ong moment just like he had last night, but this time, she was not as lucky as the night before.



All of a sudden, he ripped open her shirt, the buttons burst out and scattered everywhere.
He then reached out and fiddled with her breasts for a few times.



When she went out with the old lady to look for her grandson, she had changed out of her pajamas in a hurry and only wore a shirt, so she was not wearing a bra.



“Why did that snake go into the fire by itself?”



Mu Qing suddenly opened her mouth to ask.



The man froze, and his hand movements slowed down.



“My name is Mu Qing, what is your name?”



His hands stopped, but they were still pressing against her chest.



“I mean, what did your mother call you? If I were your mom, I’d name you B*stard, it would fit you so well.”



Mu Qing continued to speak, sounding like she was telling a story.



“Mom …….”



The man made a similar syllable in his throat.



Mu Qing hummed.



He moved his hand away.



Just when Mu Qing was beginning to feel a little relieved, she found that he was already extending his hand towards her waist.
He ripped open her pants.
His fingernails, as they scraped across her waist, were so sharp it was painful.



Mu Qing tightly clenched her legs.



The man’s hands went between her two thighs.



“B*stard, you remember, your mother called you b*stard, your father, your son, all are b*stards, your family is a litter of b*stards.”



Mu Qing said as he was parting open her legs.



He leaned down and came close to smell for a moment.
A low sound came out of his throat.



Mu Qing did not know what this meant.



The man let go of her thighs and lied down to sleep like nothing just happened.



The fire at the entrance of the cave gradually went out.


Mu Qing turned around, facing inward, she closed her eyes to force herself to sleep.



She managed to sleep.



The next day, Mu Qing got up and searched carefully for the buttons that he had ripped out last night.
She only managed to find a few of them and stuffed them back into her trouser pocket.
Then, she used the knife to cut down a soft branch from a tree, that she used on her waist to tether the clothes back together, it was better than nothing.
As for the bloody marks she had on waist from being scraped, she ignored them.



The man was beside the whole time watching with a cold look.
The two got into the wooden boat again and continued to sail downstream.
He brought along the snakeskin and head from last night.



(TL’s note : so scary T.T)

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