autumn grain will not last until tomorrow’s harvest.
When will we be able to fill our warehouse with grain?” Gao Xiulan sighed.

Su Qinghe thought in her heart that this wish would probably take more than ten years.
It seems that after the distribution of production labor to households, hybrid rice also appeared, the labor force was fully utilized, and the seeds were also high-yielding, so every household did not have to worry about food, and could exchange grain for money.

Hybrid rice…

After the meal, the strong laborers of the old Su family went to work on the autumn harvest again, and Gao Xiulan also took the children to the field to help pick up the fallen grain.
As long as you pick it up, you can divide it in half.
No matter how little it is, it is food.

Su Qinghe returned to her room and chatted with the system, “System, can I replace my rice with high-yield seeds such as hybrid rice? They are all rice anyway.”

“Host, please note that it is beyond the technology of this era and cannot be exchanged.”

Su Qinghe wondered, “Isn’t that old hen a product of the era’s technology?”

“The host can choose to exchange two seeds.”

“…” Su Qinghe’s face was full of black lines, and she was about to exit the system.
The system said again, “According to the task reward settings, the host can give a special reward once after starting the four tasks of food, clothing, housing, and transportation.
The reward is 10,000-star coins.
The host can use 10,000-star coins to exchange for any reward of the same value.”

“Ten thousand star coins worth less?” Su Qinghe asked in a daze, how did she know if the star coins were worth anything, and wouldn’t it be too deceitful, what if it was in Korean currency?

“It is equivalent to one hundred yuan in this era.”

Su Qinghe’s first felt that it was so little! However, after doing some calculations in her head, she found that it was not too little, it is equivalent to 10,000 yuan in the future.
“How many seeds can I change?”

“One thousand catties of middle-yield rice yields 500 kilograms per mu, five hundred catties of high-yield rice, fifty catties of super high-yield rice, and five catties of top-level high-yield rice.
The yield of each seed increases tenfold.
It can only be sown once, and the food produced is not of high-yield quality.”

This is not a problem for Su Qinghe.
In her memory, the famine year is only three years.
Next year is the last year.
As long as they get through it, even if they don’t have enough to eat later, they won’t starve to death like before.
And it doesn’t need to be exchanged for good seeds, just 500 kilograms per mu will do.

Now it is time to start other side missions, and the two tasks of ‘clothing and food’ have already been started.
If she wants to enable ‘housing’ and ‘travel’, she must first pass the preliminary assessment of ‘clothing’ and ‘food’.
Now that ‘food’ has passed, the only thing that needs to be upgraded is ‘clothes’… There are only seven skill points left to upgrade.

Well, the weather is starting to turn cold, so she needs to make a few more sets of clothes.

Two days later, twenty feet of cloth appeared in Gao Xiulan’s big urn. There are four pieces of material in total, some with small floral patterns and some with gray material.

Gao Xiulan looked at it and smiled.

“Dagen, you also know that our family wants to be in-laws with the county magistrate’s family, so you know that we can’t lose face.
That’s right, our family is also a cadre family, how can we be worse than others? Dagen, next time you should send more good things.
Support our daughter’s face.”

In the morning, after taking her daughter into the house to see her own materials, Gao Xiulan smiled, “I will give you what’s under the box later, and take it to your in-law’s house.”

“Mom, I think it’s better to do it later.
Doesn’t the other person still have to come to our house to see each other? We can’t be worse than others.
We should make a new set of clothes for the New Year.
When they come to see us, we will all wear new clothes.
Blind their eyes!” Su Qinghe said proudly.

Anyway, if it is given away there are no skill points to gain.

When Gao Xiulan thought of that scene, her face blushed.
“I’ll make two sets for you first, and then I’ll make do with the leftovers.
I’ll make it for the girls first.
Didn’t your mother-in-law say that she likes girls? Let her know that our family is the same.”

…Who is her mother-in-law?

The weather is getting colder and the autumn harvest is nearing its end.

Su Qinghe makes clothes at home.
She doesn’t even have to cook now, and just makes clothes with needles and threads every day when she has nothing to do.
She made two sets for herself first and then started making them for the kids.

Every day the children stare at her…the new clothes in her hands.

Daya, Erya, and Sanya thought to themselves, Grandma and Aunt are really good to them.
They don’t have any new clothes for them, but they make some for them!

Dabao was so sour that he was about to spit his teeth, rubbing his cheeks on the side.3He was jealous.

Su Qinghe looked at him and waved, “Comrade Dabao, if you can practice the words I taught you to write yesterday, I will do it for you later.”

The commune primary school collapsed due to the famine.
They can’t fill their stomachs so, no one goes to school.
So none of the children at home go to school.
Su Qinghe would occasionally teach them to write two characters.
The three girls are all quick learners, but Dabao is the slowest learner.

When Dabao heard it, his eyes lit up immediately, “Aunt, I must study hard.
I’ll practice right away.” Then he pulled Da Ya, “Sister Da Ya, you teach me, I can’t.”

Daya reluctantly looked at the new clothes, and then took her younger brother and sister to learn to write.

Gao Xiulan looked at them and smiled.

Auntie said they need to learn how to read so that when they grow up they can eat whatever they want.
The younger siblings in the family can read and write, and they will be able to fill their stomachs in the future.

Su Qinghe’s five sets of clothes were finished, and the autumn harvest was over.

The output is very unsatisfactory.
The members of the whole Yellow River production team looked at Guo Changsheng with dismay and expectation.

Guo Changsheng said with tears in his eyes, “Distribute the grain.
If you pay the public grain, you will divide the grain.”

The people below cheered for a while.

Guo Changsheng withstood the pressure and handed over the public grain according to the production ratio. The output is also reported according to the normal output.

After what happened last time, he has made a big decision.
Even if he quits as the captain, he will never let his fellow villagers eat tree bark and loess.

The entire Yellow River production team was more cheerful than on New Year’s when they heard that they didn’t have to hand in all the grain.
Even if we can’t divide pork this year, it would be nice to be able to divide grains.
If you save these grains, you can at least survive until May next year… If you eat wild vegetables for a while and eat bark for a while, you can survive until autumn again, and maybe there will be a bumper harvest next autumn.

With such a good wish, every household is happy to take the things that hold the grain to distribute it.

Although Gao Xiulan was happy in her heart, once the joy was over, she was thinking about the old Gu’s family again.

When will her silly son-in-law come back?


“Time moves slowly, but passes quickly.”

— Alice Walker, The Color Purple


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1Tinnitus is the term for hearing sounds that come from inside your body, rather than from an outside source.
It’s often described as “ringing in the ears”, although several sounds can be heard, including buzzing.
(I only learn this word now.
hehe)2His balls.
hehe3He was jealous.

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