Su Qinghe was going to move to the Gu family in the county to live, and she could only come back once a week during day-offs.


Together with Gao Xiulan, she packed a few pieces of clothes and prepared to take them there for a change of clothes, and there is no rush to bring the rest.
She’ll just take some slowly when she comes back every week from now on.


Thinking that her daughter was leaving her, Gao Xiulan’s nose turned red with sadness, “Qing’er, remember to come back when you are on vacation.”


“Mom, I know.” Su Qinghe nodded immediately.
She doesn’t worry about her mother.
It was not because she is worried that her mother will be bullied, and besides no one can bully her, but she is worried about who her mother will make enemies with when she is not around.


There’s no way, her mother has too many enemies, and it’s better not to make trouble at this age.
“Mom, I’m not at home.
So don’t scold my sisters-in-law.
Now, my sisters-in-law are busy with work outside.
You can just live your life.
Don’t pick fights.
I just like a peaceful family.”


Gao Xiulan twisted her mouth and said, “I can not say that.
Later they’ll think I am easy to bully and urge your brothers to not care about me.
These days when a mother-in-law is not powerful, which daughter-in-law is willing to listen?”


“Mom, if my brothers don’t care about you, I will take care of you.
My brothers and the others are not white-eyed wolves.
After all these years, they are still very filial to you and treat me well.
Besides, you still have my dad.
You are a person who can rely on yourself.
It would be best if they didn’t care.
Let’s live by ourselves and eat spicy food all day long.”


Gao Xiulan was happy and proud of what she said, yes, she still has Dagen.


“When you go to the county and your dad gives you something, I will send it all to you.” Gao Xiulan said proudly.


This kind of pride is different from relying on the son to control the family’s supplies.
It is confidence from the heart.


Su Qinghe looked at her mother, smiled, and hugged her, “Mom, I have a job, and I can support you in the future.”


Gao Xiulan narrowed her eyes with a smile, of course, she wouldn’t rely on her daughter to raise her, otherwise, how could the daughter hold her head up in her in-law’s house, but what the daughter said warmed her heart.
The most filial in the family is indeed her daughter.
How caring.
Her sons never talked like that.
She had to coerce them into saying something good.


Early the next morning, Su Qinghe was going to work in the county by bicycle.
Because she didn’t bring many things with her, she didn’t need someone to deliver them at all, and just rode away.


Gao Xiulan held her daughter’s hand and said nothing for a long time, but thinking about her daughter saying that she would be back in a few days, tears were forced back.


“When your husband’s family treats you badly, come back and tell mom.” Gao Xiulan instructed.


“I know, Mom, I have to go.
I have to go to work in the restaurant.”


Before leaving, she waved to everyone, “Mom, brothers, sisters-in-law.
Da Ya, Erya, Sanya, Dabao Erbao, you should all go back, don’t send me off.
I’m not going far away like this, I will come back.
Wait for my day off, I will bring you delicious food, there is plenty of good meat and dishes in the state-owned restaurant!”


The children salivated when they heard this.


Sanya shouted, “Aunt, come back more often.”


The other children shouted, “Auntie, come home often.”


“Okay.” Su Qinghe smiled and rode away.


Behind her, the old Su family stood in a row and watched her off, their faces looked like they had been hollowed out…


Comrade Tian Xiaomei was the happiest when Su Qinghe left home, and the others were not very happy.


Gao Xiulan and the three elder brothers were reluctant to let their daughter and sister leave the house.
The children felt that now that their aunt was gone, no one would give them snacks or teach them to write in the future.……


Even Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua were unhappy.


Tian Xiaomei secretly looked at the expressions of this family, and then there was a look of sadness on her face.


After sending Su Qinghe away, everyone who should go to work went to work.
Tian Xiaomei watched Ding Guihua and Lin Shuhong sigh, and persuaded, “Sister-in-law will marry sooner or later, you have to get used to it.
No one’s sister-in-law is always at home.
Yes, it’s not that I can’t tolerate her, it’s just that I can see the situation.
My sisters-in-law wishes I wasn’t at home.” She said this with a heartbroken expression.
The same sister-in-law could not tolerate her sisters-in-law going out, and her little sister-in-law left, these sisters-in-law are still reluctant… She is more diligent, okay?


Ding Guihua sighed, “Can you compare with our little sister-in-law? Our sister doesn’t do much housework at home, but she often brings home good things.
Whether she can go or not, we don’t have to do all the housework.
What should we do, we can’t take things home when we can.
Also, when our mother scolds people, sister can help persuade her.”


Lin Shuhong nodded.
This is a reason.


She just understand this truth now that the sister was about to leave.
In fact, it’s better for sister to be at home, woohoo… Isn’t it just to wash two more clothes, and it’s not too tiring!


“It seems to be the case…” Tian Xiaomei put on the straw hat silently and found that she was the most stupid in the family, and couldn’t tolerate her sister-in-law at home.
Such a good sister-in-law should not leave!


Su Qinghe rode his bike all the way to the county.


Although she was a bit reluctant, she also wanted to eat more meat fairly and honestly.


In the past, she used to find excuses to say that she got it from her in-laws.
Even if it was brought out in the name of her father, Comrade Su Dagen, she still had to find an excuse.
Now that she has a job, she doesn’t need to look for excuses in the future.
There is a lot of oil and water in the restaurant!


Fortunately, work is not tiring.
Compared with Chang’an, her days are much more comfortable.
Now she gets two-star coins every day.
Because Chang’an doubles his training every day at noon and night.
Just thinking about it makes her tired…


When she arrived at the Gu family in the county, the Gu family was still eating breakfast at home and did not go to work.
Gu Changping asked for leave on purpose and took Su Qinghe to the state-run restaurant in person.


Mother Gu was still worried and personally followed along.


“Mom, don’t go, I will go with second brother.” Su Qinghe persuaded.
I will feel weird if  I have to be sent to work by my elders.


Mother Gu sighed, “When our Chang’an went to the army, I couldn’t send him there, and now I feel uncomfortable.
Just let Mom go with you, Qing’er or Mom will feel uncomfortable at home.”


Su Qinghe: “…” Chang’an can still maintain a hard-working and motivated spirit in such an environment, which is so rare!


“Mom, my workplace is close, so it’s convenient.
On my first day of work, people will look at me and laugh that I took my mother there.
They might think I couldn’t work.
How embarrassing.” Su Qinghe persuaded.


Mother Gu thought about it, and then she gave up.


There is only one state-run restaurant in the county.
It’s not too big either, according to Su Qinghe’s opinion, it’s about the same size as an ordinary restaurant, just a twenty-square-meter hall with big round tables.
There is a bamboo tube with chopsticks on the table.
Then she leaned against the wall on the side to find a window inside, and that place was where someone else served the meal.


What Su Qinghe has to do is sit at this window, collect money and tickets, and wait for the chef to prepare the food, then yell at the window and ask someone to come over and take it…  right, this time to eat at a restaurant, do not think about the waiter bringing the dishes over to you.
Being able to give a smiling face with a good attitude is very service-oriented.


“Hey, Changping is here.
I’ve been waiting for you for several days.” The middle-aged man walked over with a smile.
He is about the same age as Gu Changping.


Gu Changping smiled and said, “My sister-in-law just came over today.  I brought her here as soon as she arrived.”


Then he said to Su Qinghe, “This is Director Liu of the state-run restaurant, who is in charge of purchasing.”


Su Qinghe hurriedly exclaimed, “Hello Director Liu, my name is Su Qinghe.
I will work hard in the future and serve the people well!”


Director Liu laughed, “Comrade Qinghe has a high level of ideological awareness.” He joked with Gu Changping, “It’s very different from your Chang’an.”


Su Qinghe felt guilty immediately after hearing this, ouch, she is really different from Chang’an.
Director Liu can’t tell that she doesn’t like to work, right?…..


Gu Changping said proudly: “Our Chang’an, is doing pretty well in the army now.
He won first place in the recruit competition, and now he’s in a good company.”


“Oh, then his future is bright.
Not bad, not bad, it was right to send him to the army at the beginning.” Director Liu said cheerfully.


Su Qinghe thought to herself, it is indeed correct to send him to the army, otherwise, how would she know Chang’an and be engaged to him?


After the greetings were over, Gu Changping had to go to work, and Su Qinghe was led to the kitchen to meet the master.


There are two waiters in the state-run restaurant, both of whom are service windows.
Usually, they help each other when they are busy.
The role of a temporary worker like Su Qinghe is to help.  The regular staff is an older woman, known as Aunt Li.
About the same age as mother Gu, she looks less than fifty years old, with a round face and a round figure, overall there is nothing wrong with her body.


Probably because of this reason, when Aunt Li looked at Su Qinghe, she felt that she had special eyesight, “This child is really good-looking, just look at the round eyes and face, you are blessed at first glance.
Not to mention, she looks like me! The chubby looks different from others.”


Su Qinghe: “…” She is just slightly fat!


The master chef is an old man with the same round figure, known as Master Qiao, or Qiao Da for short.
He looks like he is in his fifties and likes to smoke some tobacco.
Now that he’s idle, he came over with a dry cigarette and joked, “This is the look of a person who works in the restaurant.
Those who are thin and stand over here are a loss of face of our state-run restaurant.
The people in our state-run restaurant should be round like this.”


Su Qinghe: “…” It turns out that being fat has this advantage…


The three round people haven’t communicated much yet, but they just get along in such a strange and harmonious harmony.


Director Liu looked at this situation and the corners of his mouth twitched, but he breathed a sigh of relief.
He was worried that the old comrades would bully the younger comrade, and he would not be able to explain to Gu Changping later.
This situation is also quite good.


Thanks to the old Gu family, the three daughters-in-law have grown round.


As soon as Director Liu left, Aunt Li went to close the door.


Su Qinghe said, “Are we not opening the door today, are we not working?” Then what is she doing here?


 “Why not? We’ll have a lot of work to do later.
Those guys will come every day at mealtime.
They’ve just finished eating this morning and left in a wave.
If we don’t close the door now, they’ll come and sit and eat later.
We can’t stop for a whole morning.
We don’t serve.
Do they still want to come over for a meal before mealtime? Who will serve them?” Aunt Li said with a face of righteousness.


Su Qinghe thought of those fast food restaurants that were open 24 hours a day.


State-run restaurants are bulls!


On the first day of work, Su Qinghe sat in the kitchen and chatted with Aunt Li for most of the day, while Qiao Da smoked all morning by the side.


Then there was a loud bang.
The bell in the state-run restaurant rang.


Qiao Da stood up straight away and start cooking.
The spatula is brandished like a war.


Su Qinghe was startled, and quickly stood up, “Are you going to work?” Although she is lazy, she also knows that newcomers cannot be lazy.
Only after you become a veteran before you can have the skill to be lazy.


 Aunt Li smiled and patted her on the shoulder, “Arrange your bowl and chopsticks and prepare to eat.
We can only work when we are full.”


Su Qinghe looked at the clock on the wall, it was already half past eleven.
It’s time to eat.


She hurriedly went to wash the dishes and chopsticks.


Qiao Da quickly made a bowl of Chinese cabbage with sliced ​​meat and a pot of vermicelli with green vegetables.
Authentic cabbage, green and oily.
Su Qinghe’s eyes lit up as she watched.


How long has it been since she ate cabbage? This kind of vegetable is even more difficult to buy than meat.
Meat can also have a meat ticket.
But this vegetable is hard to find.


The three of them ate a big bowl, and their stomachs were full.


Su Qinghe felt that the day was going very well.
Then she looked at the time, it was twelve o’clock.


“How come no one came to eat?”


She hasn’t heard anyone knocking on the door for such a long time.
Is it possible that everyone has gone home for lunch?


Aunt Li slowly got up and went to open the door.
The door just opened, and the people outside rushed inside in groups, just like the white rice race, and quickly occupied several large round tables.


The hotel lobby, which had been quiet just now, was packed like magic.


Su Qinghe was stunned.
Mother, these people have been waiting outside just now.
There is no movement at all… people really can not be spoiled, look how high the quality is ah.


Su Qinghe thought it would be very busy if there were too many people, but Aunt Li yelled directly into the lobby, “What’s the noise, hurry up and prepare money and tickets, don’t delay other people’s time to eat.
If anyone doesn’t eat, get out, don’t take up the public seat.”


Then everyone frantically took out money and tickets, sat in their seats, and waited obediently for Aunt Li to come and take it.


“Change is the law of life.
And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

~ John F.


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