Gu Chang’an had to take a bus to the provincial capital and take a train to get to the army.
The family can only send him to the county bus station.

Seeing that he was about to leave, he didn’t know when he would be able to come back.  Gu Changan almost burst into tears.

Especially after thinking of going there, he has to start eating brown rice again, and train every day; his whole body is not good.  Fortunately, there are two boiled eggs given by Su Qinghe in his pocket, which is somewhat comforting.

Mother Gu took Gu Chang’an’s hand, “Chang’an, you have to come back to see mom often.”

Gu Chang’an said in his mind that he also wanted to come back, woo woo woo…

He looked at Su Qinghe, and his eyes turned red.

“Are you reluctant to part with Qing’er?” Gu Ma asked.

He nodded straight, yes, Qing’er would give him fish soup every day.
Every morning he wakes up with great anticipation.
He can no longer eat it if he goes to the army.

Seeing him nodding bluntly, Su Qinghe blushed immediately. Sometimes Chang’an is aloof and sometimes very enthusiastic, hahaha, she likes it!

“Hurry up and get on the bus.
I’ll write to you later and I’ll also send you food.” If Chang An worked hard there, she would get more rewards from the system, and of course, she would share some with Chang An.

Gu Changan finally had hope in his heart, and then he got into the bus eagerly.
When the bus started, Gu Changan endured his sour eyes and nose, watched the bus drive fast, and hurriedly waved to Su Qinghe and shouted, “Qing Miaoer, don’t forget to send me…food…”

The car drove away, the wind was strong, so she didn’t hear the last two words.
Su Qinghe said loudly, “I will write a letter!”

Gu Changan didn’t hear what Su Qinghe shouted, only saw that she seemed to be responding, and she was smiling and waving, which should be an agreement. Suddenly he smiled brightly.

Seeing the young couple like this, mother Gu decided in her heart that she should treat the youngest daughter-in-law even better.
Anything left for Chang’an must be given to Qing’er.
If Chang An was in the army and knew that Qing’er didn’t eat or drink well at home, he would be so worried and sad.

Her poor Chang’an——

She walked over and hugged Su Qinghe and started crying, “Qing’er, you’re the only one left with mom—”

Deputy County Magistrate Gu: “…”

Two sons and daughters-in-law: “… …”

Seeing Gu Changan leave, Su Qinghe was still planning to go home. After all, Gu Changan is not at home, and she is more or less uncomfortable in this home.

It’s better to go home and lie down to eat and drink.

The second sister-in-law Gu saw her pushing the bicycle, so she quickly stopped her.
“Qinghe, stay and eat.
Chang’an is not at home, Mom is also sad now, you can help Chang’an to accompany mom and make her happy.”

Mother Gu immediately said, ” That’s right, Qing’er, Chang’an has gone to the army, but Mom is left with you.
You can have a meal with Mom.
Mom looks at you, just like looking at Chang ‘an.
Have your brothers move your things here for a while.
Come and live in the county for a few days.”

Su Qinghe looked at her second sister-in-law. What are you doing? I’ve never seen her so enthusiastic before.
Could it be some kind of conspiracy… Probably not, it doesn’t look like the kind of material for scheming.
Anyway, the second sister-in-law arranged her matchmaker.

“That’s fine, I’ll eat with mom.” Anyway, with her mother-in-law around, she’s not afraid of anything.

Because of Gu Chang’an’s departure, the atmosphere in the family was somewhat gloomy.
Apart from mother Gu and deputy county magistrate Gu, the eldest brother and the second brother were not in a good mood either.

For this baby brother, they are actually guilty.
Especially the elder brother Gu Changzheng.
Before his father asked him how to teach Chang’an well, he casually said, enlist to in the army.
Who in the army can spoil him?


Although Chang An has indeed grown up in the army now, seeing his dark and thin appearance, his heart hurts.
He was so white and fat before, just a little thinner than Qinghe, but he was just as white.

Thinking about it made him feel uncomfortable, so he took special care of his third brother’s fiance.
This looks like a little girl.
Changan is not at home, so she can’t be wronged.

During the meal, Gu Changzheng said, “Qinghe, you can always tell your family when you need something, don’t be polite.
We are family.
Although Chang’an is not at home, we, brothers and sisters-in-law can take care of you.

My husband’s family is too sincere.

Su Qinghe was moved and immediately nodded.
“Thank you, brother.
I don’t need anything.” With Chang’an taking care of her, she doesn’t want to drag others down.

Mother Gu said, “Your elder brother is right.
Your father has a high salary and can afford to support you.
In the future, you will make more new clothes and eat more good food.
There is also a state-run restaurant in our county.
Go back and eat with food stamps.
Eat more, don’t let Chang’an come back and see you lose weight.”

Su Qinghe felt embarrassed to say this, “Mom, I’m sure I won’t lose weight.” It’s easy for her to eat meat.

Eldest Sister-in-law Gu sighed sourly.
Second Sister-in-law Gu ate without any taste.
While eating, she glanced at everyone with her eyes, and then said, “Qinghe, you always stay in the countryside, and the farm work at home is also hard.
Do you want to come to work in the city?”

Su Qinghe almost said choked.
Swallowing down the meal, she looked at the second sister-in-law and said, “Second sister-in-law, I graduated from primary school.” Her education is enough for the production team, but in this small county where junior high school graduates are common, it seems that it is not enough.
And she is still a rural registered permanent resident.
Arrange work for her, did she hear correctly? And she doesn’t want to go to work… She still likes to stay at home and enjoy the blessings.
I used to write novels at home, but now I have a system to do tasks, how great it is.

The second sister-in-law Gu looked at her surprised look, thinking that she was in surprise, and said with a smile, “Aren’t you good at cooking? Go to work in the big cafeteria.
Be a handyman first, and then become a master chef later.
It’s good to work at the cafeteria.
You can eat whatever you want in the future.”

When Mother Gu heard this, she immediately asked, “Where is this job? If Qing He wants to go, I will help her.”

Second sister-in-law said with a smile, “I’m not sure yet.
If Qinghe wants to go, I’ll arrange it for her.”

Su Qinghe said in her head that of course, she didn’t want to go now.
She had something to eat and drink, holding hundreds of catties of grain in her hand.
Cooking for the family is already the limit, and if she works at the big cafeteria to cook big pot meals, and three meals a day… She’ll be so exhausted!

But this gave her inspiration.
She always relied on her unreliable godfather to get these things out, and she always felt particularly unreliable.
Now that she has a husband’s family, it’s time for that godfather to retire from the stage.

However, she should also give these things some sources.
You can have no income for no reason, yet so many things have come out.

It’s not okay to lie to each other, there will be a day when it will be revealed, and then it will be like Shura field1Shura field means scenes of carnage/big chaotic battle.… Well, she still needs an easy and fat job.

So a handyman in the canteen? Of course not! The chef in the big canteen would not let her, who has never cooked a big pot of rice, touch the spoon.
She won’t know how long it will take to touch the spatula.
It’s too bad that she hasn’t paid back after being exhausted.

“I just cook for my family.
I haven’t done big pot meals.
I’m worried about causing trouble to my family.”

Second sister-in-law Gu smiled, “It’s okay, it’s not troublesome.
I’ll just arrange a good job for you.” So you will not always take advantage of others in the future.

Mother Gu also had an idea in her heart.
if it wasn’t for not getting the certificate, and Old Gu and her in-laws were very particular, Qinghe would have been able to come and live at their home long ago.

If only Qinghe could work in the city now.
Old Gu and her in-laws can’t say anything.
This way she can have a cute little girl, how wonderful.

Thinking about that day, mother Gu felt happy.

“Qinghe, do you want to think about it? Mom thinks it’s good to work in the city.
I don’t want you to do farm work.
You’re so white, what should I do if you get tanned?”

Su Qinghe thought for a while, “Mom, it’s like this, I don’t have much strength… I think it’s particularly difficult to shovel the pots and pans in the cafeteria.
If I can make small bowls of dishes, I think it is still no problem.
By the way, there are no people in our state-run restaurant.
If I go there, it should be fine.
My craftsmanship is very good.”

A state-run restaurant…at the moment it is almost in the status of a supply and marketing cooperative. All good things in the county go to these two places. And don’t look at it as a restaurant, there are not many people who can really afford a restaurant. So the business is usually deserted, but if you go to eat, it must be white noodles, meat…

Su Qinghe thinks it is very good.
And the current cook is uncle2What is meant here is like the cooks of state-owned restaurants are usually the ones in charge.
, and the customers have to flatter them, or they will just say ‘no’ so that you can’t eat white noodles and meat.

Su Qinghe thought beautifully, but second sister-in-law Gu was in a daze.

What, did she hear correctly, the third daughter-in-law still wants to go to the state-run restaurant? She still wants to go!

“Qinghe, the state-run restaurant…”

Su Qinghe saw that she was embarrassed, but she didn’t intend to embarrass her, so she just said it.
Go if you can, and forget it if you can’t.
“It’s okay, it’s okay if you can’t go, the second sister-in-law doesn’t have to worry about it.”

“That’s no good!” mother Gu was upset, “She said she will find you a job, but why can’t she go3Go find connections? ? Is this just a joke? I think the state-run restaurant is good.
It’s also convenient for me to find our Qing’er at ordinary times.
What big dining hall does our Qing’er go to with her small arms and legs? That pot of rice is cooked by big men.
It’s better for our Qing’er to go to a state-run restaurant.
Small bowls of dishes are easy to cook.
I don’t want our Qing’er to be exhausted.”

Su Qinghe said, “Mom, it’s okay, the second sister-in-law has the heart to care for me.
It’s convenient for me to move around without going to work.” She doesn’t want to cause a family war.

However, Mother Gu doesn’t care, and good things can’t be done.
Isn’t this playing with her and making her happy for nothing, “No, you have to count on what you say, and if you say you want to find a job but don’t look for it; this is the style of our Gu family.
You just don’t care about Qing’er .”

Second sister-in-law Gu looked at Eldest Sister-in-law Gu anxiously.
I told you not to come up with bad ideas.

Looking at Gu Changping again, Gu Changping said there was nothing he could do.
His mother spoke up, but his father didn’t refute.
What can he say? She4Talking about his wife.
opened her mouth, but now she wants to take her words back.
But how can she take it back?

Second sister-in-law Gu pursed her lips, and could only bite the bullet and say, “Mom, state-run restaurants don’t lack people.”

Mother Gu looked at her and said, “Have you asked? You just said that without asking.
Didn’t you tell us that you were going to find a job for Qing’er, were you lying?”

Gu Changping looked at his wife so anxious that she couldn’t speak.
He said helplessly, “Mom, I’ll go ask tomorrow.
One of my buddies works there, and I’ll ask later.
If a regular job is not available, a temporary worker should be fine.
Temporary workers are fine, easy.
I think Qinghe should not work too hard.
You’re still young.
Just enjoy.”

Second sister-in-law nodded quickly, “Yes, yes, we have so many people in our family, we can afford you.
Live a good life!”

Gu Ma was quite satisfied when she heard this, “That’s fine.
Temporary workers are temporary workers.”

Second sister-in-law Gu breathed a sigh of relief; why did she do this?……


“It ain‘t like I wanna be rotten.“

-Guretama, Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure


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1Shura field means scenes of carnage/big chaotic battle.2What is meant here is like the cooks of state-owned restaurants are usually the ones in charge.
3Go find connections? 4Talking about his wife.

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