Hi everyone ! Here’s the new novel I’m translating, I’ve been meaning to translate this for a long time, I’ve read this novel more than one year ago already but I’ve never got the time to translate it until now, some parts are still vivid in my mind, but I also forgot some other parts, so I might have forgotten some tags.
Before reading this, check out the tags, as usual with Chinese novels, there are some issues with consent so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea ; and I’m pretty sure the reviews on NU will be roasting this novel as soon as I post it lol.
I don’t want to spoil the novel, but I’ll just say that overall I personally enjoyed this novel very much and was addicted for the whole time it took me to read it.

Tags : Mature, Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel, Transported in Another World, Female Protagonist, Tribal world, Betrayal, R*pe, Power Couple, Farming, War

Update schedule : every sunday and monday. If you want to read more, I’ve already translated up to chapter 14 on kofi.


Chapter 1


Mu Qing, at 25 years old, was the tour guide of a travel agency.

This day was exactly the same as any other day.
Together with a colleague, they were leading a tour group to their destination, an untouched forest.
The outer part of the forest had been opened up as a tourist track just a few years ago.
Being in the forest, stepping on the deep soft moss and fresh leaves, smelling the fragrant humid air, listening to the pine echoes and singing birds, feeling the wild forest breeze, looking at the lush forest through their eyes, the members of the group seemed to have traveled to another world, and a few of them even shouted that they would like to build a wooden house and live here permanently, and never go back to the city of steel and cement.

Hearing this, Mu Qing smiled faintly.
She was already very familiar with this scenery to the point of overlooking it.
Compared to those people, in fact, if she could choose, she would rather be sitting in the center of the city square on an iron bench, leisurely watching a few pigeons cooing on the dome of the glass frame building in the middle of the square.

Mu Qing was tired of the day, in the evening when she returned to the hostel located at the edge of the forest, her body felt like a broken frame.
After taking a shower and blow-drying her hair carelessly, she had just laid down for a while when she heard someone banging on the door.

It was an old lady in the group whose thirteen-year-old grandson had sneaked o

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