Before she got married, Tian Xiaomei’s mother told her that she must not rush to work at her in-law’s house. The more diligent people are, the more they are expected to work.

People are like this, they like to bully those who are easy to be bullied. As long as you say you don’t know how to do it, in the future when others have work, they won’t think about you.

Anyway, as long as she usually works in the fields to earn work points, no one can say she is lazy.

Tian Xiaomei also followed this strictly.
But this idea doesn’t work with her mother-in-law.

It’s not that she said she couldn’t do it, so her mother-in-law wouldn’t ask her to work.
But if she doesn’t work, she won’t be fed!

She looked at the two sisters-in-law, who were both washing clothes and picking up firewood without complaint, and then looked at the little sister-in-law…

The youngest sister-in-law was wearing clean clothes and hadn’t even gone to the ground.
She just came out of the house.

She felt that this sister-in-law could understand her feelings.

However, Su Qinghe smiled stiffly, “Sister-in-law, cooking is easy.
I also learned it myself.”

Of course, she will not interfere in this matter.
Can’t get involved.
Third sister-in-law ah…

Now Su Qinghe thought about it if her elder sister-in-law and second sister-in-law didn’t work, then learn to protest with the third sister-in-law.
Then in the future, either her mother will take care of the whole family alone, or the family will be completely messed up.

“…” Su Qinghe went into the room silently to continue making clothes.

She found that she, too, had been entangled in it.

“Look at what Qing’er is doing.
Still expecting your sister-in-law to serve you? How big is your face? Are you serving your sister-in-law at home? You want to be served by someone after you are married.
If you said that earlier, I would definitely not allow you to come into our family.
This is really what her second aunt did.
She found such a daughter-in-law to enter the door-”

Gao Xiulan yelled directly into the yard.
The voice is loud, and it is estimated that it can be transmitted very far.

Tian Xiaomei immediately ran to the kitchen, “Mom, I’ll cook, I’ll cook.”

Gao Xiulan stopped, turned around, and said, “Do well, a daughter-in-law who can’t even cook, what else would you do? You are counting on our Aidang to cook for you? There is no such thing as a daughter-in-law like you.
Our Qing’er in the family can cook.
She takes care of the whole family every day.
Now she is going to her in-law’s house, and you still want her to take care of you!”

In the kitchen, Tian Xiaomei pursed her mouth and began to clean the pot.

How can marrying someone be like this? Shouldn’t she and Ai Dang live a good life, why should she be angry with her mother-in-law, and have to be busy at home after finishing her work?

Both mother-in-law and sister-in-law don’t work at home, so why can’t they do housework?

Outside, Gao Xiulan was still complaining to the two daughters-in-law about the third daughter-in-law, “Look, she doesn’t want to cook.
It’s either counting on you to do it, or she’s counting on her mother-in-law and Qing’er, the little sister-in-law.
She is black-hearted.
You are all my daughters-in-law, how can I let you serve her? I’m not going to do what those foolish people do.
You are all daughters-in-law, so how can I be biased? If you let me serve her, it will be even more sinister.
I have been serving my sons for so many years, and now I am old enough to enjoy the blessings, but I still have to serve my sons and daughters-in-law, is that reasonable?”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua shook their heads.

Their mother-in-law raised four children by herself.
It’s not easy.

Gao Xiulan took a deep breath, “Still counting on Qing’er? In the future, when our Qing’er gets married, she will go to work at the county magistrate’s house.
How many days can she spend at home now? I feel distressed just thinking about it.
Counting on her little sister-in-law.
Why didn’t she serve her sister-in-law when she was a little sister-in-law at home? A sister-in-law doesn’t know how to feel sorry for her little sister-in-law, ouch, what kind of daughter-in-law I have found–”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua thought it made sense.
They are all people who have experienced it and know how much they will suffer after getting married.

Their sister-in-law is about to get married, and she will be a wife to others in the future, so why not rest at home? When they were still at home, they didn’t have to do so much work.

When Su Aidang and the others came back at noon, they were all very happy.
Once the soil has been loosened, the seeds can be sown.
They can eat food in autumn.

As soon as they got back, the food was on the table.
The family eats together.
Su Qinghe also ate a little bit and had a lively time with her family.

Su Aidang happily looked at his sister and mother, and then at his wife… The wife is not happy…

Tian Xiaomei gave Su Aidang a wronged look.

Su Aidang raised his eyebrows, then looked at his family.
There is nothing strange about the elder sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law, it’s not that she had a fight with the elder sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law.
Look at his sister again, she is eating with her head down, and nothing out of usual.
Look at his mother again… Mom’s face is dark and unhappy.


At this time, Su Aidang’s intuition as a man told him that he should bow his head to eat now.

Well, have a full meal and good work in the afternoon.

Tian Xiaomei: “…” Didn’t it mean that when a man just gets married, he can’t endure it when his wife is aggrieved?

Su Qinghe looked at her brother, then at her sister-in-law, and hurriedly finished the sorghum porridge in the bowl. “I’m full, I’m going to take a nap.”

Gao Xiulan looked distressed, “You eat too little, you go to bed first.
I’ll make you a stewed mutton soup to drink when you wake up.”

When the children heard this, they immediately swallowed happily.
Even if they can’t eat meat, they can drink soup.

Tian Xiaomei felt even more uncomfortable when she heard that Su Qinghe could still open a small stove. When she was in her mother’s house, she never opened a small stove… Why is my sister-in-law so lucky?

After the meal, Xiaomei put the bowls and chopsticks into the kitchen together with Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua.
The three sisters-in-law wash the pots and wash the dishes, and the division of labor is very clear.

Tian Xiaomei looked at the two sisters-in-law while washing the dishes.

She was planning to please her little sister-in-law, but now she feels that in this family, only the daughter-in-law is the same person.
At least in the eyes of her mother-in-law, these daughters-in-law are outsiders who should work.

She looked at the kitchen door and didn’t see her mother-in-law.
She turned her head and said in a low voice, “Eldest sister-in-law and second sister-in-law, we have exhausted by working all day and have to take care of the whole family when we come back.
Isn’t it too hard for a daughter-in-law?”

Lin Shuhong looked at her, not knowing what she was trying to do.
Ding Guihua heard it and said with a smile, “What you said makes sense.
Go back and say the same to your sister-in-law.
Let your mother do more work.”

Tian Xiaomei: “…”

Lin Shuhong understood now, the third daughter-in-law still doesn’t want to work.
Ouch, this new daughter-in-law is not good, she still acts as if she’s at her mother’s house.

How could it be the same as at home after getting married?

Lin Shuhong said, “Who’s daughter-in-law doesn’t work? It’s not tiring.
Could it be that you’re still counting on mother and sister to do it? Sister used to help cook, but you can’t count on her.
She is going to be a daughter-in-law soon.
There will be a lot of hard work in the future, so why can’t she be idle? Xiaomei, I am not talking about you.
A sister-in-law should know how to love her little sister-in-law.
How nice sister is! All the good things at home belong to her.
Whose little sister-in-law is so good?”

Ding Guihua piled up the bowls and chopsticks with a straight face, and said angrily, “That’s right, what’s the matter with doing some work? Is it possible that you still expect mother to do it? Well, It’s not easy for Mom to raise so many children, and she still has to serve a big family when she gets old, aren’t you sorry?”

Tian Xiaomei: “…” These two sisters-in-law are not normal.
Her natal sister-in-law also knows how to complain.
If they do a little more work, they will complain.

Woohoo, this is not the same as other families!

Three people worked together, and things were done quickly.
The kitchen was cleaned up, and they went to tidy up the main room.
The children were not idle, some wiped the table, and some swept the floor.
There are also arranging firewood.

Even Sanya was digging earthworms with Dabao to feed the hens.

And the little sister-in-law is sleeping late, and the mother-in-law is picking in the yard whether this is not done well or that is not done well.
Everyone is quite used to it, and there is no complaint at all.
It seemed like it was the most reasonable thing to do.

But it’s not reasonable at all!

If she1Tian Xiaomei was sleeping late at home, her sister-in-law would have long since hated it.
Her mother picks on her sister-in-law at home, and her sister-in-law has long been stern and unhappy.

In front of Gao Xiulan, she didn’t dare to say anything, so when they went out to work together, she took Su Aidang and walked ahead.

Later, Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also got together to discuss.

Lin Shuhong said, “Do you think the third child will divide the family?”

Ding Guihua chuckled, “The third child loves his sister more than the eldest brother.
Sister-in-law, you haven’t been able to divide your family, can she still divide it?”

Hearing Ding Guihua mention the past Lin Shuhong’s face was a little embarrassed and coughed, “Why bring up the past? Now, I’m talking about the third.”

Ding Guihua affirmed, “Certainly can’t be divided.
We all work, and she still doesn’t want to work? Wishful thinking.
Fortunately, our mother-in-law is not partial, otherwise, we would have to serve Tian Xiaomei.”

In the beginning, they were worried because Tian Xiaomei’s family conditions were good, and their mother-in-law may be biased toward her after entering the house.
Now it seems that the worry is in vain.
Their mother-in-law is still fair.

Thinking about it this way, Ding Guihua felt that her mother-in-law was really kind.
It’s much better than other people’s eccentric mother-in-law.
At most, their mother-in-law loves the little sister-in-law, but the sister-in-law is going to marry, how long can she stay longer? If it is another daughter-in-law who is eccentric, then it will be annoying.

She thought so and told Lin Shuhong about it.

She used to provoke the relationship between her eldest sister-in-law and mother, but now she doesn’t care about that anymore.
Now the family is harmonious and they all eat in the same pot.
Anyway, they can’t die of hunger, so they don’t have to think so much.

When Lin Shuhong heard Ding Guihua’s analysis, she also felt that her mother was very good.
With her own honest nature, and the fact that Aiguo is also honest and won’t lie, if she meets a biased mother-in-law, it will definitely be her and Aiguo’s fault for being bullied.
It’s horrible just thinking about it.
But it’s fine now.
How nice the sister-in-law is! It’s best for their mother-in-law to be partial to their little sister-in-law!

The more the two sisters-in-law thought about it, the more they felt that life was beautiful, but Tian Xiaomei was extremely depressed.

She kept silent and kept a straight face, just hoping that Aidang could coax her, and then asked her what happened, so she could complain to Aidang about the situation at home.

As a result, Su Aidang turned a blind eye.
She’s so angry!

“I’m not happy, why don’t you ask me?”

Su Aidang was thinking about finding a way to dig out eggs after the two days of work.
His sister likes to eat.
Now there is Xiaomei.
Just in time for a bite or two.

Hearing Tian Xiaomei’s complaint, he was stunned, “You didn’t say it, I thought you didn’t want me to know.” A woman just has a lot of thoughts, and she doesn’t say anything when she is unhappy, and she has to ask him… His sister is not like this, she is happy when she is happy, and she loses her temper when she is unhappy.

Tian Xiaomei understood what he said, and almost vomited blood angrily.
She bit her lip, “Today when I got home from work, mother asked me to cook.
I haven’t done these things at home,”

Su Aidang understood, so he said, “You haven’t done it so, you don’t know how to do it, it’s okay, just learn how to do it.
My sister learned it, and her cooking is quite delicious.”

“…” Tian Xiaomei took a deep breath, “My sister-in-law does all the work in our house, and my mother won’t let me work.
I just need to go to the fields to earn work points!”

Su Aidang nodded with a smile, “Your mother and my mother are quite similar, they both love their daughters.
The little sister in our family also works less, and her sisters-in-law do it.
But our sister doesn’t need to go to the field, and we have a few older brothers.
In the future, she will not have to work even more when she goes to the county.”

Tian Xiaomei felt her eyes darken, why doesn’t this make sense?

She bit her lip and said aggrievedly, “Su Aidang, do you understand that I don’t want to work? I’m already tired from working in the fields every day, and I just want to rest when I get home.”

Su Aidang was stunned.
After a while, he finally understood what was going on.
His wife didn’t want to work, so she quarreled with his mother.

He asked, “Then what do you want to do? My eldest sister-in-law and second sister-in-law both work, but if you don’t work, and let them do it, aren’t you guilty?”

Tian Xiaomei thought about it and seemed a little guilty.
They are all daughters-in-law…

Su Aidang frowned and said, “You don’t expect little sister to work, do you? You don’t work at home, why would you asked sister to do these things? Xiao Mei, if you think so, you would be too selfish.”

“But sister didn’t work in the fields…” Tian Xiaomei was a little confused.

Su Aidang said unhappily, “Before you came to our house, our sister had never been in the field.
Why does she need to work in the fields when you came in? The two sisters-in-law haven’t complained.”

Tian Xiaomei’s head crashed a bit.
It seems to be the reason.
She can’t just come and mind her sister-in-law’s business ……

“Then our mother…” The mother-in-law can always help with cooking and so on.

Su Aidang’s face turned black, “If your sister-in-law is so concerned about letting your mother work, are you comfortable?”

Of course not!

Tian Xiaomei had an epiphany.
The mother-in-law can’t work, the sister-in-law can’t work, and she can’t just let the two sisters-in-law work…so she has to work!


To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

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1Tian Xiaomei

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