robably a symbol of power.
At least, Mu Qing did not see anyone else wearing one on their heads.



Li Mang showed his prey to the chief, including the snake head wrapped in leaves.



Mu Qing noticed that he did not hand over her backpack.



The chief looked very satisfied, he nodded his head and said something, the crowd cheered and one after another grabbed the prey and carried it away.



He probably told everyone to take their share?



Mu Qing, who was secretly observing, suddenly froze.
That man, Li Mang, turned his head in her direction, he seemed to have hesitated for an instant before pointing at her and saying something to the chief.



What Mu Qing was worried about happened.



The chief walked up to her, walked around her, then extended his hands out to her chest and buttocks, which he squeezed heavily.
The somewhat astonished expression he first had disappeared, and he now looked very satisfied, he started to laugh, with a grin.
Mu Qing saw his revealed black teeth, as well as the sagging skin on his face turning wrinkled because of that laugh.



That man called Li Mang had probably just offered her to the chief as a good prey.



Mu Qing raised her eyes to look at Li Mang.



He had the sunset on his back, and Mu Qing could not see his face clearly.



But she knew that her own face must have looked very ugly at this moment.




Mu Qing was led away by a tall-sized woman, passing by the group living place, she walked towards the forest, under the gaze of the crowd.



When she passed by Li Mang, she stopped and stood there, staring at him fiercely.



He also looked at her, but not the slightest sign of emotional fluctuations could be found on his face.



Mu Qing suddenly felt somewhat dejected.



She was originally his captive, she fell into that trap, which was quite likely one that he had dug himself.
He was far more interested in what was in her backpack than in her, this prey, so he hid the backpack secretly and gave her to the chief.



From his standpoint, this logic was not wrong at all.
She could not ask him to let go of his prey.



As she thought so, Mu Qing finally withdrew her gaze and brushed past him.

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