Tian Xiaomei has been working absent-mindedly all afternoon, thinking about what Su Ai Dang and the others said. Then she started to clear them one by one.

As a result, she found herself getting more and more chaotic.
It doesn’t matter who you ask to work, it’s not as reasonable as doing it yourself. If someone else does the work, she seems to be a lazy daughter-in-law who bullies her sister-in-law and cannot tolerate her mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Although she doesn’t like to do housework, she doesn’t want to be rejected as soon as she gets married.

After work in the afternoon, she didn’t need her mother-in-law Gao Xiulan to order her, so she consciously went to the kitchen to cook.

Old Su’s family has a big iron pot anyway, so it’s very convenient for cooking.

In the evening, they ate sorghum porridge with four-leaf vegetables.
Just throw it in the pot and cook it.
There was bacon hanging in the kitchen, but Gao Xiulan wouldn’t let anyone move it, so no one could move it.
When there is no food shortage now, of course, we should eat sparingly.
When there is no food to eat in the future, a bite of meat oil is enough to last a day.

Tian Xiaomei looked at the meat and swallowed.
Suddenly remembered that this meat was also brought back by her sister-in-law… It seems that her sister-in-law should not go to the ground.
You can’t take good things into the house and go to the ground to earn work points.
This is indeed too unfair.

After all, she went to the field by herself, that is, to support herself.
Her sister-in-law is now being raised by her husband’s family.

People from Old Tian’s family also eat at home, and they eat simple food at home, a little bit of flour pressed from corn cobs to make a paste, and some green leafy wild vegetables at random.
Although the taste is not very good, at least they can eat at least 80% full at home during dinner.
It’s much better than other people’s families who can only eat five points full a meal.

After Ms.
Tian finished eating, she kept sighing, “I don’t know if our Xiaomei is full at Old Su’s house.”

Sister-in-law Tian looked at her mother-in-law, thinking about what she heard in the afternoon, and felt that she should tell her mother-in-law.
It doesn’t matter if her sister-in-law doesn’t cook at home, after all, there are mothers and sisters-in-law like them at home.
But it would be outrageous to go to someone else’s house and not cook.

How embarrassing to be pointed at by the mother-in-law just after getting married.

“Mom, I’m working with the people from Sujia Village this afternoon.
I heard from the people there that our Xiaomei was scolded by her mother-in-law for not cooking at noon.
People heard it from afar.”

“What! Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Mrs.
Tian said with a shocked face.
Then she started to feel sorry for her daughter.

The others also looked at Sister-in-Law Tian in surprise.
This is not good news.
Xiaomei and Aidang have only been married for a few days…

Sister-in-Law Tian said, “Really, there are several aunts talking about it.
It is said that the little girl from the Su family used to cook for the family, and then talked about her in-law’s family.
She doesn’t do much work, and they said that my little sister is lazier than others…”

“Fart, my daughter is in the field all day, how can she be lazy.
The girl in the old Su family hasn’t worked in the field for more than ten years.
All day long she just eats and drinks well.
That’s what I call a young lady.”

Tian was very angry.
Her daughter has only been married for a few days, and she was told this.
She doesn’t know what kind of life she lives in the old Su’s house.

She was so angry that she couldn’t sleep at night.
She went to Old Su’s house early the next morning.

The people of Old Su’s family were cooking breakfast and preparing to go to work after eating.
Tian Xiaomei cooked the food early in the morning.
The two sisters-in-law are also busy washing clothes and cleaning the house.

The three of them were busy doing housework.

From the kitchen, Tian Xiaomei watched the two sister-in-laws working as a matter of course, and suddenly felt that it seemed that a daughter-in-law should do the work.

Otherwise, why are these two sister-in-laws working so hard?

However, Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua’s thinking is that someone has to do the housework anyway, and if they don’t do it, it’s their own children who do it.
Of course, they can do as much as they can.

When the Su family was preparing to have breakfast, Mrs.
Tian came over.

Seeing her daughter carrying a large basin of food into the main room, her heart ached.
When she got married, she has to serve the whole family to eat and drink.
What is this treating her daughter as?!

“Gao Xiulan, what do you think of my daughter?” Mrs.
Tian shouted from the yard straight away.

Although Gao Xiulan is the top dog in the entire Yellow River production team, she1Mrs.
Tian has two sons and the man is still there, so she is not afraid of anyone.

Moreover, she had little contact with Gao Xiulan, so naturally, there was no conflict.
Naturally, she was not so afraid of Gao Xiulan.

Seeing Mrs.
Tian making trouble, the Old Su family all stared at her blankly. What are you doing this early in the morning?

Tian Xiaomei looked at her mother in surprise, “Mom, why are you here?”

Gao Xiulan came out of the house, looked at Mrs.
Tian, and smiled, “What is she doing here, of course, she’s here for a meal.
Rushing over to freeload.”

Tian: “…”

She patted her heart, not letting Gao Xiulan piss her off, pointed at Gao Xiulan, and scolded, “Gao Xiulan, why are you so dark-hearted? My daughter just came here.
You let my daughter serve the whole family to eat and drink, you don’t feel sorry for other people’s daughters, do you?!”

Few people dare to do this to Gao Xiulan, Gao Xiulan walked out of the room with a dark face, pointing at Mrs.
Tian, and said, “What’s wrong, you don’t work when you get married? Whose wife doesn’t work? Are you waiting for my other two daughters-in-law to serve? Ask them if they are happy?”

Ding Guihua said, “Of course, I don’t want to! I’ve heard of those who serve mother-in-law and sister-in-law, but not those who have to serve their brother-in-law’s wife.”

Lin Shuhong had a stupid mouth, so she could only nod along with her son. That’s right, that’s the truth.

Tian blushed with anger, “Wait, I will bring my two daughters-in-law over later!”

Gao Xiulan said with her lips twisted, “It’s just right to bring them, let them teach your daughter, sister-in-law should take good care of my sister-in-law.
Don’t expect my sister-in-law to serve her with laundry and cooking.”

Tian touched her chest again, and Tian Xiaomei felt distressed seeing her mother like this, “Mom, you go back first, I will go home to see you at noon.

Gao Xiulan squinted her eyes and said, “It’s fine to go back, if you don’t want to work at your in-law’s house, just rest at your mother’s house and let your sister-in-law take care of you for a few days.”

Tian Xiaomei: “…”

“Mom, what’s wrong, why are you arguing again early in the morning?” Su Qinghe put on her clothes in a daze and came out.

She stayed up for a while last night to make clothes for her mother-in-law and went to bed very late.
Before she woke up, she heard the noise in her sleep.
She was so frightened that she thought there was a fight and ran out without thinking.

Seeing Su Qinghe like this, Mrs.
Tian became even angrier.
Her daughter got up early in the morning to cook for the whole family, but Gao Xiulan’s daughter hasn’t woken up yet.

They are all daughters, why should hers not be regarded as a human being?

She couldn’t hold back the anger in her heart, and couldn’t wait to find her two daughters-in-law to come over to quarrel, so she took her daughter and strode away.
“Let’s go home and not serve people here!”

Seeing that his wife was about to leave, Su Aidang hurriedly said, “Mom, what are you doing? Why are you bringing Xiaomei back?”

Tian looked at her son-in-law and stopped.
Now, with confidence in her heart, she immediately said, “If I don’t take her home, will your mother bully her? Ask yourself, do you live with Xiaomei or your mother.”

Su Aidang was taken aback, does this need to be asked? “Mom, I have been living with my mother all these years.
I can’t give up my mother as soon as I marry a wife.
That would be a stabbing in the back.
My uncles and brothers didn’t do that.”

“……” Mrs.
Tian was so choked by him that she couldn’t speak, and she was a little speechless.
She stared blankly at her son-in-law for three seconds, then immediately dragged her daughter away.

They have to go, it’s not normal to stay any longer!

Seeing how persistent his mother-in-law was, Su Aidang couldn’t stop her, and yelled, “Xiaomei, come back soon.”

Hearing this, Mrs.
Tian almost staggered and fell down.
It sounds like he’s not going to pick her up! Why did she find such a wicked son-in-law?

After Mrs.
Tian and Tian Xiaomei left, the rest of Old Su’s family went in to eat.
Anyway, just do what you should do.

Even Su Aidang went into the house to eat and was ready to go to work.

Su Qinghe was no longer sleepy at this moment, and asked worriedly, “This will not be a problem, right? Do you want my brother to pick her up?” It seems that when a daughter-in-law is angry, she goes back to her natal home, and she only wants her husband to pick her up before she is happy to come back.
For the sake of a breath of fresh air.

Gao Xiulan said, “Why do you want to pick her up? Who hasn’t been back to her mother’s house? It’s so close.
There will be more opportunities for her to go back to her mother’s house in the future.
Who will go to pick her up? Don’t be used to it! Her mother took her away by herself, so she should bring her back by herself.
We didn’t drive her out.”

The others didn’t think there was anything wrong.
It’s not that Aidang and Tian Xiaomei got into a conflict and she went back angry.
It wasn’t her mother-in-law who drove her out.
It was her own mother who took her back.
If they go pick her up, the Old Tian family will have to ride on their own heads.

Now, this matter is not a matter of the couple, but a matter of the two families.

Tian Xiaomei was dragged back to her mother’s house by the quilt in a daze, and she still hasn’t recovered.

What is she doing here?

Fortunately, her sister-in-law’s food was ready, so she ate a meal with her family.
However, the two sisters-in-law had a hard time thinking about it.

It’s so close, can’t you come back after eating at Old Su’s house? Do you really have to grab a bite with your family?

Of course, Tian Xiaomi hasn’t noticed this change yet.
In her mind, this is still her home.
The kind that you can do whatever you want.

After eating, as soon as the bowls and chopsticks are put away, they left them alone.

Tian didn’t let her work either, so she pulled her and said, “Don’t go back this time.
Unless Aidang separates the family.
You two haven’t had children yet, so the rations must be enough for you to eat, and there may be some leftovers.
When you have children later, I can help you if I am close.
Your sisters-in-law can also help you.”

Two sisters-in-law: “…”

Tian Xiaomei said, “Mom, it’s really nothing.
It’s just cooking.
The two sisters-in-law of Aidang do this.
They work together every day.”

When Madam Tian heard this, she stared at her daughter, “What did you say before you got married? You said that you will not be oppressed by your mother-in-law at home.
How did it change now?”

Tian Xiaomei thought about her thoughts before she got married and then found out in horror that her thoughts seemed to have changed suddenly subconsciously.
The point is that she hasn’t noticed it yet!

“Mom, is it wrong for me to think this way now?” She asked nervously.

Tian said firmly, “Of course, it’s not right! Why do you have to work? Old Su has so many family members, why do you have to serve the family to eat? You work in the field to earn work points.
You don’t just eat for free.
What about the mother-in-law and sister-in-law? If you don’t work, don’t do it, someone will do it anyway.”

Tian Xiaomei turned her head around after hearing her mother’s words. That’s right, she didn’t eat free rice, she earned work points.

After hearing this, the Eldest sister-in-law Tian and Second sister-in-law Tian were thoughtful.

Tian Xiaomei didn’t return to old Su’s house until the evening.

Su Ai Dang was not used to it at first, after all, it has been very hot these days.
But soon he didn’t have time to think about those hot things.
He was assigned by his mother to go to check for bird eggs in the middle of the night.

So no one went to Old Tian’s house to pick her up.

Tian Xiaomei didn’t come back until the Lantern Festival the next day. Su Aidang was tired all night and couldn’t care about anything else, so he went directly to work in the fields to earn money.

Su Qinghe was quite worried that her brother would have problems right after he got married.
She wants her brother to coax his wife with the eggs he picked out at night.

But soon she couldn’t care less. Guo Changsheng brought her a letter when he came back from the commune, saying that her husband’s family asked her to go to the county town to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

After Gao Xiulan heard the news, she immediately packed a bunch of things for her daughter and asked her to go to her husband’s house to celebrate the festival.

Su Qinghe rode to the county with ten eggs on her back and a spring jacket made for Mother Gu.


“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.
You just take it.”

― Roseanne Barr



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