On the other side of the border defense area, Gu Changan received praise from the leaders.

As a new recruit, Gu Changan’s performance can be said to be very excellent.
He encountered the enemies twice.
Although the enemy was not captured for the first time, as a scout, if he found the enemy’s trace and destroyed the enemy’s plot, he successfully completed the mission. Later, an enemy two kilometers away was discovered on a snowy day.
And together with the reconnaissance team, they successfully captured the enemy.

With these captives, they didn’t lose ground when they engaged with the other side.

These neighboring countries’ impression of China is still stuck in the past, and they don’t take them seriously, and repeatedly provoked them.
This time, in order to get the captives back, they still have to take the initiative to negotiate with them.

Who told this to be caught in the territory, they could just be shot.

The chiefs were pleased, and they naturally wanted to praise these small teams for carrying out their missions.
Another meritorious achievement was added to Gu Changan’s file.

The leader of the border defense area patted Gu Changan on the shoulder, “This young comrade is good.
You must grow up as soon as possible, and become a good soldier who can kill the enemy on the battlefield and shed blood and sweat to defend the motherland!”

Gu Changan immediately saluted. It’s totally okay to sweat.
Anyway, a lot has been shed.
As for the bleeding… It’s better not to say such unlucky words when it’s Chinese New Year. Well, pretend I didn’t hear it.

Because the Spring Festival is about to pass, the first squad of the vanguard company has finished its defense replacement mission, and they are all going to leave here and go back to the military camp.

After hearing the news, Gu Changan immediately went back to pack his things.

He will never want to eat roast whole lamb again.

Although the roasted whole lamb was delicious, he wanted to save his life and go back to drink Qinger’s fish soup and old hen soup.
It’s not that he’s afraid of death, it’s just that Qing’er is still at home waiting for him to go back and live a good life together.
He can’t speak without keeping his word.
That’s too unmanly!

When eating in the cafeteria at noon, Old Gazi was sighing.
It was tasteless. Suddenly a sentence popped up, “My suicide note is no longer needed.”

Gu Changan ate with a big gulp, almost choked, and asked, “Why are you upset? Shouldn’t you be happy that your suicide note is no longer needed?”

Old Gazi rubbed his face, “What do you know, I thought I could fight the enemy this time.
After we go back this time, we don’t know when we will be able to come.
This opportunity is rare.
I want to fight those bastards who look down on us.”

“Why do you like to fight enemies so much?” Gu Changan looked at Old Gazi incomprehensibly.
How wonderful world peace is. Although the enemy is very nasty, as long as they don’t come, they are quite calm.

Old Gazi looked melancholy in the direction of the cafeteria door, his eyes seemed to be looking far away, “Hey… why do we become a soldier? Not just for the sake of relief but in order to make people dare not look down on us anymore.
Those people dare to provoke us, just watching us just have a fight with America and haven’t recovered yet.
These cruel bastards! I just want that one day, people won’t dare to bully us or look down on us.
Let those enemies look at the soldiers of our country and scare them away.
For this wish, I have long put my life at the point of the gun.
But Changan, I may be discharged in two years.
In the future, I won’t be able to fulfill this wish.”

Gu Changan was stunned and didn’t know how to respond to him.

He didn’t understand Old Gazi’s feelings.
For the sake of one breath, even life can be lost.

It’s great to be alive, there are so many things you can do in life.

If he couldn’t figure it out, he simply didn’t think about it and continued to eat with his head down.          Only when you are full you can have the strength to train.

He couldn’t understand why Old Gazi was upset, but he also understood a very important thing when he came out this time.
If a soldier wants to live a long life, he must train well.

If he hadn’t trained hard, he would have handed over to that enemy last time.

After returning home, he must train harder and more.
Now he is not looking forward to eating big white noodles and roasted whole lamb… Those things are too worthless compared to living.
He wants to live right now.
Live until the day he is discharged from the army, and then goes home and lives a good life with Qing’er.

On the ninth day of the lunar new year, the old Su family was busy preparing for Su Aidang’s wedding tomorrow.
Guo Changsheng sent Su Qinghe a big package.
It was heavy.

As soon as he entered the yard, Guo Changsheng shouted.
“Qinghe, someone sent you something.
It was from the army.
Is it from your partner?”

Hearing Guo Changsheng’s voice, Su Qinghe ran out of the house. Gao Xiulan also came out.

Su Qinghe looked at the package in Guo Changsheng’s hand, her eyes lit up.
She quickly ran over and found that it was really heavy, at least ten catties, “It should be sent by Chang’an.”

Guo Changsheng heard that it was indeed sent by Su Qinghe’s partner.
His heart relaxed a lot.
It seems that Deputy County Magistrate Gu’s family is very kind to this little girl of the Su family.
They haven’t expressed any dissatisfaction for such a long time.
It seems that Qinghe is still doing very well at her in-law’s house.
That’s right, whose daughter looks the same before and after she gets married? No matter how ignorant a daughter is, she has to change her appearance when she arrives at her husband’s house.

After giving the things to Su Qinghe, Guo Changsheng was ready to leave.

Su Qinghe said, “Uncle, go into the house and drink some water before you go.
I still bothered you to send things over.”

Guo Changsheng waved his hand, “No, I have to go to the commune to get the seeds.
Hey, it’s too late.
What if the good seeds are picked away?” After finishing speaking, he walked away with his hands behind his back.

This year is not so good.
Last time, the amount of public food was reduced, and many people in the commune were dissatisfied.
If the food is scarce this time, the commune members will not be able to eat enough, and the team will not be able to hand over the food, he is afraid that they will have to experience the famine of last year again.

I worry when I think about it.

Seeing Guo Changsheng leave, Gao Xiulan immediately came over to check the package, “Qing’er, hurry up and see what my son-in-law sent back.
I think this son-in-law is good.
He is capable, and he is also considerate.
I liked him as soon as I saw him!”

Su Qinghe smiled and carried the package with Gao Xiulan to the kitchen.
Of course, she knew what was sent, but she couldn’t say it.

When they got to the kitchen, she took a knife and cut the rope, and saw what was inside.

Gao Xiulan’s eyes were dumbfounded.

“This, so much meat …… he’s really my good son-in-law ah, how did he get this ah?”

Su Qinghe looked at the meat, and her heart was burning hot.
What can a soldier do? Why do they take the time to go to the neighborhood? I don’t know how many difficulties he has experienced.

“Mom, I was thinking, this meat was sent back by Chang’an.
We definitely can’t keep all of it.
I’m going to get half of it to go to Gu’s.” Chang’an trusted her and left everything to her to arrange.
She definitely can’t eat it alone.

Gao Xiulan struggled to remove her eyes from the mutton, gritted her teeth, and said, “Take it all.
My son-in-law sent it back, of course, it has to be eaten by their family.
If our family keeps it, your in-laws will definitely think about it.
Besides, you can take it and eat it at their house.
What’s the point of keeping it at home?” She doesn’t want to drag her daughter down just for a bite of meat.

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Mom, Chang’an is also your son-in-law.
It’s right to leave food for you.
The two families share the food.
They all try the mutton sent back from Chang’an.
I have stayed at my mother’s house for a long time, and I have eaten a lot here.”

Gao Xiulan then said, “Then I’ll keep it for you, and you can eat it slowly later.
It was sent back by my son-in-law!” She looked proud.

This son-in-law is so generous.

When the meat was divided, other members of the old Su family also saw it.
Seeing the fatty lamb thigh meat their eyes sparkled.

“Look at how much your brother-in-law loves Qing’er, he remembers Qing’er from so far away.
You who are her brothers should also learn a little bit.” Gao Xiulan said while dividing the meat.

The three Su brothers nodded quickly, somewhat jealous.
As a brother, they can’t do as much as their brother-in-law.

Su Aidang said with emotion, “I should have known I would have gone into the army.” When the army came to recruit, their sister was still young, and he was worried that his sister would be bullied at home, so he didn’t feel relieved to leave.
Of course, the point is that his mother directly said that she would break his leg…

Gao Xiulan poured him cold water directly, “Not everyone who is a soldier can be as successful as your brother-in-law.
He has the ability.
What ability do you have? If you don’t have the ability, just farm the land honestly!” As for her stupid son, if he really goes to the battlefield, he would rush directly foolishly.

“Mom, I know you love me and don’t want to part with me.” Su Aidang understood selectively.

Gao Xiulan immediately got goosebumps.
She couldn’t bear it, she couldn’t bear the fact that the son she had raised with food for more than ten years was gone in vain.

After dividing the meat, Su Qinghe rode a bicycle to deliver mutton to the old Gu’s family.
According to Gao Xiulan’s distribution, all the good meat was given to the old Gu family.
Su Qinghe didn’t pay much attention to it either.
If it was all good meat, her mother would not be willing to eat it.

When they arrived at Gu’s house, Su Qinghe carried the meat upstairs to Gu’s home.

They are all at work, and mother Gu is the only one at home.
When Su Qinghe arrived, mother Gu was at home counting the gifts received during the Chinese New Year, which ones were eaten and which ones were used.
She prepared to leave it all to the youngest son and daughter-in-law.

After picking out the things, she put them in her youngest son’s room.

As soon as she put it away, she heard Su Qinghe’s voice, so she quickly open the door.
Seeing that it was indeed Su Qinghe who had come, she immediately narrowed his eyes with a smile.

“Qing’er is here.
You haven’t been here for a few days.
Mom misses you.”

Su Qinghe smiled as she entered the room, “My third brother is getting married, so I’m helping at home.
I was planning to visit you and dad when I’m done.
It just so happened that Chang’an sent something back, and I delivered it.”

She said and put the leg of lamb on the table.

When mother Gu heard that Chang’an had sent something, she opened it immediately.
Her eyes turned red when she saw the mutton leg, “Chang’an can’t even eat good food himself, but he still sends it home.
He always thinks about others.
In the past, he would give me a bite of everything delicious.

Seeing that her mother-in-law was about to shed tears again, Su Qinghe hurriedly said, “Mom, you should be happy.
Chang’an is filial to you.”

“Yes, Chang’an is the most filial.” Mother Gu looked at the mutton as if seeing her own son.

Su Qinghe sent the meat but didn’t keep much.
Her third brother will get married tomorrow, and she has to go back to help.

Knowing that Su Qinghe’s family was going to have a wedding, mother Gu didn’t keep her any longer, “Qing’er, I’ll keep this meat until you come to eat at home.
I’ll give you all the meat sent back by Chang’an.”

“Mom, I have it at home, I left some for myself.
You can eat it yourself, don’t worry about me.
Chang’an told me that both families should taste it.” Of course, this statement is false.
Chang’an didn’t even write a letter.
However, Su Qinghe felt that Chang’an didn’t need to explain this, and Chang’an is busy doing tasks all day long.
But even though Chang’an didn’t explain, she couldn’t keep all the meat on her own.
Filial piety on both sides is the most appropriate.

Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, mother Gu was moved again.
Her son is really sensible.

After the Gu family came back at noon, they were dumbfounded seeing what Gu Chang’an sent back.      How did Changan get this?

After Mother Gu showed it to everyone, she just left it to dry and didn’t plan to eat it.

“We’ll eat it when Qing’er comes home.”

Qing’er is so sensible, all these things are sent directly to her, and she doesn’t even need to send them over.
But she still sent it over, showing how honest and filial she is.

Chang An is also smart, knowing that he is not here, he must be worried that Qing’er will not remember him after a long time.
He also knows how to send things to Qing’er.
Make the girl happy and miss him.

Her son has really grown up.
He also knows how to please girls.
Fortunately, Qing’er is a good girl, and she is not worried that her son will be bullied for being too obedient.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

— Winston S.

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