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Second sister-in-law Gu was in a daze, and when she heard this, she suddenly felt that there was some truth in it.
Those who are matchmakers are worried that the person they are looking for will not be liked by the other party, and that life will not be good.

At least now, Qinghe is likable.
Both parents and Chang’an like her as the new daughter-in-law.

Therefore, she is doing the right thing as a matchmaker, which is very good.

So the question is, why is she upset?

Oh, yes, it’s still because of my mother’s partiality…but it seems that their mother’s partiality has always existed.
It has nothing to do with Qinghe. So it’s useless to toss Qinghe. No matter how hard she tried, Mom was still biased…

She suddenly felt that there was no solution to this matter.

“Changping, do you have a solution for the state-run restaurant? I feel at ease if it is resolved early.
When Qinghe has a job, Mom won’t have to worry about the third child.
We can live a more comfortable life.
I also want to make two new sets of clothes to wear.
People in my work unit will say that I am the daughter-in-law of the deputy county magistrate’s family, but where do I look like the deputy county magistrate’s daughter-in-law?”

Gu Changping patted his overalls, “I’m still a son of the county magistrate.
It doesn’t make any difference.
If there is anything to be particular about, just plain ones are fine.
Dad said that serving the people is not about being special to the people.
Comrade Xiaolan, your ideological consciousness must improve.
I will read the Little Red Book1The Little Red Book – or, to give its full title, Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong – contains 267 aphorisms from the Communist Chinese leader.
to you when I get home.”

Second sister-in-law Gu: “…”

Eldest Sister-in-law Gu and Gu Changzheng also arrived in the unit.
Both of them belong to the County Public Security Bureau.
Eldest sister-in-law Gu is engaged in clerical work, while Gu Changzheng is engaged in fieldwork.
The fact that the two went in and out at the same time also made many people envious.

When they arrived at the unit, Gu Changzheng said, “Hao Mei, find a chance to talk to the second family2spec.
the 2nd sister-in-law., don’t mess around all day.
Chang’an is not at home, and she still wants to torment his wife.
That’s my own brother.
We sent him to the army because we didn’t want him to be abandoned.
We didn’t really drive him out.
Be mindful of this.”

Gu Changzheng usually has a serious look, but at this time he spoke with a somewhat lecturing tone.

Eldest Sister-in-law Gu suddenly became depressed.
Zhang Xiaolan had a bad idea, she didn’t do anything, she just followed and heckled.……

However, Gu Chang is a male chauvinist, and she dares not to refute it.
Although she didn’t do anything, she did get involved.
“I see… But Changzheng, Mom said that the third child and the others will live together in the future, and we will subsidize them.
Do you agree?”

“Two choices, live separately, live in a small single room, and there will be no light3I think this means that if they live separately from the family then they won’t have benefits or have the right to have a share of their parent’s things.
from the parents in the future.
Or we live together, we give things to our parents, and let them give it to whomever they like.”

Gu Changzheng said directly and concisely.

Eldest Sister-in-law Gu made some calculations in her head, and finally said, “Okay.”

Of course, it’s not good to live separately.
She and Changzheng can live in a small single room, but the toilet and kitchen are shared.
It is really nice to have such a house.
But if she lives with her family, with her father-in-law’s level, plus there are many people in the family, and they all have housing quotas, the house allocated will be larger.
In addition to having your own room, you can also have a living room, kitchen, and toilet.
Such a house is comfortable to live in.

And if they were separated, people might say that she, the eldest daughter-in-law is not filial.
It’s only a fool who separates the family…

Forget it, that thing should be regarded as filial piety to parents-in-law.
The parents-in-law give to whoever they love.

Mother Gu didn’t care what the two daughters-in-law thought.
In fact, she didn’t have the consciousness of taking other people’s thoughts into consideration for a woman who was spoiled by her parents and brothers at home and was spoiled by her husband and sons after she got married.
It’s all about love.
She just loves her younger son, what’s the matter? She can’t decide which son she loves as a mother?

The chairman4Mao Zedong has said that everyone is free now!

After everyone went out, she was so idle that she counted her private property in the room.
It is usually handed in by her man, and the sons and daughters-in-law are filial.

A stack of cash and various tickets.
There is also a fixed family passbook.
It’s all for her Chang ‘an after he gets married.

Although a dinner was arranged for the engagement, she was going to hold a banquet when Chang ‘an came back to get the certificate.

She thought of her son and inevitably thought of her daughter-in-law, Qing’er.

How much does Chang’an like this daughter-in-law? She’s still thinking about the appointment at the moment.
She has to help Chang’an take good care of his wife.
Let Chang’an rest assured in the army.
She has heard people say that soldiers can’t be distracted.
If they are distracted, the gun will easily miss.
Too dangerous.

So she quickly pulled out some cloth tickets and cotton tickets from her own property.
It’s getting cold, she has to make a padded jacket for Qing’er to wear, so she won’t freeze.

After packing up her things, she happily went out to visit the supply and marketing cooperative.

Su Qinghe is also in a very good mood.

She dated Gu Changan every day for the past few days, and the skill points for this task have accumulated almost ten points.
Today, she came back from the county because the last skill point can only be obtained by traveling ten kilometers, so she deliberately rode a bicycle for a few laps and finally got this skill point.

The system had already prompted her just now that she had upgraded.

So she scrambles and rushes home with full firepower.
The old people and children in the team stared in shock.

The bicycle is really fast…

Back home, Su Qinghe parked the bicycle in the yard.
After all, it couldn’t be moved, it was too heavy… She rushed directly into the room and then lay down on the bed to look at her taskbar.

Clothing (Level B): 0

Food (Level B): 2

Housing: 0

Transportation (Level B): 0

Now, except for the column of ‘Housing’, everything else has been upgraded to the B-level assessment.

“Host, congratulations, you are only one step away from developing new skills.
Please use your hard work to become an all-around military wife as soon as possible.
In addition, the host’s B-level upgrade task has been stagnant.
It is recommended to complete it as soon as possible.
The reward will be generous.”

Su Qinghe looked at her B-level assessment task column.

‘Food’: As a military wife with excellent cooking skills, how can she not cook ten famous dishes? Ten famous dishes are assessed and the progress is completed /2

‘Clothes’: As a military wife with excellent sewing memory, how can her craftsmanship be inferior to that of an ordinary tailor? It is required to surpass the craftsmanship of the tailors in the county where they are located.
Make ten pieces of clothing that exceed the opponent’s craftsmanship.
Judged by the system.
Complete progress /0.

‘Transportation’: As a military wife with excellent driving skills, how can she not drive a motor vehicle? Cars, trucks, tractors…you deserve it.
Completion progress /0

Looking at the B-level taskbar, Su Qinghe lay weakly on the bed.

The Cooking tasks; because the ingredients have to be collected by herself, it takes a long time to prepare each dish, and she is too lazy to do it if there is no shortage of food.
The task of ‘Clothes’ was even more depressing.
She felt that her craft was excellent, but it turned out that she was not better than an ordinary tailor.
She was also very desperate.
She didn’t know which master was skilled.
There isn’t even a standard, so she can only keep sewing clothes and practicing… Now this task of ‘transportation’ is even more ridiculous.
She had to drive a motor vehicle.
Riding a bicycle on the street is equivalent to a sports car.
Where is she going to touch motor vehicles? If the county magistrate can take a car and go for a walk, his face will be red.

The upgraded task is getting more and more difficult… Fortunately, there is no shortage of food and drink now!

After closing the taskbar, Su Qinghe immediately checked her storage space.
There was a bicycle ticket and 150 yuan in it.

Damn, the wages of workers are only twenty or thirty at the moment.
This bicycle can only be bought without eating or drinking for half a year.
The key is that the price of goods is not low now, and it is impossible to save money at all.

How many things can she buy with this one hundred and fifty yuan… She will sell the bicycle tickets…

“Host, please note that system rewards can only be used for special purposes.
If they are used for other purposes, they will be taken back.”

“…Then what if I buy a bicycle and then sell it?”

“After the host buys a bicycle, the bicycle belongs to the host.
The system will no longer manage your personal property.”

Su Qinghe grinned.
Artificial intelligence doesn’t know how to work around it, but fortunately, she still can.
Put the money first, and then try to cash it out later.

She now finds that it is very convenient as long as she is familiar with the system.
In the future, she can find ways to cash out the other rewards she gets.
In addition to Chang’an’s daily training, the rewards are given by the system.

She will soon become a little rich woman.

This day is really comfortable just thinking about it.

When Gao Xiulan brought the children back from the outside, she found the bicycle in the yard and knew that her daughter was back.
She immediately went into the room and shouted, “Qing’er, are you back?”

Behind her, several children were walking around the bicycle, but they didn’t dare touch it.
They’re afraid it will be damaged.

Grandma said it was more expensive than their house.

In the room, Su Qinghe came out quickly when she heard the movement, “I was tired on the road just now, so I went back to the room and lay down.”

Gao Xiulan felt distressed when she heard it, “It’s time to lie down, is Mom bothering you? Go and rest quickly.
It’s so hard going back and forth.
The bicycle is easy to use, but it still takes effort.
If you want me to say that your mother-in-law is good, she should buy one that doesn’t require much effort.
I think tractors are very good.”

Su Qinghe almost tripped over the threshold of the door.
Her mother can really imagine.

“Mom, you can’t just buy a tractor if you want it.
Let’s forget it.
By the way, Mom, my sister-in-law over there wants to arrange a job for me.
I want to discuss it with you.”

When Gao Xiulan heard about arranging work for her daughter, she looked unhappy and said, “What kind of work is arranged? My daughter is enjoying the blessings.
Why should you go to work?”

“No, Mom, you go inside and I’ll talk to you.” Su Qinghe said mysteriously.

Gao Xiulan looked outside, um, the children are surrounding the bicycles outside, so she hasten into the house.

After entering the room, Su Qinghe whispered, “Mom, my in-law’s family is in the county now, and I’m worried that my godfather will be exposed, so I’m going to break away from my godfather.”

Gao Xiulan thought of this, was about to nod, and then worried, “Then what if your father sends something here?”

“So, I think it’s good to go to work.
The second sister-in-law of Chang’an said to help me ask if there is any work in the state-run restaurant.
I’m going to give it a try.
The job is easy, and I won’t feel angry.
It’s not bad to eat, and it’s a fat job.
After my dad sends things, it will be justified.”

Gao Xiulan said worriedly, “Are you really not tired? I don’t want my daughter to be troubled.”

Su Qinghe said, “Mom, don’t worry.
Am I the kind of person who makes herself suffer?

“You’re right.
My daughter is much smarter than me.
You can take your mother to take advantage of others every time we go.” Gao Xiulan said proudly.

Su Qinghe: “…”

After the mother and daughter made an agreement, when the rest of the old Su’s family came back in the evening, Gao Xiulan announced to her sons that the senior cadre godfather was going to break away with Su Qinghe.

“It’s all because of you bastards.
People can’t afford it anymore.
They said that they have paid back all the gratitude, and they don’t want to be relatives with us anymore.”

The three brothers were dumbfounded.

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also felt that the sky was falling.


“Like maintain the status quo? Playing it safe.
The future is bleak.“


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1The Little Red Book – or, to give its full title, Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong – contains 267 aphorisms from the Communist Chinese leader.2spec.
the 2nd sister-in-law.3I think this means that if they live separately from the family then they won’t have benefits or have the right to have a share of their parent’s things.
4Mao Zedong

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