Su Qinghe also ate dinner.
She thought that the taste was okay, it was ordinary, and not so difficult to swallow.

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And because she deliberately cooked a little more, the nieces were allocated more than usual.
Gao Xiulan’s eyes were sore.
But because Su Qinghe made it, she didn’t say anything, just a few words to the granddaughters, “You just ate this afternoon, and you still ate so much, who’s life is as good as yours?”

Lin Shuhong looked at the two girls aggrievedly but did not dare to say a word.

Su Qinghe immediately said, “Mom, this must be because I made delicious food!”

Gao Xiulan: “…”

Because Su Qinghe spoke up, Gao Xiulan didn’t argue.

Su Qinghe entered the house and took off her shoes.
Da Ya, Su Zhengyue came in with a basin, “Aunty, I fetch you water to soak your feet.”

Su Qinghe suddenly felt like a black-hearted boss oppressing child laborers.
She hurriedly said, “Let it down, I’ll do it myself.”

Su Zhengyue immediately put down the basin and prepared to go out. Su Qinghe beckoned, “Hey, come here, Da Ya.”

Su Zhengyue looked at her defensively.

“You’ve had a hard time fetching water for your aunt.
Take this sparrow egg and share it.” Su Qinghe took out two sparrow eggs from her pocket.
She ate them before but didn’t want to finish them, so she kept them in her pocket.

Su Zhengyue didn’t dare to take it.
She was worried that her aunt would do something bad.
Looking at Su Qinghe with a defensive face.

“……” Su Qinghe feels that it is not easy to be a good person these days.
“You go to bed.
I’ll soak my feet and go to bed later.”

Su Zhengyue ran away immediately.

Su Qinghe sighed and felt that it was really not easy to mingle.

Lying on the bed, Su Qinghe chatted with the system, “System, what should I do? You also know that it is very special in our era.
Pork belly and white noodles are rare things.
How can I take it out? If the original body is capable, it can be explained.
The problem is that I’m useless.
If I suddenly took out so many good things I can be caught and roasted.
Actually, I’m fine but I’m worried about this body.
After it’s cooked, will you be fine?”

Su Qinghe thinks she’d better ask for some coarse grains next time.
At least it can fill her stomach.
Secretly mixing it in the big urn1 can also save trouble.

“Please note that after the body is cooked, the host will leave the body and exist for no more than three seconds.”

“…” Su Qinghe choked, “You know, you don’t need to remind me.
Am I not thinking about the safety of our lives?”

She scratched her hair and made a mess of her two braids.

“I don’t believe that I can’t think of any other way.”

After not sleeping well all night, it was already early morning when Su Qinghe woke up.
The house was quiet and there was only a bowl of millet porridge on the table.

Su Qinghe felt that she had really lived a luxurious life in this era.

As soon as she walked out with the millet porridge, she saw SanYa, Su Banyue sweeping the yard.
Seeing Su Qinghe coming out, she cowered for a moment.

Su Qinghe touched her face.
Her face was pretty, and her skin was not thick because she didn’t work all year round.
So, how come it scares children?

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She smiled and asked, “Sanya, come here, come here.
Where is your Grandma?”

The three-year-old girl shrank her shoulders, “Grandma went to collect firewood.
The eldest sister and the second sister, the eldest brother and the younger brother have come along.”

Su Qinghe suddenly felt embarrassed when she heard this.
Staying with this family of diligent people, Su Qinghe discovered for the first time that laziness does not seem to be so good.

She beckoned, “Come on, I have porridge here, let’s eat together.”

San Ya hit her little mouth, her eyes shining brightly but her feet did not move.

Su Qinghe said, “Come, talk with Auntie, and Auntie will give you porridge.”

Sanya stepped forward, leaning close to Su Qinghe and looking at the millet porridge in her bowl.
Su Qinghe gave her a sip, then took another sip herself.
The kitchen door was locked and there was no bowl to share.

The two shared the food till’ a bowl of millet porridge has bottomed out.

Su Qinghe was 70 percent full and Sanya was already touching her belly with satisfaction.

Just after eating, Gao Xiulan returned with her grandchildren, carrying a basket of firewood on her back and holding some in her hands. The other children also held more or less in their hands. Gao Xiulan was surprised when she saw her daughter was up.
After putting down the firewood and patting the dirt on herself, she came over and asked, “Qingmiaoer, why are you up? Why don’t you get more sleep?”

“Mom, I couldn’t sleep.
I had a dream!” Su Qinghe said with a frightened expression.

Gao Xiulan looked at her full of concern and said, “All dreams are fake, don’t be afraid.
Mom is here, who dares to scare you, mom will fight them!”

“…It’s my dad.”

“Your dad is not afraid…your dad?” Gao Xiulan looked at her and said, “Daughter, how did you know it was your dad? You’ve never seen your dad.”

Su Qinghe nodded repeatedly, then looked at the children who were packing up the firewood.
She pulled Gao Xiulan into the room, “Mom, did my dad wear a blue half-sleeved gown and bald his head when he left.”

“Yes, yes, your father, the heartless one is like that.” Gao Xiulan’s eyes reddened all of a sudden.

Su Qinghe looked shocked, “Then mom, it’s true.
My dad really came to my dream.”

“What did he say? Tell me.” Gao Xiulan said hurriedly, “I haven’t dreamed of your dad for years.”

“My father said he didn’t make a name for himself and couldn’t meet his family casually.
Now he’s got a post2.
He said he just knew he had a daughter and came to see me.
He said in our family only I and his eight characters match, so he can only come in my dream.

Gao Xiulan stretched out her hand and hugged her, “Yes, when your father left I didn’t even know you were in my stomach, my poor girl.”

“…Mom, let’s continue to talk about my dad.”

“Okay, you talk and mom will listen.” Gao Xiulan wiped her nose and tears.

“Dad asked if we had a good life, so I cried to him.
It’s a bad life.
My mother has worked so hard, how hard it is to raise four children? Now it’s not a good year.
My mother is terribly suffering… …”

Gao Xiulan was moved.
“My sweet girl…”

“Mom, I haven’t finished.”

Gao Xiulan wiped her nose and tears again, “You talk, mom will listen.”

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“After I cried, dad panicked and said that he didn’t know that the family was going through this way.
He felt guilty.
So he said he wanted to help the family.”

“Your dad is lying.
How can he help our family?” Gao Xiulan still doesn’t believe in this but she thinks that her daughter misses her father and feels bad for her.
That’s why she had such a dream.

Su Qinghe said, “My father really said that he will help the family in these days.
He said that he will give us food.
Every day, it will be delivered to the big urn where we put the foods are.”

Gao Xiulan coaxed, “Well, your father will definitely help the family.
Mom believes you.” A child without a father is pitiful. Poor girl.

Su Qinghe knew that Gao Xiulan definitely didn’t believe her, so she planned to talk to Gao Xiulan every day from now on.

When things are said too much, it’s just subtle but when they are truly aware of this, it will not be so difficult to accept.

At noon Su Qinghe cooks again by herself.
She wanted to unblock it as soon as possible so that she would be unrestricted, and she could get rewards for whatever she wanted to cook in the future, so it would be much easier.
Gao Xiulan refused at first, worrying that she was tired.
But Su Qinghe said that sometimes she can’t cook anything when she wants to eat, so she plans to learn some crafts.
If there is no one at home, she will not go hungry.

Gao Xiulan couldn’t bear to let her daughter get tired of cooking, so she instructed her two daughters-in-law to wash and cut the vegetables.
Su Qinghe only needs to be a chef.

In fact, it’s just boiled corn stalks and ground them to make a paste of vegetable leaves.
This year, every household eats this.
So it’s easy to do.

Su Qinghe now has two skill points so naturally, there is no problem.
Watching Su Qinghe’s proficient movements, Gao Xiulan said, “My daughter is smart.
Unlike some people, all they can cook is pig food.”

The corners of Ding Guihua’s mouth twitched.

With Su Aiguo and Su Aihua, two sister-supporting mad demons, Su Qinghe easily passed the task and got another three catties3 of sorghum rice.
And a skill point.

Now she has 3 skill points in the cooking column. According to the standard of 10 points, she barely fell into the category of ordinary people.

Su Qinghe was immediately inspired and cooked a meal in the evening.
The result was surprisingly unsuccessful.

Her current 3 skill points came from the affirmation of her mother and two brothers.
In the evening, she was prepared to get affirmation from her sisters-in-law and nieces.
As a result, they praised but it didn’t succeed.

Su Qinghe immediately ran into the room and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“According to the system’s polygraph test4, those compliments are false.”


“Please host, improve your cooking skills to get the approval of your family.”

Su Qinghe felt depressed, “I did it seriously.
I have fully used the skill points you gave! They don’t think it tastes good, how can I upgrade?”

“The host can enhance the skill points through your own external practice.
After the system checks the host’s proficiency, it will increase your skill points.”

Su Qinghe understands, the system means either cooking for everyone, letting everyone praise it, or practicing continuously to improve her abilities.

Anyway, in a word, you must work hard if you want to be good.

Constant practice is definitely not enough.
Even if she wants to practice, there is not much food for her to practice at home.

Su Qinghe thought for a while, and the pork belly appeared in her mind.

The ingredient is already available.

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Early the next morning, Su Qinghe pulled Gao Xiulan in a panic to brainwash her again.
After repeating the dream that she said before, Gao Xiulan muttered, “Dreaming again?”

“Well, it’s the same as last time.
This time, dad said he’ll send it in these two days, so you can go to the big urn every day, so it won’t be taken away by others.”

Gao Xiulan waved her hand, “How can the things in my room be taken away.” She suddenly asked, “Your dad really said that?”

Su Qinghe nodded.
“My father also said that he could not visit my dream anymore, my eight characters are weak5.
If I dream again, I’ll lose my life.
Mom, the last time I fainted, it was my dad who was going to visit my dream, and I couldn’t hold on for a while.”

Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, Gao Xiulan immediately shouted around the surroundings, “Aiyo6! Don’t talk to your daughter anymore, you can talk to me, I’m your wife.”

Of course, she won’t get a response.

Su Qinghe pulled her and said, “Mom, it’s okay, my dad won’t harm me, but I always think it’s very real.
Mom, I’d like you to pay attention to it when you’re not doing anything okay?”

Gao Xiulan felt a little moved when she heard her daughter say this.
Anyway, it’s not a laborious task.
She just has to look at the big urn once a day.
It’s also a great way to put your daughter’s mind at ease.


After the mother and daughter had talked, the two sons and daughters-in-law of the Su family also returned after their morning work.

Now it’s a busy time for farming, so they have to go to work in the morning.
Gao Xiulan usually takes care of her children at home, and the whole family is supported by the three Su brothers and two daughters-in-law.

As for Su Qinghe, no one regards her as a labor force at all.

During the meal, Su Aiguo and Gao Xiulan talked about the news from the team.
“Mom, the old captain said today that after this year’s food is collected, it will be handed in immediately.
Our family will have to take out twenty catties to make up for it, or else we will not be able to meet the requirements.”

Upon hearing this, Gao Xiulan immediately exploded, “F***, I don’t have twenty catties of meat on my body.
If they want food, come and cut it7.”

After saying this, she slapped the table with anger, “Don’t talk about twenty catties of grain, even a bark is not found.
This is to starve our family to death.”

No one dared to speak.

Everyone knew in their hearts that the old lady was making trouble, and when the grain harvesting team came up, she still had to hand it in honestly.

After eating, Gao Xiulan returned to her room.
Some words could not be said outside, so she could only hide and curse secretly, “These b*st*rds, sons of a b****, how many people are going to starve to death? Let the thunder come down and criticize these boastful and big talkers to death.”

Everyone in the family pretended to be deaf.
 There is no way, the commune reported the output, and the reported output was too large, after it was divided each team had to hand over a lot of it.

To complete the task, every family tightened their belts.

Su Qinghe also remembered the situation of the three years famine she had read online.
In the previous years, everyone was engaged in steelmaking, no one was working in agriculture, and the output was originally low.
The people below love to save face8, so they made false reports on the output.
In the end, the old farmers have to pay for it.
Coupled with the bad weather and wasteland, it made the situation worse.

In the room, after Gao Xiulan finished cursing, she went to see her big urn.

Nothing changed, she couldn’t help sighing.
She was confused and really believed her daughter’s dream.

In the evening, Gao Xiulan announced that the family’s meals will be twice a day.
Except for Su Qinghe, no one else had to eat in the morning.
Tighten their belt9 and try to be able to wait until the next time the food is distributed.

The family suddenly became melancholic, but no one said anything.
Naturally, the Su family brothers had no objection.
Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua didn’t dare to say anything even if they had opinions in their hearts.

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Su Qinghe looked at everyone’s appearance, and personally felt the frustration of the famine years.

Sleeping in bed at night, Su Qinghe asked the system to put the things she got into the big urn.
She can’t let the family starve to death.

Before dawn the next day, Gao Xiulan got up to go to the mountain to dig wild vegetables.
If she goes late, she won’t even be able to find the root grass.

After packing up, she was ready to go out and call her granddaughters to go with her.
How can a girl not work? Otherwise, they would really starve to death.

When she was just about to go out, she suddenly thought of something.
As if she was holding a little hope.
She walked slowly to the big urn next to her bed and opened the lid.

Although the light in the room was not bright, Gao Xiulan’s fiery eyes quickly saw the contents of her large urn.

Her heart beat faster and she was dumbfounded…

“Dagen10 ah–”

A scream sounded.
The neighbors heard it, let alone the Su family who was about to get up.

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua put on their clothes and ran to the door of their mother’s room, “Mom, what’s the matter, Mom?”

“It’s okay, get out, get out, my old lady has a dream! Go to work or are you waiting to eat rice?!”

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua were stunned for a while, then quickly turned around to put on their clothes and clean up, and took their wives out to work.

In the other room, Su Qinghe turned over and continued to sleep.


The big urn is where they put their food or rice, I think.


Her dad got a job somewhere in the underworld.
This may be part of their superstitions and beliefs.


a unit of weight, used esp in E Asia, traditionally equal to about one and a half pounds but formalized as 0.5 kg in mainland China.


Lie Detector Test.


“eight characters” or “eight words” in Chinese, is a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.


it’s like an interjection.


her flesh.


retain respect; avoid humiliation.


cut one’s spending; live more frugally.


Her husband’s name

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