t year, say you brought it back yourself.
You just happened to send some meat to your in-law’s house, so don’t send the fish, so as not to make your father-in-law unhappy.
Bring some more eggs.”

Su Qinghe nodded obediently.

When going out, Su Qinghe went out with a basket on her back.
There were half a catty of pork and ten eggs in the basket.

Along the way to Gu’s house, she was already familiar with the road.
Even Uncle Zhang, the guard at the gate of the county party committee compound, saw her coming by bicycle, and greeted her with a smile, “Chang’an’s family is here to see your in-laws again.”

“Yes, Uncle Zhang, Chang’an is not at home, so I will do more filial piety for him.” Su Qinghe got off her bicycle and pushed into the door.

Uncle Zhang was immediately happy when he heard it.
He was amused by Su Qinghe’s words.
The third child of the Gu family still knows how to be filial? Don’t joke, it’s impossible.
If he was really filial, he wouldn’t have been able to make the deputy county magistrate Gu so angry that he almost fainted.

Of course, this can’t be said in front of others.
Isn’t this a disgrace?

“Okay, you and Chang’an are both filial, your in-laws are blessed.”

Su Qinghe smiled and put the bike in the yard without locking it.
No one dares to steal anything these days.

When she got upstairs, she went straight to Gu’s house.

Mother Gu is missing her son every day at home.
Then she checked the cotton she bought, preparing to make a beautiful and warm padded jacket for her daughter-in-law for the winter.

Hearing a knock on the door, she immediately went to open the door.
Seeing Su Qinghe outside, her tears almost came out.

“Our family’s Qing’er is here.
Mom has been thinking about you for the past few days.
When Mom looks at you, it’s like seeing Chang’an by her side.”

Su Qinghe: “…” Can you still do this? Forget it, as long as the mother-in-law is happy.

“Mom, I brought you meat and eggs.
My mother saved the eggs from the old hen she raised herself.
The meat was cut at the supply and marketing cooperative, so it’s very fresh.”

“Oh, what are you doing with these? Keep it for yourself.
Mom has no shortage of food, so I hope you will eat more and gain weight.
Poor Chang’an, can’t even take a bite of the delicious food at home.
You should eat more for him.
Don’t neglect yourself.
Otherwise, you two are too pitiful.” Mother Gu’s eyes were red when she said that.

Su Qinghe also felt sad when she heard that.
Comrade Chang’an really worked hard.

“Mom, you eat more, Chang’an is not at home, I have to be filial to you for him.” Comrade Chang’an worked so hard, she also wanted to repay Comrade Chang’an.

When mother Gu heard this, her heart was burning hot.
How filial, as filial as Chang’an.
Chang An was also so filial when he was at home, he would let her have a bite of everything delicious.

She quickly took Su Qinghe’s hand and went to the sofa together, “Come on, mom bought you fabric and cotton.
Look at what to do with this dress, mom will make you clothes for the winter.
Dress warmer and don’t freeze.”

Su Qinghe looked at the cotton and fabric and thought in her heart that this mother-in-law is so nice…

She smiled, “Mom, you can keep it for yourself.
I have clothes, and my mother made them for me.” The original owner had quite a lot of winter clothes, and there were two cotton-padded jackets to wear.
In this era when no family may have a cotton-padded jacket, this is considered very rich.

Mother Gu, regardless of whether she has anything to wear or not, insisted, “Your natal family made it for you.
Now that you are our daughter-in-law, I have to make it for you too.
I want to love you for our Chang’an.
I know that he is thinking about you.”

Hearing this, Su Qinghe felt sweet in her heart.

“…Then I will thank Mom.”

“Thank you, we are all family.” Mother Gu happily took her hand, “What do you want to do with it? Tell me, and I will do it for you.”

“Mom, I’ll do it myself.
I can also make clothes.
Mom, don’t hurt your eyes because of me.” Su Qinghe said quickly.
She makes her own clothes, which she can be rewarded with more fabric and cotton.
After doing this one after another, maybe she can wear new clothes.
New clothes are not important, the main thing is that cotton jackets are really needed in winter.

Mother Gu remembered that her daughter-in-law was a virtuous person, she could do everything.
“Look, I forgot all about it.
Our Qing’er is very skilled.”

At noon, Su Qinghe ate lunch here again.
Because there is meat, Su Qinghe is ready to cook.

The two sisters-in-law were quite satisfied.
The third daughter-in-law knows that it is good to take the initiative to work.
As long as it is not an ancestor waiting to be served, it’s done.

As soon as mother Gu heard that Su Qinghe was going to cook, she immediately took her hand and yelled, “Qing’er is not allowed to work.
It’s rare to come here once and she still works? What’s the reason? Our Chang’an is still suffering in the army, so you are so cruel to our Qing’er and let her work and serve you? You want their young couple to be your cows and horses—” Gu Ma cried.

Eldest Sister-in-law Gu and Second Sister-in-law Gu immediately ran faster than rabbits and hurried to work in the kitchen.
And didn’t forget to tell Su Qinghe, “Qinghe, you should talk to mom well.”

Su Qinghe: “…”

Why does she feel like she is treated the same as when she was at home?

Seeing that her mother-in-law was already sobbing and wiping her tears, she shivered and immediately sat obediently.

She could see that the old Gu family loved their youngest son no worse than the old Su’s loved their little girl…

The point is that Chang’an is not at home yet, her mother-in-law has transferred her feelings for Chang’an to her.
Su Qinghe suddenly felt that she was like a pear tree3The ancient Chinese believed that the pear was a symbol of immortality.
The long-lived pear tree came to symbolize long life and good fortune.

At noon, Su Qinghe ate a full meal under mother Gu’s enthusiastic pickling of vegetables.
Almost got stretched.

After eating, mother Gu took out two eggs and made three bowls of egg drop soup.
Give Su Qinghe a big bowl, and Gu Lei and Gu Lin each a small bowl.

The two children drank contentedly.

While persuading Su Qinghe to drink, mother Gu said, “Your aunt brought these here.”

Gu Lei and Gu Lin smiled happily, “Thank you, aunt.”

Su Qinghe took a sip of the egg soup and almost choked.
She quickly said, “As long as you like it.”

On the other side, the two sisters-in-law cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks grievously.
That’s right, as long as you like it, it’s good to be happy.
As long as mom doesn’t cry.
The third daughter-in-law brought her own eggs to drink by herself and shared them with the younger ones… It’s already very good, very good, at least she didn’t eat alone.

After comforting themselves like this, they finally feel much better.

When leaving in the afternoon, Su Qinghe went back to her natal home with her things on her back.
In addition to the fabric and cotton mother Gu bought for her, there was also a small half can of lard and a can of kudzu powder, which mother Gu asked Su Qinghe to take home and make some kudzu powder to drink when she was hungry.

Carrying things on her back, Su Qinghe felt very helpless.
If he brought things back, he would bring more things back.
It’s not okay if she won’t bring it.
When she says no, her mother-in-law will cry, “Chang’an is too pitiful, he can’t eat any good food, and you still don’t want to eat it.
I’m sorry for our Chang’an——”

Hey, it just so happens that there is time in winter.
Find time to make some dried meat and dried fish for Chang’an in the kitchen of the military wife system.
When he comes back from the mission, she will send it to him.


“You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget.” — Cormac McCarthy, The Road

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1Qing can also mean nature’s color or green or blue.2This is like an expression like ‘oh my god’3The ancient Chinese believed that the pear was a symbol of immortality.
The long-lived pear tree came to symbolize long life and good fortune.

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