In the early morning of the eleventh day of the lunar new year, the old Su’s family got up, and Su Qinghe didn’t sleep late either.
Wake up early to prepare the meals to be cooked at noon.

Because of the famine year, it was impossible to hold a banquet to entertain the neighbors. But relatives in the family want to have a meal together.
It can be regarded as a formal marriage.

There was still some meat that hadn’t been eaten during the Chinese New Year at home.
Those smoked game dishes couldn’t be taken out, so they got six pieces of pork, stewed Chinese cabbage, and stewed a large pot of oily meat dishes.
In addition, they made egg and vegetable soup.
Steamed three eggs.

As for the mutton brought back by Gu Changan, Gao Xiulan refused to agree to take it out.

The meat that the brother-in-law sent back to his sister was used by him to get married.
Does he have no shame?

Su Qinghe is still busy in the house. Su Aidang went down to pick up his wife under the escort of his two older brothers.

Both of them are on the same team, not far away.
Wearing a new suit made by Su Qinghe, his back is straight and full of energy.
There was a bubbling smile on his face.

Seeing her son like that, Gao Xiulan had a sore tooth.
They are all white-eyed wolves who married their wives and forgot their mothers!

As soon as Su Aidang left, his uncle Gao Fusheng brought his aunt Dasao Gao and their son Gao Jianwei.

There are three members of the family, both father and son are smiling, and Dasao Gao’s face is placid.

Gao Xiulan couldn’t see her sister-in-law like this, so she walked over to talk to Gao Fusheng, “Brother, why did you only come now? Our family’s Aidang was just talking about you, saying that his uncle is just like his own father.
If you don’t come, he doesn’t want to marry a wife.
I had a talk to him, so he went out to pick her up.”

Hearing Gao Xiulan’s words, Gao Fusheng’s sense of responsibility suddenly rose to a higher level.
He remembered what his mother had said.
The father of the three nephews is gone, and the uncle is now their father figure.
From now on, they will be filial to their uncle.

He said guiltily, “I went to the supply and marketing cooperative again this morning.
I brought you some buckwheat pancakes.
It’s not as good as the dim sum that Qing’er brought last time.
At least it can entertain people.”

“Oh brother, you are so polite.” Gao Xiulan said politely and hurriedly took the things over, “Come in and sit in the room, you are his uncle.
And Jianwei too, next time it will be Jianwei’s turn.
Let’s look at the matter of marrying a wife.”

Gao Jianwei blushed in embarrassment.

Su Qinghe had heard the movement a long time ago, made three bowls of warm brown sugar water in the kitchen, and then brought it out on a plate, “Uncle, aunt, brother Jianwei, drink some sugar water.”

“Look at how nice our Qing’er is to her uncle.
We don’t give brown sugar water to people who come here normally.
This is such an expensive thing.” Gao Xiulan said affectionally.

Gao Fusheng felt warm in his heart when he heard this.
“Our Qing’er knows how to take care of others.”

“My uncle is good to me, and I should be good to uncle.” She sincerely thanked him.
If it wasn’t for her uncle, how could she know such a good man as Chang’an? Like her mother, her uncle is sincerely kind to her.

Just as they were talking, Gao Xiuhong and Gao Xiuju also came, and they both brought a five or six-year-old girl over.

Gao Xiuhong took two taels11 tael = 50 grams of flour and two catties of sorghum rice. Gao Xiuju also took the same.

Gao Xiulan looked at the things, and Su Qinghe next to her smiled and said, “Eldest aunt, Second aunt, it’s very kind of you.
Sit down for a while, and I will pour water for you.”

Then she said to Gao Xiulan, “Mom, there’s something stewed in the pot.
Please take a look at it for me.”

Gao Xiulan was about to say something when she heard her daughter’s words, so she couldn’t care less.
She hurried up and went to the kitchen to look at the meat in the pot.

As soon as she entered the kitchen, Su Qinghe had already come out with brown sugar water.
After entering the main room, she handed it to Gao Xiuhong and Gao Xiuju, “My mother said that my aunts like to eat sweet things.
So, I have to put more sugar in it.” The mouth is not nourished and was tasteless all year round, there is no one who does not like to eat sweets.

When Gao Xiuhong heard this, she felt sour.
The third child still remembered that she liked to eat sweets when she was a child. “Your mother used to love candy too.
She secretly ate all the candy I hid.
She even said it was eaten by mice.”

Gao Xiuju took a sip of the brown sugar water, and her mood improved.
“It’s okay to say that the mouse stole it, but she also said that I stole it.
If it weren’t for her teeth decaying and she was crying in pain, I still wouldn’t know.”

Speaking of what happened decades ago, the two sisters felt like they were back when they were young.
Although there wasn’t much to eat at that time, a few sisters were fighting at home, and their parents working hard, and their days were much better than they are now.
Whereas now, it is necessary to raise the rations of the whole family.

Speaking of it, the third child is also suffering, she lost her man early.
How many children can one person raise? It’s alright for their mother and brother to be partial to her.

Gao Xiulan had just entered the main room and was about to have a few warm words with her brother when she saw her two elder sisters looking at her with peculiar looks.
She trembled at the sight.

What’s going on here?

While she was bewildered, Su Aidang and his brothers returned with the new daughter-in-law.

Tian Xiaomei was wearing a new blue floral padded jacket.
With a red flower pinned on her head, Su Ai Dang carried her all the way back.
His whole face turned red like an apple.

Su Qinghe watched this scene, imagining in her heart that when she married Chang’an, she would also let Chang’an carry her on his back.
Chang’an is so powerful, he should be able to carry her… After all, she is only slightly fat.

No firecrackers, no lively music.
A table of meals with sliced ​​meat and oily foods, together with the testimony of several close elders, a young man, and a woman became a couple in this way.

After eating at noon, Gao Xiuhong and Gao Xiuju took their granddaughters home contentedly.
They still have to go to work in the afternoon.
Gao Fusheng was not in a hurry, he bragged with his three nephews before leaving with his wife and son.
Su Qinghe sent them out and stuffed him with a brown paper bag outside.
There is half a catty of mutton in it.

“Uncle, Chang’an sent it back to me.
Go back and make some soup.
My mother prepared it early in the morning.”

Looking at half a catty of mutton, Dasao Gao looked at Su Qinghe suspiciously.
How can her third sister-in-law be so generous?

Gao Fusheng and Gao Jianwei didn’t think much about it.
The meat was already delivered, so why should they think about it? Why would Qing’er lie with such good meat? It’s no good.

“Qing’er, you go back and tell your mother that as a brother, I know that she is a good sister.
If there is any problem in the future, tell your uncle.
Your uncle will find a way for you.”

“There’s no problem.” Su Qinghe said, “My mother said, now that my brother and the others are married, the family is better than before, and I can’t always rely on my uncle to take care of me.”

Dasap Gao nodded, third Sister-in-law finally spoke with a conscience.
It seems that her conscience is not yet dark.

Gao Fusheng directly wiped his tears, and choked up, “Our Xiulan just took care of my brother.
I didn’t dote on her for nothing.
Tell your mother that I, as a brother, should take care of her.
What happened before and what will happen in the future? There are not too many things!”

Dasao Gao’s face is numb, her third sister-in-law is not completely bad, yet her man is already so stupid!

Su Qinghe: “…”

After sending away the uncle’s family of three, Su Qinghe went back to the house.
As soon as she got home, Gao Xiulan yelled, “Why is there so little mutton?”

The meat was hanging in a basket in the kitchen, ready to be dried before being delivered to the room.
Gao Xiulan had to look at it every day.
She just came over to have a look after she was busy, and then was horrified to find that there was less meat!

Su Qinghe entered the room and said, “Mom, I just got some for uncle.”

Gao Xiulan asked in surprise, “Why did you give it to your uncle?”

“Why can’t I give it to him? He still found Chang’an for me.
Chang’an said that he would pay his respects to uncle.
When he comes back and finds out that I didn’t give it, he will definitely have some opinions about me.
Chang’an also said that he wanted to give more, so I gave a little bit.”

Gao Xiulan looked at her mutton in pain, “When did my son-in-law say that? This man doesn’t know how to save money if he is not in charge of the family.”

Su Qinghe said with a smile, “It was what he said before he left, he would like to thank you uncle for finding him a good partner.”

Hearing this, Gao Xiulan felt relieved.
The son-in-law should thank her brother.
How good is Qing’er in their family, it’s cheap for him, a brat.

Three days later, Gu Changan finally returned to the military camp from the border defense area.
Because they went out and made meritorious service this time, they received a warm welcome from the company when they came back.

Company Commander Ge happily hugged a group of these people one by one and punched two fists2A fit bump … I guess, hehe.
When it was Gu Chang’an’s turn, the force was even heavier, causing Gu Chang’an’s eyes to glaze over.

“Hahaha, Gu Changan is great, I knew you were good.
You have to work harder in the future.
If that little Japanese really fights with us in the future, I will definitely find a way to let you go to the front line and have a good time!”

Gu Changan’s eyes widened.
Why did think he likes to fight? He obviously loves peace!

 I really want to go home, I really want to be with Qing’er.
Only Qing’er knows him best…

“By the way, Gu Chang’an, yesterday you received a package and a letter.
You can go to my office to get it later.” Commander Ge said with a smile.

It is also an encouragement for soldiers to receive things from their families when they return from a mission.
In order to defend your family, be more heroic!

When Gu Chang’an heard the news, his heart suddenly flew away.
Who sent it? It can’t be at home, his old man said, if anyone sends something out to support him, he will have to sever ties with him… ruthless old man.

He thought of a person again, his eyes were bright, could it be Qing’er?

With anticipation, after the meeting ended, he hurriedly followed Commander Ge to the office to get the letter and parcel.
Seeing that it was indeed a letter from Su Qinghe, he was so excited that he almost jumped up.

He quickly took his things and ran to the dormitory.

He has already smelled it, there is food in the package, and it smells delicious!

Back in the dormitory, he hesitated between the letter and the package, and finally gulped and started to open the letter.

After quietly reading the letter, Gu Chang’an’s eyes were red.
Qing’er was so kind to him, unlike others who only asked him to train hard, she let him eat and drink well.
Let him take care of himself.

He took a breath and began to unpack the package.
As soon as he opened the package, he saw the dried meat and dried fish in paper bags.
The aroma was so strong that he didn’t need to eat it, it already made his mouth water.

He took out one and stuffed it into his mouth.
The fragrant jerky made him feel comfortable and relaxed.

Chewing and chewing, the tears couldn’t help but flow down.

Woohoo… With so much meat and fish, I don’t know how long it took Qing’er to save it.
She was couldn’t bear to eat a bite, so she send them all.
Why is she so good?!


“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

— Paulo Coelho

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11 tael = 50 grams2A fit bump … I guess, hehe

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