Gao Xiulan took her daughter to the county town and walk around.
On the way back, she went to the commune steel-making base.
Several large smoke pipes are standing upright, black smoke is always coming out, and some machines are piled up.
She didn’t see anything useful, anyway, it was a pile of broken copper and iron, and some waste residue from practice.

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Seeing these things, Gao Xiulan felt distressed for their big iron pot was sure to be inside.  She doesn’t know what kind of scourge it has become.
Anyway, it is definitely even the dregs can not be recognized.


In this place she can not curse, so she can only hold it in her heart and complain about these local cadres who are fooling around.


Su Qinghe was quite emotional.


In order to catch up with the big steelmaking in Britain and the United States, every family’s farm tools and iron pots were refined.


Today’s famine years are also somewhat related to this aspect.
On the other hand, all the manpower1 came to make steel, and on another hand, the farm tools were smelted.
There were not many farm tools left, and the productivity was naturally low.
Later, there was a famine, and then the following cadres made efforts to expand their political achievements.
The flamboyant wind, one by one, has caught up.


Seeing someone coming, someone in a green uniform came to stop them.

Gao Xiulan is not afraid of these people, her man is a martyr! “I’m looking for my son, Su Ai Dang.
We are from the Sujia Village of the Yellow River Production Team.
His sister and I came to see him.”


Hearing Gao Xiulan’s words, the man in the military uniform nodded and immediately shouted inside.

“Su Ai Dang, your mother, and your sister came to see you.”

“Coming!” Su Aidang responded excitedly in the crowd and rushed out quickly.
Su Qinghe hadn’t reacted yet, Su Aidang had already stood in front of her.


Looking at the dark face but full of energy Su Aidang, she earnestly shouted, “Third brother.”

“Sister is really here.” Su Aidang laughed, “I just thought I had heard wrong.
My sister is not a person who likes to go out.”

Gao Xiulan said with a stern face, “It’s because of you bastard, haven’t you been back for a long time? There are delicious foods at home, and your sister is thinking about you.”

Su Aidang’s was moved immediately, “I knew sister and I were the closest.”


Su Qinghe smiled, the original owner is indeed the closest to Su Aidang, that’s because Su Aidang gave her food.
When he was at home, he went up to the mountains and rivers to get some good food.
These days, he can still let the original owner eat some meat from time to time, so how can they not be the closest?


“Brother, I brought you delicious food, can you ask for leave?”

“Yes, it’s okay.” Su Aidang waved his hand casually, “Go, let’s find a cool place outside.
This place is hot.”


After finding a shade outside the steelmaking base, Su Qinghe took out the sorghum breaded meat dumplings made for Su Aidang.

Su Ai-dang took a look and swallowed, “Where did our family get this?”


“It’s because your sister is capable.” Gao Xiulan immediately bragged about her daughter.
Anyway, it was Su Qinghe’s bravery and selflessness that gave the Su family hope from now on.
It gave the Su family hope that they could eat meat from time to time.


“If it weren’t for my sadness when I was pregnant with your sister that caused her to be in poor health, she might have been more successful than you all.” Gao Xiulan continued to brainwash.


Su Aidang nodded his head hurriedly, agreeing with the fucking2 statement.

Sister is too pitiful, not only did she lose her father early, but she also had poor health since she was a child.
Also being laughed at by the villagers.


Su Qinghe looked at Su Aidang and said anxiously, “Brother, you eat, I made it by myself.
Do you think it tastes good? I’m learning cooking at home recently, and I’m learning fast.
Mom said I’m smart.
I must be like mom.”


Gao Xiulan felt happy after hearing this.
She felt that her daughter was like her everywhere.


Su Aidang was taken aback when he heard Su Qinghe’s words, then looked at the dumpling in his hand, tears filled his eyes, his face flushed, and then he lowered his head and took a big bite.

Sister made it by herself.


“Brother, is it delicious?”

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“It’s delicious, it’s really delicious.” Su Aidang was satisfied spiritually and mentally.
This is true and sincere.
Just as he said it, Su Qinghe’s head crashed.
She heard the mechanical sound of the system coming from her head, “Congratulations to the host for getting the unanimous approval of all the family, and the host’s cooking skills reach the A-level qualified standard.
You have obtained one piece of kitchen utensils, please continue to work hard to complete the B-level assessment.”


At this time there are people around, it is not good to be distracted from the system but she didn’t expect that the system would give her extra rewards.
She was secretly delighted and curious about what the system rewarded her.


In front of her, Su Aidang had already finished eating the dumpling in his hand and ate a second one.

Su Qinghe said, “Brother, is there not enough food to eat here? When will you go home?”

“There is some food, sometimes some corn cakes, and sometimes dried sweet potatoes.
It’s better than what I eat at home.” Su Ai-dang swallowed the food with a face of contentment.


“By the way, mom, don’t rush to leave.
I saved something for my sister.
I will go to the place where I live to get it.”


Su Aidang said and ran away quickly.


Gao Xiulan was very satisfied with this, “Fortunately, you are smart, and came here to give your third brother food.
We didn’t go for a trip in vain.”


Su Qinghe: “…” Can’t you think of your daughter as a little more innocent? “Mom, you can’t say that to third brother.”


Gao Xiulan looked indifferent, “You are his own sister, and you should eat what he has.
When a brother has something good to eat if he doesn’t give it to his sister, who else will he give it to? Your third brother is not married, unlike your elder brother and second brother, the two white-eyed wolves.
Qing’er, they are your brothers, so you should eat their food.
Remember this, if you don’t eat it, it will go to other women.
Does your heart hurt?”


“…” Su Qinghe felt that she could no longer listen to this mother’s brainwashing.
There have been cracks in her three views.3


Don’t wait for her to make her mother change a little bit, she herself has been completely transformed.


Su Qinghe is working hard to mend her Three Views, and Su Aidang has come over with a small bag.
The small cloth bag was bulging.
It looks like it’s stuffed with a lot of things.


Su Aidang gave the cloth bag to Gao Xiulan, “Mom, this is what I usually save.
Sister likes to eat dried sweet potatoes so, I keep some and save them for sister as snacks, and some corn cakes.
Take it home and give it to my sister to eat.
Thanks to you guys coming today.
Otherwise, I always feel uneasy about leaving this stuff.
Now the rations are getting less and less every day we can’t get enough food.
If I didn’t have a bit of a reputation over here, I wouldn’t be able to keep things.”


Su Qinghe did not even need to ask, the so-called reputation, that is naturally the name of the fist.
Her third brother is a well-known violent.
He treats his mother and sister as warm as the spring breeze but outside, he’s a gangster.


The old captain Guo Changsheng just couldn’t control him anymore, so he arranged for him to come out to make steel.


“Aidang, go to work.”

Someone over there called Su Aidang to go back.

Su Aidang’s face changed suddenly, and he twisted his body and shouted, “It’s none of your business.
Do you want to be beaten? My mom and sister are still here.
What are you yelling about?”


“…Brother, go ahead, mom and I are also going back.” Su Qinghe persuaded.


“It’s okay, it’s all a bunch of idle grandchildren.” Su Aidang smiled at his sister.
“And there’s nothing to do.
There’s nothing to practice recently.
It’s just to pack up some useless things.”


Gao Xiulan was on the side reckoning the grain that her son had just handed in.
Hearing this, she immediately said, “If you don’t make steel, what about our iron pot, can you return it to us?”

Su Ai pointed at a pile of waste residue, “Mom, there it is.”


Gao Xiulan’s face suddenly turned black.


Seeing Gao Xiulan’s black face, Su Aidang immediately said, “Mom, don’t worry, I will try to get some steel later and see if I can get a pot out.”


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Upon hearing this, Su Qinghe hurriedly said, “Brother, don’t do it.
It is a great crime if caught.
Besides, our family has a way to get an iron pot,” she looked back at Gao Xiulan,” Mom, right, we have a way.”


Gao Xiulan knew she was talking about her man Su Dagen.


She is not willing to make her son really commit a crime for a pot.
It’s one thing to like them or not, but she won’t let her son go down the dark road.
“Yes, it’s not a big deal, your sister and I will go back to the big cadres4.
That’s a big cadre, will they lack a pot?”


With the backing, Gao Xiulan is shaking now.
This is confidence.


Su Aidang said, “Mom, can it work?”


“Why not, when did your mother lie to you?”

Su Qinghe thought, ‘often deceiving you.’


Su Aidang shook his head, “Mom, I believe you.
If it doesn’t work, let’s think of a way, but don’t take sister to be wronged.”


Gao Xiulan waved her hand, “Okay, can I hurt your sister?” She stood up and beckoned Su Qinghe, “Qing’er, let’s go home early.
the family is still waiting for lunch.
It’s our mother’s life to run around and work for these heartless brats.”


Su Aidang suddenly felt guilty.
He felt that both his sister and mom were in such a hurry to bring him food.


Su Qinghe looked at Su Aidang’s expression, and the corners of her mouth stiffened, “Brother, brother, we will go back.
If you are free, go home too.”


Su Ai’s eyes reddened sentimentally, and he did not look like the arrogant man at the beginning.

The contrast was too great.
Su Qinghe rubbed his arms.
She really didn’t know how her mother brainwashed the three brothers.
This one is more ridiculous than the other.


After leaving the steelmaking base, the mother and daughter hurried to the village.


Because they were delayed for a while, it was past noon when they got home. 

Just like last time, when they come back, the whole Su family came out to greet them.


Gao Xiulan opened the kitchen without saying a word.
Then in front of everyone, she took out the things inside the basket.


Looking at the meat and grain on the stove, the whole family was once again blinded. Really got the meat and grain…


“Look, our Qing’er can get so many good things for the family without going to the ground, can you do it? And you still dislike Qing’er for eating too much.
You all are black-hearted!”


“Mom, no one dislikes that sister eats too much.
I wish that my sister eats more.” Su Aiguo said anxiously.
His sister is in poor health, of course, she has to eat more.
They used to eat more when their father was there.


Lin Shuhong lowered her head with a guilty conscience.
She didn’t say that the sister ate too much, she just felt that her daughter ate less.


Su Aihua said, “Mom, what do I think about my sister, don’t you know? If anyone dares to say that my sister is not good, I will whip them up!”

Ding Guihua pursed her mouth subconsciously.


Gao Xiulan looked at her two daughters-in-law and snorted coldly, “Who is thinking about it, I know it in my heart.”


Su Qinghe didn’t want to watch the family war, she also wanted to go back to the room and see how her cooking skills were upgraded.
“Mom, it’s so late, let’s cook and eat.
I’ll go back to the house and rest today.”

Hearing that Su Qinghe is not cooking, Gao Xiulan said anxiously, “What’s wrong, are you tired? Because of these unscrupulous people, you are tired.”


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Both Su Aiguo and Su Aihua looked at her.
The eyes were full of guilt and self-blame.

Su Qinghe: “…it’s okay, I just cooked before.
Now I feel bored so, I’ll take a rest today.”


Gao Xiulan felt distressed, “It’s okay if you will not do, you take a good rest.
I don’t agree with you to do this anyway.
You are not in good health, how can you serve the family?” Turning around, she barked to her two daughters-in-law.
“Why don’t you hurry up and make dinner? You’re still waiting for your sister-in-law to serve you.
You’ve been eating for a few days, you wanted to be served all the time.”


Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua hurriedly brushed the pot and started the fire.


Gao Xiulan went to sort out the meat and sorghum noodles.


When Su Qinghe left the kitchen, she still listened to Gao Xiulan’s instructions, “First give Qing’er a bowl of pork gnocchi.
She is really tired today.
For you to eat a bite of meat, she worked hard…”

Back in the room, she closed the door and lay on the bed, and entered the system page with her eyes closed.

Her two side tasks, cooking and making clothes, the column of cooking tasks shows ongoing, but the word B appears after the task result, that is to say, she has entered the B-level assessment stage.

The skill point bar has also changed,

clothing: 0

food (level B): 0

housing: 0

transportation: 0


The cooking skill points are all cleared due to upgrades.
And Su Qinghe clearly felt that her improved cooking skills still exist, and now that she is allowed to cook, she can also make a meal proficiently.


Therefore, it is normal to reset the data after the upgrade.


After reading these, she went to see the rewards in her storage space.


As soon as she opened it, Su Qinghe saw the image of a big iron pan inside, and the system also came out and introduced, “Non-stick stainless steel big iron pan.
As a military wife who knows how to cook, how can she lack an iron pot? I hope the host can use it as much as possible and cook food full of love in an iron pot.”


Seeing that it was an iron pot, Su Qinghe was still a little bit lost.
She thought that the rewards after the upgrade were some magical items, but she didn’t expect it to be a big iron pot… It didn’t seem wrong.


Well, a pot is a pot.
Su Qinghe felt that her glass heart was being strengthened again, and she said, “Is this your interstellar product? Is there any magical power? If I’m going boil water can it taste like that of the mountains and the sea?”


“Host, please note that in the initial stage, the products that the host obtains are all products of this era.
If the host wants to obtain a higher-level product, please continue to work hard to complete the task.”


Higher-level products? Su Qinghe’s heartbeat sped up, “What else?”


“Please make persistent efforts.
After completing the B-level tasks, the host will receive higher-level product rewards.
The system prompts that the B-level assessment standards are as follows, ‘As a B-level culinary owner, how can you not know how to cook famous dishes? Please, host, learn to make ten famous dishes.
The system will evaluate it and for each qualified dish, the host will get one skill point.
After obtaining ten mission skill points, the host’s cooking level will be upgraded automatically.
The host will receive the mission reward.”


Su Qinghe was poured by cold water, “Where do I go to learn ten famous dishes? In this era, there are no data about this.” Now, the greatest chef is probably the master chef in the government cafeteria, holding a large spatula to make a big pot of rice.
The most important thing is that she can’t even eat it, so how can she still find famous dishes?


“Host, rest assured, this system will provide the recipes.
Please host go to the storage space to check.”


“…” Su Qinghe immediately went to the storage space.
Sure enough, there was a recipe book with more than ten famous dishes.
There are almost all famous dishes from all over China.
There is a guide5, as long as she practices a few more times, it will be enough.
No problem.
However, one thing is very important, “What about the ingredients?”


“Hosts, please note that there are two channels for obtaining ingredients: one, the host can buy them at the market on their own.
Two, you can obtain them from the system through cooking tasks.”


Well, there are options, and there is nothing wrong with this.
The problem is that in this day and age there would be no choice.
Apart from cooking to get the ingredients, where else can she go get these?!


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Su Qinghe shut down the system silently.
The system wanted her to cook again.
She would not be deceived.
Anyway, now that she has just taken something out, she has to rest for two days.


As soon as Su Qinghe opened her eyes, she heard Gao Xiulan’s knock on the door, “Qing’er, are you asleep? It’s time to eat.”


She hurriedly got up and opened the door, and looked at the bowl with noodles and meat in Gao Xiulan’s hand.


Behind Gao Xiulan, several children were looking at them.
Gao Xiulan glanced back, and the children ran away.

She turned her head and looked at Su Qinghe happily, “Go inside and eat the noodles.
You haven’t had white noodles for a long time.
It’s the same white noodles from last time, it’s delicious.
Try it.”


Su Qinghe took the bowls and chopsticks and turned around to go inside, followed by Gao Xiulan.


Su Qinghe put the bowls and chopsticks on the table and said to Gao Xiulan, “Mom, do the others have anything to eat?”


“Yes, the meat slices are boiled.
It’s delicious.
Who has such good things?”

Gao Xiulan thinks the food is pretty good now.


“Mom, what I mean is, since there is someone at home to subsidize the food, let everyone eat a little better.
Especially the children, they are growing up if the food is too bad they will not grow up well in the future.”


Su Qinghe felt that even if she didn’t have a heart for the young, she should give the younger ones more food for the sake of her brothers who had given her their hearts and souls.


Gao Xiulan disagrees, “How can they not grow? Aren’t they growing well? How many children in our village have been thrown out? It’s that our family hasn’t thrown any children yet.
The family has only had this much food and some of the white rice, and I can’t go to the ground to earn work points.
What can I do if they eat so much? If we feed them too much, our family will have to drink northwest wind.6“


“Mom, isn’t this my father’s subsidy? These are his grandchildren, so let’s take care of them as much as possible.
Don’t give a lot, just a little more than usual, so that the children can eat more than usual.
What do you think? After all, I still count on them to be filial to their aunt in the future.
If they eat less, they will not grow well in the future. Where will they get the strength to work?”


“…Makes sense.” Gao Xiulan felt that her daughter still had a long-term view.
“Okay, I’ll give them more food in the future.
I will talk to your dad tonight, let him send more food over.
I don’t want this heartless man to ignore us again.
Oh, and the big iron pot.
I have to remind your father to send one.
I don’t know if he will go to my room today.”


Listening to this Su Qinghe’s had chills, why did I tell such a lie before…


At the lunch table, Gao Xiulan let a few children eat semi-dry mash, and gave an extra piece of meat.
Of course, the corresponding thing is that the meat in the adult bowl has been reduced.


But the two pairs of parents were still shocked by Gao Xiulan’s behavior.


Usually, they give the food in the bowl to the girls themselves, and they will be scolded by Gao Xiulan.
Today, she took the initiative to give.


Gao Xiulan said with a black face, “It’s because Qing’er is thinking of you little brats.
Now that there is meat at home, I will let you eat more.
Don’t forget the goodness of your aunt, you white-eyed wolves.”

Several children nodded hurriedly.

These days, their aunt has let them eat meat, they all remember it.

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua were touched again.


However, Ding Guihua looked at Lin Shuhong, always feeling a little unsure. Abnormal, too abnormal.


On the way to work in the afternoon, Ding Guihua secretly went to Lin Shuhong, “Sister-in-law, which play do you think she is singing7?” Although she usually runs against Lin Shuhong in front of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, at critical moments, she still knows who is she with.


Lin Shuhong said nervously, “Did mom knows that I want to separate, so she did this deliberately to test us?” After speaking, she looked terrified, “It’s over, will Mom punish me?”


Ding Guihua looked at her hopeless appearance, and her face suddenly became black.
This is not a big deal.
With this head, she still wants to separate and daydream.

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