Su Qinghe didn’t even need to look at it, she knew that her mother was not willing to let her sisters-in-law take things back to their natal home.
Not only are the sisters-in-law not allowed to take it, but her mother is probably not going to take it herself.
She just wanted to go to Old Su’s house to get something…

She parked the bicycle in the yard.
Su Qinghe went into the house.

“Mom, I’m back.”

“Qing’er is back!” Gao Xiulan replied loudly from the room and ran out in no time.
Seeing Su Qinghe, she immediately ran over and pulled her arm lovingly, looking left and right, “You’re not thin, your husband’s family took good care of you.”

Su Qinghe smiled, “Mom, they treat me well.
I eat most of everything.”
“That’s how it should be.” Gao Xiulan said with a righteous face.

Su Aiguo and the others also looked at Su Qinghe happily.
Su Aiguo said, “Sister, why did you come back so early? We are going to pick you up in the afternoon.”

Before Su Qinghe could speak, Gao Xiulan rolled her eyes, “Counting on you? Your hearts have already flown to your father-in-law’s house this early in the morning.
Can you still remember your sister?”

Su Aidang disagreed, “Mom, I’m not thinking about it.
I was going to pick up my sister.”

“Let’s see when your wife comes in!” Gao Xiulan snorted.

Su Qinghe quickly pulled Gao Xiulan’s hand, “Mom, what are you doing? You just pulled your face when I came back for the New Year.”

Hearing Su Qinghe’s accusation, Gao Xiulan’s expression relaxed a little, “Isn’t it because of them? They came to me when they want to go back to their natal families’ houses and said they wanted to take things back.
I don’t know how the year is going to be this year.
A mouthful of food is life! Take a little less and go, can your father-in-law keep you from entering the door?”

Both Su Aiguo and Su Aihua looked at their wives.

Both Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua lowered their heads.
They didn’t go back to their natal home all year round, let alone take anything to their natal home.
Although it is said that the married girl is a poured-out water but their parents raised them so much, and they did not honor them in anything, which always made them unhappy.

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Brothers and sisters-in-law, let’s talk about it first, I still have something to give to mother.”

As she spoke, she dragged Gao Xiulan into the room.

Entering the room, Su Qinghe took out the contents of the bag.
They were all given by the old Gu family.
There is cloth and cornmeal.
There are also a few snacks.

Looking at the things, Gao Xiulan was very happy, “Save these for yourself, we don’t need them.
After you and Chang’an get the certificate, you go to Old Gu’s house to live.
These are all for you.”

“Mom, my in-law’s family is good.
Now, knowing that I’m coming back, they brought me a bunch of things, saying that I can’t be wronged.
I can’t let the old Gu family lose face and make people laugh.
Mom, my sisters-in-law didn’t come home1in their natal home all year round.
When the famine was the worst last year, both the Old Lin family and the Old Ding family sent food.
The in-law’s behavior is beyond words.
If our family doesn’t even give anything when they go back to their natal family, it seems that we are too unjust.”

“Both of your brothers have to take it, and it will be three in the coming year… How much do you say we have to take out? Mom feels distressed thinking about it.
If they take more, you get less.”

“I’m not afraid, my father, and you are protecting me, and my in-laws are protecting me.
Chang’an is still good to me.
Mom, I don’t care for those things.
I just want my brothers and sisters-in-law to be good to me now.
If I eat meat, I have to give them some soup, otherwise, it looks like I am too heartless and unrighteous as a sister.
If someone gossips about it, how will my in-laws think of me? It’s not worth it for such a little thing.
Besides, when I went to Chang’an’s house this time, his second brother said that the work has been settled, and I can go to work the next year.
I will not be short of food and drink by then.
Give it to them so as not to embarrass me.
Anyway, they are also the brothers and sisters-in-law of the deputy county magistrate’s daughter-in-law.”

Gao Xiulan heard that her daughter was about to go to the state-run restaurant to eat and drink, and there were so many people that loves her dearly.
She2Gao Xiulan really doesn’t need to be stingy with food to have a bite to eat like in the past.

It seems that there is no need to be too petty. “Cough, then give each person two catties of cornmeal.”

“Add two meat, meat can make people’s hearts warmed up.
In the future, they must remember the goodness of our old Su family.”

Mother, this is four pieces of meat at once! Gao Xiulan’s flesh hurts.

Seeing her gritted her teeth in distress, Su Qinghe said again, “Spring will begin soon, and then I will have to rely on my brothers and sisters-in-law to work hard to earn work points.
Besides, my brothers and sisters-in-law went with the children, and they have to eat other people’s food later.
This meat is still eaten by their own family.”

Gao Xiulan reluctantly agreed.
When they came out, they packed another two catties of cornmeal and two pieces of meat for the two daughters-in-law to take home.

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua were so excited that they couldn’t believe it when they looked at the packed things.
Their mother-in-law just said that they could only bring two corn cobs back…

Su Qinghe said, “Sisters-in-law, just now mother is worried that there is not enough food at home.
I just brought some back from my in-law’s house.
Mom was relieved when she saw it, so I prepared it for you.
She is thinking of you in her heart.

Gao Xiulan said with a stern face, “If it wasn’t for Qing’er, there would be nothing for you to take back.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua hurriedly said, “We know how good Mom and sister are.
We remember it all.”

Su Qinghe hurriedly said, “We are all a family, so don’t be polite.
Our mother said, brothers and sisters-in-law, you have worked hard for a year.
You should take more back when you go back to your natal house.” My brothers and sisters-in-law also divide their food when they work and earn their wages.

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua were so moved that they didn’t know what to say. I know that Mom has a knife mouth but a tofu heart.
Sister always subsidizes the family.

After driving away Su Aiguo, Su Aihua, and several children, only Gao Xiulan, Su Qinghe, and Su Aidang were left in the family.

Gao Xiulan simply stuffed a few corn cobs and asked Su Aidang to go to Old Tian’s house for a meal, and she was going to take her daughter back to her mother’s house to have a meal.

Holding a few dry corn cobs, Su Aidang said helplessly, “Mom, I’ll just go like this?”

Although he was usually careless, when he met his partner, he always cared about face.
Big men don’t care about face when they sleep.

Gao Xiulan was carrying a basket and was about to go into the house to pack things.
Hearing Su Aidang’s words, she immediately pulled a long face, “Once you had a wife you forgot about your mother, a few corn cobs are good! She hasn’t entered the door yet, what do you want to take? Don’t worry about it.
You will know how to move things into the house in the future.” After saying that, she entered the house.

Su Qinghe could not interrupt at this time.
It took a lot of effort for the two sisters-in-law’s situation to ease up.
This sister-in-law, who has never been married; her mother is not so generous.
Taking advantage of Gao Xiulan entering the house, Su Qinghe secretly stuffed three eggs into Su Aidang’s pocket inside.

“Brother, go on a good date.”

Su Aidang felt embarrassed immediately, “Sister, I’m actually just being childish with Mom.”

Su Qinghe smiled, “Come on brother, you’re already old enough.
Hurry up, Mom will come out later.
Mom has nothing bad on her mind, but she doesn’t spare people with her mouth.
It’s Chinese New Year, you better stop teasing her.”

Su Aidang thought for a while, but still took out an egg and put it in Su Qinghe’s pocket, “Two are enough, you keep one for yourself.
When spring comes, I’ll go and dig out bird eggs for you.” After speaking, he grinned and ran away.

Su Qinghe was also happy.
She had not eaten a lot of bird eggs her third brother picked before.
It’s really good karma to give eggs to her third brother at this moment.

“Qing’er, let’s go.
Let’s go to your grandma’s house.”

Gao Xiulan came out with her things on her back.

Su Qinghe looked at her basket.
Two catties of cornmeal, two pieces of meat.
The same standard as her daughters-in-law.

“Mom, take half of the snacks I brought back to my grandma.
She has bad teeth and can eat this.
She can’t chew the meat.
I also bring a few eggs.
My grandma drinks egg drops.
Take the kudzu root powder for my grandma, she can drink it.”

The old lady brought them so many good things back home, and the husband’s family that the uncle found for her, she remembered them all.
This is all kindness and must be repaid.
At the end of the year, it is time to walk around and deliver things on New Year’s Eve.

“Your grandma can’t bear to eat again, it’s not cheap for your uncle.” Gao Xiulan knew her mother’s temperament, she couldn’t bear to eat and wear anything all her life.
She will leave everything to the little ones below.



“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

―Theodore Roosevelt.

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1in their natal home2Gao Xiulan

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