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Life is good, let’s see if Gao Xiulan’s two daughters-in-law dare to say a word at home.
A well-raised girl at home doesn’t even dare to fart at someone else’s house, how suffocating it is.

It’s one thing for the little girl of the Su family to be kind to their team, but this can’t change the fact that the old Su family is abnormal.

“I won’t agree.
I will show you a family with good conditions at the beginning of the year.
The daughter of the old Su family is married to a county cadre’s family.
Let’s not talk about marrying an urban cadre’s family but it’s no problem for us to find a rural family with good conditions and a simple family situation.
Don’t think about Su Aidang anymore, he loves his sister, and you will be wronged if you go.”

“It’s good to love his sister.
Don’t my brother and the others also love me too? Besides, no matter how close a sister is, she can’t compare to his lover.
The one who will live the rest of his life will be his lover.
Everyone knows that.
Don’t you think my brother and the others are the same?”

Tian Xiaomei held Mrs.
Tian’s hand, pleading.

Originally, she was still waiting in secret, but after the old Su’s family let out words, someone started to be tempted.
She was in a hurry.

Su Aidang didn’t know about Tian Xiaomei, this number one admirer.

In case someone takes the lead, she will cry to death.

Anyway, she just wants to be with Su Aidang.
If he dotes on his sister, then he dotes on his sister.
Those who know to love girls are all good men, not those who treat girls badly.

“Anyway, if you don’t agree with me and Su Aidang, I won’t marry anymore.
I’ll just stay at home as an old girl.
I won’t marry anyone anyway.”

Tian couldn’t help being pulled, so she had to bite the bullet and said, “Okay, I’ll talk to Guoqiang’s mother later.
She is Su Aidang’s second aunt, so let her go and talk.
I wouldn’t agree to this marriage if I hadn’t watched the girl from the old Su family find her husband’s family.
I feel bad that my daughter is going to serve other people’s daughters.”

Tian Xiaomei narrowed her eyes happily, “Mom, don’t worry, why would they let me serve? She’s already old, she won’t let me serve her.”

After work in the afternoon, the three men and two daughters-in-law of Tian’s family also came back.

Father Tian Tian Donglai’s two sons are  Tian Baojia, the eldest son, and the second son, Tian Weiguo.
They all got married.
It’s just that they are a little afraid of their wives.
Fortunately, the wives are of good temperament and have not turned over any waves.

After hearing what Mrs.
Tian said, Tian Donglai also disagreed.

He didn’t think too much about it but felt that Su Aidang was too stubborn, and worried that he would treat his daughter badly in the future.
It’s not like there are no men who beat women.

Tian Xiaomei pursed her lips immediately, “Ai Dang is not that kind of person, and there is no man who beats his wife in the old Su family.
Why don’t you go and ask sister-in-law Shuhong and sister-in-law Guihua.”

Then she pointed at her own two brothers, “I also have two brothers.
Who dares to bully me?”

The two brothers of the Tian family suddenly felt a sense of pride in being brothers, “That’s right, there are us.
Our sister can’t be bullied wherever she goes.
We don’t agree!”

Tian Donglai heard his son’s promise and looked at the anticipation on his daughter’s face.
he had nothing to worry about.
“Okay, your mother is going to take care of this matter.
The daughter is getting older, so it’s time to talk about her husband’s family.”

Tian Xiaomei smiled excitedly.

When they got back to the house, Sister-in-law Tian took her man Tian Baojia by the hand, “What you said just now was too big.
There are three sons in the old Su family, besides, Su Aidang is known for having hard fists on the team.
Have you ever beaten someone? I just couldn’t tear down your face in front of the parents just now.

Tian Baoguo suddenly realized, yes, his sister is attracted to Su Aidang… in case Su Aidang bullies his sister, can he beat him?

Looking at his fleshless fist, he immediately regretted it…

The members of the old Su family were staring at the fish at home in a daze.

Especially the three brothers.
Their sister went to her husband’s house and came back with a basket full of things.
Needless to say, those that are specially for girls to eat and wear, and there are also fish and meat.

Plus the wild game at home.
This year can be regarded as a prosperous year.

However, the three brothers were not very happy.

Su Aiguo said, “Sister, don’t bring things back from your in-law’s house.
What if they are scared away by us?” The family was scared away just now.

Su Aihua looked at the fish, and said to his mother, “Mom, why don’t we return the gift, and return more? We can’t let sister’s in-law’s family look down on our sister.”

Su Aidang yelled, “Just send the game, I’ll get it more tonight.
Thinking about getting some more before it snows.”

Listening to the three brothers talking non-stop, Su Qinghe hurriedly said, “When we have something rare in the future, we can just send it to their home.
Their family is good.”

Gao Xiulan put away the things on display, and said, ” No matter how good they are, they can’t afford such troubles.
I think we still have to send something over during the New Year.” Anyway, if you send things back, you have to bring more good things when you come back.
There is only profit, not loss.

Looking back at the two rabbits at home, Aihua traded them on the black market.
Buy something for the New Year to send to the old Gu’s family.

The second child is clever and appropriate to do this.

After explaining this matter, Gao Xiulan explained to Su Aidang, “The third child cleans up yourself these few days.
Your two sisters-in-law and I are looking for your match.
Make yourself neat and tidy, don’t look back and make people look down on you, making your sister lose her face.”

Both Su Aidang and Su Qinghe were surprised.

Especially Su Aidang, who blushed, and stammered, “Mom, I don’t want to look for someone at all.
I’ll just protect my sister for the rest of my life.
What are you looking for? ”

Gao Xiulan rolled her eyes at him, “If you find a wife, you can still protect your sister.
If your sister has gone to her husband’s house, and you are still single, people will gossip about your sister.
After all, you are also a careless person.
Look at your two elder brothers who are very promising, they married their wives when they were teens.
You’re the only one in your twenties who is still unmarried, isn’t it embarrassing?

When Su Aidang heard it, it is deemed quite embarrassing…

“That’s fine, then I will marry a wife.” He lowered his head and said.

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Brother, that’s great.
We will have more people at home next year.
You should know how to love your wife.”

Su Aidang blushed and couldn’t speak.

Gao Xiulan patted the table and said, “Go ahead, cook, and do whatever you need to do.
Qin’er, let’s go into the house and put things away.”

Su Qinghe responded with a smile and followed Gao Xiulan into the room.

After entering the house, Gao Xiulan secretly said to Su Qinghe, “After your third sister-in-law comes in, don’t do anything, just ask her to do it, okay?”

Su Qinghe: “…Mom, what are you doing?”

“Let her know that coming to the house is to work and serve the sister-in-law.
This habit has to be formed early, and she will have nothing to say in the future.
Don’t act like an aunt and want others to serve you as soon as you enter the door.
Also, you just saw it, your brother’s mouth doesn’t match his heart.
He said he won’t marry but when he heard about marrying a wife, look at his face.
That’s how men are.
If they marry a daughter-in-law, they forget their mother.
They become a fool.
Is Chang’an also like this?”

Su Qinghe nodded as if it was true.
Chang’an said that he didn’t give his parents his salary, but he gave her ten yuan and some tickets directly.

Gao Xiulan had a look on her face that she knew, “I just know Chang An is a good son-in-law, we were right at the beginning.” After complimenting her son-in-law, she immediately turned to her son, “Anyway, after your third brother gets married, don’t expect him to be wholeheartedly for you.
We have to prevent the new daughter-in-law from coming in and blowing pillows2Pillowtalk.
If your third brother rebels later, your elder brother and second brother will not follow suit? ”

Su Qinghe was speechless.
There was only one thing in her head.

It’s the same thing, but in the eyes of a mother-in-law3MIL to her daughter-in-law and mother-in-law4MIL to her son-in-law, there is a huge difference…

However, she couldn’t find fault in her mother’s words.
Mother, it’s over, it’s over, she was also influenced by her mother.

At this time, Su Qinghe’s only way is to simply not think about it, and then maintain her original thinking.

Fortunately, Chang’an is far away, and the mother-in-law doesn’t have to worry about Chang’an being swayed by pillow talk, and she will love her even more.

However, her current favorable situation was also obtained by Chang An sacrificing his own comfortable life.
Chang’an suffered too much, for the sake of this family, he was still eating and sleeping outside.
She should have brought him some jerky or something before, and he could still eat a little in his pocket when he was on a mission to fill his stomach.

After eating, Su Qinghe went back to sleep in her room, rested for a while, and went into the military wife’s kitchen to work.

Anyway, in winter, she can still sleep in the house during the day when there are people around.
She happened to cook something for Chang’an tonight.

Because the distance is too far, the delivery at this time is not fast enough, so she can only make meat jerky, which is relatively storable food.
She doesn’t worry if she doesn’t know how to make it, the system has a special snack of flavored pork jerky recipe.

She still has a catty of meat left in her system.
Anyway, meat can be recycled, so she doesn’t worry about running out of materials.

According to the method in the recipe, she followed the steps to remove the water, then steamed it in a pot, and then dried it outside…

After cooking four catties of meat, Su Qinghe was a little tired and was about to quit to rest.
As soon as she was about to come out, a system notification sounded in her head, “Ding… Congratulations to the host for completing the flavored pork jerky snack assessment, rewarding 1 skill point and 2 catties of pork.
Please make persistent efforts, exert hard work, and complete the B-level cooking assessment as soon as possible.”

Su Qinghe was overjoyed immediately.
After making so much jerky, she passed the assessment.
It was killing two birds with one stone.

She found that it is actually not difficult to do the task. Do more tasks in the future!

“The military partner has completed the reconnaissance5reconnaissance is a military observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features.
mission and the evaluation is excellent, and he will be rewarded with 20-star coins.” Suddenly, a system prompt came from her head.

Su Qinghe said, “Our Chang’an is still engaged in reconnaissance missions, and had done well.
So handsome!”

Their Chang’an is really capable!

Border defense zone.

Gu Changan came back from sitting outside for three rounds with a few veterans. Unlike the excited expressions of the veterans, Gu Changan’s face was always tense, looking very serious.

But inside… Gu Chang’an: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
it’s so dangerous, it’s terrible, and I almost died just now!

A group of people jumped out of the car excitedly, and Gu Changan got out of the car slowly.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to jump, but that his legs and feet are weak now.

Just now, just now, he ran into an enemy scout who wanted to make trouble…


“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am.”

— Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar


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1extremely jealous.2Pillowtalk3MIL to her daughter-in-law4MIL to her son-in-law5reconnaissance is a military observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features.

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