Mu Qing was led away by a tall-sized woman, passing by the group living place, she walked towards the forest, under the gaze of the crowd.


When she passed by Li Mang, she stopped and stood there, staring at him fiercely.


He also looked at her, but not the slightest sign of emotional fluctuations could be found on his face.


Mu Qing suddenly felt somewhat dejected.


She was originally his captive, she fell into that trap, which was quite likely one that he had dug himself.
He was far more interested in what was in her backpack than in her, this prey, so he hid the backpack secretly and gave her to the chief.


From his standpoint, this logic was not wrong at all.
She could not ask him to let go of his prey.


As she thought so, Mu Qing finally withdrew her gaze and brushed past him.


Chapter 17




The woman seemed to be afraid that she would escape, when they were crossing the forest, she was always very alert.
Mu Qing estimated that she would not be able to beat this woman, and even if she could beat her, this place was very close to their living place, this woman just had to howl once and immediately, many more of her tribe’s people would come to restrain her.



She followed the woman in silence and was brought to a stream in no time.



Mu Qing looked at the woman with some confusion, she heard her saying a string of words with her mouth, before pointing to the water.
It then dawned on her.



She was telling her to go in the stream and take a bath.



Before sleeping with the chief, she was required to wash herself clean.
This move made her quite surprised.
But in any case, being able to wash herself was not a bad thing for her.



She could already smell the rancid smell coming from her hair and clothes.



Mu Qing took off her clothes, only leaving on her panties.



When the woman saw her panties, she mumbled something.
Mu Qing pretended not to hear and got into the water.



She washed her hair and her whole body.
Although, because there was no soap, she felt that she was still somewhat unclean, but compared to before, she was much more comfortable already.
She then took her shirt and rubbed it in the water.



She washed very slowly, and while she was washing, she was thinking of ways to escape.



But before she could think of a plan, the woman on the shore already appeared out of patience, as she kept making noises to urge her.



She could only go up to shore.



The woman took her shirt and pants, and even started to pull on her underwear.
Regarding her pair of sneakers, Mu Qing just saw her put them on, but probably because she felt it was too stuffy on her feet, she took them off and threw them aside.



Mu Qing cursed her using foul words that she would never have used before, she retrieved her own clothes and slapped away the hand that was pulling on her underwear, she used all of her force to push her away, and then looked at her with angry eyes.



The woman was caught off guard, took a few steps back and fell on her butt.
When she got up, she looked very irritated, and her mouth grumbled words at flying speed.
But she no longer dared to snatch her clothes.



Mu Qing knew she was being cursed by her.
But it did not matter.
She had just cursed her too.



She squeezed the water out of her shirt and just put it back on even though it was wet, she also squeezed the water out of her panties who was on her body, put her jeans back on, put on her shoes, and then finally tied her clothes together with a branch.



She couldn’t imagine herself running around topless like them.



The woman, very dissatisfied, took her back to the place they were just before, and stopped in front of the house in the middle.



Some houses were just four stakes covered on top with some branches and leaves and with some animal skins or something else all around its sides.
Compared to the other houses, this wooden house had more allure, and it was much larger as well, in the middle, a large piece of animal skin was hanging down, it was probably the entrance door.



This was probably that chief, and now owner’s house.



While Mu Qing was sizing the house up, the woman behind her extended her hands out and pushed her in, with some roughness.
Mu Qing almost tore apart the animal skin, as she staggered inside.  The woman also went inside after her.



When Mu Qing could stand firmly on her feet, she looked back in anger at the woman, but she was grinning, her smile was somewhat malicious and shady.



Mu Qing suppressed the feeling of disgust in her heart and looked at the inside of the house.
A thick layer of hay was spread out on the ground, which was covered with an entire flat animal skin.
Probably because people often lied there, the middle part was worn out, it was black and obvious.
A few crude-looking black ceramic bowls and pots were placed on the side, which contained some wild fruits and a few pieces of what looked like roasted meat.
An animal skull was hanging on the wooden wall, from the looks of the two huge horns, it was probably the skull of a deer, but those horns were excessively big.
On one corner of the house, there were what seemed like some knifes made from bone as well as shovels, with a few sharpened wooden sticks on the side.
There was a pile of ropes spread out on the floor, with varying thickness.
In the middle of the house stood a thick piece of wood, which supported the roof.

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