The old Gu family in the county seat

Because of the Lantern Festival1Chinese New Year = Lantern Festival., everyone has rested at home.
Mother Gu started thinking about Su Qinghe early in the morning.
During this New Year’s Eve, she looks forward to the family reunion. However, the third son, Chang An, was far away in the army, so it was impossible for him to return.
Fortunately, his wife, Qing’er, was by her side, so she hurriedly asked Deputy Magistrate Gu to call the commune, and asked them to help deliver a letter to Qing’er, asking her to come over for a reunion.

By the way, Qing’er’s job has also been settled.
Let Qing’er come over to discuss when to move to Gu’s house so that it is convenient for her to go to work.

As soon as Su Qinghe knocked on the door, Mother Gu went to open the door with a happy face.

Eldest sister-in-law Gu and second sister-in-law Gu watched, feeling so overwhelmed that they didn’t want to speak.
They stayed by their mother-in-law’s side all day long, and they even gave birth to a son for the old Gu’s family.
After running the family for so many years, their mother-in-law would criticize them when she saw them.
The third daughter-in-law just entered the door with one foot, and already loved like her own precious daughter…

At the door, Mother Gu dragged Su Qinghe into the room.
While closing the door, she said, “Come in and sit down.
We’re all at home.
We need you and Chang’an.
Chang’an can’t come back.
When you come, you represent Chang’an.”

“Mom, I came as soon as I received the news.” Su Qinghe entered the door with a smile, and then greeted everyone, “Dad, elder brother and second elder brother, elder sister-in-law, and second sister-in-law, Xiaolei.
and Xiaolin.”

Everyone smiled and nodded in response.
Deputy county magistrate Gu said, “Come over more in the future, your mother misses you.” She couldn’t fall asleep talking about it at night.
She started to argue with him again, saying that Chang’an should not be sent away.
Otherwise, the son and daughter-in-law could be in the same place now.
Anyway, he is now extremely grateful that he listened to the suggestions of his daughters-in-law and found a good wife for the third child.
Otherwise, talking about it day and night is really unbearable.

Mother Gu pulled Su Qinghe to the edge of the sofa, asked her to sit down, and called her daughter-in-law, “Hurry up and pour tea for Qing’er, and get the milk powder.” Then she said to Su Qinghe, “Your father went to pay New Year’s greetings to his old chief, and they have given it to him.
I kept it for you.”

Su Qinghe quickly waved her hands and said, “Mom, Dad, this is for the elders and children to replenish their health, I don’t need to drink it.”

“Why won’t you drink it? If Chang’an is at home, I’ll give Chang’an a drink.
But he’s not at home, you have to drink more for him.
He can’t eat the delicious at home, and he has to suffer outside.”

Su Qinghe nodded, Chang’an is quite miserable.
During New Year, he had to perform tasks outside, eating and sleeping in the open.

Seeing that Su Qinghe also agreed with her, mother Gu patted her hand, “You eat and drink more, so that mom can feel at ease.”

The second sister-in-law sighed and poured a glass of milk for Su Qinghe.
Su Qinghe hurriedly said thank you and took it over.

Seeing Su Qinghe obediently drinking milk, mother Gu felt as if she saw her son drinking milk, and felt very comfortable.

Although Changan can’t drink it, if he knows that his wife eats and drinks well at home, he will be happy in his heart.

“Why don’t you come here earlier? Come here sooner, mom will make you a cup every day so that you can grow up white and fat.”

Su Qinghe: “…” She really doesn’t want to gain weight, and if she gains weight, Chang’an should not be able to carry her.

She put the cup down, and then took out eggs and clothes from her backpack.

Seeing Su Qinghe bring something again, mother Gu’s face hurts.
“You take so much, what should you do if your natal brothers and sisters-in-law have opinions about it? Our in-laws will not hold you back, we will give you face.”

“It’s okay, my brothers and sisters-in-law love me too.
They all support me.” Su Qinghe said with a smile and then gave the clothes to mother Gu, “I wanted to come to see mother earlier, but I thought the clothes were not ready, so I just came here after they were finished.
I just finished them last night.
Mom, try it.”

When mother Gu heard that the clothes were made for her and that Qing’er made it by herself, she hadn’t even put on any clothes yet, and her eyes were already filled with tears.
She said with trembling lips, “Our Qing’er…is so nice!”

As soon as the good words fell, the tears also fell.

Su Qinghe was stunned. Why is my mother-in-law crying again, ouch, hey— “Mom, try it on.
You treat me well, and I should be filial to you.
Don’t be moved, don’t cry.
This is what we should do as juniors.”

Mother Gu hurriedly wiped away her tears and went to change clothes.
Then soon came out with a smile on her face, as if the person who just cried was not her.

“It’s so beautiful.
Our Qinger’s craftsmanship is really good.” Mother Gu praised, “It’s better than the clothes in the tailor shop.
The master said that he has been doing it for decades, but he is not as good as our Qing’er.”

When Su Qinghe heard it, it was no wonder that her clothes-making skills have not improved since she was promoted to B-level.
They had been doing it for decades…

Mother Gu touched her clothes, then said to her man, “Old Gu, look at how kind Qing’er is to me.
She even knows how to make clothes for me.
No one else has treated me so kindly.
It’s been so many years, and I haven’t even received a new pair of socks.”

The elder sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law Gu were filled with distress.
The old lady is in charge of the house, and there is no shortage of food and clothing.

Su Qinghe hurriedly said, “Mom, I’m idle.
I have a lot of time and it’s convenient to make clothes.”

Mother Gu remembered Su Qinghe’s work again, “If you asked me, you don’t have to go to work.
It’s good to be idle like this.
Your dad and I can’t spend much money, your dad’s salary will be given to you to live on.
If it’s not enough, let Changzheng and Changping subsidize you.
They are promising brothers, so it’s right to help you.
If Chang’an hadn’t been sent to the troops by them, they wouldn’t need to subsidize you as a sister-in-law.” ”

“Mom, there is really no need, I like to support myself…” She felt guilty when she said this, but it would be impossible to say otherwise.
She doesn’t want Chang’an’s elder brothers and sisters-in-law to take care of her.
At home, she can still rely on her own brother, but this in-law’s family is different.

Hearing what Su Qinghe said, mother Gu took her hand and squeezed it again, “Mom knows you are a hardworking person.
Can’t be idle.
It’s okay to go to work.
If you don’t want to go to work later, come back and rest.
Mom will take care of you.” Turning around, she said to Gu Changping, “Second, talk to Qing’er about work.”

The old lady had an order, and Gu Changping immediately said, “Yes, the work has been agreed upon.
It’s a temporary worker.
Go to help in the cafeteria.
In fact, it is guarding the place at the kitchen window.
When people are done, you can bring it over to collect the tickets and deliver the dishes.”

This job sounds easy, but it’s a loss if I can’t cook.
“Second brother, can I have a chance to cook?”

Gu Changping felt that the third daughter-in-law is really diligent, “This… if the master is not around, maybe you can help.
However Qinghe, I don’t think you should be diligent.
It’s very tiring to cook, so just collect the money and tickets.”

Su Qinghe nodded, as long as there is a chance.
“Thank you, second brother and second sister-in-law.
I troubled you to look for a job.”

I have to find a way to repay this favor in the future.

The second sister-in-law Gu smiled and said, “It’s okay, as long as I arrange a job for you.” From now on, the third child and his wife will both have jobs, so they don’t need to be raised at home.
That’s great!

For cooking at noon, Su Qinghe was unable to move as usual.
In fact, she didn’t have to do anything in the old Gu’s house, and even mother Gu wouldn’t let her do such things as serving dishes.
She used to cry for Chang’an, but now she just cries for her directly, “Our Qing’er will soon go to the state-run restaurant to deliver food to people.
How can we let her do this at home? It’s so hard.
They should have done more when they were free from work.
If they don’t want to do it, I can do it, and I will serve them and their family.”

Several people who are called ‘their family’: “…”

Su Qinghe never mentioned hands-on work anymore and was relieved to be a rice bug that has been taken care of with peace of mind.

Because Su Qinghe came, mother Gu was finally willing to take out the mutton and eat it.
The mutton soup was boiled directly.
Mother Gu kept getting meat for Su Qinghe with a big spoon.

“Eat more, this is what Chang’an sent back.
How can you not eat it?”

Su Qinghe smiled awkwardly, “Everyone should eat.
Chang’an sent it back for family members to eat.”

Mother Gu gave her two grandchildren meat again, “Your uncle sent it back.
Your aunt saved it for you to eat.
Your uncle is still suffering outside for this little meat.”

Gu Lei and Gu Lin bit their flesh, seeing their eyes turn red, they also felt uncomfortable.

Uncle is so pitiful.
He can’t even eat meat, so he sends it back to his family to eat.
He’s still suffering outside now.
How pitiful!

After eating, mother Gu took Su Qinghe to clean up the cabinet, planning to pack some of Gu Changan’s clothes and put them in the box, and asked Su Qinghe to move things here to live here, and then sleep in Gu Changan’s room.

This matter was agreed upon a long time ago, so Su Qinghe naturally didn’t say anything else.
After the two of them cleaned up the cabinet together, Gu Ma was going to ask her sons to help Su Qinghe move things.

“Mom, I really don’t need it.
I’ll just ask my brothers to send it to me.
The eldest brother and the second brother have to go to work, so don’t delay the great cause of building the motherland!”

Deputy County Magistrate Gu praised, “Qinghe has a high level of ideological awareness.
Very good, very good.
In this way, if you need anything, you can get it to the commune.
When Old Hao comes over here, his car can just bring it over.”

“Okay, Dad.” Su Qinghe responded with a smile.
Anyway, he agreed to it.
Besides, how to come here is still arranged by oneself.

Su Qinghe spent a Lantern Festival at Lao Gu’s house and went home to pack her things the next day, planning to come to Old Gu’s house in two days.

When she set off in the morning, she departed with her Eldest sister-in-law Gu and the others.
She went home, and the Gu family brothers and sisters-in-law went to work.

Watching Su Qinghe’s bicycle ride away.
The second sister-in-law has been loaded with things in her heart.
Then she pulled her sister-in-law to whisper, “Sister-in-law, the third daughter-in-law is coming to live at home.
Do you have any ideas? She can’t do anything at home when she comes here.
We have to serve her to eat and drink in the future.
I guess we even have to wash her clothes… I don’t think this is okay, we have to find a way to let the third daughter-in-law work with us…”

Before she finished speaking, Sister-in-law Gu smiled and walked away.
Zhang Xiaolan is about to come up with another bad idea and she2Eldest SIL doesn’t want to get involved!

Second Sister-in-law Gu watched Sister-in-law Gu show a deep smile and then left.
She was stunned for a while, and then turned to her man Gu Changping, “What do you think the eldest sister-in-law means?”

Gu Changping looked helplessly at his stupid wife, and touched her head, “Comrade Xiaolan, I wish I could share my head with you.”

Second sister-in-law Gu stared and said, “What do I want your head for?”

Gu Changping looked at his wife and immediately smiled, Nothing, nothing, you are fine like this.
But I beg you to stop staring at the third sister-in-law.
Just think of it as raising a sister-in-law, okay? Let’s go to work.”

The second sister-in-law Gu: “Finally, the younger brother-in-law went to the army, but the younger sister-in-law is here again… No, it’s the younger brother-in-law…”

She suddenly had an idea “Hey, Changping, do you think the army needs a female soldier? Can our third sister-in-law go? Didn’t you say that there are literary and artistic soldiers? The third sister-in-law is so good-looking.”

Gu Changping almost stumbled while walking.
He just solved the matter of the state-owned restaurant.
If there is a literary soldier, will he be allowed to live a good life?



“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.”

~ Wayne Dyer


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1Chinese New Year = Lantern Festival.2Eldest SIL

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