He woke her up with his feet, with a kick.


He didn’t kick hard, but she felt insulted.


She felt like she was being ridiculed.


She was just the captive of the savage man, yet during these two days the guy had not abused her, had not made her do hard labor, he had fed her and gave her water, he had stopped the physical assault against her that he had in mind, and he had also saved her life once from the beak and claws of a monster bird.

If she was still not satisfied, heaven might come at her with another thunder and rip her from this wild man’s side to take her to the dinosaur world.


Chapter 15




Mu Qing got up and rubbed her eyes.
When she looked up, she saw that the man had moved all the things on the boat to the shore.
The snakeskin which he had sun-dried was wrapped around his neck.
The telescope and her backpack were missing.



He put his hand into his mouth and emitted a loud whistle.



Mu Qing was probably feeling dizzy from being too long under the sun, for she was frozen, standing there watching, unsure of what he was doing.
Up until a while later, when she suddenly saw, coming from the back of the forest, appear four or five people dressed like him, she then realized.



They were all the same kind of people!



He had brought her back to the place he lived, now he was waiting here only because there were too many preys on the ground, which he alone could not carry back, which was why he had called over his companions for help.



This knowledge made her slightly uneasy.
Over the past two days, she had been thinking that he was just living alone, and perhaps she had gotten slowly accustomed to this perception.
Now suddenly learning that there was a group of people with him, the familiar feeling that had just been growing all of a sudden disappeared.



She felt a bit anxious about her future.



Especially when she saw these men looking her up and down with amazement, her anxiety intensified.



She watched in silence as the group of men carried the prey on their backs and walked towards the forest.
She also followed behind them.



He and his companions had endless things to say.
The look in the eyes of those few people seemed to contain some respect and envy, one of them even reached out to touch the snakeskin on his neck.



She guessed that maybe that snake was very rare, and it was considered a rare luck and fortune for them to catch one, so that was why these people had such expressions on their face?



After walking about a few hundred meters, Mu Qing saw a large flat area.



Originally, this probably used to be a dense forest, which had later been cut down for a group to live.
Mu Qing guessed so, because she saw a lot of tree stumps still standing there, whose cuts on the surface revealed the fact that they had been chopped up.
Dozens of small and large, simple, and crude, straw huts were built on the flat ground, with men, women and children coming and going between the huts.
It was probably cooking time right now, from time to time, she could see some women getting busy outdoors with the crude cooking utensils, around the fire letting out continuous white smoke.
Just like when she used to go out with colleagues to do a picnic.


All of them were naked on their upper body, their skin was a brown and black healthy color, regardless of whether they were men or women.
Children were naked, Mu Qing even saw a few teenagers naked just like the children.



She started to be noticed by people, and she was slowly surrounded by some people coming to watch.
They were pointing and talking about her.



She suddenly thought that the fact that she was so tightly covered up might appear really strange to them.
Like a misfit alien.
The scene of the man ripping off her clothes last night came to her mind.



She now began to wonder, the reason why this man acted that way last night, could it have been out of curiosity, to verify whether or not what she was covering under her clothes were breasts? Alright, she admitted that her thinking was strange, not only was it strange, but also ridiculous.
But now it seemed that it was not completely impossible.



Mu Qing stood still and watched the man and his companions laughing and joking as they walked forward, with many people coming towards them, with smiles on their faces, as if to greet them.



Then she saw a young girl yelling something like “Li Mang”, while laughing and running towards him.
That was probably his name.


Here women were relatively thin, Mu Qing saw a few of them that were cooking, they were not old at all, yet for the majority of them, their breasts were sagging and drooping.
Only that young girl looked very different from the others.
On her head, she was wearing a crown of brightly colored feathers, she had what looked like chestnut shells and other ornaments tied around her neck and wrists, and the piece of fabric she had around her lower body also looked better than others.
More than that, she was very plump, her ample breasts wobbled non-stop as she ran over, making Mu Qing, who was watching her, extremely disturbed, as well as somewhat embarrassed.

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