r>She couldn’t see her face clearly in the dark, but Su Qinghe felt her anger.


That’s right, the reason why her second aunt Gao Xiuju had a conflict with her mother Gao Xiulan was because of the issue of childbirth.
The two were also born in conflict, Gao Xiulan is the third daughter of the Gao family, and the second Gao Xiuyu is just over a year apart.
The two were married in the same year, and both had children together.

Every time Gao Xiuju had a daughter, Gao Xiulan immediately gave birth to a son, and then Gao Xiuju gave birth to another daughter, and Gao Xiulan immediately gave birth to another son… After that, Gao Xiulan did not want to give birth anymore, so she rested.
As a result, Gao Xiuju gave birth to a baby son immediately.


At that time, feudal superstition had not been abolished, Gao Xiuju went to someone to calculate her fate.
She said that Gao Xiulan was born to suppress her.
If the two of them were pregnant at the same time, she would be suppressed and could not give birth to a son.
After Gao Xiulan heard about it, she felt that it was b*llsh*t, and she couldn’t pull shit, so she blamed the pit10.
But Gao Xiuju believed it…


So this conflict was made.

Su Qinghe tried to alleviate this contradiction, so she comforted Gao Xiuju, “Second aunt, in fact, the birth of a child is just the same.
A daughter is the mother’s intimate little cotton-padded jacket.
They can also provide for the elderly.
You can think openly in your heart.”


Gao Xiulan felt that her daughter was ridiculing Gao Xiuju, so she sneered, “Our Qing’er is right, look at how much I treasure Qing’er.
A girl needs to be loved.
My three sons all love her.
You should also let your son be a brother to your three daughters.
If your daughter-in-law gives birth to a daughter, that is also your blessing.”


Su Qinghe: “…”

“…” Gao Xiuju felt that her heart was stabbed several times by the two.

“You black-hearted mother and daughter, why didn’t the next thunder strike you to death?!”

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Gao Xiulan said, “I have three sons to block for me, I won’t be struck.”

Gao Xiuju was so angry that she lost the strength to fight with Gao Xiulan.

Su Qinghe was worried that she would get angry and pulled Gao Xiulan, “Mom, isn’t it a meeting, why hasn’t it started yet?”


Gao Xiulan was interrupted and ignored Gao Xiuju.
She looked at her daughter lovingly, “We still have to notify the people from the other two villages to come over.
This is the bad thing about the people in our team, they are too scattered.
Other villages are big, a village is a brigade.
It’s much less complicated than us.”


The Yellow River production team is composed of three small villages, Sujia Village, Tianjia Village, and Sunjia Village. Because Sujia Village has the most people and its geographical location is close to the commune, meetings are usually held here.


Su Qinghe was relieved to see that she had forgotten to quarrel.
Seeing Gao Xiuju was taken away by two girls.
She chatted with Gao Xiulan, “Mom, what do you think this meeting is about?”

“What else can it be, it’s definitely about the food.”


After waiting for a while, people from other villages also rushed over.
Seeing that everyone was almost there, the old captain Guo Changsheng beat the gongs and drums to signal everyone to quiet down.
Then stood on top of the mound of earth in the square.
The whole person is elevated so that everyone can look at him.


Guo Changsheng is in his fifties and is not a local.
He was originally assigned to this place to settle down after he was discharged from the army.
Because he was a soldier, although he was not tall, he looked very energetic and spoke with confidence.


However, today, his spirit looks a little bad.
After looking around at the group, he was silent for a few seconds before speaking with difficulty,

“This time the food is about to be collected.
According to the instructions above, the output of our team this year is definitely not enough.
We have only collected 18,000 pounds of grain this time, last year’s report was 32,000.
This is still the least reported, and it is still not enough.
Comrades, the grain we collected this year cannot be distributed.

Today, we call everyone over is to also let everyone have a mental preparation.
Every family should not watch the harvest and eat with their belly open.
This year, we can not eat new grain and tighten the belt of our pants.
At least until the autumn harvest.”


Guo Changsheng’s words were like a bolt out of the blue, and it immediately made the whole team noisy.

The food at home is about to bottom out, and now the newly harvested ones are not distributed?

Until the autumn harvest? The autumn harvest is still a few months away, if we do not survive until then, we will have to starve to death?


“Captain Guo, this is not okay.
Our family’s food has long been gone and there is nothing to eat.
Our family has eaten the bark for several days, and our intestines can’t stand it anymore.
My mother and my mother-in-law can’t keep going…”


It was cripple Su in the east of the village who hurt his leg when he was young.
He finally got a wife and gave birth to several children.
Now in famine years, his wife got edema because she saved a bite for the children to eat.
She was sick and just died a few days ago.


Everyone in the village knows about this, they let out a few sighs.
There are not many things like this, but it’s not unusual in the past two years.


Gao Xiulan whispered to her daughter about cripple Su’s family, and then educates her, “Qing’er, listen, If you don’t eat, you’ll starve to death.
You can eat whatever we have at home.
Su’s wife was reluctant to eat and gave it to others to eat, so she got edema and died.”

Su Qinghe was in an unusually heavy mood.


The original owner didn’t care about external affairs before, so the things that happened in her memory were all told by her family.
She was calm and didn’t feel much, at most let out a few sighs.

But here, watching cripple Su crying and complaining about the tragic situation of their family, and she couldn’t help but feel heavy.

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Guo Changsheng’s heart is also heavy.

These are all his fellow villagers.
When he came back from the army, it was these fellow villagers who accepted him, allowed him to take root here, and made him the captain of the brigade.

But he, the captain, didn’t let the fellow villagers have a good life.


However, he was also helpless.
This is the meaning of the commune.
This year, the commune reported a large amount, which became so much when it was apportioned.


“Fellow folks, there will always be difficulties.
So many storms and waves have come over before.
Now the days are peaceful.
Let’s work hard to survive this famine year, and our good days are coming.
The autumn harvest is coming soon, and we will strive to distribute the grain during the autumn harvest.
The commune has also promised that if the grain is confiscated in the autumn harvest, it will apply for relief grain.
Let’s all survive a little longer.”

Guo Changsheng was almost crying.


The others didn’t say a word, nothing will change anyway.
If they disagree, can the grain collection team not come to collect grain?


When the meeting ended, everyone was in a bad mood.
Even Gao Xiulan sighed, on the way she discussed with her two sons that the family will have fewer meals in the future.


This is still a few months away from the autumn harvest.
With so many mouths in the family, there is definitely not enough food.
And after today’s meeting, she was afraid there is not much bark left.
Don’t even think about eating wild vegetables at home in the future.


“Qing’er can’t eat less, she is not healthy, and can’t be hungry.
I can eat one bite less.” Gao Xiulan said.

The two sons naturally won’t let her eat one bite less, Su Aiguo said, “Mom, look at what you said, I can’t let you take a bite less.
Sister’s ration is certainly a lot.
How she eats before will not change in the future.”


Gao Xiulan nodded in satisfaction.

Su Qinghe was silent.
She felt that it was too sinful for her to be lazy in such times.

She cooks! she cooks!


Back at home, Gao Xiulan gave the order to eat one meal the next day.

Others know the situation and have no opinion. It’s just that Lin Shuhong looked at her children and felt bitter in her heart. Finally, the mother-in-law started to change a little bit and let the children eat more. Now it’s going to be what it used to be.


Why is her child struggling?

Gao Xiulan ignored the other people’s thoughts, went back to the room, and made a wish to the big urn,

“Dagen, you also heard it.
Now it’s so difficult, so you can send some more food.
Otherwise, we will starve to death.
You heartless, don’t just stand by and watch.
By the way, we also need a big iron pot at home.
The clay pot wastes wood.
You can’t bear to see me working hard all day to collect some firewood, can you?”


In the other room, Su Qinghe lay on the bed and began to check her storage space.

In the space, apart from the small amount of food and meat left from the previous task, there is also a big iron pot.


It seemed that next time, she would have to take more things.
She can’t let the family only eat one meal a day.
At that time, even if you don’t die from starvation, you will get edema.

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