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Ouch, looking at how beautiful Qinghe is then looking at their daughters again… There’s nothing they can do, they didn’t raise them well before, so they are too skinny now.
They can’t be raised anymore.
Fortunately, there is a granddaughter.
In the future, the granddaughter will have to take good care of, and will not starve to death.
Who knows if she will be able to marry into a good family in the future?

Su Qinghe didn’t know that because of her marriage, the status of the females in the entire Yellow River production team had been raised so much.

At least when she looks at them in the future, they will no longer be treated as useless.

The male baby is raised to carry on the family line, and the female baby is raised to give the family a face, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Only Guo Changsheng sat at home and sighed.
His wife said, “What’s the matter, the old Su’s family has a big happy event, what are you doing?”

Guo Changsheng: “…” Don’t mention the old Su family, it hurts.
He looked at the sky, hoping that Qing’er would be more diligent in the future…

When the Su family arrived in town, they met Secretary Hao and his wife again, and then a group of people went directly to the county seat.
They went there by tractor from the commune.

The road was rickety, and everyone smiled and squinted.
Su Qinghe felt like throwing up while lying in the car.

They finally arrived at the county seat, so she felt better.
She thought to herself that she must hurry up and get a means of transportation.
She would rather walk than ride a tractor.

When they arrived at the county party committee compound, the three sons and two wives of the Gu family greeted them warmly below. Gu Chang’an looked at Su Qinghe, and the two exchanged small eye contact, both tilting their heads shyly. A blind date is such a wonderful thing.
Two people who don’t know each other before, after confirming their relationship in advance, their small thoughts will slowly go to each other, so…

Gu Chang’an: The more I look at her, the better she looks.

Su Qinghe: Really handsome.

Everyone went upstairs together, and the two deliberately walked slowly behind. For two people who have never dated before, dating is like a new game. Very novel.

Especially the other party is so good, almost every aspect is in line with the other half they imagined in their heart.
Coupled with the fact that they are familiar with each other when they met for the first time, it must be fate destined by Heaven.

Because of thinking about something, Su Qinghe’s foot slipped when she went upstairs, and she fell forward, and a hand suddenly reached out to grab her. That movement was as fast as lightning.

Su Qinghe: So handsome!

Gu Changan: Fortunately, I learned a skill, oh my god, I was scared to death.

“Thank you.” Su Qinghe smiled shyly.
A small dimple appeared on her face.
Gu Chang’an’s face also turned red when he saw it, “It’s okay.”

The people in front were happy to see how good the relationship between the two was.
Speaking of relationships, they were afraid that the young children will have no feelings.
It’s great now, it’s really right.

After entering the room, Mother Gu first exchanged greetings with Gao Xiulan, and the two of them exchanged a few short words with each other, then Mother Gu introduced the relatives of the family to Su Qinghe: the eldest uncle and the eldest aunt, the second uncle and the second aunt.

Mother Gu boasted from the bottom of her heart, “This is our Qing’er, our third daughter-in-law.
She is capable and hardworking, she is also attractive in appearance, and has a good temper.
No one can compare to her.”

Sister-in-law Gu and second sister-in-law Gu were brushed off.
Shot in the center of the liver.

On the other side, Gao Xiulan took Gu Chang’an to introduce Su Qinghe’s uncle Gao Fusheng.

Gu Changan obediently called uncle.
Gao Fusheng’s mouth was almost crooked when he laughed.

Gao Xiulan looked at her son-in-law, and the more she looked at it, the more she liked it. “This son-in-law is better than his son.
None of your three nephews can compare to him.”

The three depressed brothers of the Su family became even more depressed.

Their little sister was robbed, and their mother was also robbed!

The whole atmosphere was harmonious.

At the beginning of the banquet, Su Qinghe and Gu Changan followed the rules and first offered tea to the matchmakers, Secretary Hao, and Secretary Hao’s wife.
Secretary Hao laughed and said, “A talented man and a beautiful woman are a natural match!”

The two offered tea to the Gu family’s parents, Gao Xiulan and Gao Fusheng together.
By the way, they follow each other and exchange cups.
In the future, Su Qinghe will have another pair of parents.

Mother Gu said, “The more you look at them, the more suitable they are.”

Gao Xiulan smiled and said, “That’s true and the days will be better in the future.”

Gu Changan and Su Qinghe nodded together.
Of course, the better it is.
There is someone who supports me.
Ha ha ha ha.

After serving the tea, Su Qinghe heard a ding in her head, “Congratulations to the host for becoming a reserve military wife.
This system has begun to establish a connection with the soldier object…connecting…the connection is progressing 30%…60%…90%…completed!”

Su Qinghe’s head froze for three seconds.

What do you mean, what do you mean, what does it mean to establish a connection?

She looked at Gu Changan.
She saw that Gu Chang’an still had a cold and aloof look on his face, and was a little shy.
Nothing strange.

So the other party didn’t realize that he was connected by the system?

There are so many people at the moment, it is not easy for Su Qinghe to check the situation, so she can only wait to go back and check the changes in the system.

After the meal, the elders proposed to let the two children go out for a walk.

They are already married couples.
How can they not? The point is that Chang’an will leave after a few days.

Mother Gu said, “Go out by bike.
I bought a bicycle for Qing’er.
It just happened that Chang’an can take Qing’er to ride for a while.”

Gao Xiulan smiled when she heard that.
This in-law is really on the right track, saying that she will buy a bicycle, and she really bought one.
Ok, these in-laws have nothing to say.

Even the three brothers of the Su family were stunned.
Sht, a bicycle…

When the two families arrived downstairs, Gu Changan went to push out a brand-new bicycle from the guard room.

It’s so bright that it makes everyone’s eyes shine.

Mother Gu said, “Qing’er, go and try it out.”

Second sister-in-law Gu smiled, “Yes, if you don’t know how, you should come here often, and I will teach you.”

Su Qinghe walked to the bicycle and compared the height.
Mother, isn’t this too high? She can ride a bicycle.
After all, when she was in college, she was too lazy to walk from the dormitory to the classroom, so she rode a bicycle for a while.
But it was a small bike.

Gu Chang’an said worriedly, “Qing’er, don’t you know how to do it? Didn’t you say you can do everything?”

“…” Knowing everything is not understood in this way!


Su Qinghe looked up with a smile, “No, of course, I can.
I’m just so happy.
You hold it for me, I’ll go up first.

Gu Chang’an: “…” Do you need someone to help you on a bicycle?

He saw Su Qinghe directly stretch her legs and crossed the seat of the bicycle.
Then she finally sat down, holding the handlebars with both hands, and then pedaled her legs.

“Let go, let go.” Su Qinghe urged.

Gu Changan quickly let go.
Then he watched Comrade Su Qinghe, his target, stagger, stepped on her bicycle crookedly and went out…

Gao Xiulan worried, “You won’t fall, will you?” She was about to run out quickly.

Gu Changan came to his senses and hurried out to have a look.
This wife hasn’t married yet, so don’t break it.
As a result, before he ran out, he watched Su Qinghe come back on her bicycle.
That speed is simply smooth.
The movements are much more proficient than before.
Then Su Qinghe stopped skillfully, and got off the bike with a straight leg, “This car is so easy to ride, especially smooth.
Mom really knows how to buy things.”

Mother Gu is really happy to hear that.

Deputy county magistrate Gu coughed next to her, obviously, he bought it…

She really knows how to do it… Gu Changan’s face is full of pride, she is really good at everything!

Second Aunt Gu was confused, what was going on? what’s going on? The person who ride crookedly and was about to fall when getting into the bike is so proficient now.
what’s going on?

Su Qinghe pushed the bike over with a smile.
She’s glad that this car is too big, and she hasn’t ridden a bike for a long time.
It was almost crooked just now, but fortunately, after running a thousand meters, it added a skill point.
She can do it herself.
This skill point is like a tiger with wings added.
Hands and feet react much faster.

Gao Xiulan said with a proud face, “My daughter is smart and can do everything.
As long as she gets started with things, there is nothing you can’t do.”

Look, the first time she rode a bike, she slipped away like this.
Who can compare?

Old Su’s family members nodded, yes, sister is too smart!

Second Sister-in-law Gu’s heart is sour, she knows everything, can she fly a plane? Woooooooo …

With a bicycle, Gu Changan took Su Qinghe out to play on the bicycle.

Gu Changan was glad that he was too lazy to walk when he went to school, so he learned to bike and rode the broken bike in the compound to school. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing now.

Because it was a new bicycle, many people stared at it along the way.

Su Qinghe sat on the back of the bicycle, feeling a little sweet in her heart.
She didn’t expect that one day she would sit on the back seat of her partner’s bicycle.

She sat in the back and asked, “Chang’an, will you be discharged from the army?” This is a serious question.
Otherwise, unless the other party becomes a martyr, he will have to serve for five years.

When Gu Changan heard this question, he almost shed tears.
Of course, he wants to retire! …but he can’t.
His father said that he would go to a military court.

“I won’t retire!” He gritted his teeth.

Hearing this answer, Su Qinghe was overjoyed.
She quickly stated, “Don’t worry, whether you retire or not, I will wait for you.
You worked hard in the army, I know it.”

Gu Chang’an was moved, Qing’er must also want him to come back.
She also feels sorry for him.
The whole family didn’t want him to come back, only Qing’er wanted him.

“Qing’er, don’t worry, I will work hard! No matter how hard the training is or how tired I am, I will not be afraid!” As long as I can go home early!

Hearing such a man’s oath, Su Qinghe felt sweet in her heart.
My partner is actually such a man, with such a strong sense of responsibility.
He knows that he has to work hard for her.

“Well, I know.
I’ll wait as long as I can.” As long as you don’t come back so soon.

The cold wind blew past, but the two of them didn’t feel cold at all.
Instead, they felt warm.
They even felt that there was something special in the wind…for example, the taste of adolescent hormones…


“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.”

— Roald Dahl, The Witches


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1Jiefang shoe is an old military shoe they wear in the past.

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