Of course, the young couple’s staring at each other can’t be hidden from other people.
Looking at the little eyes of the two of them, they were secretly happy, especially mother Gu, who felt that her son and Qing’er were really intimate.
He really took a fancy to Qing’er.
Just like his mother.

Gao Xiulan was also very proud.
Her daughter was really pretty.
This kid looked dumbfounded.

She smiled heartily and said, “Come in and sit in the room.
Aiguo’s wife and Aihua’s wife hurry up and entertain people.”

Because of the guests, Gao Xiulan spoke softly to the two daughters-in-law, making Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua not used to it, so they hurried to make sugar water uncomfortably.

The members of the old Gu family followed Gao Xiulan and the others into the house.
It was the same earthen house as the countryside, but it was so clean that even the cobwebs could not be seen.
There was no dust on the table either. Looking at the clothes of the family members, whether they are adults or children, they are all dressed well.
It shows that they value them, and it also shows that they have some family resources.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to collect so many good clothes.

Mother Gu was even more satisfied.

Gu Chang’an has been secretly looking at Su Qinghe.
This little girl looks so white and tender, it’s as good as what I used to be.

I just don’t know if she is really able to work.
She can’t be lazier than him, right?…

Su Qinghe is secretly scanning Gu Changan, this stupefied look, I don’t know if he has some ability.

She bowed her head shyly, listening to the system scan results in her head, “The blind date is an active soldier, with strong physical fitness, strong aptitude, and extremely explosive power.
He ranks first in the overall ability of the honorary recruit assessment and is now in the strongest company in the Corps.
Defeated five veterans with bare hands.
Based on the results, he has unlimited potential.
It is recommended to be listed as a marriage partner.”

“…” When Su Qinghe heard the result, she slowly raised her head and looked at Gu Changan.
It’s a little tan.
Aren’t all soldiers tan? No, it’s weird if they’re not! The eyebrows are long and straight, with double eyelids, a high nose, and plump lips.
Looks good and looks good.
The main thing is that the ability is still so strong.
He has just joined the army and has such good ratings, which shows that he is motivated and can endure hardships.
This is simply a soldier tailor-made for her.

She likes to find someone who can endure hardships, endures more hardships, trains more, earns money earlier, and then give her all the wages so that she can lie down and eat and drink in the future.
Do tasks when she is idle, and sleep vigorously when she wants to sleep.

This is literally a dream life.

Very good.
Very powerful.

Gu Chang’an was glanced at by Su Qinghe, and he turned his head away in embarrassment.

The little girl won’t have a crush on him, will she … Yes, he looks so attractive.
Anyone who looks at him will like him.
In fact, this little girl looks pretty good, look at how fleshy her face is.
Looking at those thin yellow faces every day, looking at this little girl is like looking at a fairy.

The adults on both sides have already said the same thing last time, that is, talking nonsense on one side, and then watching how the two younger ones react.

Seeing the affectionate look on their brows, they were both extremely satisfied.
Just waiting for dinner later, and they will formally talk about the marriage.

I’ll cook.”


Su Qinghe stood up.
Since she has taken a fancy to it, of course, she has to get it.
 This is a must.
Although she is lazy, she also knows that she cannot be lazy during a blind date.

Gao Xiulan didn’t stop her either.
She can cook a meal during the blind date, but she can’t let her daughter do it when she gets married.

“Go, go.” She smiled and said to the Gu family, “Look, she just can’t stay idle.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also wanted to help, and Gu Changan also stood up, “I’ll go and have a look.”

When he came out, his mother said, if he fancies it when they come here, he can’t be idle.
It’s important to have a good performance so that the girls will be devoted to him.
Then… cough cough…

In the kitchen, Gu Chang’an’s eyeballs were almost glued to her; watching Su Qinghe skillfully cook and chop vegetables.

Oh, what a… what a virtuous girl!

“Do you need my help?”

“No, no, how can I ask the guests to help?” Su Qinghe hurriedly said, feeling more satisfied with this soldier.
Not only capable but also extremely diligent and know how to be considerate.

Gu Chang’an said, “I’ll help you fuel the fire, I can do a lot of work!” Of course, it’s fake, so he can only choose the simplest work.

Seeing him sitting down under the stove, Su Qinghe felt even more satisfied.
He knew that she was polite, so he insisted on staying here.
Well, it’s an initiative.

While chopping vegetables, she asked him questions, “I heard that you went to the army not long ago, how is your life?”

“…” Gu Changan felt that his sadness had been brought up again, and there was a bit of worry on his face, “The environment is difficult.”

Su Qinghe was surprised, thinking that he was quite honest and would not brag, and asked, “Then you are still willing to stay?”

Gu Changan felt that he could not show his emotions, so he said sullenly, “I have to stay.”

Su Qinghe suddenly realized that this was for the sake of defending the country and sacrificing himself.
Soldiers are all so self-sacrificing, no matter how difficult the environment is, they still stick to the frontiers of the motherland.

“Then are you divided into a company now?”

Gu Chang’an sighed again, “Well, I am assigned to a company, but the training is more difficult.”

Of course, the strongest company has tough training.
Su Qinghe understood in her heart.
She thinks this person is very real, and he won’t brag that he is in the strongest company.

Su Qinghe went out of the kitchen and brought in the fish from outside.

Gu Changan’s eyes were on the fish again.

Watching Su Qinghe skillfully cut up large pieces of fish and large pieces of meat.
Su Qinghe said, “Let me make braised pork for you.”

Gu Changan was about to nod his head when he suddenly remembered that his mother had said that he couldn’t be seen through, so he sullenly said, “Whatever you want.”

Su Qinghe secretly laughed, this is still a cold image.

Oh, yes, yes, she likes this soldier brother who is cold, mature, hard-working, and especially considerate.

She happily stewed the meat in the pot, and Gu Chang’an felt at ease when he smelled the smell of meat.

Seeing that he was silent, Su Qinghe took the initiative to ask, “By the way, your mother is so good to you.
Will your salary be handed over to your mother in the future?”

Gu Changan shook his head subconsciously, “Keeping it for myself.” The salary is so low that he can’t even eat enough.
As his mother said, the old man and two brothers are raising her, so she won’t count on him.

Su Qinghe smiled and kept it for himself to live, of course, it was for the young couple to live.
He didn’t spend any money in the army, of course, it’s for her.
Very good, I like this kind of salary handed in.

Gu Changan didn’t know what she was smiling at.
He felt that she should be satisfied with him, so he boldly asked, “My mother said you can make clothes and cook.”

“That’s true.
I can do everything, so there is nothing I can’t do!” Anyway, not now, but in the future.
She pointed to the pot with a smile, “My best skill is cooking.
I have talent, and I will get better and better in the future.
If I have a chance, I will make old hen soup for you, just the old hen raised by my mother.
The meat is very delicious.” Su Qinghe praised herself vigorously.
There is indeed an old hen in her space.

Gu Changan touched his chest and felt that his heart had missed a few beats.
In order to make chicken soup for him, she actually asked for his mother-in-law’s old hen! How could it be so close, so suitable? This is… this is the wife he is looking for who can support him!

He stood up suddenly, startling Su Qinghe.

Su Qinghe looked at his serious face, and said in a daze, “Comrade Changan, what are you doing?”

Gu Changan said with a sullen face, “I, I will work hard and perform well!”

Try to come back as soon as possible to live a good life!

Su Qinghe’s understanding is that this soldier brother is swearing to her that he will work hard, strive for progress, and let her live a good life.
He might have taken a fancy to her.
She was extremely happy in my heart.

“Well, I see.” You must work hard, raise your salary, and live a good life!

Su Qinghe moved quickly, the braised pork was cooked in no time, and Gu Changan secretly ate a piece, almost crying.

Another pot of fish soup was boiled, and his tears flowed.

After getting on the table, mother Gu looked at her son and asked, “Chang’an, what’s wrong with you?”

Gu Chang’an lowered his head and said, “I think Comrade Qinghe is pretty good.”

Oh, this is because he likes the girl.
She thought he was unhappy and unwilling.
Mother Gu was overjoyed, and then looked at Gao Xiulan who was smiling proudly, “In-laws, when do you think we can settle things? They can’t get the certificate now, and Qing’er is still young, so let’s engage them first.
Then, when the children are older, they can get the certificate directly.
How about it? Even if you are still engaged, Qing’er is our daughter-in-law.”

Of course, Gao Xiulan was happy, “As long as the child is willing.”

Both parties nodded.
It’s better to settle down early, so as not to have too many long dreams at night.1 ‘too many long dreams at night’ – too many worries to think about.

The parents of both parties hurriedly began to discuss the engagement.

Gao Xiulan directly made a decision, “Our family doesn’t want a dowry, we give dowry! Our daughter is not exchanged for money.
We raise her like a baby.”

Mother Gu also said, “Our family doesn’t want a dowry, our family gives bride price.
Our daughter-in-law is not for making money.”

Gao Xiulan said unhappily, “That won’t work, people will make fun of my daughter.”

“Anyway, I don’t agree, people will make fun of my son!” Gu Mama refused at all.

Gao Xiulan stood up, “Are you sure about this marriage?”

Gu Ma also stood up, “Are you sure?”

Seeing that the two of them had changed from a harmonious relationship to a sword fight suddenly because of the dowry gift, everyone else was dumbfounded.
Well, everyone wants a dowry gift, and they are doing it the other way around…

No one in the two families dared to speak.

Gu Chang’an and Su Qinghe are more and more pleasing to each other.
Even if the family members are different from others, they are too reasonable.

Secretary Hao and his wife were sweating profusely.
This was something that was finally accomplished, so don’t let it collapse.
Secretary Hao’s wife stood up and said, “Well, I don’t think so.
Anyway, it’s all for the young couple.
How about this? Whether it’s a dowry or a bride price, it’s all for the young couple to keep it themselves.
As long as both families keep their hands off, the young couple has a dowry and a bride price.
What a wonderful life they are having.”

Gao Xiulan and Mother Gu thought about it and sat down at the same time.
This is still quite reasonable.

Gao Xiulan began to snap her fingers, “I’ll give them everything they wear and the rice they eat at home.”

Mother Gu said, “I’ll give them everything they use.
If they don’t need it, I’ll just give them money and tickets.”

Chang’an and Su Qinghe had one thought at this moment… It’s great to be married, and then they all stared at the dishes on the table. Why don’t you move your chopsticks?

The few children who couldn’t sit at the table were already eating in the kitchen with their mouths full of grease.
Su Qinghe left vegetables and soup in the pot for them, and they ate vigorously.

After the two sides finished chatting, they finally started eating.
The two quickly started to move their chopsticks.
They were hungry a long time ago!

Eating the meals made by Su Qinghe, Mother Gu felt that she had made a lot of money.
This is better than the master chefs in the canteen of the county party committee.

After the meal, it was agreed that two days later, they would go to the county to set up the engagement, and the families of both parties would have a meal in the county.
It can be regarded as Su Qinghe officially entering the Gu family’s door.

When leaving, Su Qinghe and Gu Chang’an secretly waved, and the two exchanged glances at each other.
When the two parties could not see each other, Gao Xiulan cheerfully asked her daughter, “How is it?!”

Su Qinghe snapped her fingers.
“Hard-working, sincere, progressive, considerate, assertive, temperamental, and attractive!”

Gao Xiulan upturn the corners of her mouth without baring her teeth.

On the other hand, mother Gu also asked her son, “How is it? Mom didn’t wrong you.
How is Qing’er?”

Gu Changan grinned and stretched out his fingers, Hard-working, simple, caring, capable, independent, good-tempered, and good-looking.”

Mother Gu smiled and patted his arm, “Mom knew you would like her.”


“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something.
You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”

― J.R.R.
Tolkien, The Hobbit

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1 ‘too many long dreams at night’ – too many worries to think about.

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