Su Qinghe returned to her senses, and immediately opened the storage box and took a look.
There was a piece of smooth pork belly lying in it.

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Meat, meat, meat, it looks very delicious.

But no, why is it meat? She wants to eat meat, but now this situation obviously, food1 is more important.

“System, can I change it? Why is it meat? I want white noodles and rice.” She doesn’t want to eat these weird pastes.2

“Host, please note that the task reward is the most favorite food in the host’s heart each time, and the host’s ideas will be conveyed to the system through brain waves, and the system meets the needs of the host.”

“…Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Su Qinghe endured the urge to strangle it to death.

“Don’t human beings like to get what they want? This is the first time the system is set to give the host an award-winning surprise.”

It’s fine, but didn’t she think of meat at the last minute? No, she should be glad she thought of meat, if she thought of these strange slurries, she would have to cry to death! Thinking about what the system had just said, she smiled happily, “So, I can have whatever ingredients I want in the future? If I want abalone and shark fin…” She imagined that the full banquet was right in front of her.

“Host, please note that the reward for each task is based on the host’s labor.
According to the number of meals the host has just made, it is only for a family of three in this era, so the reward is half a catty of pork belly.
Because the host won the first time, the reward is doubled.
So, a total of one catty is rewarded.”

“…” Su Qinghe fully understood that this system is indeed a system for training military women, not a system that can be used for opportunism.
Fully follow the basic principles of “work more, get more money, and distribute according to work”.
To prevent someone from being lazy and sly.
And lazy people like her are the key targets of the system.

“System, please give my regards to your maker and their ancestors.”

“Sorry host, the system is currently unable to contact StarCraft.
The information of the maker’s ancestor has not been entered.
The system cannot search for the maker’s ancestor, the task cannot be completed.”

Su Qinghe felt that it was very childish to talk to an AI3 about this.
She simply put it in a small black room temporarily4, and then began to pack up these things that she had made.

She can’t eat these slurries.
Might as well take these pastes away.

Just as she took the big bowl and prepared to serve it, the door of the kitchen was kicked open which startled Su Qinghe.

Looking up, the eldest brother Su Aiguo was looking into the kitchen with a panicked face and found that there was nothing wrong.
Only Su Qinghe stood stupidly inside.
He breathed a sigh of relief, “Sister, I was at the threshing floor5 when I saw the smoke coming out of our house, I thought there was a fire and it scared me to death.”

As soon as Su Aiguo finished speaking, Su Aihua came, followed by Ding Guihua and Lin Shuhong.

Seeing there’s no problem at home, they were all a bit dumbfounded.

Su Aihua said, “Sister, what are you doing?”

“I, I want to learn how to cook for you guys to eat.” Su Qinghe said.
After all, they are family, and it is necessary to brush up good feelings.

Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, the eyes of several people were stunned.
Su Aihua said, “Sister, what’s wrong with you? You’ve never even touched the stove.
Why do you want to cook?”

Ding Guihua thinks that her man is usually very smart, but he is stupid when meeting his sister.
How could the eldest sister cook? Of course, she secretly cooks her own food.

Lin Shuhong’s eyes were red.
Her two daughters are still starving, and the eldest sister can open a small stove all day long and can add meals.
She’s a lucky girl.
Her daughters are also girls but their luck are so much worse…

Su Aiguo was moved, “Sister, you really have grown up.
But you don’t need to do this.
Your sister-in-law can cook.
You don’t need to do it.”

“…” Su Qinghe smiled, “Well, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something before going to work?”

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Su Aiguo waved his hand, “Sister, eat more by yourself, we still have work in the field.
Don’t worry about the dishes and chopsticks after eating, you are not in good health, so take a good rest.”

Su Qinghe thinks that she is the healthiest in the whole family.

Su Aiguo led other people with different thoughts to leave.
Su Qinghe was relieved.
She didn’t expect that cooking a meal could cause such a commotion.

Thinking about it, many people in this era eat two meals a day.
Isn’t it surprising that the chimney suddenly smokes? Forget it, I will cook at normal times in the future.

It’s easy to cook anyway.
Don’t you just throw something into the pot and cook it on the fire? It doesn’t seem to be difficult at all, and it’s not very tiring.

“Host, please note that since you already have 1 point of cooking skill, the next time you cook, you must get a compliment from someone to get the corresponding reward.
Host, perfunctory labor is shameful.”

“…” Su Qinghe wanted to greet the maker’s ancestors again.

For this exploitative behavior, she wants to protest, “Then if I want to get a dozen skill points, how many people do I have to cook for?”

“Host, please note that the system stipulates that the host’s craft must be approved by the family members who live with her, and the above restrictions are lifted by themselves.
Please study hard, improve your cooking skills, and lift the restrictions as soon as possible.”

Upon hearing the latter words, Su Qinghe knew that she had no hope.

Sure enough, this system is about cultivating.
If you can’t improve yourself, the system will have limitations.
This can’t be faked.

Thinking that she really needs to devote herself to cooking in the future, Su Qinghe instantly felt hopeless.

She is a person who just wants to lie down and wait to eat!

Su Qinghe is fortunate that she’s an optimistic person; since she can’t resist such a life, then learn to enjoy it.
For example, how many dishes can she make with this piece of pork belly? Thinking of the oily braised pork, she gulped.
Before she swallowed her saliva, she froze.

No, this meat, how can she take it out and cook it? She can’t secretly eat alone.
The problem is that she wants to eat but can’t eat alone.
A smoke can alarm a family.
If this smells of meat spreads, it will disturb the whole village.

It’s not easy to cook the meat.

Su Qinghe had to think of a way to solve the source of this piece of meat.
She can’t just produce meat out of thin air.

“Hurry up and fetch water to wash the vegetables.
You have to eat it at night.
Da Ya6 act fast, you are already big.
Er Ya7 go to the kitchen get a bamboo basket, San Ya… San Ya8 go bring me a bench.
Oh, my old arms and legs! I have to serve this big family.
I’m really exhausted.”

In the kitchen, Su Qinghe was embarrassed when she heard Gao Xiulan’s voice.

She hurriedly ran out, “Mom, you are back.”

Gao Xiulan was about to sit and rest.
Seeing her daughter coming out of the kitchen, she almost sat on the ground in shock.
She stood up and said, “Qing’er, why didn’t you sleep in the afternoon?”

“Oh, I… just learned how to cook.”

When Gao Xiulan heard that her daughter was cooking, she burst into tears with excitement, and hurriedly ran to the kitchen, “Let me see what did you cooked.” Seeing the sorghum mush in the large bowl on the stove, she wiped her tears, “My Qing’er is really filial, and she cooks.
Oh, what are you doing? You have mother and your sisters-in-law, you don’t need to do this.
How tiring you must be.”

“…Mom, it’s actually okay.” Su Qinghe smiled, thinking that her mother really loves her.
She cooked a little burnt yellow paste, and she was still moved to tears.

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She was about to ask what to do with the meal, when she saw a little girl with a vertical goat-horn braid at the door, just poking her head out, with longing in her eyes.

The eager eyes were directed at the burnt yellow paste on the stove.

This little girl is Su Aiguo’s youngest daughter Erya, Su Man Yue, who is only five years old now.
She had been scolded by Gao Xiulan for clamoring to eat soybeans before.
Su Qinghe felt that her mood was complicated.
She can get such eager eyes out of what she cooked, which shows how hungry the child is.
She beckoned, “Erya, are you hungry? Aunt just made some food, come and try it.”

Su Manyue’s eyes lit up.

Gao Xiulan frowned, “What eat? What a blessing, she can eat the food her aunt cooked but I haven’t even had a bite.”

Her daughter cooked for the first time, so how can she give it to others?

Su Manyue was so scared that she ran away, fearing that she would curse again.

The corner of Su Qinghe’s mouth twitched; it is definitely impossible to be reasonable.
Gao Xiulan is now at the level of MLM9.
She is ashamed, and she doesn’t dare to say anything casually now.
She can only turn around and say, “Mom, the food I made for the first time is not good, I am afraid you would not eat it.
I plan to make another meal tonight, and you will be the first one to taste it.
Just give these to the children to eat.
I’ll cook delicious food for you in the evening.” She suddenly felt that this mother could become her first cooking approving person.

Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, Gao Xiulan felt warmth in her heart.
“Mom doesn’t want you to cook and work.
How tiring, what if it’s hot?”

“…Mom, I’m not young anymore.
I always want to look for opportunities to be filial to you.
Mom, you have worked hard.”

Gao Xiulan’s eyes were red, and she wiped her tears, “I just said my daughter is the most filial in this family.
Others are black-hearted.”

Su Qinghe: “…Mom, I’ll give these to Erya and the others.”

Gao Xiulan nodded and said, “Divide it.
A group of girls doesn’t know how many good things they did in their previous life and can eat what their aunt cooked.”

Su Qinghe nodded, yeah, yeah, I don’t know how many good things I have done in my last life that I can be your daughter.

The ten-year-old girl Su Zhengyue is washing vegetables in the bucket, and the five-year-old Su Manyue squatting on the side to work.
Even the three-year-old Su Banyue sits on the side sitting on a small bench, handing unwashed vegetables to her two cousins.

Seeing Su Qinghe coming out, the three of them were a little scared.
Their aunt usually doesn’t care about them, but if they make her upset, she will complain to grandma and say that disobedient kids will be thrown out.
Some starving children in the village have been thrown out.

Su Qinghe was stabbed in the chest by their reaction, and she tried her best to put on a good expression, “Come, come, aunt made something delicious, hurry over to eat.”

Three children: “…”

“Aunty, I want to eat, I want to eat.” Su Dabao10, the grandson of the Su family, ran into the house, followed by the two-year-old grandson Su Erbao11.

Needless to say, this name was taken by Gao Xiulan, thinking that there will be three treasures behind the four treasures…12

The two children entered the kitchen one after the other.
Su Qinghe divided the food into small bowls for them, leaving more than half to be shared among the other three children.
Just as she was about to call them, Su Manyue is drooling by the door frame again.

Su Qinghe waved, “Erya, come here.” Gao Xiulan, who was feeding her grandson, roared, “Damn girl if you want to eat just eat! You’re still waiting for your aunt to urge you three times to eat? If you don’t want to eat it then don’t eat it in the future, just starve to death!”

The three children outside immediately ran in, and even the three-year-old Su Banyue ran quickly.

In a blink of an eye, the three children had already stood in front of Su Qinghe with their own bowls and chopsticks, waiting for her to divide the food.
Their eyes were still looking at the large bowl.

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Su Qinghe quickly gave their share.
One person divided more than half of the bowl.
After the division was finished, they all started to eat; looking like eating the delicacies of the mountains and the sea.

Su Qinghe couldn’t help but said, “Mom, let them eat more at ordinary times.
They’re going to be hungry…”

“Didn’t I give them food? If I didn’t give them food, they would have been thrown to the Niutou13 Mountain.
How many children have been thrown away in our team? It is enough to survive, so don’t hope to be full.
It’s not like two years ago when we had a big canteen14.
The bark15 is not enough to eat, so what do you give them to eat?” Gao Xiulan thinks that she is doing a good job as a grandmother.
At least, the children didn’t starve to death.

The three children nodded one after another when they heard what their grandma said.


food that’s more filling to the stomach.


like the one she cooked.


Artificial Intelligence


someone pls explain this.


A threshing floor is of two main types: 1) a specially flattened outdoor surface, usually circular and paved, or 2) inside a building with a smooth floor of earth, stone or wood where a farmer would thresh the grain harvest and then winnow it.


eldest granddaughter.


Second granddaughter.


Third granddaughter.


Multi-Level Marketing – multi-level marketing Businesses that involve selling products to family and friends and recruiting other people to do the same.


Eldest grandson


Second grandson


If anyone can explain this pls comment below.


Ox-Head, one of the two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology.


There used to be a canteen in every production team where the workers eat.


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tree bark

Su Qinghe looked at them like this, and suddenly there was a sense of pride.
She wanted to cook!

Su Aiguo and the others came back late in the evening.
Now is a busy farming time.
Even if the crops in the fields are not good, they still have to gather things up.
Every day, they have to wait until the sun goes down before they are released from work.

As soon as they came back, Gao Xiulan started muttering, “How nice Qing’er is to you, knowing you are busy, she cooked for your children.
She didn’t eat a single bite herself.
Only you, heartless people don’t think of her well.”

Su Qinghe was sitting at the door thinking about things.
Hearing Gao Xiulan’s words, her face twitched.

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua knew that Su Qinghe had cooked in the middle of the afternoon, but they didn’t expect her to give it to their children.
The two were extremely moved.

“Sister, don’t work so hard, they’ll be fine with one bite.” Su Aiguo said.

Su Aihua also nodded, “Sister, tell me what you want to eat in the future, and I’ll think of a way to get it.”

Su Qinghe: “…Brothers, you guys are so good to me.” The sisters-in-law are behind you, you are really big-hearted.

Su Aiguo was moved and said, “You said something stupid.
If your brothers are not good to you, who else is good to you?”

His wife, Lin Shuhong had red eyes.

‘Why is she so miserable?’

Ding Guihua was still calm and said with a smile, “Sister has worked hard.
I’ll cook the evening meal.”

Gao Xiulan snorted coldly, “Forget it, Qing’er said, she will cook dinner.
You just give a hand.” The second daughter-in-law thinks, ‘isn’t it just to eat more while cooking?’

When Ding Guihua heard it, she couldn’t hold it in her heart; What is the eldest sister doing?

Of course, Su Qinghe wanted to quickly unblock her restrictions.

She thought it was not easy for her to get praise from her family for her broken craft, but she suddenly realized that there are a few brain-dead fans in her family.
Which makes this a very easy task.

So she decided to unblock it with great effort, and then she could be lazy later.

In the evening, with Gao Xiulan’s expectation and the assistance of her two sisters-in-law, Su Qinghe made a meal of wild vegetables and sorghum porridge for the whole family.
This time it was not bad, because she has some cooking skills, so she still knows how much salt should be put in this pot of porridge.
Compared with the previous dish, it has been significantly improved.
She suddenly feels that this skill is really useful.

When the food was on the table, Gao Xiulan and her two sons looked excitedly at a pot of porridge made by Su Qinghe.

Gao Xiulan painfully shared the porridge while saying, “This was cooked by Qing’er.”

Su Qinghe sat on the side watching everyone eating, and then asked everyone, “Is it delicious?”

“It’s delicious, it’s delicious.” Gao Xiulan and her sons nodded eagerly.

“Ding, the cooking task is completed, the cooking skill is rewarded by 1 point, and the reward is three kilograms of white flour.” After a few seconds, she sighed in relief, with flour and meat, she could eat dumplings.
She has to find a way to get these things out. 

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